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Major-General CLARENCE R. EDWARDS, U.S.A., Commander of the YD in France, will preside.


Captain Cooper's wonderful motion pictures made at the front, many of them under shell fire, are generally acknowledged to be the most remarkable pictures made during the war. The greater portion of pictures selected by the War Department for a special exhibition before the President and Cabinet were those made by Captain Cooper.

Dinner at 6 o'clock. Tickets at Civic Secretary's office.

Thursday Evening, October 16

Adviser to the President of China


Auditorium, eight o'clock

JAMES T. WILLIAMS, Editor of the Boston Transcript, will preside.

Dr. Ferguson, who has been a resident of China for many years, and for thirty years adviser to the Emperor of China and later to the President of the Republic, is undoubtedly one of the best-known authorities on that country. He has been an important factor in all state matters emanating from the Emperor and the Republic. His discussion of the conditions in China at this time, on the eve of his return to the Chinese Republic, and in view of the interest in Shantung, will be particularly timely. He is a powerful speaker, and his presentation of the facts as he knows them to be will be valuable and helpful in arriving at a clear understanding of the Shantung question.

Dinner at 6 o'clock. Tickets at the Civic Secretary's Office

Thursday Evening, October 23


Auditorium, eight o'clock
Hon. LOUIS A. FROTHINGHAM presiding.

Immediately upon the outbreak of hostilities between France and Germany, Dr. Prince took an earnest and active interest in the cause of France, visited that country several times before the entry of the United States into the war, doing everything possible to maintain the faith of the French in America, until our active support was secured. Thereupon he became a permanent resident in Paris, remaining until long after the end of the war, having but recently returned.

Appointed by Governor McCall to the Information Bureau for Massachusetts Soldiers, he was in charge of the work in Paris, visited the troops at the front several times, working incessantly for the welfare and comfort of the Massachusetts boys.

For his services in behalf of France, he was recently decorated with the medal of the Legion of Honor. The account of his experiences, his observations and his views regarding the future relations between France and the United States, will be well worth hearing.

Thursday Evening, October 30



Auditorium, eight o'clock
Hon. ARTHUR D. HILL, Corporation Counsel, will preside.

Lt. Col. Ogden went to France a short time after the United States entered the war, with the rank of major, as Division Judge-Advocate of the 42d (Rainbow) Division. He was later cited in general orders for distinguished service, and promoted to lieutenant-colonel. After the armistice he served for several months on the special War Department Board on Courts-Martial, observed their workings, and later reviewed in Washington the whole scope of the proceedings and decisions of the Courts. He took a prominent part in the military control of Coblenz.

He is, therefore, admirably equipped, through legal training and military experience, to discuss the question, so prominently before the public at this time, as to whether the penalties imposed by courts-martial are so excessively severe as to warrant a general change in the judicial procedure.

Dinner at six o'clock. Tickets at the Civic Secretary's office.


Meetings to begin October 6 The Forum Committee is preparing a very interesting program sure to arouse discussion and create lively interest.

Steps are being taken to provide for better ventilation and to eliminate, if possible, the uncomfortable conditions that prevailed last year. Announcements will be made on a special bulletin, as during the last few meetings of the Forum, and members are asked to closely watch these announcements. Only such speakers as have a direct message on the problems at the present moment will be presented, and it is hoped to take up during October two subjects that are of vital interest to the citizens of Boston and Massachusetts.

The closing meeting of the season last year brought out the largest gathering that the Forum ever had. The meeting was intensely interesting, and the question period lasted nearly two hours. Such meetings are inspiring and educational, and it is hoped to have a great number of equally good meetings during the coming year.


Exhibition of Works of MONSIEUR J. F. BOUCHOR (Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur), Official Painter to the French Armies,


October 27 to November 8 Members may invite friends to view the exhibition. Hours for ladies, 9 to 11 A.M. daily, except Sundays.

During the last week in October and the first in November, there will be an exhibition of war paintings by Monsieur J. F. Bouchor, who has brought these pictures over from Paris for exhibition in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Early in the war, M. Bouchor was designated official painter for the French Armies, and spent the entire period of the war with the French Armies and their Allies, painting scenes of special historic interest, for the purpose of preserving for the French Government a pictorial record of important personages and characteristic features of the war. Many times M. Bouchor was under fire while painting these pictures. In his collection are not only scenes from the great battles, but familiar touches of army life, painted with all the charm and picturesqueness of a real French patriot. There are also pictures of all the leading officers of the Allied Armies, including two excellent portraits of General Pershing, which have been most favorably commented upon by competent judges.

M. Bouchor comes to America from an exhibition of his pictures in Strassbourg, having been invited there by the governmental authorities of Alsace-Lorraine. This exhibition covers a wide range, from scenes of battle to portraits of world-renowned military leaders.

Among the forty or more pictures portraying American activities in France are:

General Pershing.
An American band playing the National Anthem at Chaumont.
General Edwards addressing his men at the moment before going
Cars of the American Field Service near Soissons.
Monument in Belleau Wood, commemorating the heroism of the

under fire.

American Marines.
Colonel Roberts, the only white officer in a Negro regiment, study-

a map in the presence of his staff. The Boston City Club will have the honor of showing these pictures for their first exhibition in America. M. Bouchor was so impressed with the invitation of the Art and Library Committee of the Club to show the pictures here, that he will have them shipped directly to Boston on their arrival in New York from France, and at the conclusion of the exhibit in the clubhouse they will be repacked and exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.


Katherine Newlin Burt.
Leonard Merrick.
John Taintor Foote.
Mary S. Watts.
William J. Locke.
.John Buchan.
John Buchan.
Christopher Morley.
Frederick Orin Bartlett.

The Branding Iron...
Cynthia ...
Dumb-Bell of Brookfield.
From Father to Son..
Far-Away Stories
Mr. Standfast
The Haunted Bookshop.
Joan & Co....
E. K. Means (the author).
More E. K. Means (the author).
Mere Nostrum (Our Sea).
Ramsey Milholland
The Starling...
The Night Operator
The Owner of the Lazy D..
Birds of a Feather.
The Clintons and Others.
Labrador Days..
Oranges and Lemons.
The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land
Saint's Progress..
The Wicked Marquise.
Uncle Lisha's Shop.
Luna Benamor.
Practical Sailing and Motor Boating.
The Grizzly.
Tracks and Tracking.
Camp Kits and Camp Life.
Tennis as I Play It..
How to Play Golf.

Vincente Blasco Ibanez.
Booth Tarkington.
Juliet Wilbor Tompkins.
Frank L. Packard.
William Patterson White.
.Marcel Nadaud.
. Archibald Marshall.
Wilfred T. Grenfell.
.Mary C. E. Wemyss.

Ralph Connor
. John Galsworthy.
E. Phillips Oppenheim.
Rowland E. Robinson.
Vincente Blasco Ibanez.
. Edwin W. Kendrick.
Enos A. Mills.
Josef Brunner.
Charles Stedman Hanks.
Maurice E. McLoughlin.
Harry Vardon.

[blocks in formation]

TRAVEL The Book of Philadelphia.

Robert Shackleton. The Oxford Book of India.

Vincent A. Smith, C. L. E. Japan: The Rise of a Modern Power. . Robert P. Porter. Italy, Mediæval and Modern.

E. M. Jamison and others The Balkans: A History of Rumania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece..

Nevill Forbes and others.


Sky Fighters of France.
Fighting the Flying Circus.
The Land of Deepening Shadow.
With the Yankee Division in France.
How to Know the Wild Flowers.
American Birds...

Viscount French, of Ypres.
Lieut. Henri Farré.
Capt. E. V. Rickenbacker.
D. Thomas Curtin.
Frank P. Sibley.
Mrs. Wm. Starr Dana.
Wm. Lovell Finley.

Vacation Tramps in the N. E. Highlands. ... Allen Chamberlain.
Golden Days from the Fishing Log of a
Painter in Brittany

Romilly Fedden.
Tales of Fishes ..

Zane Grey.

DONATIONS Mr. George L. Walker, author of " Capitalism v. Bolshevism," has donated a copy of the book to the library.

Mr. C. H. O'Brion has donated to the library, “The Most Interesting American," by Julian Street.

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