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COPYRIGHT. Decree (Italy). Copyright Agreement with Argentine


Notification (German).

See also Note.


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Berne, 17th November, 1899.
Proclamation (United States). Application of Copyright
Act to Costa Rica.

Washington, 19th October, 1899, 12-
Application of Copyright

Act to Netherlands.
Washington, 20th November, 1899. 12.
Treaty and Protocol. Austria and Germany. Protection.
Berlin, 30th December, 1899. 318,
COREA. Agreement. Japan and Russia. Affairs of Corea.

Tôkið, 13th April, 1893, 2
Note. Participation of Corea in Postal Union of Washingtos,
Seoul, 3rd October, 1899 11
China and Corea (Consular and
Marriage Fees).

Order in Council (British).

Osborne, 29th January, 1900 5
China and Corea (Supreme Court).
Windsor, 3rd March, 1900. 5
POWERS, viz. :—with
Amity and Commerce.

Seoul, 11th September, 1899. 199

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China. Treaty.

Berlin, 18th November, 1999.
(Switzerland). Abrogation. Contention with
Belgium and France.


Rome, 10th June, 1900. 74
Expiration. Agreement with
Switzerland, 1869.

Great Britain and Belgium. Arbitration.
Mr. Ben Tillett...
Great Britain, Greece, &c. Affairs of Crete.

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Status of Slavery.

1897-1898. 1
East Africa, Zanzibar, and
.1898, 1899. S
April-July 1899. 1

Affairs of Samoa.


COSTA RICA. Award of President of French Republic. Boundary Dis
pute between Colombia and Costa Rica.

Case of

...1898. N

*To date from January 1, 1900.

Paris, 11th September, 1900. 19
Decree. Estates of Deceased Costa Ricans and Foreigners.
San José, 6th June, 1900, 3
Proclamation (United States). Application of Copyright
Act to Costa Rica.

Washington, 19th October, 1899. 124
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Convention. Arbitration. Bour


Paris, 20th January, 1886. 1034

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TA RICA. TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, continued, viz. :-




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Bogotá, 4th November, 1896. 1036
Central America (Greater Republic of).
Treaty. Union.
Guatemala, 15th June, 1897.* 234

Correspondence. Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, &c. Affairs
of Crete (Provisional Administration; Can-
didature of Prince George of Greece;
Loan, &c.)...
.......1897, 1898. 1154


Proclamation of Prince George to the Cretans.

Canea, 21st December, 1898. 1243
Cuban Vessels in United
States' Ports.

10th February, 1900. 1119

Decree (Spain). Postal Tariff. Spain and Cuba, &c.
Madrid, 24th March, 1899. 469
Notification (Spain). Cancelling Accession of Cuba to St. Peters-
burgh Telegraph Convention, 1875.

9th August, 1899. 443

Act (India). Countervailing Duties. Bounty-fed Sugar.
20th March, 1899. 380

Decree (Italy). Tariff. Erythræa.

Rome, 2nd February, 1899. 197
Regulations and Tariff. British East Africa Protectorate.
Mombasa, 13th September, 1899. 427, 430
Uganda Protectorate.


BA. Act of Congress (United States).

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Tariff (Germany).
See also TARIFFS.

YPRUS. Order in Council (British).

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See also LOAN.

Convention. Arbitration. Boun-

DEOREE (Brazil). Estates of Aliens


Kampala, 12th June, 1900. 1134, 1152
1st March, 1899. 175

Cyprus Maritime,


DAHOMEY. Arrêté. Tariff. Spirits.

Porto-Novo, 29th June, 1900. 835

DEBT. Law (Spain). Expenses of War. Conversion of Foreign Debt, &c.
Madrid, 17th May, 1898. 1053

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(Congo). Import Duties. Spirits.

.8th November, 1851. 424

Gastein, 12th June, 1900. 832
(Costa Rica). Estates of Deceased Costa Ricans and Foreigners.
San José, 6th June, 1900. 737

(Egypt). Duration of Mixed Tribunals.

Cairo, 29th January, 1894. 74

Windsor, 29th June, 1900. 540

*Not ratified.

DECREE (Egypt). Duration of Mixed Tribunals.

Cairo, 31st January, 1999.


Duration of Mixed Tribunals.


Cairo, 30th January, 190 £
Modification of Organic Statutes and Codes of Mized
....Cairo, 26th March, 1900
Pawnbroking Establishments.
Cairo, 13th April, 1900


Law of Mixed Courts.


Loan for Extension of Railway System.

Alexandria, 12th July, 1900.
(France). Application of Nationality Law of 1889 to Colonia
other than Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion.
Paris, 7th February, 1897. 75

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Paris, 28th February, 1899. 2.
Reorganization of Government of French West Africa.
Paris, 17th October, 1899.
(Do.) Prohibition. Export of Arms to China.

Naturalization in Tunis.

(Germany). Coasting Trade.




Paris, 26th July, 1900. 15
Vessels of certain Foreign
..Berlin, 29th December, 1881.
Compulsory Labour. Maries
Saipan, 17th January, 1900. 4

Poll Tax and
Slaughter Tax. Mariana Islands.


Saipan, 7th February, 1900, 2
Declaration of Protectorate over Samoa Islands
west of 171° W.

Hubertusstock, 17th February, 1900, 79
(Italy). Entrance and Sojourn of Foreign Ships of War st
Ports and on Coasts of Kingdom.

Rome, 16th June, 1895. 14

(Do.) Customs Tariff. Erythræa.

Rome, 2nd February, 1899.
(Do.) Copyright Agreement with Argentine Republic.

Rome, 10th June, 1900. A
prolonging Commercisi
Rome, 10th June, 1900. EL

Africa ...

(Do.) Effect to Brussels Convention, 1899. Liquor Traffe in
Rome, 8th September, 1900.
(Japan). Certificates of Origin................ 27th October, 1897 4
(Netherlands). Tonnage Measurement. German Vessels.

The Loo, 6th October, 1900.
(Nicaragua). Re-assuming Sovereignty as an Independent Re-
public....... Managua, 1st December, 1898. F
(Peru). Marriage of Non-Catholics........... Lima, 9th May, 1899. 1-
(Portugal). Trade in Arms, &c. Nyasa Company's Territoria
Lisbon, 13th July, 1899.
Importation and Use of Arms, &c. Province of
Angola...... Lisbon, 13th September, 1899. 57
Execution of Brussels Convention, 1899. Liquor
Traffic in Africa.........



Lisbon, 7th July, 1900. SE

(Do.) Declaration with Montenegro
Treaty, 1883..........

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*As amended by Notification of December 30, 1898.


REE (Spain). Postal Tariff between Spain and Cuba, Porto Rico, &c.,
and Spain and certain Colonies.

Madrid, 24th March, 1899. 469

(Do.) Abolition of Ministry of Colonies.

Madrid, 25th April, 1899. 387
(Tunis). Quarantine on Ships and Goods from Plague-infected
Tunis, 24th October, 1900. 474
NMARK. Decree (Germany). Coasting Trade. Danish Vessels.
Berlin, 29th December, 1881. 817

Law. Prohibition of Fishing with Trawls. Iceland.
Amalienborg, 6th April, 1898. 158
Prohibition of Trawling. Faröe Islands.

1st February, 1899. 159
Increased Penalties. Illegal Trawl Fishing.

7th April, 1900. 498
Notification (British). Sea Fisheries. Territorial Waters
of Iceland and Faroe Islands.

London, October 1899. 157
Danish Law. Illegal Trawling.
Danish Waters.

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London, May 1900. 497

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :--with
Austria-Hungary, &c. Convention. Railway
Goods Traffic.

Paris, 16th June, 1898. 433
Germany. Convention. Rectification. Frontiers.
Copenhagen, 12th February, 1900. 1025
................ Great Britain, &c. Additional Act. Modifying
Industrial Property Con-

vention, 1883.

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Brussels, 14th December, 1900. 807
ESERTERS. Law (Japan). Deserters from Foreign Ships of War and
Merchant Vessels.

Tôkiô, 15th March, 1899. 413

28th August, 1899. 1296

ESIGNS. Act (Natal). Registration of Designs.





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EGYPT. Decree. Duration of Mixed Tribunals.

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Cairo, 29th January, 1894

Cairo, 31st January, 1899. L

Cairo, 30th January, 1900.
Decrees. Modification of Organic Statutes and Codes of Mized
Cairo, 26th March, 1900.
Decree. Law of Mixed Courts. Pawnbroking Establishments,
Cairo, 13th April, 1901

Loan for Extension of Railway System.

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Alexandria, 12th July, 1900
Law (France). Assent to Dispositions establishing Jurisdictin
of Egyptian Mixed Tribunals in Bankruptcy
....Paris, 12th April, 1900
Ordinance of Governor-General of Soudan. Mining Prospecting
Khartoum, 189 !
Rules and Table of Fees (British). British Courts in Ottoman

6th March, 1900. 58.
EMIGRATION. Act (Bermuda). Immigration............ 26th July, 1900,
(New Zealand). Immigration Restriction.

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Duration of Mixed Tribunals.

Duration of Mixed Tribunals.

Arrêté (French Congo). Emigration. Native Labourer.
Libreville, 7th July, 1900.
Regulations (British Central Africa). Native Labour.
Zomba, 22nd October, 1898.
(Somaliland). Recruiting of Emigrants.
Berbera, 19th November, 1900-
Conditions of Most-favoured-nation Treatment. Com
mercial Treaties......... Quito, 2nd October, 1900
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
France. Convention. Commerce and Navigatin
Quito, 30th May, 189
Do. Convention. Trade-marks.


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Quito, 17th March, 190
ERYTHREA. Decree (Italy). Customs Tariff. Colony of Erythras.
Rome, 2nd February, 18%

Report. Slavery and Slave Trade.

29th December, 190

Order in Council (British). Newfoundland Extrad


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See also TREATIES.

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* Assented to by Order in Council of May 15, 1900.

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