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GERMANY. TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, continued, viz. :—Vil
Great Britain. Agreement. Policy in Chisa.
London, 16th October, 1900.
Great Britain, &c. Protocol. Naoum Parka.
Governor of Lebanon.

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See also PRUSSIA.

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Tôkiô, 26th December, 1898. 434
Spain. Treaty. Cession to Germany, Cardi
Islands, &c.

Trade in Slaves.

Dar-es-Salaam, 23rd November, 1899,
Notes. Trade in Slaves.

Zanzibar, 31st November, 1899.
GOLD COAST COLONY. Ordinance. Patents..
.......................... .....3rd January, 190
GOWER ISLAND. Proclamation (British). British Protectorate. Guret
Island, &c..........
GREAT BRITAIN. Accession of Leeward Islands.

Suva, 6th October, 1900
Postal Insurgað
Agreement of Washington, 1897.
1st January, 1900.
of Newfoundland. Postal Insurance Agru
ment of Washington, 1897.

1st October, 1828
Act (Bermuda). Conveyance of Land by Aliens.
1st March, 1900.

Immigration...... 26th July, 190
Arms Exportation.

15th November, 1900
(Cape of Good Hope). Indemnity and Specia

12th October, 19007


Exportation of Arm.
19th October,
(India). Countervailing Duties. Bounty fo
Sugar.................... 20th March, 18%
(Natal). Registration of Designs.

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Constantinople, August, 1997. f

Convention and Protocol. Commer

Madrid, 30th June, 1899
United States. Agreement. Commerce.
Washington, 10th July, 1900 12
Convention. Reviving Commercial
Treaty, 1892.


Berlin, 5th June, 1899.
See also Law. Notification. Ordinance.



28th August, 188
(Newfoundland). French Treaties Continuation
20th February, 190.
Tenure of Land by Aliens.

4th May, 19
(New Zealand). Immigration Restriction.

* Assented to by Order in Council of May 15, 1900.


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BAT BRITAIN. Act (Victoria). Non-export of Arms, &c., to China.

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23rd August, 1900. 496
Act of Parliament. Finance.................9th April, 1900. 1249
Uganda Railway.

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25th June, 1900. 1256
Commonwealth of Australia Con-
stitution.............9th July, 1900. 1256
Merchant Shipping (Liability of

Award of Arbitrator. Case of Mr. Ben Tillett
between Great Britain and Belgium.

6th August, 1900. 1283

Exportation of Arms.

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Paris, 3rd October, 1899. 160
Correspondence with Greece, &c. Affairs of Crete
(Provisional Administration; Can-
didature of Prince George of
Greece; Loan; &c.).

6th August, 1900. 1284

Paris, 26th December, 1898. 105
of Arbitrators. Boundary between British
Guiana and Venezuela.

1897, 1898. 1154
Status of Slavery in East Africa and
Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

April-July, 1899. 125

See also Papers.

Decree (Germany). Coasting Trade. British Vessels.
Berlin, 29th December, 1881. 817
Law (Germany). Commercial Relations. British
Travemünde, 1st July, 1899. 112
Notice. Rate of Exchange of Argentine Peso for
purposes of Finance Act, 1899.

London, 21st July, 1899. 443
Warning British Subjects against Trading
with Enemy.

1898, 1899. 251

Affairs of Samoa (Report of Joint

London, 22nd December, 1899. 383
Coming into Force of "The Somaliland Order
in Council, 1899."

Berbera, 16th February, 1900. 1107
Notification. Freedom of Children born after January
1890. Mainland Dominions of Sultan
of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar, 17th October, 1898. 263
Sea Fisheries. Territorial Waters of
Iceland and Faroe Islands.

London, October 1899. 157
Danish Law respecting Illegal Trawling
in Danish Territorial Waters.

London, May 1900. 497

GREAT BRITAIN. Notification. New Persian Passport Law.

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London, 28th May, 1900.
(Germany). Termination. Commercid
Treaty with Great
Britain, 1865.

Berlin, 31st July, 1898.
Commercial Relations with

Great Britain.

Berlin, 7th July, 1899. D.
Order. Application of "The Indian Post Office Act,
1898," to Uganda Protectorate.


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London, 17th April, 1900 K
Application of Indian Acts to Somaliland

London, 12th May, 1900
Judicial Districts, &c. Somaliland Prote
torate..................London, 26th June, 1900. 11.
Court Fees and Stamps. Somaliland Protec

torate...........London, 20th November, 1900 *'
Order in Council. Somali and Brunei (Repeal).
Osborne, 11th January, 1900. 5.
North-Eastern Rhodesia.

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Osborne, 29th January, 1000, 5
China and Corea (Consular and
Marriage Fees).

Osborne, 29th January, 1900.
Japan (Consular and Marriage
Osborne, 29th January, 1900.
Newfoundland Extradition det,


Osborne, 29th January, 1900,
Application to St. Helena.
lonial Probates Act, 1892.

Osborne, 29th January, 1900.
China and Corea (Supreme Court),
Windsor, 3rd March, 1900.
Extradition Treaty. San Marino,

Windsor, 3rd March, 1900.
Load-line Act. South Australia.
Windsor, 15th May, 1900.
Cyprus Maritime.

Windsor, 29th June, 1900.
Removal of Prohibition. Expor
tation of Goods to Orange Ricer
and Transvaal Colonies.

Windsor, 12th November, 1900.
Registration of British Subjects.

Windsor, 26th November, 1900.
Ordinance (Gold Coast Colony). Patents for Inces

3rd January, 1900.

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EAT BRITAIN. Ordinance (Straits Settlements). Amendment. Opium

Ordinance, 1894.

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Papers. Arbitration. Case of Mr. Ben Tillett.

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See also Correspondence.

Proclamation. Prohibiting Export of certain Articles.
Osborne, 11th January, 1900. 550
Supply of Goods, &c., to portions of
Orange Free State in Occupation
of British Forces.

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21st May, 1900. 1291

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1898. 78

Windsor, 15th May, 1900. 549
Annexation by Great Britain of
Orange Free State.

1st September, 1900. 547
Protectorate over Choiseul, Ysabel,
and other Islands in Pacific.

Suva, 6th October, 1900. 484
Proclamations issued by Lord Roberts in South Africa.
February-November, 1900. 1075
Regulations (Central Africa Protectorate).


24th May, 1900. 548
Annexation by Great Britain of South
African Republic.

Zomba, 22nd October, 1898. 578
(Do.) Guarding Transit


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Mombasa, 4th September, 1900. 556
(Do.) Preservation of Game.

Mombasa, 7th October, 1900. 819
(Somaliland Protectorate). Mines and
Berbera, 16th February, 1900. 564
Berbera, 16th February, 1900. 570



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Kampala, 12th June, 1900. 115
Rule. Table of Court Fees. Persian Coast and

GREAT BRITAIN. Regulations (Uganda). Customs.

28th December, 1899. 15
Table of Court Fees. Uganda Protectorate.
1st March, 1900, 71
Rules of Procedure. Court of Arbitration. British
Guiana-Venezuela Boundary.

Paris, 14th June, 1899. £
Rules and Table of Fees. British Courts in Ottoman

6th March, 1900. 581.5
Speech of Queen. Opening of Parliament.
Westminster, 30th January, 1900.
of Queen. Closing of Parliament.

Westminster, 8th August, 1900.

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of Queen. Opening of Parliament.

Westminster, 6th December, 1900.
of Queen. Closing of Parliament.

Westminster, 15th December, 1900
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Austria-Hungary. Additional Articles.

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Telegraphic Money
Orders. Austria.

London, 17th January, 1900.

Vienna, 27th


Paris, 4th April, 1900.
Convention. Parcel Post

Paris, 16th May, 1900.
Agreement. Telegraph Money

Paris, 10th October, 1900
Notes. British Occupation.

Wei-hai Wei.

Berlin, 20th April, 1898.

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