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JAPAN. Speech of Emperor. Opening of Diet.

Tôkið, 25th December, 1900.
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Argentine Republic. Treaty. Commerce and Neri-

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Washington, 3rd February, 1898 :
Declaration. Establishment. Commeren
and Navigation.

Brussels, 14th December, 1900
Greece. Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.
Sat May 1809.
Athens, 1st June
Russia. Agreement. Affairs of Corea.
Tokio, 4th April, 1898.

Spain. Convention.

Tokiô, 28th March, 1900 -

See also Proclamation.
JASSIN. Agreement. Great Britain and Germany. Jassin and Unic
Valley Boundary.

Jassin, 14th February, 1900.
JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES. Agreement. Bulgaria and Greece,


22nd March
3rd April

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Tôkiô, 26th April, 1900
Additional Act. Modifying
Industrial Property Cos
vention, 1883.




Great Britain and Toru. Administre
tion, &c.

Mengo, 10th March, 1900.
Decree (Egypt). Prolongation. Powers of Mixed Tri

Fort Portal, 26th June, 1900
Great Britain and Uganda. Administra
tion, &c.

Cairo, 29th January, 1894
Prolongation. Powers of Mized Tri-

Cairo, 31st January, 1899
Prolongation. Powers of Mixed Tr

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Cairo, 30th January, 1901
Decrees (Egypt). Modifying Organic Statute and Coin
of Mixed Tribunals.

Cairo, 26th March, 1900.
Decree (France). Re-organization. Government. French
West Africa.

Paris, 17th October, 1899.

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Law (France). Assent to Disposition establishing Juris-
diction of Mixed Tribunals in Egypt
in Bankruptcy Cases.


Paris, 12th April, 1900. 905
Protection of French Citizens. Pacific
Islands...... Paris, 10th July, 1900. 1055
(Germany). Exercise of Consular Jurisdiction.

Berlin, 7th April, 1900. 863
Notice (British). Coming into Force. Somaliland Order
in Council, 1899.

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Berbera, 16th February, 1900. 1107
Notification (Germany). Publication of Ordinance of
February 17, 1900. Ad-
ministration of Justice in

Berlin, 26th March, 1900. 796

Order (British). Application of Indian Acts. Somali-
land Protectorate.



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London, 20th November, 1900. 499

Order in Council (British). Repeal. Somali Order, 1889.
Brunei Order, 1890.

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London, 12th May, 1900. 1111
Judicial Districts. Criminal and Civil
Courts. Somaliland Protectorate.
London, 26th June, 1900. 1112
Court Fees and Stamps. Somaliland







Windsor, 3rd March, 1900. 536
Registration. British Sub-

jects. Siam.

Windsor, 26th November, 1900. 545

Ordinance (Germany). Assumption of Authority. Ger-

Osborne, 11th January, 1900. 502
North-Eastern Rhodesia.

Osborne, 29th January, 1900. 503
China and Corea. Supreme

man New Guinea.

Berlin, 27th March, 1899. 381
Administration of Justice.


Rule (British). Court Fees.

Hubertusstock, 17th February, 1900. 795
Regulations (Germany). Assumption of Authority. Ger-
man New Guinea.

(Do.) Court Fees. Uganda Protectorate.

Berlin, 1st April, 1899. 382
Persian Coast and Islands.
28th December, 1899. 1069

Rules and Table of Fees (British).
Ottoman Dominions.

1st March, 1900. 574
British Courts.

6th March, 1900. 581, 654

KATANGA COMPANY. Convention with Independent State of Congo.

Brussels, 19th June, 1900.


LAND. Act (Bermuda). Conveyance of Land by Aliens.

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Bangkok, 20th September, 1900

Larnaca a Port of Registry.
Windsor, 29th June, 190

LAW (Chile). Grant of Bounties on Sugar. Tariff Rate of Transport.
Santiago, 31st December, 1898, 5
(Denmark.) Prohibition of Fishing with Trawls. Iceland.
Amalienborg, 6th April, 189 1
Prohibition of Trawling. Farbe Islands.



1st February, 1899.
Increased Penalties. Illegal Trawl Fishing.

7th April, 1900. **
(Equator). Conditions of Most-favoured-nation Treatment. Con
mercial Treaties......... Quito, 2nd October, 1900. 4
(France). Assent to Dispositions establishing Jurisdiction of Mized
Tribunals in Egypt in Bankruptcy Cases.

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(Newfoundland). Tenure of Land by Aliens.

See also PROPERTY.

4th May, 1902
Great Britain and Siam. Taxation on Last.
British Subjects.

1st March, 1900 3

Order in Council (British).

Paris, 12th April, 1900. 7
Protection of French Citizens in Pacific Islands,


Paris, 10th July, 1900 18

(Germany). Commercial Relations with British Empire.
Travemünde, 1st July, 1899.


Power to abrogate Treaties with Tonga, Samoo, and
Zanzibar ......
Berlin, 15th February, 1900. 17
Exercise of Consular Jurisdiction.


(Spain). Extraordinary Expenses
LEBANON. Protocol. Great Britain,
Governor. Continuance.

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Berlin, 7th April, 1900.
(Italy). Approval. Convention with Benadir Company, 1898.
Rome, 24th December, 1899.
(Japan). Income Tax................
Tôkiô, 1st January, 1889.
(Do.) Foreign Deserters. Ships of War and Merchant Vessels.
Tokio, 15th March, 1899. *
(Netherlands). Status of Japanese Subjects in Dutch East Indies.
Lipburg, 19th May, 189


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Madrid, 17th May, 159, 1G
Austria, &c. Naoum Pasha.

Constantinople, 14th August, 1897. €


VARD ISLANDS. Accession. Postal Insurance Agreement of Wash-
ington, 1897..
....1st January, 1900. 165

Order in Council (British).


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See also DEBT.

D HOWE'S Group.

Windsor, 15th May, 1900. 538.

7. Correspondence. Great Britain, Greece, &c. Affairs of Crete
(Loan, &c.).

...1898. 1154

Decree (Egypt). Loan for Extension of Railway System.

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Proclamation (British). British Protectorate.
Lord Howe's Group, &c.

Suva, 6th October, 1900.
EMBURG. TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
Austria-Hungary, &c. Convention. Railway
Goods Traffic.

Paris, 16th June, 1898. 433
Belgium. Declaration. Extradition Conven-
tion, 1872.

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Sanction to Load-line Act of
South Australia.


DAGASCAR. Report. Slave Trade. Protection of Natives.

Alexandria, 12th July, 1900. 906

Luxemburg, 16th November, 1899. 457
Great Britain. Additional Articles. Tele-
graph Money Orders.
London, 17th
Luxemburg, 20th

January, 1900.

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8th May, 1899. 185
Decree (Germany). Poll Tax and Compulsory

Saipan, 17th January, 1900. 479
Slaughter Tax.

Saipan, 7th February, 1900. 481
Notification (Germany). Possession and Carrying


See also GUAM.
Decree (Peru). Marriage of Non-Catholics.

Saipan, 16th January, 1900. 480
Spirituous Liquors.


Saipan, 16th January, 1900. 482
Treaty. Germany and Spain. Cession to Ger-
many. Mariana Islands (except Guam).

Madrid, 30th June, 1899. 113

Lima, 9th May, 1899. 116
JRITIUS. Convention (Additional). Great Britain and France.
Parcel Post. Insured Parcels.

Paris, 16th May, 1900. 24.
CHANT SHIPPING. Act of Parliament (British). Merchant Ship-
ping (Liability of Ship-owners and others).

6th August, 1900. 1283

See also LOAD-LINE.

MESSAGE of President of United States. Opening of Congress,

See also SPEECH.

METZGER, J. D., AND CO. Agreement.


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Washington, 18th October, 1599

MEXICO. TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with
China. Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.
Washington, 14th December, 1999.
France. Convention. Patents and Trade-marks,
Mexico, 10th April, 1.
Convention. Extradition.

United States.

Mexico, 22nd February, 1890
Convention. Duration. Water
Boundary Conreation ยี่
March 1, 1889.
Washington, 21st November, 1900.
MILITARY SERVICE. Convention. Belgium and Netherlands. Military

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Washington, 3rd December, 190,

22 J June

The Hague, 4th October, 1900
Rescript (Russia). Military Service. Finland.
St. Petersburgh, Jaly
MINES AND MINERALS. Ordinance (Soudan). Prospecting for Metca
Minerals, &c.
Khartoum, 1899.
(Somaliland). Mines

United States and Hayti. Arh
Metzger Claim.


Berbera, 16th February, 1900
MISSIONARIES. Memorial (China). Official Intercourse. Local Antio
rities and Roman Catholic Missionaries.

15th March, 1888.

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MONEY ORders. Additional Articles.

Tôkið, 27th July, 1899
Great Britain and Asst.

Telegraph Money Orders.

London, 17th
Vienus, 27th,

January, 190.

Great Britain and Austro

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