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supply. With a system of reservoirs collecting its surface water

for distribution to our houses, there is now absolutely no atten

tion paid to the purifying of the water before it reaches the


“Whereas the increase of typhoid fever and other febrile diseases offers a dangerously favorable ground for such further spreading which is and, unless counteracted, will continue to be a menace to the lives of our people, etc., etc.”


Of Thomas H. Barber, First Lieutenant, First Artillery, V. S.

A.; Colonel 12th Regt., N. G. N. Y.; Inspector General, with the rank of Brigadier General, National Guard, New York; Colonel

First N. Y. Volunteer Infantry and Brigadier General, U. S. V.,

taken front official sources in the Adjutant General's office, Wash

ington, D. C., and Adjutant General's office, Albany, N. Y.

Cadet at U. S. Military Academy from July 1st, 1863, to

June 17th, 1807. Graduated and promoted in the Army to 2nd

Lieutenant, First Artillery, June 17th, 1867, Appointed from

First Congressional District, New York. On graduation leave

of absence June 17th, to September 30th, 1867.

Served in Garrison at Fort Hamilton, N. Y. H., Oct. 1st, 1867,

to February, 1870.

Served as Post School Teacher for non-commissioned officers

and privates. On duty with Company at suppression of illicit

distilleries in Brooklyn, N. Y. Acting Post Adjutant and in addition served on Courts-Martial, Boards of Survey and in all

other capacities incident to garrison duty.

At the Military

Academy at West Point, as Assistant Professor of the French

language, February 28th, 1870, to January 17th, 1873, and prin


cipal Assistant Professor July 10th, 1872, to August 21st, 1876.

Promoted 1st Lieutenant 1st Artillery, July 10th, 1872.

Spent summer leave of 1872, granted officers on duty in

Academic Department, U. S. Military Academy, in Europe. Traveled in Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Holland,

Germany and Switzerland. From August 28th, 1874, to April

30th, 1875, in charge of the Department of French during the absence of the Professor of the French Language in Europe.

On Signal duty at Fort Whipple, Va., from Sept. 4th, 1876, to June 21st, 1878.

Special Orders 134, par. 2, A. G. O., Appointed Instructor of Signalling, etc., at Fort Whipple, Va., January 17th, 1878. Special Orders No. 8, War Department, Office of the Chief Signal Officer, Washington. Relieved from duty as Instructor by

Special Orders No. 84, War Department, Office of the Chief

Signa] Oficer, Washington, June 17th, 1878. On duty with Com

pany at Fort Adams, R. I., until May 1st, 1880. Detailed during

summer of 1879 to make surveys of certain government military

reservations in Newport Faurbor, R. I. On year's leave of absence

in Europe extended one month, Special Orders 12, A. G. 0.,


uary 17th, 1880, I. O. 79, April 7th, 1881.

Traveled extensively in England, Scotland, France, Spain,

Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Returned to duty with Company at Fort Adams, R. I.

Directed to report in person for special duty at Yorktown,

Va., Special Order 42, par. 3, Division of the Atlantic, Sept.

22nd, 1.881.

Detailed as Aide-de-Camp to Major-General W. S. Hancock, General Orders 11, Div. of the Atlantic, Oct. 22nd, 1881, York

town, Va.

Endorsement of Major-General Winfield Scott Hancock on

letter of resignation:

Lieutenant Barber has proved to be an intelligent and accomplished staff officer of an exceptional class, and one difficult to be replaced. He was recommended to me by his superior

officers for the excellent reputation be bore as a line officer and


was in consequence appointed to the position of A. D. C. on my


Detailed as Acting Assistant Quartermaster and Acting Commissary of Subsistence at Fort Columbus, N. Y. H., by Special

Orders No. 15, dated Headquarters Military Division of the

Atlantic, Governor's Island, N. Y. H., April 6th, 1882.

Relieved as Acting Asst. Quartermaster and Acting Commissary

of Subsistence by Special Orders No. 18, Headquarters Military Division of the Atlantic, dated Governor's Island, N. Y. H., May 1st, 1882


While on leave

of absence during the summer of 1883, accompanied the

Professor of Chemistry, Mineralogy and Geology of the

C. S. Military Academy on a geological examination of the
Big Horn and Shoslione Mountains and Yellowstone Park, es-

corted by a cavalry detachment with pack train. During various

leaves of absence traveled in the Dominion of Canada, British

Columbia and in all the States and Territories of the United

States, except Alaska and Idaho. Resigned July 1st, 1885. .

National Guard service, State of New York: Lieutenant

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Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General 1st Brigade, Nov. 30th, 1886; resigned and honorably discharged Oct. 5th, 1887; Colonel 12th Regiment, Dec. 31st, 1888; Brigadier-General and Inspector

General, Sept. 12th, 1889.

Offered re-appointment as Inspector-General by Governor Flower, Nov. 30th, 1891. Declined the appointment.

April 29th, 1898, appointed Colonel, 1st N. Y. Vols. during war

with Spain.

Resigned, February 6, 1899, as Colonel, on acceptance of com

mission of Brigadier General, V. S. V.

Appointed Brigadier General, U. S. Vols., January 10th, 1899.

Mustered out February 28th, 1899.


Four years a cadet at the United States Military Academy.

Eighteen years a commissioned officer in the 1st Artillery, United

States Army. Three years and ten months and six days in the

National Guard, State of New York. · Nine months and eight

days U. S. Volunteers service. Total service 26 years, 7 months

and 14 days.


In 'nited States Service:- Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st Regt., N. Y.

Vols., May 20, 1898. Colonel Fehy. 6, 1899, to Feby. 26, 1899.

In State Service.-- Private, Co. B, 10th Regt., May 6, 1867; Corporal, March 9, 1868; Quartermaster-Sergeant, March 23,

1869; First Sergeant, April 16, 1870; Adjutant, 10th Regt., Dec.

16, 1871; resigned, Feb. 20, 1873; First Lieutenant, Co. B, 10th Regt., T'eb. 28, 1870; Captain, Dec. 19, 1877; Brevet Major, Dec. 31, 1881; Major 10th Battalion, June 20, 1891; LieutenantColonel, 1st Regt., April 29, 1898; resigned to return to 10th

Battalion as Major, Feb. 24, 1899. Resigned, September 11,

1899. Died, June 3, 1901. .


In United States Service.- Sergeant, Co. D, 19th Militia; mustered in U. S. Service, May 26, 1862, for three months; dis

charged, Sept. 6, 1862; First Lieutenant, Co. G, 168th N. Y. Vols.

(19th Militia), Jan. 12, 1863, nine months; mustered out, Oct. 31, 1863; Private, Co. A, 56th N. Y. Vols., Feb. 23, 1865; honor

ably discharged, Oct 17, 1865; Major, 1st. Regt., N. Y. Vols., May 20, 1898, to Oct. 21, 1898.

In State Service.— Private, Co. D), 19th N. Y. S. Militia,

Sept. 22, 1858; Sergeant, May 26, 1862; First Lieutenant, March

28, 1866; Captain, Feb. 12, 1868; discharged by disbandment,

May 9, 1878; Adjutant, 17th Battalion, Oct. 10, 1878; Captain,

Co. A, March 17, 1881, which company became the Fifth

Separate Company, Jan. 1, 1882; Major, 12th Battalion, March 29, 1898. Retired, March 9, 1899.


In United States Service.- Major, 1st Regt., N. Y. Vols., May

20, 1898; Lieutenant-Colonel, February 6, 1899, to February

26, 1899.

In State Service.--- Private, Third Separate Company, Dec. 29,

1880; Second Lieutenant, Aug. 1, 1881; First Lieutenant, Jan.

25, 1886; Captain, Sept. 28, 1886; Major, 17 Battalion, April 1, 1898. Retired, March 9, 1899.



(Born N. Y.)


(Ap'd at Large)


Military History.- Cadet at the Military Academy, Sep. 1,

1873, to June 14, 1877, when he was graduated and promoted in

the Army to Second Lieut., 9th Cavalry, June 15, 1877.

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