Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Indiana, Volume 75

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"With tables of the cases and principal matters" (varies).

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Page 284 - The privilege of the debtor to enjoy the necessary comforts of life shall be recognized by wholesome laws...
Page 57 - In an action for libel or slander, it shall be sufficient to state, generally, that the defamatory matter was published or spoken of the plaintiff; and, if the allegation be denied, the plaintiff must prove, on the trial, the facts showing that the defamatory matter was published
Page 409 - When any of the matters enumerated in section forty do not appear upon the face of the complaint, the objection may be taken by answer. SEC. 45. If no such objection be taken, either by demurrer or answer, the defendant shall be deemed to have waived the same, excepting only the objection to the jurisdiction of the court, and the objection that the complaint does not state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action.
Page 558 - Company to purchase and acquire 18,500 shares of the par value of $100 each of the capital stock of the...
Page 147 - The defendant is presumed to be innocent until his guilt is established by such evidence as will exclude every reasonable doubt.
Page 278 - This whole doctrine proceeds upon the intelligible ground, that, where one of two innocent persons must suffer by the act of a third person, he shall suffer, who has been the cause or occasion of the confidence and credit reposed in such third person.
Page 26 - No person shall be permitted to take advantage of any error committed in any proceeding to...
Page 138 - Where a special finding of facts shall be inconsistent with the general verdict, the former shall control the latter, and the court shall give judgment accordingly.
Page 225 - Such use, however, ought to be for such a length of time that the public accommodation and private rights might be materially affected by an interruption of the enjoyment...
Page 249 - But since surface water is a common enemy which the lot-owner may fight by raising his lot to grade, or in any other proper manner, and since the municipality has the undoubted right to bring its streets to grade, and has as much power to fight surface water in its streets as the adjoining private owner, it is not ordinarily, if ever, liable for simply failing to provide culverts or gutters adequate to keep...

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