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Page 84, Sec. 132, 1st line-for "then variance" read "the variance." Page 90, Sec. 172, 2nd line-for "of defendant" read "of the defendant.' Page 94, Sec. 191, 7th line-for "the country" read "the county."

Page 102-for Sec. "324" read "234."

Page 119, Sec. 337, 2nd line-for "dispositions" read "depositions." Page 129, Sec. 400, 2nd line-for "in action" read "in an action." Page 135, Sec. 427, 18th line-for "or such "read" of such."

Page 154, Sec. 519, 34th line-for "costs, of the same" read "costs, if the same."

Page 196, Sec. 8, 1st line-for "shall be recorded" read "shall be recovered."

Page 222, Sec. 1, 1st line-for "most general election " read "next general election."

Page 259, 1st line of heading of Sec. 15-for "If roads " read "Of roads.”
Page 274, Sec. 3, 16th line-strike out word "endorser" once.
Page 321, Sec. 6, 3rd line-for "same person" read "some person."
Page 345, last line-for "exceptionable" read "exceptable."
Page 359, Sec. 50, 3d line-for "shall made" read "shall make."

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