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[Pacification of Greece.)

ments, any augmentation of territory, any exclusive influence, or any commercial advantage for their subjects, which those of every other nation may not equally obtain.

Guarantee of 3 Powers. Art. VI. The arrangements for reconciliation and Peace which shall be definitively agreed upon between the Contending Parties, shall be guaranteed by those of the Signing Powers who may judge it expedient or possible to contract that obligation. The operation and the effects of such Guarantee shall become the subject of future stipulation between the High Powers.*

Ratifications. Art. VII. The present Treaty shall be ratified, and the Ratifications shall be exchanged in 2 months, or sooner if possible.

In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto the Seals of their Arms.

Done at London, the 6th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, 1827.



ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. In case the Ottoman Porte should not, within the space of one month, accept the Mediation which is to be proposed to it, the High Contracting Parties agree upon the following measures : Commercial Relations to be entered into with Greece in case of

Turkish Refusal of Mediation. § 1. It shall be declared to the Porte, by their Representatives at Constantinople, that the inconveniences and evils described in the patent Treaty as inseparable from the state of things which has, for six years, existed in the East, and the termination of which, by the means at the command of the Sublime Ottoman Porte, appears to be still distant, impose upon the High Contract* See Treaty of 7th May, 1832, Art. IV.

[Pacification of Greece.]

ing Parties the necessity of taking immediate measures for forming a connection with the Greeks.

It is understood that this shall be effected by establishing commercial relations with the Greeks, and by sending to and receiving from them, for this purpose, Consular Agents, provided there shall exist in Greece authorities capable of supporting such relations.

Measures to be adopted by Allied Powers in case of Non-observance

of Armistice. $ II. If, within the said term of one month, the Porte does not accept the Armistice proposed in Article I of the patent Treaty, or if the Greeks refuse to carry it into execution, the High Contracting Powers shall declare to either of the Contending Parties which may be disposed to continue hostilities, or to both of them, if necessary, that the said High Powers intend to exert all the means which circumstances may suggest to their prudence, for the purpose of obtaining the immediate effects of the Armistice of which they desire the execution, by preventing, as far as possible, all collision' between the Contending Parties ; and in consequence, immediately after the above-mentioned declaration, the High Powers will, jointly, exert all their efforts to accomplish the object of such Armistice, without, however, taking any part in the hostilities between the Two Contending Parties.

Immediately after the signature of the present Additional Article, the High Contracting Powers will, consequently, transmit to the Admirals commanding their respective squadrons in the Levant, conditional Instructions in conformity to the arrangements above declared.

Measures to be adopted in case of Refusul of Ottoman Porte.

$ III. Finally, if, contrary to all expectation, these measures do not prove sufficient to procure the adoption of the propositions of the High Contracting Parties by the Ottoman Porte; or if, on the other hand, the Greeks decline the conditions stipulated in their favour, by the Treaty of this date, the High Contracting Powers will, nevertheless, continue to pursue the work of pacification, on the bases upon which they have agreed; and, in consequence, they authorise, from the present moment, their Representatives at London, to discuss and determine the future measures which it may become necessary to employ.

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No. 137.-BOUNDARY TREATY between Hanover

and Prussia.Signed at Iburg, 22nd December, 1827.


TABLE. Preamble. Reference to Agreement of 12th August, 1783. Boundaries

between Osnabruck, Tecklenburg, and Ober-Lingen. 1. As the above-mentioned Agreement of 12th August, 1783, although sanc

tioned by both Parties, has, on account of subsequent difficulties, never been carried out, the said Agreement, so far as it relates to the arrangement of the limits and rights of the respective Sovereignties, is

hereby annulled, and declared altogether invalid. 2. On the other hand the aforesaid Agreement, so far as it relates to Com

munal Landmarks and private rights, is confirmed and declared bind. ing where it has not been modified by other Treaties, or by the present

stipulations. 3. The Supplementary Agreement of 31st October, 1801, is declared invalid. 4. From the date of the Ratification of this Treaty, the Boundaries between

the above-mentioned Territories shall be as described in Annex I, and the plans prepared in 1778 and 1782 shall be considered valid where

not altered by the present Treaty. 5. Both Parties renounce all Claims to the lands respectively transferred

from one to the other by this Treaty. 6. The line now agreed upon shall be the Boundary Line of the respective

Sovereignties in regard to all rights, privileges, and obligations here set

forth. 7. The Domains and Domanial Rights of the two Parties suffer no further

restrictions than are herein stipulated. 8. Private and Corporation rights shall remain intact. 9. Maintenance of Roads and Waterways. 10. Communal relations remain as before, unless altered by special stipu.

lations. 11. The Mersch Bridge to be maintained at the joint expense of the two

Parties. 12. The Potts Bridge, &c., to be maintained by Hanover. 13. Access to certain Mills shall be unimpeded. 14. Where the line runs through Rivers or Brooks, these shall be maintained

in their present course. 15. Modification of the Agreement of 12th August, 1783, by Annex II. 16. Special Stipulations respecting Annex II. 17. Line to be drawn at a certain distance from ancient Tilled Lands and

Meadows. 18. Landmarks shall be set up to define the Boundary. 19. Boundary Line shall be inspected every 5 years. 20. Any trespass or alteration of the Boundary Line shall be punished by

Law. 21. If any Disputes should arise as to the Boundary Line after the ratifica

tion of this Treaty, they shall be settled by the Commissioners. 22. Ratifications.


Anne. Gesel and Special Stipalstions, chiefly in reference to the Communal

sed Frontier relations on the basis of the Boundary Agreement of 12th

Laps, 1783. 1 Gemensl Stapelstions 2 Special Sizeistions relating to Articles to IXIL

(Translation.) Preemble. Reference to Agreement of 12th August, 1783. Boundaries between Osnabruck, Tecklenburg, and Ober-Lingen.

Foz the definitive settlement of the Boundaries between the Hanoverian Principality of Osnabruck and the Prussian Counties of Tecklenberg and Ober-Lingen, arranged by the Agreement dated Hose, 12th Aagast, 1783, but since disputed, the Commissigers appointed for the purpose, namely, Councillor Charles Angustus Radluči, on the Hanoverian side, and Provincial Deputy Ernest Albert von Bodelschwingh, on the Prussian side, bare agreed and concluded as follows:Aars I to XXII and Annex (See Table). Iburg, 22nd December, 1827.


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