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and every subject required for admission, and that the candidate's rank in all other studies in the school's prescribed course is not less than 75 for each and every one.

Unirersity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.-By a resolution of the board of regents, graduates of St. Paul and Minneapolis high schools are admitted to tho freshman class upon presentation of their diplomas. The State high school board has inspected and classified tho schools under its supervision, and the graduates of the schools of the first rank are admitted to the freshman class upon presentation of their diplomas. At present the following schools are in this rank: Albert Lea, Alexandria, Anoka, Austin, Crookston, Duluth, Faribault, Fergus Falls, Hastings, Henderson, Laké City, Litchfield, Mankato, Northfield, Owatonna, Red Wing, Rochester, Sauk Center, Spring Valley, Stillwater, and Worthington. The diplomas of these schools should be accompanied by a certificate from the principals, giving a list of the studies actually covered by the diplomas. The diploma will be accepted for all that it really represents of work done. As a rule, thô records of graduates of normal schools, or schools which admit to the freshman class of other reputable universities without examination, will be accepted for entrance to the university.

Unirersity of Mississippi, University, Miss.-Students coming from approved high schools are admitted without examination to the classes of the university for which they may be prepared, provided they have reached the required age and present theinselves within one year after leaving the high school. The following schools are recognized as affiliated high schools as long as their efficiency is approved by the faculty: Warren Institute, Oxford; Crystal Springs high school; private school of T. G. Smith-Variz, Canton; Winona high school; West Point high school; Union Church Academy; private school of B. M. Lovejoy, Aberdeen; private school of C. F. Kemper, Vicksburg; P. H. Saunder's summer school, University; Waverly Institute, Byhalia; city school, Jackson; city high school, Helena, Ark. ; Carrollton Male Academy, Carrollton; city school, Senatobia; New Albany high school. High schools are afiliated after visitation and inspection by the faculty.

Unirersity of the State of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.-It is proposed that schools be articulated upon the adoption of a course of study outlined by the university, and that the sign that this course has been adopted be an agreement between the university and the school authorities. This agreement is to be signed on the one hand by the president of the university, and on the other hand by the principal of the high school, the president of the school board, and the superintendent of public schools of tho town in which the high school is situated. In the case of private schools or colleges it should bo signed by the principal or president and by the president of the trustees or curators. The agreement shall specify

(1) That the school authorities have macio their course of study meet fully the requirements proposed by the university.

(2) That the first diploma issued under the new course of study will bear a specifiell date.

(3) That the employment of inefficient teachers in the school will at any time justify the university in severing the relation.

(4) That the university on its part will, after the date prescribed, admit without examination to the freshman class, in any course for which they have been duly prepared, such graduates of the school as bring proper credentials of the fact that they are recommended for that class by the school authorities; and it will admit free of tuition for the first year the student graduating from the school with the highest lionors.

(5) That the university will send from time to time a representative to visit the school, anıl will use its best offorts to promote in whatever way it can its welfare.

The following schools are on the approved list: High schools of Bethany, Bolliyar, Carthage, Carrollton, Clinton, Fort Smith, Ark.; Harrisonville, Higginsville, Independence, Jefferson City, Joplin, Lamar, Lancaster, La.; Marshall, Maryville, Miami, Mexico, Moberly, Monroe City, Mound City, Montgomery City, Nevada, Paris, Richmond, Rockport, Sedalia, Shelbina, Slater, Springfield, Trenton, Westport, Cam. eron, Chillicothe, Hannibal, Kansas City, St. Joseph, St. Louis; Mountain Grove (Mo.) Academy; Brookfield (Mo.) College; Mount Vernon (Mo.) Academy; Appleton City (Mo.) Academy; Cooper Institute, Boonville, Mo.; Marionville (Mo.) Collegiate Institute; Buchanan College, Troy, Mo.; Kemper Family School, Boonville, Mo.; Marmaduko Military Academy, Sweet Springs, Mo.; Michigan Military Academy, Orchard Lake, Mich., Missouri Military Academy, Mexico, Mo.; St. James Military Academy, Macon City, Mo.;University Academy, Columbia, Mo.; Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Mo.

Unirersity of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr.–There are about 75 public schools in Nebraska upon the accredited list of the university, but of these not more than half a dozen fully prepare for entrance to the university proper.

View Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, Durham, N. H.-A certificate from any academy or high school will be accepted upon any subject required for admission.

New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Vcsilla Park, N. Ver.-The principals and superintendents of the following high schools are authorized to prepare students for admission: Raton, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Deming, Eddy, and El Paso. Graduates of these schools will be admitted without examination.

Unirersity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C.-The university admits, without examination, students with certificates from certain schools in the State whose conrses of study and methods of instruction are approved by the faculty.

Ohio State Universily, Columbus, Ohio.-Certificates of high schools and normal schools in Ohio are accepted, if found satisfactory, in lieu of examination for prepar. atory studies under the following conditions:

(1) Each certificate must show that the candidato has completed tho course of stuily in the school from which lie comes and must, further, contain a detailed statement of the studies pursued, the text-books used, the amount of work done in each study, the amount of time devoted to it, the date of the examination, and the rank of standing of the candidate in it. A copy of the course of study should accompany the certificate.

(2) From time to time the faculty has approved the course of study in certain high schools of the State, and the graduates of these schools are admitted to freshman work on presentation of their diplomas, subject, however, to conditions in all required studies not includel in their high school course.

The list of high schools to wlioso graduates a definite standing has been assigned is as follows: Akron, Alliance, Barnesville, Batavia, Bellaire, Bement (Ill.), Canton, Carey, Chardon, Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Technical School, Circleville, Cleveland, Columbus, Coshocton, Dayton, Defiance, Delaware, East Liverpool, Elyria, Tremont, Galion, Gallipolis, Grand River Institute, Hamilton, Hillsboro, Ironton, Jetterson Educational Institute, Lancaster, Lima, Lorain, Mansfield, Marietta, Massillon, Marion, Martins Ferry, Miamisburg, Middletown, Mount Sterling, Mount Vernon, Newark, New South Lyme, New Vienna, Norwalk, Piqna, Pomeroy, Portsmouth, Rich wood, Sandusky, Salem, Sidney, Springfield, Steubenville, Tiffin, Toledo, Troy, Urbana, Van Wirt, Warren, Wooster, Senia, Youngstown, and Zanesville.

Oregon State Agricultural College, Corrallis, Oreg.-Those applicants who have completed a high school course will be admitted upon presentation of their diplomas.

Inirersity of Oregon, Eugene, Oreg.-Students presenting credits from reputablo schools will be allowed their equivalents in the university.

l'ennsylvania State College, State College, Pa.-Graduates of State normal schools and of a select list of high schools and academies in Pennsylvania, whose standard of requirements has been ascertained to be satisfactory, will be admitted without examination in studies which as shown by their diploma or certificate they have successfully completed in such institution. Diplomas must be accompanied by a certificate.

South Carolina College, Columbia, S. C.-The faculty aro anthorized to admit applicants who shall present from superintendents or principals of graded schools and other approved schools where they have been pupils, certificates that they have passed satisfactory examinations on the subjects required for admission.

South Dakota Agricultural College, Brookings, S. Dak.-Certificates from schools or teachers, approved by the faculty, will be accepted.

Unirersity of South Dakota, Vermilion, S. Dak.-High schools and public or private academies whose methods and courses of instruction are approved by the faculty m:1y, upon application to the president, enter the list of university fitting schools, this relation to continno as long as the approved grade of work is maintained in the accredited schcol, or until the university requirements are modified. Pupils from such schools receive credit, without examination, for subfreshman or preparatory work only, upon presenting certificates definitely setting forth tho amount of work done and the time spent on each subject. At present the accredited schools aro those of Aberdeen, Dead wood, Elk Point, Flandreau, Hot Springs, Huron, Millbank, Mitchell, Parker, Pierro, Rapid City, Sioux City, Iowa, Sioux Falls, Watertown, Yankton, Scotland Academy, Wessiugton Springs Seminary.

Cuirersity of Tennessee, knorrille, Tenn.-All approved State secondary schools are accredited schools. They were established by an act approved March 25, 1891, This law says: “In every secondary school shall be taught the following branches : Orthography, reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, geography, history of Tennessce, history of the United States, elementary geology in Tennessee, elementary principles of agriculture, elements of algebra, elements of plave geometry, elements of natural philosophy, bookkeoping, elementary physiology and hygiene, elements of civil government, and rhetoric, or higher English. Practice shall be given in eloen tion, or tho art of speaking Vocal music may bo tanght, and no other branching shall bo introduced." Any high school, academy, or other institution whoso couris of study covers the branches required for allmission to the freshman class may lo put on an accredited list, after application, examination by some officer of this university, and approval by the faculty. In lieu of the sciences provided in the secondary school course, these schools may offer Latin, Greek, and other good equivalents. Graduates or proficients duly recommended by the principals of such accredited schools will be received into tho collegiate department without examination. The following institutions are on the list of accredited schools: In Tennessee: Training school, Brownsville; high sclool, Chattanooga; University school, Chattanooga; high school, Columbia; training school, Cumberland; high schools of Dyersburg, Johnson City, Jonesboro, Knoxville; university school, Knoxville; classical school, Knoxville; Haynes-McLean school, Lewisburg; high schools of MeMinnville, Memphis, Milan, Morristown, Greeneville, Nashville, North Knoxville, Pulaski, West Knoxville; Memphis Institute; University school, Memphis; Howard Institute, Mt. Pleasant; 'University school, Academic School, Montgomery Bell Academy, and Garrett Military Academy, Nashville; training school, Paris; McMinn Academy, Rogersville; Rugby School, Rugby; Southside Preparatory School, Southside; Bolton College, Stewartsvillo, and Peabody high school, Trenton. In other States: Asheville (N.C.) high school; Bingham School, Asheville, N. C.; South Highlands Academy, Birmingham, Ala.; training school, Bridgeport, Ala.; Donald Fraser School, Decatur, Ga.; Malo Academy, Huntsville, Ala.; School for Boys, Little Rock, Ark.; Peabody high school, Little Rock, Ark.; university school, Monticello, Ark.; Yerkes School, Paris, Ky:; Male Academy, Raleigh, N. C.

University of Texas, Austin, Tex.-Graduates of approved high schools will be admitted without examination provided they present themselves for admission within a year after their graduation. The following have been approved and are now affiliated with the university: High schools of Abilene, Austin, Beaumont, Belton, Blanco, Brackett, Brenham, Bryan, Calvert, Cameron, Cleburne, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, Dallas, Denton, Dublin, El Paso, Ennis, Flatonia, Fort Smith (Ark.), Fort Worth, Gainesville, Galveston, Gonzales, Hempstead, Houston, Lagrange, Mexia, Mincola, Navasota, Orange, Palestine, Paris, Rockdale, San Antonio, Taylor, Temple, Terrell, Tyler, Vernon, Waco, Waxahachie, Weatherford; also Belton (Tex.) Male Academy; Cole's Select School, Dallas; Columbia College, Van Alstyne; Coronal Institute, San Marcos; Franklin College, Pilot Point; Grayson College, Whitewright; Institute for the Blind, Austin; Marmaduke Military Academy, Sweet Springs, Mo.; San Antonio Academy; Staunton (Va.) Military Academy; Summer Hill School, Owen; Thomas Arnold High School, Salado; University Academy, Columbia, Mo.

Agricultural College of Ctah, Logan, Utah.–Students may be admitted on certificato from an accredited high school, aca lemy, or other institution.

University of ltah, Salt Lake City, Utah.—Graduates of accredited high schools or academies may be admitted without examination. Their applications must be accompanied by certificates from the principal stating the subjects completed, the extent of each subject, and the percentages obtained. The following schools are on the accredited list: High school, Salt Lake City; Rowland Hall, Salt Lake City; Hammond Hall, Salt Lake City; Brigham Young College, Logan; Brigham Young Academy, Provo; high school, Ogden; Latter-Day Saints' College, Salt Lake City. Schools will be accredited after application to and examination by the faculty of the university.

Inirersity of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.-Candidates will be admitted without examination in case they bring certificates of graduation from preparatory schools whose courses of study fully meet the admission requireinents.

Warlington Agricultural College and School of Science, Pullman, Iash.-Gradnates of high schools whose course of study has been examined and approved by the faculty will be admitted on the presentation of the certificate of the principal or superintendent. Teachers holding a first grade certificate will also be admitted without examination.

University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.-Students shall be admitted without examination upon presentation of certificates from those public high schools and other eclucational institutions in the State whose courses of study shall have been approved by the faculty, such certificates to show the completion of a course of study on the part of applicants which the faculty shall deem equivalent to the course of study necessary for admission under examination.

Jest l'irginia Unirersity, Morgantown, W. Va.-Graduates of the academic department of the normal school or any of its branches, or from approved high schools and academies, are admitted upon presentation of a proper certificate of such graduation.

C'niversity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.-Any high school or academy whose course of instrnction covers the branches for admission to one or more of the courses of the university may be admitted to its list of accredited schools after a satisfactory examination by a committee of the faculty. Application for such an examination may be made by an officer of tho school to the president of the university, on the basis of which a committee of the faculty will examine the conrse of study and the methods of instruction in the school, and on their favorable recommendation and the concurrence of the faculty it will be entered upon the accredited list. No school will be

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placed upon the list whose course of study is not fully equal to the four-year courso of high schools recommended by the State superintendent. The graduates of sucli an approved school will be receivedl on presentation of a proper certificate into any of the courses for which they have been fitted. The accrediteil schools are: High schools of Ashland, Austin (III.), Beloit, Chicago (Ill.), Fond du Lac, La Crosse, Madison, Marinette, Milwaukee (east side, south side), Oshkosh, Rockford (111.), Appleton (Ryan), Baraboo, Beaver Dam, Brodhead, Burlington, Chippewa Falls, Columbus, Darlington, Decorah (Iowa), Delavan, De Pere, Eau Claire, Elkhorn, l'ort Atkinson, Freeport (III.), Green Bay, Janesville, Lake Geneva, Lancaster, Manitowoc (north side), Menomoneo, Monroe, Neenah, Racine, River Falls, Sheboygan, Stevens Point, Superior (west end), Waupaca, Wauwatosa, West De Pere, Whitewater, Evansville, Prescott, Sparta, Tomah, Viroqua, Watertown, Wankesha, Appleton (Third Warul), Black River Falls, Boscobel, Centralia, Cumberland, Lodgeville, Edgerton, Fort Howard, Fox Lake, Grand Rapids, Hudson, Kenosha, Lodi, Mayville, Mazomanie, Monasha, Neillsville, New London, Oconomowoc, Prairie du Chien, Prairie du Sac, Ripon, Sauk City, Stoughton Academy, Wausau, West Bend, Mauston, Medford, Mineral Point, Portage, Sheboygan Falls, Arcadia, Durand, Elroy, Hartford, Horicon, Jefferson, Kewaunee, Lake Mills, Merrill, Necedah, New Lisbon, New Richmond, Oregon, Reedsburg, Richland Center, Sharon, Shawano, Spring Green, Stoughton, Sturgeon Bay, Sun Prairie, Washburn, Waupun (South Ward), Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam; Harvard School, Chicago, Ill. ; School for Boys, Detroit, Mich.; Shat. tuck School, Faribault, Minn.; Downer College, Fox Lake; Wisconsin Academy, Madison; Milwaukee Academy, Racine (Wis.) College; Carroll College, Waukesha; Kenwood Institute, Chicago, ill. ; Evansville (Wis.) Seminary; Grafton Hall, Fond du Lac; Hillsido (Wis.) Home School; Notre Dame School, Chippewa Falls; St. Clara’s Academy, Sinsinawa. The certified standing of any student in the regnlar courses of the normal schools of the State will be accepted in the studies which it covers.

University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyo.-High schools in the various counties which adopt the university's preparatory course of study, and give competent instruction in the same, will be enrolled as “ accrediteil high schools” of the university, and work done in auch schools will be accepted on presentation of grades. The accredited high schools are: Cheyenne, Evanston, Lander, Laramie, Rawlins, Rock Springs, and Sheridan.

II. PRIVATE AND DENOMINATIONAL INSTITUTIONS. Southern University, Greensboro, Ala.-Certificates from A. B. or A. M. preceptors will be sufficient to waive examination on any branch required for the freshmen class.

Leland Stanford Junior l’nirersity, Stanford University, Cal.—The university does not agree, in advance, to exempt the graduates of any school from all entrance examinations. Recommendations from the principal of any reputable preparatory school will be considered, and examinations waived in all entrance subjects fairly covered in the applicant's courso of study, subject to tho following conditions:

(1) The applicant must have completed a full course in the school, and have been duly graduated.

(2) The applicant must be specifically recommended by the principal in the subjects in which exemption is granted.

(3) The faculty reserve tho right to require an examination in any recommended subject, if for any reason tho work is deemed insufficient or unsatisfactory.

(4) For tho present, certificates will not be accepted in English composition, Latin prose composition (excopt by special arrangement), physiology, botany, zoology, and drawing.

(5) In physics and chemistry recommendations must be accompanied by the laboratory notebooks of the applicant. These notebooks should contain the actual notes taken in the laboratory, not copies, and must be certitied by the teacher.

(6) Recommenıled graduates of the San Jose, Los Angeles, and Chico State normal schools may be aılmitted, withont examination, except in English, to provisional undergraduate standing, such standing subject to revision after one year's attendanco.

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo-Candidates who offer satisfactory evidence of having completed the subjects required for admission will be admitted without condition into the freshman class.

Unirersity of Denver, University Park, Colo.—Certificates from high schools and other secondary schools will greatly aid the student in securing admission. Whenever it is possible to accept a certificate instead of requiring an examination it will cheerfully be done. Students who present themselves with certificates from a Colorado high school, showing that they have completed any one of the courses of study adopted by the State Teachers' Association, will bo admitted without condition to the freshman class.

Wesleyan l'niversity, Middletown, Conn.-Certificates covering the major part of the requirements for admission to college are received from certain schools of good standing, which have been approved by the faculty, but no certificates are received


covering the entrance requirements in Latin prose composition, sight reading of Latin (both prose and poetry) Greek prose composition, sight reading of Greek, French, German, English (study and practice) natural science.

Columbian University, Washington, D. C.-Candidates may be excused from examination in some or all of the required subjects by presenting certificates from the Washington high school or from other schools of good standing;

Howard University, Washington, D. C.-Graduates of the Washington high schools are admitted to the scientific course without examination if they satisfy the instructors concerned that they will make up any deficiency in chemistry and physical geography. Others may be admitted by vote of the faculty on showing that they havo passed a preparatory course embracing as broad a scope as that indicated in tho admission requirements, and that they are qualified to pursue all studies in course successfully.

Illinois Iesleyan University, Bloomington, Ill.-Gradaates from accredited seminaries and high schools may be admitted on certificate without examination. The accredited schools are: Grand Prairie Seminary, Waynesville Academy and high schools of Bloomington, Decatur, Edinburg Township, Farmer City, Geneseo, Gilson City, Joliet, Elpaso (west side), Lexington, Macomb, Peoria, Pontiac, Sheldon, Springtield, Tuscola, Watseka, and Kewanee.

Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.-Students who come from an accredited academy or high school inay bo admitted on certificato upon the condition that if the work of a student in his first term shall prove unsatisfactory he may be required to enter a fitting school and roview his preparation in the study in which the failure has occurred. School boards desiring to have their schools placed on the accredited list should make application to tho president of tho university, who will provide, if practicable, for a proper inspection by committee. The following information is expected in the letter of application:

(a) The names of all the teachers, with a statement both of their preparation for teaching and of their experience in that work.

(b) The latest printed catalogue or annual report of the school, containing an outline of the courso of study and text-books used.

(c) A careful statement of the methods pursued in teaching mathematics, language, and tho sciences.

(d) The amountand kind of scientific apparatus and the extent of library facilities accessible to students.

The schools which are approved by the faculty after inspection are placed on the accre:lited list, and the relation thus established will contiune for three years unless tho faculty becomes satistiel that such changes have occurred as make further inspection desirable. There are now on the accredited list the following: ligh schools of Aurora (east side, west sile), Austin, Chicago (Englewood, Hyde Park, Jefferson, Lako View, north division, northwest division, Oak Park, west division, south division), Decatur, Evanston, Geneseo, Joliet, Kansas City (Mo.), Keokuk (lowa), Milwaukee (Wis.), Minncapolis (Minn.), Ottawa, Peoria, Rockford, Sioux City (Iowa), Springfield, St. Paul (Minn.), Wichita (Kans.); Jennings Seminary, Aurora ; Allen Academy, Chicago; Chicago Academy; Harvard School, Chicago; University Academy, Chicago; Academy of Northwestern University, Evanston; Milwaukoo (Wis.) Academy; Michigan Military Academy, Orchard Lake, Mich. Also schools in California, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, that are on the accredited list of the State universities of their respective States, will be recognized as if accredited by this university.

Lake Forest Unirersity, Lake Forest, Ill.-Schools are accredited by voto of the college faculty only after visitation and recommendation by a committee of the same. A certificate of graduation from such school will be accepted in place of entranco examinations in so far as the course pursued by the student has conformed to tho requirements for admission. There are now on tho accredited list Carroll College, Waukesha, Wis.; Elgin Academy; Geneseo Collegiate Institute; Racine (Wis.) Academy; high schools: Aurora (west), Bloomington, Chicago (north division, south division, west division), Elgin, Englewood, Evanston, Highland Park, Hyde Park, Jefferson, Joliet, Kewance, Lagrange, Lake, Lake View, Normal, Oak Park, Ottawa, Peoria, Rockford, Rock Island, Springfield, Waukegan, Clinton (Iowa), Milwaukee (Wis.).

Monmouth College, Monmouth, Ill.-Candidates, on furnishing proper certificates of their standing, shall be admitted from any one of the following schools to the freshman class, in so far as these completed studies correspond with the studies below the freshman elass: Albany (Oreg. ) Collegiato Institute, Marissa Academy, Geneseo Collegiate Institute, Waitsburg (Wash.) Academy, Pawnee (Nebr.) Academy; high schools of Monmouth, Xenia (Ohio), Bnrlington (Iowa), Kewanee, Davenport (lowa), Rock Island, and on regents' pass cards, New York.

Shurtleff College, Upper Alton, Ill.--Certificates from the following schools will be recognized : Pillsbury Academy, Minnesota; Wayland Academy, Wisconsin, and the

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