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thereof, or both. Statistics for 1894-95 of institutions endowed by the act of Congress in 1862 and 1890 with public lands or a part of the proceeds arising from the sale

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Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College, Auburn, William Leroy Broun....

University of Arizona (agricultural and mechanical Theo. B. Comstock

department), Tucson, Ariz.
Arkansas Industrial University, Fayetteville, Ark. John L. Buchanan
University of California (agricultural and mechanical Martin Kellogg

department), Berkeley, Cal.
Colorado Agricultural College, Fort Collins, Colo.

Alston Ellis.
Delaware College (agricultural and mechanical depart. Albert N. Raub.

ment), Newark, Del.
Florida Agricultural College, Lake City, Fla

0. Clute.
State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (Uni- H. C. White.....

versity of Georgia), Athens, Ga.
University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.

Franklin B. Gault.
University of Illinois (agricultural and mechanical de- A. S. Draper...

partment), Urbana, mil.
Purdue University of Indiana, La Eayette, Ind.

James H. Smart..
Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan, Kans.. George T. Fairchild.
Kentucky Agricultural and Mechanical College, Lexing. James K. Patterson

ton, Ky.
Louisiana State University (agricultural and mechanical J. W. Nicholson.

department), Baton Rouge, La.
Maine Agricultural and Mechanical College, Orono, Me. A. W. Harris.
Maryland Agricultural College, College Park, Md. R. W. Silvester
Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass. Henry H. Goodell.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Francis A. Walker.
Michigan State Agricultural College, Agricultural Col- Lewis G. Gorton

lege, Mich. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.

D. W. Sprague, accountant
Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi, S. D. Lee.....

Agricultural College, Miss.

495, 000
62, 158
73, 300
56, 853
957, 216
431, 499
57, 746

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109, 200

62, 729

372, 592


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Statistics for 1895 of institutions for colored person8 endowed by the act of Congress in 1862 and 1830 with public lands or a part of the proceeds arising

from the sale thereof, or both.

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State Normal and Industrial School, Normal, Ala.

W. H. Council Branch Normal College of Arkansas Industrial Univer: J.C. Corbin...

sity, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Stato College for Colored Students, Dover, Del.

Wesley Webb.
Florida State Normal and Industrial College for Colored T. Do S. Tucker.

Students, Tallahassee, Fla.
Georgia Industrial College for Colored Youths, Collego, R. R. Wright..

State Normal School for Colored Persons, Frankfort, Ky. John S. Jackson
Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical H. A. Hill.

College, New Orleans, La.
Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College, Westside, Thos. J. Calloway

Lincoln Institute, Jefferson City, Mo...

Inman E. Pago..
Agricultural and Mechanical College for the Colored J. O. Crosby.

Race, Greensboro, N.C.
Claflin University, Agricultural College, and Mechanical L. M. Dunton.

Institute, Orangeburg, S.C.
Prairie View State Normal School, Prairie View, Tex... L.C. Anderson.
Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Hampton, H. B. Frissoll.
West Virginia Colored Institute, Farm, W. Va

J. H. Hill.

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Financial statistics for 1894-95 of institutions endowed by act of Congress in 1862 and 1890 with public lands or a part of the proceeds arising from the

sale thereof, or both.

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