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justify interference. Commissioners will
keep a strict watch on vessel, and suggest
that the United States consul submit his
evidence in the case to the collector at
Liverpool. · Fourthly. Mr. Adams's pote
to Earl Russell, July 7, acknowledging
receipt of latter's note of 4th inst., and
stating that instructions have been given
the consul to place his evidence before the

88 Mr. Dudley to July 9 According to Mr. Adams's request, will fur-
Mr. Seward.

nish evidence in case of Lairds' gunboat
to collector at Liverpool, where it can be
done without violation of confidence. The
British government should not throw upon
us the burden of proof. The gunboat,
should she escape, will probably endeavor
to capture some of the California steamers
with specie. · The Rosalind, with arma-
ment previously referred to, sailed on Sat-

do.. July 11 Inclosing note to collectorin regard to Lairds'

gunboat, and collector's answer. Also, note
to Mr. Adams, covering copy of collector's
reply, and description of inside of vessel. If
we must prove by legal evidence that she is
intended for the rebels, it is hardly worth
while to apply to the government to stop
her. Statement of Richard Brougan shows
Captain Bullock's connection with the ves-
sel, and that she is intended for the insur-
gents. Her armament is to consist of twelve

32-pounders and three large swivel-guns.
do... July 12 Lairds' gunboat, (now called No. 290,) is un-

der command of Captain Butcher, a Bri-
tish subject, and an officer of the Cunard
line. He will turn over command to Cap-
tain Bullock when vessel gets out to sea,
and remain as second officer. The man
shipping the crew is also in the Cunard

Company's service.
299 Mr. Seward to July 12 Acknowledging receipt of No. 179. Has
Mr. Adams.

communicated imperfect information
therein contained relative to attempted
violation of neutrality at Liverpool to
Navy Department. On account of fitting
out of Oreto, &c. Congress is about to
authorize the issue of letters of marque

and reprisal for suppression of piracy.
187 | Mr. Adams to July 17 Tuscarora still at Southampton undergoing
Mr. Seward.

slight repairs. Consul at Liverpool has
made representations to the collector in
regard to the “ 290,” which were rejected
on account of informality. Mr. Adams
has asked legal advice respecting expedi-
ency of another form of procedure against
the vessel, suggested by Lord Russell. Has
fully informed Captain Craven, and advised
him to attempt to intercept the vessel on

her way out.
93 Mr. Dudley to July 18 Inclosing letter from Collector Edwards in
Mr. Seward.

reference to the “290,"stating government




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deems evidence insufficient, and declin-
ing to act. A solicitor, Mr. Squarey, who
thinks evidence enough to hold the ves-
sel, has, by direction of Mr. Adams, been
retained to make out a case under foreign

enlistment act.
Mr. Dudley to July 22

July 22 Difficulty of getting direct proof in case
Mr. Seward.

against the “290," on account of the hos-
tile feeling in Liverpool. Has procured
two witnesses from crew who testify pos-
itively that she is a rebel vessel. Evi-
dence was laid before collector. Mr. Col-
lier thinks it necessary to take steps to
have vessel condemned, even should col-

lector decide to stop her. 95 .

July 25 Has returned from London, where two addi

tional affidavits of members of crew of
the “290” were procured, which were laid
directly before the board of customs.
Board had decided previous evidence in-
sufficient, upon which a contrary opinion
was procured from Mr. Collier, which was
inclosed to the board with affidavits and
a note from Mr. Squarey, asking them to
reconsider. Incloses

affido to which
were laid before Earl Russell by Mr.
Adams. Mr. Squarey has shown Mr. La-
yard Mr. Collier's opinion, and requested
Him to act promptly. The question of se-
curity to the collector has not arisen. Mr.
Collier thinks proceedings for condemna-
tion necessary under the act, and to jus-
tify the collector in holding the vessel.
Both counsel deem the case strong enough
to procure her condemnation before any

196 Mr. Adams to July 25 Incloses two opinions of Mr. Collier as to
Mr. Seward.

illegality of fitting out of the “290.” Has
directed Mr. Dudley to act vigorously and
render professional advice. Thinks Mr.
Collier's second opinion that United States
may have serious ground of remonstrance
if vessel be permitted to escape, will not
suffice with collector to detain her. In-
closes copies of all papers which he had
communicated to Lord Russell. Has re-
ceived no

Tuscarora still at
Southampton; will be instructed to inter-
cept the “ 290," if possible, should she de-

Mr. Squarey to July 26 Calls attention to affidavits forwarded on
Mr. Gardner.

23d instant respecting gunboat “290.”
Mr. Gardner to July 28 Has submitted letter of 26th to board of
Mr. Squarey.

customs, who, in the absence of instruc-
tions from lords commissioners of the
treasury, can give no directions in regard

to the gunboat.
Duncans, Squa- July 29 Telegraphed this morning that the “290”
rey & Black-





31 THE ALABAMA-Continued.

had left port. Believe she has gone to to Mr.

Queenstown. Gardner.


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Mr. Dickens to July 30 Acknowledges for customs board receipt of
Duncans, Squa-

information of departure of the “290,- and
rey & Black-

has communicated same to commissioners

of treasury
Mr. Dudley to July 26 Inclosing affidavit of Henry Redden, boat-
Mr. Seward.

swain of the “290.” Has heard nothing
from authorities in reference to applica-

tion to stop her sailing.
Earl Russell to July 28 | Acknowledges receipt of letters of 22d and
Mr. Adams.

24th, in regard to the “290," and has re

ferred them to law officers of the Crown. Memorandum

July 31

Pursuant to treasury order of to-day, telefrom foreign

grams were sent to collectors at Liverpool

and Cork to seize the "290." Similar tele-
grams also sent to officers at Beaumaris
and Holyhead, and letter to collector at

Mr. Dudley to July 30 The “290” sailed yesterday without register
Mr. Seward.

or clearance, which collector says were
unnecessary. Tug Hercules is taking on
board men, &c., to join her off Cape Lynas.
Incloses copy of letter to collector protest-
ing against sailing of Hercules. Under-
stands the gunboat will go to a Spanish
port, and will address letter to consuls in

Mr. Adams to July 31 Has informed Captain Craven of departure
Mr. Seward.

of the “290." The Tuscarora left South-
ampton on the 29th and will attempt her

.do... Aug. 1 Describes interview with Lord Russell, in

which the use of Nassau by the rebels and
the fitting out of gunboats Oreto and
+6290” were discussed. In reference to the
latter Lord Russell stated that a sudden
illness of the Queen's advocate had delay-
ed the decision until after the vessel had
left. Orders would be given to detain her
at Nassau if she went there. Mr. Adams
thinks, (but did not say,) that she had been
advised of proceedings on foot against her,
hence her sudden departure. He express-
ed satisfaction that a decision had been
reached against the vessel. Lord Russell
had no information concerning detention

of Oreto at Nassau.
Mr. Dudley to Aug.' 1. Inclosing additional correspondence between
Mr. Seward.

Mr. Squarey and the secretary of the board
of customs, in reference to the “290;" also
slip from Daily Post about Oreto and the
6290.” Has sent copies of all papers to
Mr. Adams. The “290” put in at Holy-
head and left next morning. Tuscarora

put in at Queenstown yesterday p. m.
Do...... Aug. 6 The “290” has gone north. Report of her

being off Giant's Causeway probably untrue. Captain Bullock, who sailed in her, has returned. Statement that she is within 300 miles getting her armament is unlikely. Statements of Barnett, who shipped her crew, indicate an intention to run blockade.





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203 Mr. Adams to Aug. Reports correspondente with Captain Cra-
Mr. Seward.

ven up to 6th instant. Latter sailing up
St. George's Channel put an end to every
chance of capturing the “290.” Mr. Ad-
ams has advised him to return to his sta-

tion at Gibraltar.
105 | Mr. Dudley to Aug. 8 Many rumors are afloat about the “ 290," but
Mr, Seward.

not reliable. Incloses a shipping note in

which she is called the “Enricai'
do... Aug. 12 Learns that the “290” is somewhere on Enga

lish or Irish coast, and that fifty men are
being shipped for her. Has informed Mr.

Adams and Captain Craven.
do .... Aug. 13 The men referred to in yesterday's dispatch,

together with cannon and munitions of
war for the “290,” have been placed on
board steamer Bahama, which has sailed
without clearance, having entered to load
for Nassau. Has informed Mr. Adams and
consul at Dublin where Tuscarora was

Mr. Stuart to Aug. 16 In interview with Mr. Seward explained to
Earl Russell.

him that her Majesty's government had
done all in its power in cases of Oreto and
the “290," and would do the same in future,
whenever proofs were furnished. Letters
of marque will not be isued by the United

States for the present.
113 Mr. Dudley to Aug. 20 The Bahama will undoubtedly meet the
Mr. Seward.

"290" with her men and armament. The
latter will probably not attempt to run the
blockade, but will commence at once as a
privateer, and endeavor to capture a Cali-

fornia steamer.
329 Mr. Seward to Aug. 25 Has received No. 203, and laid it before Sec-
Mr. Adams.

retary of Navy. Expresses regret at es

cape of the “290.”
122 Mr. Dudley to Sept. 2 The Bahama has returned, having left the
Mr. Seward.

"290,” (now called Alabama,) under Cap-
tain Semmes, late of the Sumter, at Ter-
ceira, at which place she had taken her
armament from the Bahama. The latter
brings back forty of the Alabama's crew,
one of whom reports that she has com-
menced her cruise for the destruction of
American vessels. About one hundred and

forty hands were shipped at Terceira.
do.... Sept. 5 The Bahama took to the Alabama four Sa-

vannah pilots. The men who returned
from the latter were paid off in M. G. Klin-

gender's office.
219 Mr. Adams to Sept. 5 As expected, the Alabama did not go to Nas-
Mr. Seward.

Her difficulty will be to keep sup

plied with coal.
340 | Mr. Seward to Sept. 13 Transmits copy of intercepted letter from S.
Mr. Adains.

R. Mallory to James H. North, showing
that two steamers have been fitted out in
England to make war upon the United
States. It is hoped that this unquestion-
able evidence of violation of neutrality
will influence her Majesty's government
in future cases.







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