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helmet of Swaran *; fhe fhrunk, darkened, from the king." Art thou fallen, by thy hundred ftreams, O love of Conban-carglass !”.

U-THORNO, that rifeft in waters; on whofe fide are the meteors of night! I behold the dark moon defcending behind thy echoing woods, On thy top dwells the mifty Loda, the house of the fpirits of men.-In the end of his cloudy hall bends forward Cruth-loda of fwords. His form is dimly feen, amidst his wavy mift. His right-hand is on his shield: in his left is the half-viewlefs fhell. The roof of his dreadful hall is marked with nightly fires. Kelur THE race of Cruth-loda advance, a ridge of formlefs fhades. He reaches the founding fhell, to thofe who fhone in war; but, between him


* Conban-carglass, from feeing the helmet of Swaran bloody in the hands of Fingal, conjectured, that that hero was killed.-A part of the original is loft. It appears, however, from the fequel of the poem, that the daughter of Torcul-torno did not long furvive her furprize, occafioned by the fuppofed death of her lover.-The defcription of the airy hall of Lada (which is fuppofed to be the fame with that of Odin, the deity of Scandinavia) is more picturesque and descriptive, than any in the Edda, or other works of the northern Sealders.

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and the feeble, his fhield rifes, a cruft of darknefs. He is a fetting meteor to the weak in arms.-Bright, as a rainbow on ftreams, came white-armed Conban-carglas.

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FINGAL returning, with day, devolves the command of the army on Duth-maruno, who engages the enemy, and drives them over the stream of Turthor. Fingal, after recalling his people, congratulates Duth-maruno on his fuccefs, but difcovers, that that hero was mortally wounded in the engagement.-Duth; maruno, dies. Ullin, the bard, in honour of the dead, introduces the episode of Colgorm and Strina-dona, with which the duan concludes.

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