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event the utmost care will be observed, consistently with the objects aforesaid, to avoid any devastation, any destruction of or interference with property, or any disturbance of peaceful citizens in any part of the country.

And I hereby command the persons composing the combinations aforesaid to disperse and retire peaceably to their respective abodes within twenty days from this date.

Deeming that the present condition of public affairs presents an extraordinary occasion, I do hereby, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress.

Senators and representatives are therefore summoned to assemble at their respective chambers, at twelve o'clock, noon, on Thursday, the 4th day of July next, then and there to consider and determine such measures as, in their wisdom, the public safety and interest may seem to demand.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this fifteenth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, [L. S.] and of the independence of the United States the eightyfifth.



WILLIAM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.

John W. Forney, Clerk of the last House of Representatives, having called the House to order, proceeded to call the roll of members by States, when the following named members answered to their names, viz:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Daniel W. Gooch.
Charles R. Train.

Goldsmith F. Bailey.
Charles Delano.
Henry L. Dawes.
William P. Sheffield.
George H. Browne.

(Dwight Loomis.

James E. English.
George C. Woodruff.
Edward H. Smith.
Moses F. Odell.
Benjamin Wood.
William Wall.

Frederick A. Conkling.
Elijah Ward.
Edward Haight.

Charles H. Van Wyck.
John B. Steele.
Stephen Baker.
Abraham B. Olin.
Erastus Corning.
James B. McKean.
William A. Wheeler.
Socrates N. Sherman.
Chauncey Vibbard.
Richard Fanchot.
Roscoe Conkling.
R. Holland Duell.
William E. Lansing.
Ambrose W. Clark.
Charles B. Sedgwick.
Theodore M. Pomeroy.

Jacob P. Chamberlain.

Alexander S. Diven.

Robert B. Van Valkenburg.
Alfred Ely.

Augustus Frank.

Burt Van Horn.

Elbridge G. Spaulding.

Reuben E. Fenton.

John T. Nixon.
John L. N. Stratton.
William G. Steele.
George T. Cobb.
Nehemiah Perry.
William E. Lehman.
John P. Verree.
William D. Kelley.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Charles H. Upton.

John S. Carlile.

Kellian V. Whaley.

George H. Pendleton.

John A. Gurley.

Clement L. Vallandigham.

William Allen.

James M. Ashley.

Chilton A. White.

Richard A. Harrison.

Samuel Shellabarger.
Warren P. Noble.

Carey A. Trimble.
Valentine B. Horton.
Samuel S. Cox.

Samuel T. Worcester.

Harrison G. Blake.

William P. Cutler.

James R. Morris.
Sidney Edgerton.
Albert G. Riddle.

[blocks in formation]


John Hutchins.

John A. Bingham.
Henry C. Burnett.
James S. Jackson.
Henry Grider.

Aaron Harding.

Charles A. Wickliffe.
George W. Dunlap.
Robert Mallory.
John W. Menzies.
John Law.

James A. Cravens.
William S. Holman.
George W. Julian.
Albert G. Porter.
Daniel W. Voorhees.
Albert S. White.
Schuyler Colfax.
William Mitchell.
John P. C. Shanks.

Ellihu B. Washburne.
Isaac N. Arnold.
Owen Lovejoy.
William Kellogg.

William A. Richardson.
John A. McClernand.
James C. Robinson.
Philip B. Fouke.
John A. Logan.
Francis P. Blair, jr.
James S. Rollins.
Elijah H. Norton.
John W. Reid.
John W. Noell.

Bradley F. Granger.
Fernando C. Beaman.
Francis W. Kellogg.
Rowland E. Trowbridge.

Samuel R. Curtis.
William Vandever.
John F. Potter.
Luther Hanchett.
A. Scott Sloan.

Cyrus Aldrich.
William Windom.
Andrew J. Thayer.

.....Martin F. Conway.

A quorum being present,

On motion of Mr. Ellihu B. Washburne,

Ordered, That the House do now proceed, viva voce, to the elec

tion of a Speaker for the thirty-seventh Congress.

Nominations having been made as follows, viz:

By Mr. Hickman

By Mr. Stevens.

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FRANCIS P. BLAIR, jr., of Missouri.
GALUSHA A. GROW, of Pennsylvania.

And the Clerk having appointed Mr. Hickman, Mr. Fenton, Mr. Mallory, and Mr. Vallandigham, tellers at the said election,

The House proceeded to vote viva voce for a Speaker, (Mr. Blair, during the roll call having withdrawn his name as a candidate ;) when it appeared that the following named members voted for GALUSHA A. GROW, of Pennsylvania, viz :

Cyrus Aldrich, John B. Alley, William Appleton, Isaac N. Arnold, James N. Ashley, Elijah Babbitt, Goldsmith F. Bailey, Stephen Baker, Portus Baxter, Fernando C. Beaman, John A. Bingham, Francis P. Blair, jr., Samuel S. Blair, Harrison G. Blake, James Buffinton, James H. Campbell, John P. Chamberlain, Ambrose W. Clark, Schuyler Colfax, Roscoe Conkling, Martin F. Conway, John Covode, Samuel R. Curtis, William P. Cutler, William Morris Davis, Henry L. Dawes, Charles Delano, Alexander S. Diven, R. Holland Duell, Sidney Edgerton, Thomas M. Edwards, Thomas D. Eliot, Alfred Ely, Reuben E. Fenton, Samuel C. Fessenden, Richard Franchet, Augustus Frank, Daniel W. Gooch, John N. Goodwin, Bradley F. Granger, John A. Gurley, James T. Hale, Luther Hanchett, Valentine B. Horton, John Hutchins, George W. Julian, William D. Kelley, Francis W. Kellogg, William Kellogg, John W. Killinger, William E. Lansing, Dwight Loomis, Owen Lovejoy, James B. McKean, Robert McKnight, Edward McPherson, Gilman Marston, William Mitchell, James K. Moorhead, Anson P. Morrill, Justin S. Morrill, John T. Nixon, Abraham B. Olin, John Patton, Frederick A. Pike, Theodore M. Pomeroy, Albert G. Porter, John F. Potter, Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Albert G. Riddle, Edward H. Rollins, Charles B. Sedgwick, John P. C. Shanks, William P. Sheffield, Samuel Shellabarger, Socrates N. Sherman, A. Scott Sloan, Elbridge G. Spaulding, Thaddeus Stevens, John L. N. Stratton, Benjamin F. Thomas, Charles R. Train, Carey A. Trimble, Rowland E. Trowbridge, William Vandever, Burt Van Horne, Robert B. Van Valkenburgh, Charles H. Van Wyck, John P. Verree, William Wall, John W. Wallace, Charles W. Walton, E. P. Walton, Ellihu B. Washburne, William A. Wheeler, Albert S. White, William Windom, Samuel T. Worcester.

The following named members voted for JOHN J. CRITTENDEN, of Kentucky, viz:

James A. Cravens, John W. Crisfield, George W. Dunlap, Henry Grider, Aaron Harding, James S. Jackson, C. L. L. Leary, Robert Mallory, John W. Menzies, James S. Rollins, Edwin H. Webster, Charles A. Wickliffe.

The following named members voted for FRANCIS P. BLAIR, jr., of Missouri, viz:

George H. Browne, John S. Carlile, Frederick A. Conkling, Galu

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