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XII. And be it enacted, That the said Society may receive and Society may d all Letters and Packets relating to the Execution of the send and rewers and Trusts of this Act free from the Duty of Postage, free of Postage. vided that such Letters and Packets as shall be sent to the d Society by the Post shall be directed to “ The Incorporated Society for promoting the Enlargement, Building, and Repairing of Churches and Chapels ;” and that all such Letters and ckets as shall be sent by the said Society shall be dated from ir Office, and shall be signed on the Outside by such Person the said Society shall appoint, with the Consent of the Comsioners of His Majesty's Treasury, or any Three or more of m, under such Restrictions and Regulations as the said Comsioners shall think proper and direct. KIII. · And Whereas there is a certain Sum of Money remain- Balances in the ig in the Hands of John Stevenson Salt Esquire, the Undertaker Hands of the f Briefs, arising from Balances of Monies collected upon Briefs Undertaker of

Briefs to be which have not been wanted or required for the Purposes for

transferre to shich the same were collected;' Be it therefore enacted, That the Society. ch Sum shall be transferred to the said Society, and that upon ch 'Transfer being made, the said John Stevenson Salt shall be eased and discharged from all Claims and Demands in respect such Sum, or of any Part thereof. XIV. · And Whereas George Humphrys is seised to himself, Compensation ris Heirs and Assigns, of the Office of Clerk of the Briefs, for to be made to

the Clerk of he Lives of himself and of Josiah Humphrys his Son, by Virtue

the Briefs. of certain Letters Patent, and the Profits of the said Office will se extinguished by the Repeal of the said Act of Queen Anne, ind Compensation should therefore be granted to the said George Humphrys for the Loss of such Profits;' Be it therefore acted, That the said Society shall, out of the Sum so to be insferred to them as aforesaid, grant such Compensation to the id George Humphrys, for his Interest under the said Letters itent, as shall be a full Equivalent for the Loss of the Net Pros of the said Office, such Net Profits to be calculated upon an verage of the last Seven Years. XV. · And Whereas there is a large Number of Briefs now in Secretary of the Possession of the said John Stevenson Salt, which have been State to make returned to him after the Collections made thereon ;' Be it Order as to herefore enacted, That it shall be lawful for any one of His the Disposal of

Briefs on Hand. lajesty's Principal Secretaries of State to make such Order as e shall think fit, respecting the Manner of disposing of the said

XVI. And be it enacted, That this Act shall be deemed to be Public Act.
Public Act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by
.ll Judges, Justices, and others, without being specially pleaded.

An Act for the better Regulation of Divisions in the several
Counties of England and Wales. [15th July 1828.]
THEREAS by divers Acts now in force it is enacted,

that certain Matters and Things, in the same respect-
ively mentioned, shall be transacted and determined within the
'Divisions or Limits within which the same shall arise, or the
9 Geo. IV.




« Parties therein concerned inhabit or exercise their Trade
• Calling, and by or before One, Two, or more Justices to
• Peace dwelling within or near to, or usually acting within.
· Divisions or Limits respectively: And Whereas the Bounda
• of such Divisions or Limits are in some Instances uncers
• and in many have become inconvenient to the Inhabt
• within the same, from the Change or Increase of Trade
• Population, or from other Causes : And Whereas Doubts bas
• arisen as to the Authority by which such Divisions or Les
• may from time to time be constituted, defined, or altered; si
• it is expedient that such Doubts should be removed, and ta
• Provision made for the constituting, defining, and regulatz
• from time to time such Divisions or Limits, as the Convenios

of the Inhabitants within the same may require ; Be it the fore enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and a the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Tempo

and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by Justices to Authority of the same, That at any Time or Times after forward to the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions next following the passing of Clerk of the Peace a State

Act, it shall be lawful for any Two or more Justices of the Peau ment of the

for any County, Riding, or Division in England or Wales, hasta Townships, a separate Commission of the Peace, to transmit to the Cleri. Places, &c. the Peace a Statement in Writing, signed by such Justices, of o that would Parishes, Tithings, Townships, and Places within the same, form a proper in the Opinion of such Justices, would form together a convena Division for which Special

and a proper Division within and for which Special Sessions sboa Sessions should thenceforward be held; or of any Parishes, Tithings, Towns be held. or Places, which, in the Opinion of such Justices, ought to be w

nexed, for the same Purposes, to any other Division in the sa County than those or that of which at the Time of making suu Statement they form Part ; and that every such Statemeni si among other Things, set forth within what existing Divisions s Division, Limits or Limit, the several Parishes, Tithings, Tom ships, and Places enumerated in the same, are situated or decisi to be; and also whether One or more and what existing Divista or Limits will be altered by such proposed new Divisions, ara the Change of any Place or Places from one Division to another and also the Names of such Justices of the Peace as at the Date a such Statement are usually resident or acting as such within

Boundaries of such proposed new Division. Statement to II. And be it further enacted, That at the Quarter Sessions beri be laid before following the Receipt of every such Statement, setting forth such the Justices

Particulars as are above enumerated, and not otherwise, the Ce at the next

of the Peace shall and he is hereby required to lay the sac Quarter Ses. sions, who are

before such Justices of the Peace in such Sessions assemb.e. to adopt or re

and the Justices of the Peace for such County, Riding, or D. ject the same. vision, having such separate Commission of the Peace, shal ani

they are hereby required (except in the Cases hereinafter prvided for) to proceed, at the Quarter Sessions next following the laying of such Statement before them as aforesaid, to the lossideration thereof, and at their Discretion to adopt the air wholly or in part, or to reject the same altogether, or to adjours their "Determination thereupon to the next or any succeeding Quarter Sessions.

III. And

II. And be it further enacted, That immediately after the Clerk of the arter Sessions at which such Statement shall have been first Peace to ad

vertise StateI before the Justices of the Peace, the Clerk of the Peace shall

ment and other ise to be published a Copy of such Statement in Three succes. Particulars e Numbers of One or more weekly Newspapers usually published in the Newscirculated within the same County, Riding, or Division, and in papers. ich the Advertisements of County Business are usually inserted; I at the foot of such Copy shall also cause Notice to be given t such Statement has been laid before such Justices in purnce of the Directions of this Act, and that the same will be en into Consideration by the Court at the then next ensuing urter Sessions. V. And be it further enacted, That when and so often as the If Justices tices of the Peace of any such County, Riding, or Division, approve, an ing a separate Commission of the Peace, shall adopt wholly Order to be n part any such Statement so laid before them, and shall de- made for connine to change any Parish, Tithing, Township, or Place, from Division, and · Division to another, or to constitute any new Division, within the Clerk of the ich Special Sessions shall thenceforward be holden, the said Peace to pubstices of the Peace shall thereupon make an Order for such lish the same. eration, or for the constituting and defining such new Division, I in such last-mentioned Order shall particularly enumerate the eral Parishes, Tithings, Townships, and Places to be comprised hin such new Division, and shall also specify the Division or visions within which respectively any Parishes, Tithings, Townps, and Places, disannexed by such Order from any former vision, and not forming Part of such new Division, shall thenceward be taken to be, and also shall affix to such new Division : Name of some principal and convenient Parish, Township, or ice within the same, and also shall, in either of such Orders, as - Case may be, particularly set down the Day from which such der shall take effect; and the Clerk of the Peace for such unty, Riding, or Division, shall forthwith publish a Copy of ch Order in Three Successive Numbers of One or’more such ekly Newspapers as aforesaid, and shall transmit a Copy of ch Order to every High Constable within the Limits of such w or altered Division or Divisions. V. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That nothing No new Divithis Act shall be taken to authorize, and that it shall not be sion to be conwful for any Justices in any Court of Quarter Sessions to make stituted unless ly Order constituting such new Division, unless upon due Proof Five Justices at zfore them made in open Court upon Oath, that for Two Years proved to be reext before the making of such Proof there have been, and at sident therein. ne Time of making the same there are, at the least, Five Justices f the Peace residing in or usually acting within the Boundary ine proposed to be the Limits of any such new Division.

VI. And be it further enacted, That from and after the Day so New Divisions pecified in such Order, for the Term of Twenty-one Years, and to be deemed intil further Order of Sessions after the Expiration of that Time, lawful Divi,

sions for hold ind subject to no Alteration or Revision during such Term, ex

ing Special or ept as hereinafter provided, all Matters and Things which by Petty Sessions, Law are now or hereafter may be required to be, or which now or other Meetare, usually transacted or determined within the Division within ings of Justices. which the same shall have arisen, or the Parties therein concerned N 2


inhabit or exercise their Trade or Calling, and by or before (r Two, or more Justices of the Peace dwelling or usually az within the same, shall be transacted and determined, so far as same Matters and Things arise within or concern the Inlahti of such new or altered Division, or any of them, or the Pess exercising their Trade or Calling therein, within the Bour. of such new or altered Division; and such new or altered Dors. shall thenceforward be, and be reputed and taken to be, ia . Purposes, and in the Construction of all Statutes now in ir or hereafter to be made, and containing no special Provi: the contrary, a lawful Division for the holding of Special sions; and all Bailiffs, Constables, Tithingmen, Survevors, or seers of the Poor, and other Officers, Publicans, Keepers • Taverns, Coffee Houses, and Victualling Houses, and others sons, shall and they are hereby thenceforward required to their Attendance to and upon such Justices of the Peace Time assembled in such Special Sessions, within the same Dive, as fully and effectually as by Law they had been bound të within any Division reputed or taken before the passing of Act to be a lawful and accustomed Division of Justices fa 3

Purposes aforesaid. Justices at Ses- VII. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That a: 2 sions to cause Quarter Sessions next after the laying of any such Statee -> Enquiry into before the Justices in such Sessions assembled, it shall and the Extent of

be lawful for such Justices, if they shall deem it expedient a Divisions, and alter the same, proper, not to proceed to the single Consideration of such se and affix

ment, but instead thereof to cause to be made an Enquiry a Names thereto. Examination into the Boundary Lines, Extent, and other lac

Circumstances of all the existing and accustomed Division 1 the holding of Special Sessions within the Commission of me Justices ; and at such or any succeeding Quarter Sessions, 1 which the Conclusion of such Enquiry and Examination may TE time to time be adjourned, by Order of Sessions, to regiza alter, new model, and subdivide all or any of such Divisions, such Manner as shall appear to them proper and convenient, pe ticularly specifying in such Order the Names of all such Divina whether newly constituted, altered, or unaltered, the severa i rishes, Tithings, Townships, and Places to be comprised in ea: and affixing or continuing to each the Name of some pride in

and convenient Parish, Township, or Place within the same. Clerk of the VIII. And be it further enacted, That the Clerk of the Peza Peace to pub- for any County, Riding, or Division in which such Order ska lish a Copy of have been made as last aforesaid, shall forthwith publish a Copa such Order.

of the same in Three successive Numbers of One or more side weekly Newspapers as aforesaid, and shall also forthwith by the Post, a Copy of the same to the Churchwardens and Ote": seers of the Poor of each Parish within the said County, Ria"? or Division, to be by them affixed on the principal Door of the Church of such Parish; and at the foot of every such Copy s published or transmitted shall add a Notice specifying at as Time such Order will be enrolled as hereinafter provided, and a what Time and in what Manner any Person or Persons, or Body Corporate, aggrieved by such Order, may petition against tis same, or any Part thereof, as hereinafter provided.

IX. Add

X. And be it further enacted. That in every such Order, Order to specify je Time, not earlier than the Fourth Quarter Sessions next Time when it

sball be ener the making thereof, shall be provisionally specified, on

rolled. ich the same shall be enrolled as hereinafter provided, subject such Alteration as may thereafter be made either in the Parulars of the said Order, or in the Time of its Enrolment; and Parties allowed t at any Court of Quarter Sessions preceding such Time, it to petition 11 and may be lawful for any One or more Person or Persons, against such Body Corporate, jointly or severally, to present a Petition in Order. iting to such Court, against all or any part of such Order, and produce Witnesses in support of such Petition ; and the Jusis at such Court assembled shall and they are hereby required near and determine, in a summary Way, the Merits of such ition, and to amend such Order so far as may, upon such Hearappear proper and convenient: Provided always, that no such ition shall be received or examined into, unless after due Proof ta Notice in Writing, specifying the Grounds thereof, which on the Hearing shall alone bé enquired into, hath been served, n clear Days before the Commencement of such Sessions, on One of the Overseers of the Poor, or the Tithingman or nstable, or Two substantial Housekeepers of the Parish, Ting, Township, or Place respectively, as the Case may be, erein such Petitioner or Petitioners shall be resident at the ne of presenting such Petition, and also lodged, Twenty clear iys before such Commencement, at the Office of the Clerk of : Peace, who shall and he is hereby required forthwith to transta Copy thereof to each of the Justices usually acting within for the District or Places or Place named in such Notice. X. And be it further enacted, That so soon as all such Peti- Order to be ns against such Order shall have been determined, and such enrolled as nendments made therein as shall have appeared necessary or

soon as Peti.

tions against oper, the Justices at such Quarter Sessions shall cause to be

the same have serted therein some Day not earlier than One Month after such been deterissions from which the same shall take effect, and shall cause mined, and e same Order to be enrolled, and the same shall remain an shall not be rder of Sessions, controlling any Order or Orders of Sessions subject to Aleretofore made for the separate Constitution of any new Divisions,

the partial Alteration of any accustomed Divisions, under the ormer Provisions of this Act, and not subject itself to Revoation or Alteration of any kind for the Space of Ten Years ience next ensuing; and during such Ten Years no such State. jent shall be received or Proceedings had thereon as above menioned, but during all that Time, and until further Order of Sesions after the Expiration of that Time, the several Divisions, as imited, modelled, or constituted in and by such Order, shall be ind be taken to be, for all the Purposes in this Act mentioned, he lawful Divisions of such County, Riding, or Division, having such separate Commission of the Peace, for the Meetings of Jusrices in Special Sessions, under any Statute now in force, or hereafter to be made, and containing no special Provision to the contrary; and all Bailiffs, Constables, Tithingmen, Surveyors, Overseers of the Poor, and other Officers, Publicans, Keepers of Taverns, Coffee Houses, and Victualling Houses, and other Persons, shall and they are hereby required thenceforward, during N 3


teration for
10 Years.

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