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Monday, November 2, 1812.

appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on The second session of the twelfth Congress him that a quorum of the two Houses is assem

the President of the United States and notify commenced this day at the City of Washington, bled and ready to receive any communication conformably to the act passed at the last session, that he may be pleased to make to them. entitled "An act fixing the time for the next meet

The Senate concurred in the appointment of ing of Congress ;" and the Senate assembled in

a joint committee on their part, agreeably to the their Chamber.

resolution last mentioned; and Messrs. GAILLARD,

and Smith, of Maryland, were appointed the comNicholas Gilman and Charles Corts, from mittee. New Hampshire.

A committee was appointed, agreeably to the Joseph B. VARNUM, from Massachusetts, 42d rule for conducting business in the Senate. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH, from Connecticut.

Messrs LEIB, Franklin, and GREGG, are the JEREMIAH B. Howell, from Rhode Island.

committee. JONATHAN Robinson, from Vermont.

Resolved, That each Senator be supplied, durJohn LAMBERT, from New Jersey.

ing the present session, with three such newspaMichael LEIB, from Pennsylvania.

pers printed in any of the States as he may choose, OUTERBRIDGE HORSEY, from Delaware. provided that the same be furnished at the usual SAMUEL Smith, from Maryland.

rate for the annual charge of such papers : and Jesse FRANKLIN and James TURNER, from provided, also, that if any Senator shall choose North Carolina.

io take any newspapers other than daily papers, John GAILLARD, from South Carolina.

he shall be supplied with as many such papers as William H. CRAWFORD and Charles Tair, shall not exceed the price of three daily papers. from Georgia.

Mr. Gaillard reported, from the joint comGeorge W. Campbell, from Tennessee. mittee, that they had waited on the President of Thomas Worthington and ALEXANDER CAMP- the United States, and that the President informed

the committee that he would make a communiBELL, from Ohio.

There being no quorum, the Senate adjourned cation to the iwo Houses at twelve o'clock totill to-morrow.


WEDNESDAY, November 4.
Tuesday, November 3.

OBADIAH GERMAN, from the State of New ANDREW GREGG, from the State of Pennsyl: York, took his seat in the Senate. rapia, and John TAYLOR, from the State of South

On motion, by Mr. LEIB, a committee of three Carolina, severally attended. William H. CRAWFORD, President pro tempore, of the House of Representatives, to be appointed

members were appointed, who, with three members resumed the Chair.

by the said House, shall have the direction of the Ordered. That the Secretary acquaint the money appropriated to the purchase of books and House of Representatives that a quorum of the maps for the use of the two Houses of Congress; Senate is assembled and ready to proceed to and Messrs. Leib, Tait, and Campbell, of Tenbusiness.

nessee, were appointed the committee on the part A message from the House of Representatives of the Senate. informed the Senate that a quorum of the House Mr. WORTHINGTON submitted the following is assembled and ready to proceed to business. motion for consideration : The House have appointed a committee on their Resolved, That Mountjoy Bayly, Doorkeeper and part, jointly, with such committee as may be Sergeant-at-Arms to the Senate, be, and he is hereby,

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authorized to employ one assistant and two horses, for them from taking either side in the war, the entthe purpose of performing such duties as are usually my has not scrupled to call to his aid their rurequired by the Doorkeeper of the Senate; and that less ferocity, armed with the horrors of those instrethe sum of twenty-eight dollars be allowed him weekly ments of carnage and torture which are known for that purpose, to commence with and remain during spare neither age nor sex. In this outrage against the the present session, and for twenty days thereafter. laws of honorable war, and against the feelings sacred

Mr. German submitted the following motion to humanity, the British commanders can not resort w for consideration:

a plea of retaliation ; for it is committed in the face of

our example. They cannot mitigate it, by calling it : Resolved, That two Chaplains, of different denomi- self-defence against men in arms; for it embraces the nations, be appointed to Congress during the present most shocking butcheries of defenceless families. Nes session, one by each House, who shall interchange can it be pretended that they are not answerable for weekly.

the atrocities perpetrated; since the savages are esOn motion, by Mr. Gregg, a committee was ap- ployed with a knowledge, and even with menaces, tha: pointed agreeably to the 22d rule, for conducting their fury could not be controlled. Such is the specbusiness in the Senate; and Messrs. Robinson, tacle which the deputed authorities of a nation, boastHowell, and Gregg, were appointed the coming its religion and morality, have not been restrained mittee.

from presenting to an enlightened age.

The misfortune at Detroit was not, however, with: PRESIDENT'S ANNUAL MESSAGE.

out a consoling effect. It was followed by signal proof The following Message was received from the that the national spirit rises according to the pressure PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:

on it. The loss of an important post, and of the brave Fellow-citizens of the Senate

men surrendered with it, inspired everywhere new and House of Representatives :

ardor and determination. In ihe States and districts On our present meeting, it is my first duty to invite least remote, it was no sooner known, than every cityour attention to the providential favors which our his brethren against the blood-thirsty savages let loose

zen was ready to fly with his arms, at once, to proiect country has experienced, in the unusual degree of health dispensed to its inhabitants, and in the rich by the enemy on an extensive frontier, and to convert abundance with which the earth has rewarded the la: This patriotic zeal, which it was necessary rather to

a partial calamity into a source of invigorated efforts. bors bestowed on it. In the successful cultivation of limit than excite, has embodied an ample force from other branches of industry, and in the progress of gen- the States of Kentucky and Ohio, and from parts of eral improvement favorable to the national prosperity, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It is placed, with the there is just occasion, also, for our mutual congratula- addition of a few regulars, under the command of Brigtions and thankfulness. With these blessings are necessarily mingled the adier General Harrison, who possesses the entire con

fidence of his fellow-soldiers, among whom are citizens, pressures and vicissitudes incident to the state of war, into which the United States have been forced by the some of them volunteers in the ranks, not less distinperseverance of a foreign Power in its system of in- guished by their political stations, than by their perjustice and aggression.

sonal merits. The greater portion of this force is proPrevious to its declaration, it was deemed proper, as

ceeding on its destination, towards the Michigan 'f'era measure of precaution and forecast, that a consider- ritory, having succeeded in relieving an important able force should be placed in the Michigan Territory, frontier post, and in several incidental operations with a general view to its security, and, in the event against hostile tribes of savages, rendered indispensable of war, to such operations in the uppermost Canada by the subčerviency into which they had been seduced as would intercept the hostile influence of Great Brit- by the enemy; a seduction the more cruel, as it could ain over the savages, obtain the command of the Lake not fail to impose a necessity of precautionary severion which that part of Canada borders, and maintain ties against those who yielded to it. co-operating relations with such forces as might be

At a recent date, an attack was made on a post of most conveniently employed against other parts. Brig. the enemy near Niagara, by a detachment of the regu. adier General Hull was charged with this provisional lar and other forces, under the command of Major service; having under his command a body of troops General Van Rensselaer, of the militia of the State of composed of regulars and volunteers from the State of New York. The attack, it appears, was ordered in Ohio. Having reached his destination after his know- compliance with the ardor of the troops, who executed ledge of the war, and possessing discretionary authority it with distinguished gallantry, and were, for a time, to act offensively, he passed into the neighboring ter- victorious; but not receiving the expected support, ritory of the enemy, with a prospect of easy and vic- they were compelled to yield to reinforcements of Brittorious progress. The expedition, nevertheless, termi- ish regulars and savages. Our loss has been consider. nated unfortunately, not only in a retreat to the town able, and is deeply to be lamented. That of the enemy, and fort of Detroit, but in the surrender of both, and less ascertained, will be the more felt, as it includes, of the gallant corps commanded by that officer. The among the killed, the Commanding General, who was causes of this painful reverse will be investigated by a

also Governor of the Province, and was sustained by military tribunal.

veteran troops, from inexperienced soldiers, who must A distinguishing feature in the operations which daily improve in the duties of the field. preceded and followed this adverse event, is the use made Our expectation of gaining the command of the by the enemy of the merciless savages under their in- Lakes, by the invasion of Canada from Detroit, har. fluence. Whilst the benevolent policy of the United ing been disappointed, measures were instantly taken States invariably recommended peace and promoted to provide, on them, a naval force superior to that civilization among that wretched portion of the hu- of the enemy. From the talents and activity of the man race; and was making exertions to dissuade ) officer charged with this object, everything that can be

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