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Hall's Trustee vs. Hall
Hansen, Schrader & Co. vs. Krogmann
Harris vs. Buissinnè's Trustee
Hayden & Co.'s Trustees vs. Thistle Reef Co. ...
Hiddingh's Trustee vs. Colonial Orphan Chamber
Hoets' Executors vs. De Vos
Holland vs. Commissioner of Crown Lands
Holtman, In re
Hompes vs. Beaumont Estate Co.
Hope, In re
Hugo vs. Magaliesberg Syndicate
Hugo vs. Moller
Hugo's Trustee vs. Lindenburg

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Van Aardt vs. Hartley's Trustees
Van Broemtsen, Ex parte
Van der Westhuizen's Trustee vs. Steyn
Van Eden, Ex parte
Van Zutphen vs. Macfarlane
Von Plaster's Creditors vs. Jones, Rudd & Co.
Vorster vs. Lilienfeld

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Warner's Trustees vs. Wicht
Webster, In 1c
Wolstenholme, In re
Woolfe & Co. vs. Central South African Railways
Worthington, Ex parte

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Law No. 13, 1895.


Sequestration and its Consequences. 1. Any person who shall be desirous of voluntarily surrendering his estate as insolvent for the benefit of his creditors may apply by written petition to that effect to the High Court or a Circuit Court.

2. Such petition may be made :

(a) On behalf of the estate of any person who is absent

from the Republic, by anyone who is duly authorised

by power of attorney to administer such estate. (6) On behalf of the estate of a deceased person, or of a

person who is legally or actually incapable of managing his own estate, by anyone who is lawfully charged

with the management thereof. (c) On behalf of the estate of any partnership, by the

majority of the partners present or represented in the Republic.

NOTES. (a) In Ex parte l'an Eden, N.0. (2 0.R. 361) the Court granted a petition for voluntary surrender of an absentee's estate, made by the holder of his general power of attorney.

(b) In Ex parte Farreliy's Executor (not yet reported) the Witwatersrand High Court granted an application for surrender of the estate of a deceased person, made by his executor.

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