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improper or insufficient address, nor in any case for an amount exceeding the value of the goods, if such value were calculated in accordance with the description contained in the false account.


75. (1) No action shall be brought against the Administration to recover damages or compensation in respect of any claim for damages under this Ordinance, or against any railway servant for anything done or purporting to have been done by virtue of his office, service or employment, unless the same shall be commenced within twelve months after the act complained of was committed.

(2) No such action shall be commenced against the Administration or such person until one month at least after a notice in writing of the intended action shall have been served upon it or him, or left at its or his principal office or place of business, by the party intending to commence such action, or by his attorney or agent, in which notice the cause of action and details of claim and the Court in which the same is intended to be brought shall be clearly and explicitly stated, and upon the back thereof shall be endorsed the name and place of abode of the party so intending to sue, and also the name and place of business of the attorney or agent, if the notice is served by such attorney or agent.

(3) A notice under this section shall not be deemed invalid by reason of any minor defect or inaccuracy therein, unless the judge before whom the action is tried shall be of opinion that the defendant in the action has been prejudiced in his defence on the merits by such defect or inaccuracy.

76. (1) All actions to which the Administration is a party shall be brought in the name of or against the Commissioner.

(2) No writ of execution or attachment or process in the nature thereof shall be issued against the Commissioner in respect of any action or other proceeding brought or judgment or order given or made against him in his official capacity, nor shall any such writ or process be issued against any railway rolling stock or other railway property vested in or under the control and authority of the High Commissioner, but it shall be lawful for the Administration to pay out of railway funds such sum of money as shall be awarded to the plaintiff, applicant or petitioner, by the judgment or order of any competent Court.


SECOND SCHEDULE (see § 35 (1), above, p. 335). Horses


per head.

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THIRD SCHEDULE (see 36 (1), above, p. 335).

Articles to be declared and insured. (a) gold and silver, coined or uncoined, manufactured or unmanu

factured ; (b) plated articles; (c) cloths and tissue and lace of which gold or silver forms part, not

being the uniform or part of the uniform of an officer, soldier, sailor, police officer or person enrolled as a volunteer under the Volunteer Corps Ordinance, 1903, or of any public officer, British

or foreign, entitled to wear uniform ; (d) pearls, precious stones, jewellery; (e) watches, clocks and timepieces of every description ; (1) Government securities; (9) Government stamps ; (h) bills of exchange, promissory notes and orders or other securities

for payment of money ; (i) maps, writings and title deeds; (1) paintings, engravings, lithographs, photographs, carvings and

other works of art; (k) art pottery and all articles made of glass, china or marble ; (1) silks in a manufactured or unmanufactured state and whether

wrought up or not wrought up with other materials ; (m) shawls; (n) lace, furs and feathers; (0) ivory, ebony and sandalwood ; (p) musk, sandalwood oil and other essential oils used in the pre

paration of perfumes ; (9) musical and scientific instruments; (r) any article of special value which the High Commissioner may by

notification in the Gazette add to this schedule.

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Alienation before confirmation of
Payment before confirmation of
Acquittance before confirmation of
Discharge before confirmation of
Trustee renders, on resignation
In insolvency to be kept with bank
Duty of creditors as to bank
Trustee must open bank
Provisional trustee must open bank
Trustee pays all sums into bank
Cheques drawn on insolvency bank
Trustee must keep books of
What trustee must enter in
Trustee must file
What, must contain
When trustee must file
And plan of distribution...
When and where filed
Lies at Master's office
Objections may be entered to
When objections entered to
Duty of objector to

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ACCOUNT (Continued)

Hearing of objection to
Decision as to objection to
Procedure on alteration of
When Master confirms
Effect of confirmation of
Creditor's contribution liability
Claim for funeral expenses
Expunging proof in
Ignorance of creditor of
Estate distributed when, confirmed
Duplicate, delivered to Master
Master dates duplicate
Master examines duplicate
Master authenticates duplicate
Master sends duplicate, to Magistrate
Magistrate registers duplicate
Inspection of duplicate
Copy of, as evidence


Ordinance No. 3 (Private), 1904
All, must be registered
Not registered, cannot practise
Salaried, no registration necessary
Not registered, practising, penalty for
Transvaal Society of, constituted

a body corporate
perpetual succession of
common seal

may sue
how to be sued
may hold property
powers as to property
how profits of, disposed
cannot pay dividends

Provisional Council of
Provisional Council, names of members

first members of Society
names registered
powers of
till when it exists
vacancies in
date of meeting
election of Chairman
absence of Chairman
quorum at meetings
decision at meetings
may admit members
notice to admit members
may regulate meetings
may regulate business
may appoint clerk
may appoint registrar
may appoint officers
must open register ...
register, persons eligible

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ACCOUNTANTS (Continued)---
Public, who may be registered

time of registration
requisites, residence in Transvaal
requisites, previous qualifications
requisites, member Transvaal Branch S.A.A.
requisites, member Edinburgh Society of
requisites, member Glasgow I.A.A.
requisites, member Aberdeen Society of ...
requisites, member Institute of Chartered
requisites, member Irish Inst. Chartered
requisites, practice in Transvaal
requisites, admission as fit person
admission six months from date of Ordinance
requisites for future
future members, previous qualifications

future members, examination of
Council of Society, when to be elected

mode of election
number of members
when to take office
how long to hold office

eligible for re-election
Members of Society, fees payable
Public, offences by, liability to suspension

offences by, definition of
offences by, member allowing personation
offences by, allowing share of profits to layman
offences by, sharing profit in other business
offences by, failure of personal supervision
offences by, paying commission for work
offences by, inducing work
offences by, improperly obtaining work
offences by, working on chance of action
offences by, dishonourable conduct
offences by, not obeying Bye-Laws
offences by, disobeying orders of Society

offences by, unprofessional practices
Council of Society, may summon witnesses

may take evidence
may order production of books
evidence to be recorded
Chairman administers oaths
charges against members
mode of hearing charges
may cite member in Court

how proceedings to be taken
Court, may suspend member of Society

may remove member from register

general powers of
No membership during suspension
Late member, no claim against Society
Members of Society, how styled
Council, may regulate examinations

manages Society
appoints and removes officers
accepts or refuses applications
holds examinations
general powers of


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