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ACCOUNTANTS (Continued)-
Society, annual meetings, when held

annual meetings, who votes at
annual meetings, quorum
annual meetings, questions at
annual meetings, accounts submitted
annual meetings, election of officers
annual meetings, motions at

annual meetings, what not discussed at
Bye-Laws, Provisional Council drafts

Special General Meeting for
notice of meeting to pass
Society may make
purposes of
to be published in Gazette ...
when they have legal force
alterations in ...
majority to alter

Special Meeting to alter
Ordinance No. 3, 1904 (private), how cited

Pending, stayed by insolvency
Plaintiff on, may prove claim
For damages, stay of
Effect of foreign sequestration on
Commenced after sequestration
Trustee elects as to, in six weeks
Insolvent may continue
Requisites of, for undue preference
Failure of, for fraudulent preference
Court orders, to proceed
By trustee in insolvent estate
Trustee may sue in, in own name
Trustee has same, as insolvent
Power of attorney in, by trustee
Against trustee retaining money
Attorney improperly advising, by trustee
Trustee may take up and continue
Trustee may discontinue
Trustee may begin new
Trustee may defend
Trustee's name in
Does not lapse on trustee's death...
Substitution of new name in
To recover composition penalties
Notice of such
Procedure on, for undue preference
Evidence by insolvent in
Against Commissioner
Based on civil imprisonment
Patents, infringement, who claims

infringement, defendant in
infringement, cause of
infringement, defence
infringement, particulars
infringement, disputing ralidity
infringement, "want of novelty
infringement, evidence

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ACTION (Continued)---
Patents, infrirgement, amendments

infringement, taxed costs
infringement, experts
infringement, temporary orders
infringement, certificato by Court
groundless threats, interdict

groundless threats, damages


Justifies provisional sequestration
What is an
Departure from Transvaal
Absence from Transvaal
Evading payment of debts
Not satisfying judgment
Alienation prejudicing creditors
Mortgage prejudicing creditors
Pledge prejudicing creditors
Undue preference
Vulla bona return is an
Requisites of writ of execution for
Refusal of debtor on illegal writ ...
What is a fresh
By partnership

Liquors or liquids, prohibition

imported products
local products
sale of

keeping in stock
To what applied
Distilled liquors, less than 40 per cent, alcohol...

more than 56 per cent. alcohol
foreign substances added
sulphuric acid added
containing fusel oil

standard strong over 1 per cent.
Excepted cases

methylated spirits, conditions
Contraventions, penalty
Operation of Law No. 8, 1896
Foodstuffs, sale of, penalty

exempted cases
intentional adulteration, penalty

seizure and destruction
Liquors, seizure and destruction ...
Medicines, seizure and destruction
Contraventions, jurisdiction
Analyst, appointment
Testing and examining, person appointed
Operation of Law No. 29, 1896
Foodstuffs for sale, where to be kept

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Foodstuffs, place where kept, condition ...

in improper place, penalty ...
By removing elementary constituents

Operation of Law No. 6, 1898

By insolvent, when valid
In contemplation of sequestration
Action to set aside ...
Burden of proof in setting aside
In good faith
Between husband and wife
In ordinary course of trade
Fraudulent or collusive payment
Amounting to undue preference
Undue, by surety
Before confirmation of account
Penalty for, of sequestrated property
Penalty for accepting wrongful
Within six months of insolvency



Benefits given by, and insolvency
Sequestration within two years of
Proof of insolvency after
When two years' period begins
Ownership of property settled by
Usufruct of property settled by

Insolvent controlling money under

As to admission of debt
As to rejection of debt
Discretion of Court as to
Court may remit
On set-off of insolvent's debt
As to conditional debt
From Judge in insolvency
Patents, application, refusal

second application
complete specification, refusal
objections to

amending specification See PATENTS, TRADE MARKS. ARBITRATION

Trustee may submit dispute to
Notice by trustee as to
Ordinance relating to
Repeal of conflicting laws
" Submission " defined
Court" defined

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ARBITRATION (Continued)-

Judge" defined
" Official referee" defined
“ Special referee" defined
References by consent out of Court
Effect of submission
What submission includes
Implied conditions of submission
Submission by consent to official referee
Powers of official referee
Stay of proceedings submitted
Criminal matters not subject to
When matters of status subject to
When matrimonial matters subject to
When minor's affairs subject to
When incapable person's affairs go to
When notice to appoint arbitrator given
When notice to appoint umpire given
When notice for third arbitrator given
Failure to make appointment
Failure to agree as to appointment
Submitted to two arbitrators
Failure of one of two arbitrators
Appointment of one of two arbitrators
Arbitrator must be disinterested
Umpire must be disinterested
Court removes arbitrator on recusation
Court removes umpire on recusation
Powers of arbitrator
Powers of umpire
Process to summon witnesses
Enlargement of time for award
Remission of matters for reconsideration
Misconduct of arbitrator or umpire
How award enforced
Place may be appointed for
References under order of Court ...
To whom Court refers matters
Report of official or special referee
Reference to referees for trial
Duty of official or special referee
Award made rule of Court ...
Powers of Court as to references
Subpoena and summons in
General powers of Court
Statement of special case
Discretion as to costs
General discretion
Perjury committed in
When Ordinance No. 24, 1904, does not apply
In expropriation of land
Schedule of implied provisions
Failing agreement, single arbitrator
If two arbitrators, both must agree
If more than two, majority must agree
Award within three months
Extension for four months
When umpire may decide
Time for umpire's award

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ARBITRATION (Continuell)

Production of books and papers
Witnesses examined on oath
Award final and binding
Who decides costs
Record of evidence
Decision without evidence
Sitting of umpire and arbitrators
Reference as to procedure ...
When case proceeds er parte
Death of parties to
Extension on death of party to


No appointment on submission to single
Failure of appointed, to act
Incapacity of appointed
Refusal of appointed, to act
Death of appointed
Failure to appoint third
Refusal of appointed third, to act
Failure of appointed third, to act
Incapacity of appointed third
Death of appointed third
Court may appoint
Court may appoint third ...
Powers of, appointed by Court
Powers of third, appointed by Court
One, of two failing to act
One, of two refusing to act
One of two incapable
Death of one, of two
Failure to appoint one, where two
Court may set aside appointed
Must remain disinterested
May have to make affidavit
Waiver of objection to
Recusation of
Court may remove, on recusation
Court may remove, for misconduct
Powers of, under submission
May administer oaths
May take affirmations
May appoint Commissioner
May state award as special case
May correct clerical errors
Award of, when case remitted
May decide place of hearing
May procure subpcena or summons
General discretion of

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Signature, number
Deposit of, Registrar of Companies
New, copy, deposit of
Supplementary, copy, deposit of ..

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