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This book is a compilation of the principal Statutes relating to commercial matters in the Transvaal. Its main object is to provide an Index which shall constitute a means of ready reference to subjects which are constantly dealt with in daily business. Full Explanatory Notes (based on decided cases) are given with regard to the important problems of Insolvency and Company Law, and Carriage of Goods. It has not been thought necessary, in regard to Patents, to set out the extensive rules governing the Patent Office.


By § 17 of the Interpretation of Laws Proclamation (No. 15, 1902) the terms hereinafter set forth, when they occur in any Law of the late South African Republic (i.c., passed prior to the British occupation in May, 1900), shall be read and taken to read and mean as follows:


" South African Republic,” “ State” or any like expression

shall be taken to read and mean " the Transvaal Colony." “State Attorney” shall mean the Attorney-General of the

Transvaal. “ State Secretary any like expression shall mean the

Colonial Secretary. “State President or any expression denoting the Head of the

late South African Republic shall include the Governor or

the Lieutenant-Governor of the Transvaal. “Landdrost ” shall mean Resident Magistrate. “ Staatscourant" shall

the Transvaal Gorernment Gazette.



In Proclamations passed prior to July, 1902, the words Court" denote the present Supreme Court of the Transvaal.


A.C. R. — Buchanan's Reports of the Cape Appeal Court.

B.-Buchanan's Reports of the Cape Supreme Court. C.L.J.-Cape Law Journal. C.T.R.-Cape Times' Reports. E.D.C.--- Buchanan's Reports of the Cape Eastern District's Court.

F.-Foord's Reports of the Cape Supreme Court. G.W.R.- Lawrence's Reports of the High Court of Griqualand West.

J.-Juta’s Reports of the Cape Supreme Court.

K.-Kotzé’s Reports of the Transvaal High Court.
K. & B.-Kotzé and Barber's Reports of the Transvaal High Court.

M.-- Menzies' Reports of the Cape Supreme Court.
N.L. R.-Reports of the Natal Supreme Court.
O.R.–Official Reports of the Transvaal High Court.

R.—Roscoe's Reports of the Cape Supreme Court.
T.H.—Reports of the Witwatersrand High Court.
T.S.-Reports of the Transvaal Supreme Court.

S.-Searle's Reports of the Cape Supreme Court.


African Farms vs. Registrar of Deeds
Anderson, In re
Anderson & Co. vs. Hutton & Co.


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Ballot vs. Strobel's Trustee
Barkhuysen vs. Van Huysten
Bartholomew vs. Stableford
Basson, In re
Basson vs. Hodges
Bate vs. Hunt
Benjamin, In re
Bernstein vs. Bernstein's Trustee
Beyers' Trustee vs. Piton and Beyers
Birthday Co., Ex purte Liquidators of
Blake vs. Barrow
Boosè's Trustee vs. Boosè
Bosman's Trustees vs. Bosman
Brink, In re
Brink vs. De Lima
Brink's Trustee vs. Theron
Brink's Trustee vs. Van Reenen
Brown vs. Davy
Burger vs. Central South African Railways
Burger vs. De Villiers
Buys, In re

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Dacey, In re
Dallamore & Co., In re
Daly's Trustees vs. Rocher
Davis, Er parte
Davis' Trustee vs. Standard Bank
Deare & Dietz vs. Honeyborne
De Klerk vs. Winterbach
De Klerk vs. Zeeman
Denys, In re ...
De Roubaix's Trustees vs. Breda's Curator
De Wet's Trustees vs. Krynauw & Co....
Dodds & Co.'s Trustees vs. Watson
Dreyer's Trustee vs. Lutley
Drummond vs. Marillac
Du Plessis vs. Du Plessis' Trustee
Du Plooy's Trustee vs. Plewman...
Du Preez vs. Botes' Trustee
Durham vs. Capetown and Wellington Railway
Dusing, In re
Du Toit, In re
Du Toit and De Waal vs. Heydenrych
Du Toit's Trustees vs. Wege and Bosman

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