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Miroir Politique.



LIFE. From the Atlas ASSURANCE COMPANY, of London, The cases in which pecuniary arrangements are for FIRE, Lives and ANNUITIES,

made to depend on the continuance of particular lives

are so numerous, and often involve such serious conseOXE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS; to attach sufficient importance to the advantages which of this capital, the sum of one hundred and twenty thou- the means of effecting life assurances afford to society. sand pounds, invested in government or real securities, Many trades and professions furnish considerable emowill be applicable to the immediate purposes of the luments during the lives of those employed in them; Institution, and the remainder guaranteed under a deed whilst the creation of a fund from the savings of such of settlement, by a most numerous and respectable pro profits, for the provision of dependants, must of necesprietary. Thus the stability of the Company, and the sity be the work of time. The calamities which may means of fulfilling its engagements, are on the one hand result from an early death, in such cases, can happily placed beyond the reach of any calculable human be averted by the precaution of Assurance. hazard, and on the other persons making assurances, The following COMMITTEE OF PROPRIETORS are and having no other object in view, do not incur respon- authorized to sign Policies of assurance for Guernsey sibility, as in the case of contribution societies.

and Jersey on behalf of the Company--viz. The Atlas undertakes to assure the proprietors JOHN COLLINGS, jun. of buildings, merchandize, furniture, farming-stocks, WILLIAM COLLINGS. goods and effects; and also of craft and shipping upon ROBERT Cowan. canals and in harbours, against loss arising from fire. Peter GRUT. The company likewise undertakes to grant assurances Joseph MAUGER, jun. upon lives, on useful and equitable principles.

Nicholas GRUT


Any information relating to Fire and Life AssuranThe inestimable value of security against loss by ces, or annuities, may be obtained on applying at fire has of late years made a sensible and growing Messrs. Robt. Cowan & Co's, on the Quay. impression on the public mind; and the very moderate terms upon which large bodies are enabled to afford

DE LA RUE, THE that benefit to individuals in the event of accident, have rendered the attainment of this important object Pollet-street, Mr. Colombier's soap, which is warranted so easy, that the precaution is rarely neglected by con- to take stains of whatever descriptiou they may be, and siderate persons.

on any kind of stuffs, without injuring the Colour, in

the smallest degree. As a small quantity only is left, RATES OF ASSURANCE PER ANNUM,

an early application is therefore requested.
Quality. pr.Ct/On sums not exceeding ICHARDS AND LE BOUTILLIER, HAVE

just received an assortment of Winter Goods, in First. Not hazardous. 20

pelisses, cloths, bombazeens, bonıbazets, beavers, Second Hazardous.

5000) Unless by 30

flushings, flaunels, blankets, &c. Also French linens Third. Double hazardous 50 30000

special agree. cambrics, laces, shawls, ribbous, &c. &c. which they Fourth Farming stock.

ment. 201 5000

are selling ou very moderate terms, and take ir exFifth. 'Risks, to which none of the above rates will change: Guineas at 23. Louis d'Or. 215. French apply-these may be assured by Special agreement. crowns 58. 4d. Spanish dollars 48. 8d. aud oiber Foreigu

coins at a proportionate rate. For the encouragement of persons making assuone seventh part of the premium will be made; and if Newcastle coals for sale, at 20s. per quarter. at the end of that period a further assurance for 'seven And Croisic salt, at 15d, per bushel. years be effected on the same property, a deduction every

prices, that part of their stock

consisting in silk mercery, lipen drapery, haberdashery, Rent OF BUILDINGs for a period not exceeding hosiery, &c. of which they have yet a large quantity, six months, at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum on the They have a considerable assortment of woollen sum assured at this office will be paid, when the assured drapery

goods, which they sell at very low prices.

ANSELL AND PRICE, HAVE FOR Losses occasioned by LIGHTNING will be paid.

W et ene side of the premium

will be made, and so on for D. MATEL AND COCONTINDE 100 SELL

sonable charge for the removal of goods
will be allowed. Made French Aour

of the first quality.

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