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shall be produced to the comptroller, together with the request above prescribed, and such other proof of title as he may require for his satisfaction.

As to a document which is a matter of record, an official or certified copy thereof shall in like manner be produced to the comptroller.


69. There shall also be left with the request an Copies for examined copy of the assignment or other document office. above required to be produced.

As to a document which is a matter of record, an official or certified copy shall be left with the request in lieu of an examined copy.


70. A body corporate may be registered as pro- Body prietor by its corporate name.


orders of

the Privy

Council or of the Court

71. Where an order has been made by Her Entry of Majesty in Council for the extension of a patent a further term or for the grant of a new patent, or where an order has been made by the Court for the revocation of a patent or the rectification of the register under section 90 of the said Act or otherwise affecting the validity or proprietorship of the patent, the person in whose favour such order has been made shall forthwith leave at the Patent Office an office copy of such order. The register shall thereupon be rectified or the purport of such order shall otherwise be duly entered in the register, as the case may be (j).

(j) For form of application for entry of order of Privy Council in register, see form S, page 239.

Entry of

payment of

72. Upon the issue of a certificate of payment

fees on issue under rule 45, the comptroller shall cause to be

of certifi


Entry of failure to pay fees.

Entry of licenses.

Hours of inspection

entered in the Register of Patents a record of the amount and date of payment of the fee on such certificate (k).

(k) See page 200.

73. If a patentee fails to make any prescribed payment within the prescribed time or any enlargement thereof duly granted, such failure shall be duly entered in the register (1).

(7) See s. 17, page 35.

74. An examined copy of every license granted under a patent shall be left at the Patent Office by the licensee, with a request that a notification thereof may be entered in the register. The licensee shall cause the accuracy of such copy to be certified as the comptroller may direct, and the original license shall at the same time be produced and left at the Patent Office if required for further verification (m).

(m) For form of request to enter notification of license in register, see form M, page 234.

75. The Register of Patents shall be open to the of register. inspection of the public on every weekday between the hours of ten and four, except on the days and at the times following (n):

(n) See s. 23, page 44, and s. 88, page 147.

(a.) Christmas Day, Good Friday, the day
observed as Her Majesty's birthday, days
observed as days of public fast or thanks-
giving, and days observed as holidays at
the Bank of England; or

(b.) Days which may from time to time be
notified by a placard posted in a con-
spicuous place at the Patent Office;

(c.) Times when the register is required for any purpose of official use.


copies of

76. Certified copies of any entry in the register, Certified or certified copies of, or extracts from, patents, documents. specifications, disclaimers, affidavits, statutory declarations, and other public documents in the Patent Office, or of or from registers and other books kept there, may be furnished by the comptroller on payment of the prescribed fee (o).

(0) See first schedule to Patents Rules, 33-35.

Power to Dispense with Evidence, &c.

77. Where, under these rules, any person is required to do any act or thing, or to sign any document, or to make any declaration on behalf of himself or of any body corporate, or any document or evidence is required to be produced to or left with the comptroller, or at the Patent Office, and it is shown to the satisfaction of the comptroller that from any reasonable cause such person is unable to do such act or thing, or to sign such


document, or make such declaration, or that such document or evidence cannot be produced or left as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the comptroller, with the sanction of the Board of Trade, and upon the production of such other evidence, and subject to such terms as they may think fit, to dispense with any such act or thing, document, declaration, or evidence.



78. All general rules made by the Lord Chancellor, or by any other authority, under the Patent Law Amendment Acts, and in force on the 31st day of December, 1883, shall be and they are hereby repealed as from that date, without prejudice, nevertheless, to any application then pending (p).

(p) For saving as to existing rules, see s. 115.

Dated the 21st day of December, 1883.



President of the Board of Trade.




(a) For power of law officers to make rules and order costs, see s. 38, page 83.

1. When any person intends to appeal to the law officer from a decision of the comptroller in any case in which such appeal is given by the Act, he shall within fourteen days from the date of the decision appealed against, file in the Patent Office a notice of such his intention (b).

(b) For form of notice to appeal to law officers, see second schedule to Patents Rules, form T, page 240.

2. Such notice shall state the nature of the decision appealed against, and whether the appeal is from the whole, or part only, and if so, what part of such decision.

3. A copy of such notice of intention to appeal shall be sent by the party so intending to appeal to the law officers' clerk at room 549, Royal Courts of Justice, London; and when there has been an opposition before the comptroller, to the opponent or opponents; and when the comptroller has refused

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