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tion of goods.



3. The fees to be paid under the said Act, so far as it relates to applications for and registration of designs, shall be the fees specified in the first schedule hereto (d).

(d) See page 253.


4. An application for the registration of a design shall be made in the form E, in the second schedule hereto. The remaining forms in such schedule may be used in all cases to which they are applicable (e).

(e) See page 256. This form supersedes that (form E) given in the first schedule to the Act. See page 175. See s. 47, sub. 2.

Classification of Goods.

5. For the purpose of the registration of designs and of these rules, goods are classified in the manner appearing in the third schedule hereto (ƒ). (ƒ) See s. 101. For classification, see page 255.

Application for Registration.

6. All communications between an applicant for registration of a design and the Comptroller or the Board of Trade, as the case may be, may be made by or through an agent duly authorised to the satisfaction of the comptroller.

Address of 7. An application for the registration of a design



shall, with the prescribed fee, be left at the Patent

Office, Designs Branch, or be sent prepaid by post
(g), addressed to the Comptroller at the Patent
Office, Designs Branch, 25, Southampton Buildings,
Chancery Lane, London.

(g) See s. 97.


8. An application for the registration of a design, Size of and all drawings, sketches, photographs, or tracings of a design, and all other documents sent to or left at the Patent Office, Designs Branch, or otherwise furnished to the Comptroller or to the Board of Trade, shall be written, printed, copied, or drawn upon strong wide-ruled foolscap paper (on one side only), of the size of 13 inches by 8 inches, leaving a margin of not less than one inch and a half on the left-hand part thereof, and the signature of the applicants or agents thereto must be written in a large and legible hand (h).

The Comptroller may in any particular case vary the requirements of this rule as he may think fit. (h) See s. 48.

and draw

Nature of

9. An application for the registration of a design Sketches shall be accompanied by a sketch or drawing, or by ings. three exactly similar drawings, photographs, or design. tracings of the design, or by three specimens of the design, and shall, in describing the nature of the design, state whether it is applicable for the pattern or for the shape or configuration of the design, and the means by which it is applicable (i). (i) See s. 47, sub. 3.

Acknowledgment to

When sketches, drawings, or tracings are furnished they must be fixed.

When the articles to which designs are applied are not of a kind which can be pasted into books, drawings, photographs, or tracings of such designs shall be furnished.

10. On receipt of an application for registration applicant. the Comptroller shall send to the applicant an acknowledgment thereof.

Notice of registration.

Applications may


11. If the Comptroller determines to register a design, he shall as soon as may be send to the applicant a certificate of such registration in the prescribed form, sealed with the seal of the Patent Office (j).

(j) See s. 49.

12. Any application, notice, or other document be sent by authorised or required to be left, made, or given at the Patent Office, or to the Comptroller, or to any other person under these rules, may be sent by a prepaid letter through the post, and if so sent shall be deemed to have been left, made, or given respectively at the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of post (k).

In proving such service or sending it shall be sufficient to prove that the letter was properly addressed and put into the post.

(k) See s. 97.


13. Before exercising any discretionary power Hearing by given to the Comptroller by the said Act adversely troller. to an applicant for registration of a design, the Comptroller shall give him ten days' notice of the time when he may be heard personally or by his agent before the Comptroller (1).

(7) See s. 47, sub. 6; s. 48, sub. 2.


14. Within five days from the date when such Hearing by notice would be delivered in the ordinary course of troller. post, the applicant shall notify to the Comptroller whether or not he intends to be heard upon the matter.

of comp

15. The decision or determination of the Comp- Notification troller in the exercise of any such discretionary troller's power as aforesaid shall be notified to the applicant.

Appeal to the Board of Trade.


appeal to


16. When the Comptroller refuses to register a Notice of design, and the applicant intends to appeal to the Board of Board of Trade from such refusal, he shall, within one month from the date of the decision appealed against, leave at the Patent Office, Designs Branch, a notice of such his intention (m).

(m) See second schedule to Designs Rules, form F, page 290.

on appeal.

17. Such notice shall be accompanied by a Statement statement of the grounds of appeal, and of the applicant's case in support thereof.

Notice to

Secretary of
Board of

Directions by Board of Trade.

Notice of

time of hearing.

Registering design.

Subsequent proprietors.

18. The applicant shall forthwith on leaving such notice send a copy thereof to the Secretary of the Board of Trade, No. 7, Whitehall Gardens, London.

19. The Board of Trade may thereupon give such directions (if any) as they may think fit for the purpose of the hearing of the appeal for the Board of Trade.

20. Seven days' notice, or such shorter notice as the Board of Trade may in any particular case direct, of the time and place appointed for the hearing of the appeal shall be given to the Comptroller and the applicant.

Register of Designs.

21. Upon the sealing of a certificate of registration (n) the Comptroller shall cause to be entered in the register of designs the name, address, and description of the registered proprietor, and the date upon which the application for registration was received by the Comptroller, which day shall be deemed to be the date of the registration.

(n) See s. 49.

22. Where a person becomes entitled to the copyright in a registered design, or to any share or interest therein, by assignment, transmission, or other operation of law, or where a person acquires any right to apply the design either exclusively or otherwise, a request for the entry of his name in

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