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- 112


Sp. CI.


...One or more of the Common Forms, at pp. 48–56.
One or more of the Special Clauses relating to licences

at pp. 228–242. P. R.

.Patent Rule or Rules issued by Board of Trade in 1883 and 1885.

See Appendix.
The Act of 1835..5 & 6 Will. IV. c. 83 (Patents).

1844..7 & 8 Vict. c. 69 (Patents).
1852..15 & 16 Vict. c. 83 (Patent Law Amendment Act).
1853..16 Vict. c. 5 (Patents).
1883..46 & 47 Vict. c. 57 (Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Act, 1883).

See Appendix.
The New Act..., The Act of 1883.
The Act of 1885..48 & 49 Vict. c. 63 (Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Amendment

Act, 1885). See Appendix.

1886..49 & 50 Vict. c. 37 (Patents Act, 1886). See Appendix. The New Acts .. The Acts of 1883, 1885 and 1886. The Old Acts ....The various Patent Acts repealed by the Act of 1883, including

the Acts of 1835, 1844, 1852 and 1853. Cony. Act ...... The Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881 (44 & 45 Vict.

c. 41). See Appendix. Conv. Act, 1882.. 45 & 46 Vict. c. 39. See Appendix.

The Works on the New Acts cited are those of :

Aston, J. J., Q.C. [the late], 1883; Aston, Theodore, Q.C., 1884 ; Higgins, Clement, 1884; Johnson (Patentee's Manual), 1884; Lawson, 1884; Munro, J. E. C., 1884 ; Seward-Brice, Q.C., 1885; Terrell, T., 1884.

The older and other Works on Patents cited are those of :

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Editions of Conveyancing and other Works of a general nature are as follows:

Addison on Contracts, 8th ed. 1883; Benjamin on Sales, 3rd ed. 1884; Buckley on Companies, 4th ed. 1883; Chitty on Contracts, 11th ed. 1880; Copinger's Index to Conveyanciog, 1872; Davidson's Precedents in Conveyancing, any edition unless otherwise stated; Elphinstone, Norton & Clark's (Elph. N. & C.'s) “Interpretation of Deeds," 1885; Everest & Strode's Law of Estoppel, 1884 ; Fry on Specific Performance, 2nd ed. 1881 ; Key & Elphinstone's Precedents in Conveyancing, 2nd ed. 1883; Lindley on Partnership, 4th ed. 1878; Palmer's Company Precedents, 3rd ed. 1884 ; Pollock's Principles of Contract, 4th ed. 1885 ; Smith's Leading Cases, 7th ed. 1876, 8th ed. 1879; Woodfall on Landlord and Tenant, 13th ed. 1886.


Page 62.–Refer to the following observations for pp. 130, 131.
Page 130.—The power to the mortgagor to grant licences might be made exercise-

able not only up to the time when the power of sale should first become exerciseable, but also beyond that time, until the mortgagee shall give notice in writing to the mortgagor that he determines the power. The power of attorney might be made an irrevocable power for the prescribed period under sects. 8, 9 of the Conveyancing Act, 1882 (post, p. 384). Such a power would, no doubt, from the circumstances of the case, be held to have been given for valuable consideration. As a mortgage is registered simply as an assignment (post, p. 132, n.), the mortgagee can alone grant valid licences, subject to the question of notice as to equities. See sect. 87 of the new Act, post, p. 322. The power of attorney should, of course, enable the mortgagor to receive the royalties under each licence until the mortgagee, consistently with the other provisions in the power, shall, by notice in writing served on the licensee, require the

future sums to be paid to himself. Page 131.-The power to the mortgagee to grant licences might be made exerciseable

only after he shall have given notice in writing to the mortgagor that he claims

to be entitled to exercise the same. Page 165, line 4 from the bottom. After the word “owners” add (within the

bracket), “and 'estate and interest as aforesaid,' instead of share.'

Last line but one. After the word “owner" add but providing that the parties shall contribute in the same proportions as provided in the case of fees

as aforesaid.'In the same line, substitute "and" for the last word but." Pages 169, 170.-As to the power of the mortgagor to grant licences, refer to the

above observations for p. 130. As to the power of the mortgagee to grant

licences, refer to the above observations for p. 131. Page 289, note (d).—The covenant might be as follows:-" And that he the said

A. B. will not during the continuance of this licence do or knowingly suffer any act matter or thing whereby the said licence dated &c. may become

determined or revoked." Page 297, Form IV.—The memorandum is to be supposed to be entered on the

register in pursuance of a proviso in the power of revocation that “the licensee shall be at liberty at any time thereafter to sign and enter or cause to be entered on the register at the Patent Office a memorandum that this lice had become revoked as aforesaid.” In the form, for the word “ agreement" write “ licence."






Definition of letters patent; definition of patent
Who is an inventor, the term includes "first importer;" the Statute
of Monopolies and the repealed acts

2, 3 Former mode of application for a patent; provisional specification;

provisional protection ; fuller patent rights obtained by filing
complete specification ; warrant for sealing the patent; contents
of letters patent (old)

.3-5 Amendment of specification by disclaimer ; what persons could enter

disclaimer; disclaimers, when retrospective in effect; effect of disclaimers

648 Registration under old practice; effect of registration (old practice); other matters under old practice

8, 9

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The Acts of 1883, 1885, and 1886; comptroller ; general rules regu

lating practice at Patent Office issued by Board of Trade ....9, 10 First importer is still "an inventor; who may apply for a patent ;

derolution of right of application ; joinder of co-applicants by

. 10-12 Present mode of application ; an importer must be resident ; fact of

communication to be stated; reference of application to exa-
miner; abandoned applications not published

...12, 13 Provisional protection under new act; times for leaving and accept

ance of complete specification ; reference and report on the
specification, on acceptance the public may inspect for first

time; patent rights by acceptance of complete specification ..13—15 Times for sealing patent (new practice); opposition to grant ; con

tents of letters patent (new); duration of patent
Assignment of patent rights for a district; assignments of shares,
gc. in a patent

.17, 18 Amendment of specifications by disclaimer, &c.; retrospective effect

of amendments of specifications ; extension of term of patent ;
revocation of patents; revocation now by petition only; who
may petition ; compulsory licences ; Secretary for War may
hold certain inventions ; inventions and specifications kept secret;
new acts how far applicable to patents and proceedings existing
and pending at commencement.....

.18-22 Registration under new practice; what documents may be notified on

the register; rectification of the register by expungement, fc. 23—25


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