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To be left 58. The petition and an examined copy thereof shall be left at the with evidence patent office, accompanied by the affidavits, or statutory declarations, at patent

and other documentary evidence (if any) tendered by the petitioner in office.

proof of the alleged default of the patentee. Directions as 59. Upon perusing the petition and evidence, unless the Board of to further Trade shall be of opinion that the order should be at once refused, proceedings

they may require the petitioner to attend before the comptroller, or unless petition other person or persons appointed by them, to receive his or their

directions as to further proceedings upon the petition. Procedure. 60. If and when a primâ facie case for relief has been made out to

the satisfaction of the Board of Trade, the petitioner shall, upon their

requisition, and on or before a day to be named by them, deliver to Petitioner's the patentee copies of the petition and of the affidavits or statutory evidence.

declarations and other documentary evidence (if any) tendered in

support thereof. Patentee's 61. Within fourteen days after the day of such delivery the patentee evidence. shall leave at the patent office his affidavits or statutory declarations

in opposition to the petition, and deliver copies thereof to the peti

tioner. Evidence in 62. The petitioner within fourteen days from such delivery shall reply. leave at the patent office his affidavits, or statutory declarations in

reply, and deliver copies thereof to the petitioner; such last-mentioned

affidavits or declarations shall be confined to matters strictly in reply. Further 63. Subject to any further directions which the Board of Trade may proceedings. give the parties shall then be heard at such time, before such person

or persons, in such manner, and in accordance with such procedure as the Board of Trade may, in the circumstances of the case, direct, but so that full opportunity shall be given to the patentee to show cause against the petition.

REGISTER OF PATENTS (). Entry of 64. Upon the sealing of a patent the comptroller shall cause to be grant.

entered in the register of patents the name, address, and description

of the patentee as the grantee thereof, and the title of the invention. Request for 65. Where a person becomes entitled to a patent or to any share or entry of sub- interest therein, by assignment, either throughout the United Kingdom sequent proprietorship.

and the Isle of Man, or for any place or places therein, or by transmission or other operation of law, a request for the entry of his name in the register as such complete or partial proprietor of the patent, or of such share or interest therein, as the case may be, shall be addressed

to the comptroller, and left at the patent office. Signature of

66. Such request shall in the case of individuals be made and re est.

signed by the person requiring to be registered as proprietor, or by his agent duly authorized to the satisfaction of the comptroller, and in the case of a body corporate by their agent, authorized in

like manner. Particulars to 67. Every such request shall state the name, address, and descripbe stated in

tion of the person claiming to be entitled to the patent, or to any request.

(i) The sections of the principal act referring to registration are sects. 23, 85, 87 to 90, and 93.



share or interest therein, as the case may be (hereinafter called the claimant), and the particulars of the assignment, transmission, or other operation of law, by virtue of which he requires to be entered in the register as proprietor, so as to show the manner in which, and the person or persons to whom, the patent, or such share or interest therein as aforesaid, has been assigned or transmitted.

68. Every assignment and every other document containing, giving Production of effect to, or being evidence of, the transmission of a patent or affecting documents of the proprietorship thereof as claimed by such request, except such documents as are matters of record, shall be produced to the comp

other proof. troller, together with the request above prescribed, and such other proof of title as he may require for his satisfaction.

As to a document which is a matter of record, an official or certified copy thereof shall in like manner be produced to the comptroller.

69. There shall also be left with the request an examined copy of Copies for the assignment or other document above required to be produced.

patent office. As to a document which is a matter of record, an official or certified copy shall be left with the request in lieu of an examined copy.

70. A body corporate may be registered as proprietor by its cor- Body corpoporate name.

71. Where an order has been made by her Majesty in Council for Entry of the extension of a patent for a further term or for the grant of a new orders of the patent, or where an order has been made by the court for the revoca

Privy Council

or of the tion of a patent or the rectification of the register under section 90 of the said Act or otherwise affecting the validity or proprietorship of the patent, the person in whose favour such order has been made shall forthwith leave at the patent office an office copy of such order. The register shall thereupon be rectified or the purport of such order shall otherwise be duly entered in the register, as the case may be.

72. Upon the issue of a certificate of payment under Rulo 45, the Entry of paycomptroller shall cause to be entered in the Register of Patents a ment of fees record of the amount and date of payment of the fee on such certificate. on issue of ,

certificate. 73. If a patentee fails to make any prescribed payment within the Entry of prescribed time or any enlargement thereof duly granted, such failure failure to pay shall be duly entered in the register.

fees. 74. An examined copy of every licence granted under a patent shall Entry of be left at the patent office by the licensee, with a request that a noti- licences. fication thereof may be entered in the register. The licensee shall cause the accuracy of such copy to be certified as the comptroller may direct, and the original licence shall at the same time be produced and left at the patent office if required for further verification.

75. The register of patents shall be open to the inspection of the Hours of inpublic on every week day between the hours of ten and four, except spection of on the days and at the times following:

register. (a.) Christmas Day, Good Friday, the day observed as Her Majesty's

birthday, days observed as days of public fast or thanks-
giving, and days observed as holidays at the Bank of Eng-

land; or
(b.) Days which may from time to time be notified by a placard

posted in a conspicuous place at the patent office; (c.) Times when the register is required for any purpose of official


76. Certified copies of any entry in the register, or certified copies Certified

copies of documents.

of, or extracts from, patents, specifications, disclaimers, affidavits, statutory declarations, and other public documents in the patent office, or of or from registers and other books kept there, may be furnished by the comptroller on payment of the prescribed fee.

POWER TO DISPENSE WITH EVIDENCE, &c. 77. Where, under these rules, any person is required to do any act or thing, or to sign any document, or to make any declaration on behalf of himself or of any body corporate, or any document or evidence is required to be produced to or left with the comptroller, or at the patent office, and it is shown to the satisfaction of the comptroller that from any reasonable cause such person is unable to do such act or thing, or to sign such document, or make such declaration, or that such document or evidence cannot be produced or left as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for the comptroller, with the sanction of the Board of Trade, and upon the production of such other evidence, and subject to such terms as they may think fit, to dispense with any such act or thing, document, declaration, or evidence.

REPEAL. 78. All general rules made by the Lord Chancellor, or by any other authority, under the Patent Law Amendment Acts, and in force on the 31st day of December 1883, shall be and they are hereby repealed as from that date, without prejudice, nevertheless, to any application then pending: Dated the 21st day of December 1883.


President of the Board of Trade.



Up to Sealing.

£ s. d. £ $. d.
1. On application for provisional protection 1 0 0
2. On filing complete specification

3 0 0

4 0 0


3. On filing complete specification with first application .. 4 0 0
4. On appeal from comptroller to law officer. By appellant 3 0 0
5. On notice of opposition to grant of patent. By opponent 0 10 0
6. On hearing by comptroller. By applicant and by
opponent respectively ....

1 0 0
7. On application to amend specification :-
Up to sealing. By applicant

1 10 0 8. After sealing. By patentee

3 0 0 9. On notice of opposition to amendment. By opponent.. 0 10 0 10. On hearing by comptroller. By applicant and by opponent respectively.

1 0 0 11. On application to amend specification during action or proceeding. By patentee

3 0 0 () These fees are to be in addition to those prescribed in the Second Schedule to the Act of 1883 (p. 329, ante). See r. 4 of the P. R. 1883, p. 335, ante. Further, see P. R. 1885, First Schedule, post, p. 357.

12. On application to the Board of Trade for a compulsory licence. By person applying.

5 0 0 13. On opposition to grant of compulsory licence. By patentee..

5 0 0 14. On certificate of renewal :

Before end of 4 years from date of patent..... 50 0 0 15. Before end of 7 years, or in the case of patents

granted under the “Patents, Designs, and Trade
Marks Act, 1883,” before the end of 8 years
from date of patent

100 0 0 or in lieu of the fees of 501. and 1001., the following

annual fees :16. Before the expiration of the 4th year from the date of

the patent 10 0 0 5th

10 0 0 18.


10 0 0 19.


10 0 0 20.


15 0 0 21.


15 0 0 22.


20 0 0 23.


20 0 0 24.


20 0 0 25.


20 0 0


On enlargement of time for payment of renewal fees:26. Not exceeding 1 month

3 0 0 27. 2 months

7 0 0 28. 3 months

10 0 0 29. For every entry of an assignment, transmission, agreement, licence, or extension of patent.

0 10 0 30. For duplicate of letters patent...

.each 2 0 0 31. On notice to comptroller of intended exhibition of a patent under section 39

0 10 0 32. Search or inspection fee

..each 0 1 0 33. For office copies.

.every 100 words

(but never less than one shilling) 0 0 4 34. For office copies of drawings, cost according to agree

ment. 35. For certifying office copies, MSS. or printed...... each 0 1 36. On request to comptroller to correct a clerical error 0 5 37. For certificate of comptroller under section 96...... 0 5 38. For altering address in register

05 (k).


President of the Board of Trade. 21st December 1883.


Approved :



HERBERT J. GLADSTONE, Lords Commissioners of Her

Majesty's Treasury.

4th December 1883.

(k) For fees, Nos. 39 and 40, as to enlargement of time, see post, p. 357, in First Schedule to P. R. 1885.


E. F. G.


FORMS. A. Form of Application for Patent Ai.

communicated from abroad.. (a) B. Provisional Specification.

(a) C. Complete Specification

(a) D. Opposition to grant of Patent

346 Application for hearing by Comptroller

347 to amend Specification or Drawings .. 347 Opposition to Amendment of Specification or Drawings

347 H.

Application for Compulsory Grant of License. 348 H1. Petition for Compulsory Grant of Licenses

348 I.

Opposition to Compulsory Grant of License... 349 J.

Application for Certificate of Payment or Renewal.. 349 K.

Application for Enlargement of Time for Payment
of Renewal Fee

350 L.

Request to enter Name upon the Register of Patents 350 M.

Request to enter Notification of License in Register. 351 N. Application for Duplicate of Letters Patent

351 0.

Notice of intended Exhibition f unpatented In-
vention ....

351 P. Request for Correction of Clerical Error

352 Q. Certificate of Comptroller ....

352 R.

Notice for alteration of an address in Register 352 S.

Application for Entry of Order of Privy Council in

353 T. Appeal to Law Officer


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(a) [FORMS A, A1, B & C (the first four) are abolished by P. R. 1885, rr. 4, 5, 7, post, pp. 356, 357, and for them are substituted the Forms A, A1, B & C at pp. 358—360, post.]

Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883. (PATENT.]


[To be accompanied by an unstamped copy.] *I- hereby give notice of my intention to oppose the grant of Letters Patent upon application No. of , applied for by upon the groundt

(Signed) To the Comptroller, Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings,

Chancery Lane, London, W.C.

* Here state name and full address.

+ Here state upon which of the grounds of opposition permitted by section 11 of the Act the grant is opposed.

| Here insert signature of opponent or agent.

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