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The materials of which this volume is composed, were collected by the writer many years ago, during visits to Mount Vernon, and also Arlington House, the residence of the family of George Washington Parke Custis, the adopted son of Washington. Careful search was made elsewhere for mementoes of the domestic life of Washington and of his Home on the banks of the Potomac River; and faithful drawings of objects and transcriptions of documents were made, wherever found. It is believed that few of such objects of interest have escaped notice. Delineations and descriptions of these, and facts concerning Mount Vernon, of every kind, have been arranged in proper order in the following pages, and so present quite a complete picture of the private and domestic life of the Father of his Country; for that life, from his earliest childhood, war associated with Mount Vernon.

Had the collection of the contents of this Volume been delayed a little longer, it could never have been made, foi almost every relic of Washington that remained at his Home when it passed into the possession of The Ladies Mount Vernon Association, was borne away by the retiring proprietor. These and many others at Arlington House were, during the the terrible storms of Civil War which frequently swept over Virginia, widely scattered, and it is believed that many per

ished. And so this work has become a most rare and precious depository of the likenesses of things once associated with the person of the Beloved Patriot, and of facts having the same relation. But for it, all semblance of such objects would have passed from the memory of men and been lost forever.

The reader will bear in mind that when persons or things are spoken of in the body of the work, in the present tense, the time is the year 1859, when the collection and arrangement of the materials were first made. The writer revisited Mount Vernon and Arlington House early in 1870, and has added many pages of interesting matter to the original collection, making it is believed, a complete reliquary of Washington and his Home. He found the aspect of Mount Vernon very little changed. But the beautiful grounds around Arlington House had been converted into a burial place for many thousands of the young men of the Country who perished while striving to save the imperilled life of the Republic.


DOVER, N. Y., April, 1870.



Description of the Arms of the Washington Family...


The Washington Family in England...


A Baronial Residence of the Family...


Washington's Seals, and Books in his Library.


Reference to his Birth-Place....


The Family of Washington's Mother. His Birth..


His Birth-day and Change in the Calendar..


Home of the Washington Family on the Rappahannock..


Place of Washington's Birth described....

Letters of Washington and Richard Henry Lee, in childhood.


Death of Washington's Father......


Lawrence Washington. Admiral Vernon..


Lawrence with Admiral Vernon on a Naval Expedition..


Siege of Carthagena; Lawrence Washington at Home.


Lawrence Washington's Mansion. Mount Vernon Estate..


The first Mansion at Mount Vernon....

The Surroundings of George Washington's Boyhood..


Account of Lord Fairfax's Life and Death....


Society at Mount Vernon. Young Washington prepares for Sea... ... 45

His Mother interferes, and he returns to School......


Washington's first Love. Temptation and Constancy.


His Early Sports and regular Occupation....


Experience as a Surveyor and in Wood-craft....


Appointed a public Surveyor. Disposition of his implements.


Washington's Military Genius awakened..


Lawrence and George Washington in Barbadoes. Lawrence dies... 51

George inherits Mount Vernon and Paternal Estate......


Conflicting interests of the English and French in America.


Washington, a Virginia Major, performs a Perilous Errand...


Major Washington leads an Expedition against the French...


Washington continued in the Public Service. Commissioned a Colonel. 55

First meeting of Washington and Braddock....


Washington with Braddock. Battle of the Monongahela.


His Personal Losses. His Errand to Boston....


Enamored of Mary Phillips on the Banks of the Hudson.

His rival, and their different destinies.....

Washington leads Troops toward Fort Du Quesne...

End of Campaign. Return of Washington to Mt. Vernon.

Delegate in the Virginia Assembly. His Courtship..

Story of his Courtship continued...

Marriage engagement with Martha Custis....

The Young Widow's First Husband. Her Fortune..

The Marriage; its Place and Circumstances...

The Washington Family at Mount Vernon...

Character of Mrs. Washington. Mt. Vernon Estate..

Articles used in the House during Washington's Bachelorhood..

Orders preparatory to the reception of a Wife...

Articles ordered by Washington as a Husband.

Articles used by a Virginia Lady, in 1760....

Works of Art ordered for the Mt.Vernon Mansion.

Articles used by a Virginia Boy a Century ago

Articles used by a Virginia Girl a Century ago..

Glimpses of Domestic Arrangements at Mt.Vernon..

Washington's daily Life revealed by his Diaries.

Social Enjoyments, Sports and Amusements..

Mrs. Washington's Equipage for the Road...

Washington's fine Horses. His appearance on Horseback.

The Equestrian Outfit of a Virginia Gentleman...

Aquatic Sports. Social enjoyments abroad..

Washington in the Civil Service. Life at the Capital.....

Washington's Home Habits. Industry, Economy and Method.

He writes with a Gold Pen. Keeps a Diary through Life..

His Acconnts, Correspondence and attention to his Farm.

Washington as a Farmer. His Table Habits....

The Product of his Farm. Character of his Flour.

The Mount Vernon Wharf..

Shadows of coming Events....

Washington's long training for the approaching Struggle.

George Mason, his neighbor and Friend.....

Washington's Connection with the Church of England...

The establishment of Pohick Church......

Washington as an Architect and Draughtsman.

Ministers at Pohick Church. Mason L. Weems..

Character and occupation of Weems......

Washington a Vestryman in Alexandria.

Pohick Church in de

The Author's experience in Pohick Church...

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