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Nays-Messrs. John Beresheim, Knut E. Bergh, | M. Carleton, G. B. Carll, A. B. Erskine, M. M. FolWilliam Butler, Samuel T. Caldwell, Edward Camp-somo, C. K. Foss, R. H. Goding. E. Gray, A. D. bcll.jr., John Christoph, Frank C. Clark, Cicero Close, Griffin, E. Hahn, F. Haines, S. K. Hamilton, c. HolJames H. Crawford, Warren Danforth, Henry Day den, N. Howard, E. Jepson, G. B. Kenniston, A. G. ton, Francis A. Duncan, Lauren F. Ellsworth, Rob- Lebroke. L. Lord, H. McAllister, J. Nash, J. C. ert B. Flenniken, Joseph H. Freeman, George C. Pierce,

0. D. Potter, J. W. Porter, J. W. Perkins, Heberling, James Hilton, Benj. F. Keables, John M. J. J. Perry, G. H. Snow, I. W. Springer, I. B. Lee, Joseph McClurn, Nathaniel A. Merrell, Fred. Thompson, A. J. Tibbetts, $. Titcomb, W. Tufts, A. O'Donnell, George Paul, Charles G. Perkins, Wil. B. Wells, J. F. Whitcomb, W. Wilson, E. Woodliam H. Reed, Lewis Reuther, James Rice, M. J. bury, M. M. Evans-41. Rohlfs, Andrew Sandry, Conrad Schweer, James A. NAYS-Messrs. B. M. Baker, J. F. Brackett, J. H. Skillen, E. M. Stewart, Washburn A. Stow, Fred. Burleigh, J. Bennett, jr., D. 'A. Campbell, G. W. Teale, James Van De Venter, Hugo G. Van Meter, Clark, 1. Coombs, W. 0. Counce, J. H. Crandon, C. Charles H. Wilson, John R. Wright, and James Deering, C. A. Erskine, D. Farrar, J. D. Fessenden. Wilson, (Speaker)-39.

E. Fields, J. Fog, A. Gary, I. C. Glidden. J. Harrison, R. Harding, J. 0. A. Harmon, H. Harmon, E.

Ilaves, J. Holbrook, C. C. Humphreys, P. C. Kegan, In the senate, March 29, 1872, the vote was E. Knight, T. N. Lord, E. J. Millay, A. Mitchell, A.

Moore, J. W. Palmer, W. Paul, W. F. Perry, J. W. as follows:

Phillips, F. A. Pike, W. A. Potter, W. H. Preble, R. YEAS-Messrs. Charles Beardsley, George W. Be- Prince, F. M. Ray, A. R. Reed, F. Robie. B. A. Saumis, John E. Burke, Frank T. Campbell, John C. telle, W. Silsby, M. Smith, S. Stuart, S. W. Tibbetts, Chambers, Alonzo Converse, Robert Dague, Mark 0. D. Turner, I. A. Walker, B. T. Wentworth, A. A. Dashiell. Joseph Dysart, E. A. Howland, James H. Whitmore, E. Wilson, A. T. Winslow, J. P. 8. Hurley. E. B. Kephart, George M. Maxwell, M. Wyman-53. A. McCoid, John McKean, Samuel McNutt, Martin Read, John Shane, Elish T. Smith, Jacob G. Vale, John P. West, James A. Young-22.

Massachusetts. Nays-Messrs. Benjamin F. Allen, Albert Boomer,

March 16, 1872, the committee on female Hans R. Claussen, Oliver W. Crary, Samuel H. Fairali, William H. Fitch, Edward J. Gault, Joseph suffrage, consisting of three members of the W. Havens, Alex. B. Ireland, James P. Ketcham, senate and eight members of the house, a vitt

. Robert Lowry, E. S. McCulloch, Joseph P. Mer- majority favoring and a minority dissenting, rill. Joseph D. Miles, Benjamin F. Murray, John J. reported a concurrent resolution to amend the Russell, John Y. Stone, L. W. Stuart, R. Howe constitution of the Commonwealth by adding Taylor, George R. Willett, Toratio A. Wonn–24.

to it the following article: So the proposed amendınents were defeated.


The word male is bereby stricken from the

third article of the amendinents of the conFollowing is the text of a bill, acted upon stitution. Hereafter women of this Common by the Legislature of Maine, " abolishing all wealth shall have the right of voting at all law discriminating between female and male elections, and of holding all offices, upon the suffrage in the election of President and Vice same terms, conditions, and qualifications, President of the United States :"

and subject to the same restrictions and disSECTION 1. Every female citizen of the abilities, as male citizens of this CommonUnited States of the age of twenty-one years wealth are, and no others. and upwards, with the same exception as is The resolution required the affirmative vote applied to male citizens in section one of arti- of a majority of the senators and two thirds cle second of the constitution of this State, of the members of the house present and having her residence established in this State voting thereon; if thus adopted, to be referred for the term of three months next preceding to the general court next to be chosen ; and any election for President and Vice President it then agreed to, to be submitted to the of the United States, shall be an elector for people for ratification. President and Vice President of the United During the first of these three stages the States, in the city, town, or plantation where resolution of amendment failed. her residence is so established, in the same manner as now provided by law for male citi

Territorial Action. zens in such elections.

February 12, 1870, the following became

a law of the Territory of Utah: that every IN SENATE.

woman of the age of twenty-one years who 1872, February 28.-The bill passed by a has resided in this Territory six months next vote of 15 yeas to 8 nays, as follows:

preceding any general or special election, Yras-Messrs. C. A. Chaplin, C. L. Dunning,c. s. born or naturalized in the United States, or Fletcher, R. Foster, W. E. Hadlock, S. F. Hinks, c. who is the wife, widow, or the daughter of Humphrey, W. Irish, A. Kennedy, J. May, W. H. a native born or naturalized citizen of the McLellan, J. B. Nickels, A. G. O'Brion, W.Philbrick, United States, shall be entitled to vote at any

NAYS–Messrs. 1. Cole, J. Dingley. jr., C. H. election in this Territory:
Hobbs, J. Kimball, J. Davis, J. B. Foster, F. M. This law still remains in force.
Howes, H. Pennell-8.

In Wyoming the Legislature of 1871 passed

the bill to repeal the act authorizing woman IN HOUSE.

suffrage, but the Governor of the Territory, February 29-The bill failed to pass-yeas John A. Campbell, vetoed the bill, and the 41, nays 53; as follows:

veto was sustained. The act giving the right YEAS-Messrs. R. T. Allen, 0. D. Bailey, D. Bar- passed in 1870, and about six hundred voted ker, H. Bliss, jr., W. W. Bragdon, C. P. Brown, J.Tat the election of that year.


Common-School Fund.

of the next session of Congress, and then, if 1872, February 8—The following bill passed Congress shall not, at its next session, direct the House:

such share to be paid, it shall be added to the Section first provides that the net proceeds general educational fund: Provided, That no of the public lands be forever consecrated and moneys belonging to any State or Territory set apart for the education of the people.

under this act shall be withheld from any State The second section requires the Secretary thereof provide for separate schools for white

or Territory, for the reason that the laws of the Interior to ascertain the total receipts from the sale of public lands, and to certify children and black children, or refuse to to the Secretary of the Treasury the amount organize a system of mixed schools. of the net cash proceeds.

Section nine requires the superintendent of The third section requires the Secretary of public instruction of each State and Territory the Treasury to invest one half the amount in and the District of Columbia to apportion the United States five per cent. bonds, to consti- amount certified to his State, Territory, or tute a perpetual fund to be known as the District to the several school districts therein national education fund, and to certify each which shall have maintained free public year to the Secretary of the Interior the amount schools for threo months during the precedso paid into the Treasury.

ing year, upon such basis of population, numSection four provides that the Commissioner ber of children of school age, or attendance of Education shall apportion

one half of the upon the schools during the preceding year, as net proceeds for the previous year, with the may be by law determined by such Siate,

Terwhole amount of the income of the educa- ritory, or District; the amount to be applied tional fund, to the several States and Territo in payment of teachers. ries and to the District of Columbia, upon the

Section ten provides that the amount appor. basis of population of said States and Territo- tioned to the school districts shall be paid ries between the ages of four and twenty one upon the warrant of the Commissioner of years: Provided, however, That for the first of the Interior, to the State, territorial, or

Education, countersigned by the Secretary ten years the distribution of the said fund to District treasury, or to such officer as shall be and among the several States and Territories, including the District of Columbia, shall be designated by the laws of such State, Terrimade according to the ratio of the illiteracy officer to report each year to the Commissioner

tory, or District; and requires the treasurer or of their respective populations, as shown, from time to time, by the last preceding published ments made and the balance on hand; and

of Education a detailed statement of the pay. census of the United States.

Sectiou five provides that each of the States defines "school district." and Territories and the District of Columbia

Section eleven provides that in case any that shall, before January 1, 1873, provide by State or Territory shall misapply the funds law for the free education of all'its children received, or fail to comply with the prescrived between the ages of six and sixteen years,

conditions, or to report ibe disposition thereof, shall be entitled to its share of the first distri' such State or Territory to forfeit its right 10 bution.

any subsequent appropriation until the full Section six provides that fifty per cent. of amount misapplied, lost, or misappropriated the amount received by any State or Terri- shall have been replaced by such siate or tory or by the District of Columbia for the be added to the educational fund; and making

that all forfeited apportionments first year, and ten per cent. in

any year thereafter, may be applied to the maintenance of

the misapplying, misappropriating, squanderschools, for the instruction of teachers of com

ing or embezzling the funds a felony, punishmon schools, said sum after the first year to able by fine or imprisonment, or by both. be applied wholly to the payment of teachers. United States exclusive jurisdiction of all

Section twelve gives the circuit courts of the Section seven prescribes the conditions upon which each of the States and Territories and offenses committed against the provisions of

this act. the District of Columbia shall be entitled to receive its share of every apportionment after laws and regulations regarding the payment to

Section thirteen provides that the existing tbe first.

States their admission into the Union of Section eight requires the Commissioner of

upon Education to certify each year to the Secre- of the public lands within their respective

five per cont. of the net proceeds of the sales tary of the Treasury whether each State, Ter.

limits, shall not be affected by this act. ritory, and District is entitled to its share, and the amount of such share. If he with:

The vote on passing was-yeas 117, nays 98: hold a certificate from either, its share to be Bell, Beveridge, Bigby, A. Blair, G. M. Brooks, Buck

YEAS-Messrs. Acker, Ames, Banks, Barber, Barry, kept separate in the Treasury until the close ley, Buffi ntou, Burchard, Burdutt, W.T. Clark, Cobb,

Cuiburn. Coghlan. Conger, Darrall, Dawes, Donnan, McJunkin, McKee. Mercnr, Merriam, Monroe,
Duell, Dunuell, Eames, Edwards. Ely, Farnsworth, Morey, Morphis, L. Myers, Negley, Packard, Packer,
Farwell, Finkelnburg, C. Foster, W. D. Foster, Frye, I. C. Parker. Peck, Pendleton, Perce, A. F. Perry,
Garfield, Garrett, Golladay, Goodrich, Hule, Halsey, Petors, Platt, Poland, Porter, Rainey, E. H. Rob-
Hariner, Harper, G. E. Harris, Havens, Hawley. Hay, erts, Rusk, Sawyer, Seeley, Sessions, Shanks, Shel-
Hays, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. Hazelton, Hill, Hoar, don, Shellabarger, J. A. Smith, W.c. Smith, Snapp,
Hooper, Kelley, Kellogg, Kerr, Ketcham, Lamport. T. J. Speer, Sprague, Starkweather, Stevenson,
Lansing, Leach, Lowe, Lynch, Maynard, McGrew, Stoughton, Stowell, Strong, Sutherland, Taffe,
McKee, Merriam, Monroe, Moore, Morphis, Pack - Thomas, W. Townsend, Turner, Tyner. Upson,
ard, Palmer, I. C. Parker, Pendleton, Perce. A.F. Wakeman. Waldron, Wallace, Walls, Wheeler,
Perry, Platt, Poland, Porter, Potter, Prindle, Rainey, Whiteley. Willard. Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wil-
E. H. Roberts, Sawyer, Seeley, Sessions, Sbanks, son, J. T. Wilson-107.
Sheldon. Shellabarger, Slocum, J. A. Smith, W.c.
Smith, Snapp, Snyder, T. J. Speer. Sprague, Stark-

Mr. GOODRICH moved to add to section four weather, Stevenson. Storm, Stowell, Strong, Suther- the

following: land, Sypher, Taffe, Thomas, D. Townsend, W.

Provided, however, That for the first ten Townsend, Turner, Twichell, Tyner, Upson, Wakeman, Walden. Wallace, Walls, Wheeler, Whiteley, years the distribution of the said fund to and Willard, Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson-117. among the several States and Territories, in

Nays-Messrs. Adams, Amb!er, Arthur: A verill, cluding the District of Columbia, shall be ton, Bright, J. Brooks, Caldivell. Campbell, Carroll

, made according to the ratio of the illiteracy F. Clarke, Comingo, Conner, Cotton, Cox, Crebs, of their respective populations, as shown, from Critcher, Crossland, Davis, Dickey, Dox, Du Bose, time to time, by the last preceding published Duke, Eldredge, Forker, H. D. Foster, Getz, Griffith, Haldeman, Hancock, Handley, Hanks, I. 7. Harris, census of the United States. Hereford, Herndon, Hibbard, Holman, Houghton, Which was agreed to-yeas 125, nays 83: Kendall, Killinger, King, Lamison, Lelois, Manson, Marshall, McClelland, McCormick, McHenry, McIn

YEAS-Messrs. Acker, Barnum. Barry, Beck, Bevtyre, McJunkin, McKinney, McNeely, Mercur, Mer- eridge, Bigby, Biggs, A. Blair, J. G. Blair, Braxton, rick Morgan, L. Myers, Negley,'' Niblack, Orr, Bright, J. Brooks, Buckley, Burdett, R. R. Butler, Packer, H. W. Parker, Peck, E. Perry, Price,' Read, Caldwell, Campbell, Carroll, Cobb, Coburn, Comingo, E. Y. Rice, J. M. Rice, Ritchie, Roosevelt, Sargent, Conner; Crebs. Critcher, Crossland, Daris, Dounan, Sherwood, Shober, Slater, Sloss, Stevens, Stoughton, Dox, Du Bose, Duell, Duke, Edwards, Ely, FarnsŞıoann, Terry, Tuthill, Van Trump. Vaughan, Voor- worth, Farwell, Forker, Garrett, Getz, Golladay, hees; Waddell, Waldron, Warren, Wells, Whitthorne, Goodrich, Griffith, Haldeman, Hancock, Handleyi

, Williams of New York, J. T. Wilson, Winchester, Hanks, J. 1. Harris, Hawley Hay, Hays, G. W. Wood, Young-98.

Hazelton, Hereford, Herndon, Hibbard, Kerr, King,

Lamison, Lamport, Lansing, Leach, Lewis, Manson, There were many votes upon dutails, the Marshali, Maynard, McClelland, McCormick, Mcpending bill being that reported from the Henry, McIntyre, McKee. McKinney, McNeely, Committee on Education and Labor. The Merriam, , Merrick, Moore, Morey, Morgan, Mor

phis, Niblack, Packard. H. W Park I. C. Parker, most important were these :

Perce, E. Perry, Platt, Porter, Potter, Price, PrinFebruary 7—Mr. HOLMAN moved to add dle, Rainey, Read, E. Y. Rice, J. M. Rice, Ritchie, the following proviso to section two:

E. H. Roberts, W. R. Roberts, Robinson, Roosevelt, Provided, however, That after the passage Snapp, Snyder, T. J. Speer, Stevens, Storm, Stowell,

Sheldon. Sherwood, Shober, Slater, Slocum, Sloss, of this act no public lands of the United Swann, Laffe. Terry. Thomas, Pi Townsend, TurStates shall be sold except mineral land and ner, Tuthill, Vaughan, Waddell, Wallace, Warren,

Weils, Whiteley, Whitthorne, Winchester, Wood, town sites, and all the public lands of the Uni- Young-125. ted States adapted to agriculture shall be re. Nays-Messrs. Adams, Ambler, Arthur, Averill, served for actual settlers under the provisions Brooks, Butinton, Burchard, B. F. Butler, w. T.

Banks, Barber, Beatty, Bingham, Bird, G. M. of the homestead laws, subject, however, to Clark, 'F. Clarke, Conger, Cottop: Çox, Creely, land warrants and college scrip issued by Dawes, Dickey, Dunnell, Eames, Eldredge, Finkelnauthority of Congress, and the grants which burg, C. Foster, W.D. Foster, Frye, Garfield, Hale. Congress shall hereafter make in the Territo- Holman, Hooper, Houghton, Kelley, Kellogg, ries and new States for the purposes of edu. Ketcham. Killinger, Lowe. Mchunkin, Mercur, cation.

Monroe, L. Myers, Negley, Orr, Packer, Palmer,

Peck, Pendleton, A.F. Perry, Peters, Poland, RanWhich was disagreed to-yeas 103, nays 107: dall, Sawyer, Seeley. Sessions, Shanks, ShelliebarYeas-Messrs. Acker, Adams, Ambler, Arthur, ger, J. A. Smith, W. C. Smith, $prague, StarkBarnum, Beatty, Beck, Beveridge, Biggs, Bingham, weather, Stoughton, Strong, Sutherland, w. TownBird, J. G. Blair, Braxton, Bright, J. Brooks, Caldo şend, Iwichell, Tyner, Upson, Van Trump, Voorwell, Campbell, Carroll, Coghlan, Comingo, Conner, hees, Wakeman, Walden, Waldron, Wheeler, WilCotton, Cox, Crebs, Critcher, Crossland, Davis, Dox, lard, Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, J. T. WilDu Bose, Duke, Eldredge, Ely, Farnsworth, Finkeln- son—83. burg, Forker, Garrett, Getz, Golladay, Griffith, Hal

Mr. HEREFORD moved to add to section deman, Hancock, Handley. Hanks, Harper, J. T. Harris, Hawley, Hay, Hereford, Herndon, Hibbard, eight the following: Holman, Houghton, Kerr, King, Lamison, Leach,

Provided, That no moneys belonging to Lewis, Manson, Marshall, McClelland. McCormick, McHenry, McIntyre, McKinney, McNeely, Merrick, any State or Territory under this act shall be Moore, Morgan, Niblack, Orr, H. W. Parker, E. withheld from any State or Territory for the Perry, Potter, Price, Randall. Read, E. Y. Rice, J. reason that the laws thereof provide for sepM. Rice, Ritchie. W. R. Roberts, Robinson, Rooserelt, Sherwood, Shober, Slater, Sloss, Stevens, Storm, arate schools for white children and black Swann, Terry, D. Townsend. Tuthill, Van Trump. children, or refuse to organize a system of Vaughan, Voorhees, Waddell, Walden, Warren, mixed schools. Wells, Whitthorne, Winchester, Wood, Young-103. Nays-Messrs, Averill, Banks, Barber, Barry,

Which was agreed to-yeas 115, nays 81 : Bigby, A. Blair, G. M. Brooks, Buckley, Buffinton, YEAS.-Messrs. Acker, Adams, Arthur, Beck, Burchard, Burdett, B. F. Butler, R. R. Butler, F. Biggs, Bird, J. G. Blair, Braxton, Bright, J. Brooks, Clarke, W. T, Clark, Cobb, Coburn. Conger, Creely, Burchard, R. R. Butler, Caldwell, Campbell, Coburn, Darrall, Dickey, Donnan, Duell, Dunnell, Eames, Coghlan,, Comingo, Conner, Cox, Crebs, Critcher, Farwell, C. Foster, W. D. Foster, Frye, Garfield, Crossland, Davis, Dox, Du Bose, Duke, Edwards, Goodrich. Hale, Halsey, Harmer. G. E. Harris, Ha- Eldredge, Ely, Farnsworth, Farwell, Forker, H. D. vens, Hays, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. Hazelton. Hill, Foster, Garrett, Getz, Golladay, Griffith, Haldeman, Hoar, Kelley, Kellogg, Ketchum, Killinger, Lam- Hale, Halsey, Hancock, Handley, Hanks, Harper, port, nsing, Lowe, Lynch, Maynard, McGrew, 1 J. T. Harris, Hawley, Hay, Hays, Hereford, Hern

don, Hibbard, Holman, Kerr, Killinger, King, Lami- , the Constitution and a tyrannical usurpation son, Leach, Lewis, Manson, Marshall, McClelland, of power for Congress to force mixed schools McNeely, Merrick, Moore, Morgan, L. Myers, Nib- upon the States, and equally unconstitutional lack, Orr, Packard, Packer, H. W. Parker. 1. c. and tyrannical for Congress to pass any law Parker, E. Perry: Potter, Price, Randall, Read, E: interfering with churches, public carriers, or son, Roosevelt, Shanks, Sherwood, Shober, Slater, innkeepers, such subjects of legislation belongSlo88, T, J. Speer, Stevens, Storm. Sutherland, Swann, ing of right to the States respectively. Terry, D. Townsend, Tuthill, Tyner, Van Trump, Vaughan, Voorhees, Waddell. Warren, Wells, White

Which was disagreed to-yeas 60, nays 86 : ley, Whiithorne, Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, YEAS-Messrs. Acker, Arthur, Beck, Biggs, Bird, Winchester, Wood, Young-115.

Braxton, J. Brooks, Caldwell, Comingo, Conner, NAYS.-Messrs. 'Ambler, Averill, Banks, Barber, Crebs, Critcher, Crossland, Davis, Dox, Du Bose, Barry, Beatty, Beveridge, Bingham, A. Blair, G. M. Eldredge, Garrett, Getz, Golladay, Hamálcton, HanBrooks. Buckley. Buffinton, Burdett. B. F. Butler, cock, Handley, Harper, J. T. Harris, Hereford, Hill, Cobb, Conger, Cotton, Creeley, Darrall, Dawes, Kerr, King, Leach, Lewis, Manson, Marshall, McDickey, Donnan. Dueli. Dunnell, Eames, 'Finkeln- Clelland, McCormick, McHenry, Merrick, B. F. Mey burg, C. Foster, W. D. Foster, Frye, Garfield, Good-ers, Morgan, Niblack, E. Perry, Potter, Price, Read, rich, Harmer, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. Hazelton, E. Y. Rice, J. M. Rice, W. R. Roberts, Roosevelt, Hoar, Hooper, Kelley, Kellogg, Lamport, Lansing. Shober, Slater, Slo88, Storm, Swann, Terry, Van Lynch, Maynard, McJunkin, McKee, Mercur,

Mer- Prump. Voorhees, Warren, Wells, Winchester, riam, Monroe, Negley, Palmer, Peck, Pendleton, Wood-60. Perce, A. F. Perry, Platt, Porter, Prindle, Rainey, Nays-Messrs. Adams, Beatty, Beveridge, BingE. H. Roberts, Sawyer, Seeley, Sessions, Shella- ham, A. Blair, Buckley, Buffinton, Burchard, Burharger, J. A. Smith, W. C. Smith, Sprague, Stark- dett, B. F. Butler, R. R. Butler, Cobb, Coburn, weather, Stevenson, Stoughton, Stowell, Strong, Conger, Darrall, Dawes, Donnan, Dunnell, FinkelnThomas, w. Townsend. Turner, Twichell, Upson, burg, C. Foster, W. D. Foster, Frye, Garfield, GoodWakeman, Walden, Wallace,' Walls, Wheeler, rich, Harmer, Hawley, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. Willard-81

Hazelton, Hoar, Hooper, Houghton, Kelley, Lamport, Lansing, Lynch, McGrew, McJunkin, McKee,

Mercur, Merriam, Monroe, Morey, L. Myers, NegMixed Schools.

ley, Orr, Packard,

Palmer, I. C. Parker, Peck, Pen1872, March 11—Mr. HEREFORD moved to dleton, Perce, A. F. Perry. Platt, Poland, Prindle,

E. H. Roberts, Rusk, Sawyer, Seeley, Shanks, suspend the rules and pass this resolution: Sheldon, Shoemaker, H. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, W.

Whereas it is one of the fundamental prin- c. Smith, Snapp, Snyder, T. J. Speer, Sprague, ciples of our form of government that Gov. Starkweather, Stoughton, Strong, Sypher, Taffe, ernments derive their just powers from the Wakeman. Walden, Wheeler, Whitthorne, Willard, consent of the governed: Therefore,

J. M. Wilson, J. T. Wilson-86. Be it resolved, That it would be contrary to! The bill was not considered in the Senate.



rules and restrictions as may be prescribed by 1872, February 16—This bill passed :

the Secretary of the Interior, at such prices as Be it enacted, &c., That in case there shall assigns, an average price of not more than

will secure to said company, its successors or be completed within one year from the passage $2 50 per acre, and subject to the further conof this act forty miles of the road from the dition that the right of way is hereby granted St. Croix river or lake to Lake Superior, as to said company to the extent of one hundred authorized by act of Congress approved June feet in width on each side of said road through 3, 1856, and act of Congress approved May 5, the public lands: Provided, That the grant 1864, and the Secretary of the Interior shall hereby extended shall inure only to the benefit be satisfied of such completion, the time for of such company or companies as the State completing the construction of said road as of Wisconsin may hereafter designate. authorized by said acts shall be extended to

Yeas 31, nays 7 : the State of Wisconsin five years from the pas

YEAS- Messrs. Boreman, Cameron, Carpentor, sage of this act, and all the grants, rights, and Chandler, Conkling, Fenton. Ferry of Connecticut, privileges contained in said original acts shall Ferry of Michigan, Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Hambe continued in full force and virtue for said ilton of Texas, Hamlin, Harlan, Hitchcock, Kel

logg, Lewis, Logan, Morton, Nye, Osborn, Pomeroy, time of five years: Provided, That the word Pratt, Ramsey. Rice, Sawyer, Scott, Spencer, Summineral, when used in the acts hereinbefore ner. Tipton, Vickers, Windom-31. referred to, shall not be held to include coal, Hamilton of Maryland, Morrill of Vermont, Patter

ÑAYS- Messrs. Anthony, Casserly, Edmunds, and subject to the further condition that the

Robertson-7. lands granted by the acts hereby extended, excepting only such as are necessary for the

In House. company to which the benefits of this act may inure, reserve for depots, stations, side-tracks, order on the Speaker's table

1872, February 28—This bill coming up in wood-yards, standing-grounds, and other need ful uses in operating the road, and pine and which was not agreed to-yeas 78, nays 99 :

Mr. Holman moved to lay it on the table; coal lands shall be sold to actual settlers only, and in quantities pot exceeding one hundred Arthur, Barnum: Beatty, Belly Biggs. Bingham

YEAS - Messrs. Acker, Adams, Ambler, Archer, and sixiy acres to any one person, under such Bird, Braxton, Buffinton, R. Ř. Butler, Campbell,




nays 94.

Coburn, Conner, Cox, Crebs, Critcher, Crossland, Butler, Carroll, Coburn, Cogblan, Conner, Cox, Dickey, Finkelnburg, Forker, H. D. Foster, Garrett, Crebs, Critcher, Crossland, Dickey, Duke, Dunnell, Getz, Griffith, Haldeman, Hancock, Handley, Har- Ely. Finkelnburg., Forker, c. Foster, H. D. Foster, mer, Hawley, Hay, Hays, Hereford. Hibbard, Hol- Getz. Golladay, Haldeman, Handley, Hanks, Harmer, man. Kelley, Kerr, Ketcham, Killinger, King, G. E. Harris, J. T. Harris, Hawley. Hay, Hays, HereLamison, Manson, McClelland, McNeely, Mercur. ford, Hibbard, Hill, Holman, Kelley, Kellogg. Kerr, Monroe, Niblack, Packard, Packer, Prindle, Read, Ketcham, Killinger, King, Lamison, Lamport, Lewis, J. M. Rice, E. H. Roberts, Shanks, Sherwood, Shoe- Lowe, Manson, Marshall, McClelland, McGrew, maker, Slocum. H. B. Smith, J. A. Sinith, R. M. McKinney, McNeely, Mercur, Monroe, Niblack, Speer, T. J. Speer, Stevens, Stevenson, Strong, Packard, Packer, Prindle, Read, J. M. Rice, E. H. Terry, Turner, Tyner, Upson, Van Trump. Voor Roberts, W. R. Roberts. Robinson, Sessions, Shanks, hees. Whiteley, Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, Shoemaker, Slocum, H. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, R. M. J. T. Wilson, Winchester-78.

Speer, Sprague, Starkweather, Stevens, Stevenson, Nays-Messrs. Ames, Averill, Banks, Barber, Strong, Terry, D. Townsend, Turner, Tyner. Upson, Barry, Beck, Beveridge, Bigby, A. Blair, Boles, Van Trump: Vaughan, Voorhees, Walden, Whiteley, Bright, G. M. Brooks, T. Brooks, Buckley, Cald- Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, J. T. Wilson, weit, F. Clarke, Comingo, Conger, Cotton, Crocker, Winchester, Wood—101. Darrall, Dawes, Donnan, Du Bose, Duell, Duke, NAYS-Messrs. Ames, Averill, Banks, Barber, Beck, Dunneli, Eames, Eldredge, Farnsworth, Farwell, Beveridge, A. Blair, J.G. Blair, Boles, G. M. Brooks, C. Foster, Frye, Golladay, Goodrich, Hale, Halsey, Buckley. Caldwell. Comingo, Conger, Cotton, Crocker, Hanks, Harper, G. E. Harris, J. T. Harris, Havens, Dawes, Donnan, Du Bose, Duell, Eames, Eldredge. G. W. Hazelton, Herndon, Hill, Hoar, Hooper, Farnsworth, Farwell, Frye, Garfield, Goodrich, Houghton, Kendall, Lamport. Leach, Lowe, Lynch, Hancock, Harper, Havens, G. W. Hazelton, Hoar. Marshall, Maynard, McCormick, McHenry, McJun- Hooper, Houghton, Lynch, Maynard, McCormick kin, Merriam, Mitchell, Orr, Palmer, I. C. Parker, Mitchell, L. Myers. Negley, Orr, Palmer, I. C. Peck, A. F. Perry, E. Perry, Peters, Platt. Price, Parker, Peck, Pendleton, E. Perry, Peters, Platt, Rainey, Rusk, Sargent, Sawyer, Scofield, Seeley, Price, Rainey, Rusk, Sargent, Sawyer, Scofield, Sheldon, Slater, Sloss, Snapp, Snyder, Stoughton, Seeley, Sheldon, Sherwood, Shober, Slater, Slos, Sutherland, Taffe, Thomas, D. Townsend, w. Town- Snapp, Snyder, T. J. Speer, Stoughton, Sutherland, send, Tuthill, Twichell, Vaughan, Waddell, Wake- Taffe, W. Townsend, Tuthill, Twichell, Waddell, map. Walden, Waldron, Wallace, Warren, Wheeler, Wakeman. Waldron, Wallace, Warren, Wheeler, Whitthorne, Williams of New York, Young-99. Willard, Williams of New York, Young-78.

Mr. HOLMAN asked unanimous consent to March 1—The bill, with various proposi. propose this amendment:

tions submitted, was recommitted to the ComProvided, however, That this grant shall be mittee on Public Lands, with the right to construed to apply to such lands only as would report it back at any time the next week after inure to the benefit of the Northern Pacific Monday. Railroad Company this act had not been

March 7—The committee reported back passed.

the bill with these amendments : Which was refused, when he moved again Aniend the first section so as to exclude all to table the bill; which was lost-yeas 80, “coal" lands from the grant; and add the

following sections: February 29—Mr. Holman moved to recom- SEC. 2. That this act shall be so construed mit the bill to the Committee on Public as to grant to the State of Wisconsin all the Lands, with these instructions:

lands heretofore reserved and embraced in its To so amend the bill as that it shall grant provisions, which would inure to the Northern to the State of Wisconsin all the lands speci- Pacific Railroad Company, under existing fied in the bill which would inure to the laws, by any location of said Northern Pacific North Pacific Railroad Company under exist. Railroad Company authorized by existing ing laws, by any location of said North Pacific laws, if this grant or extension had not been road authorized by existing laws, if this grant made to said State of Wisconsin, and as limitor extension was not made to said State of ing the grant to the lands which, in the absence Wisconsin; and to limit the grant to the of further legislation, would, by fair interpret: lands which, in the absence of such legisla- ation of existing laws, inure to the benefit of tion, would, by fair interpretation of existing laws, inure to the benefit of the North Pacific Railroad Company: Provided, That this act

or might be taken by the Northern Pacific road.

shall not be construed to enlarge the grant of And to further amend the bill so that it land to the Northern Pacific Railroad Comshall not be construed to enlarge the grant of pany, or to authorize the Northern Pacific in lieu of any lands embraced in this act, or land to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, or to authorize said Northern Pacific

Railroad Company to select lands elsewhere Railroad Company to select lands elsewhere in lieu of any lands specified in the pending which other lands might be selected by said

as granting to said State any lands in lieu of bill.

Northern Pacific Railroad Company, or Mr. Donnan, by unanimous consent, offered

granting any coal lands. the following additional instruction :

Sec. 3. That the extent of the grant to said Provided further, That all lands hereby State under this act shall be determined by granted, which may remain unsold at the the Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney expiration of five years after the completion General, subject to the approval of the Presi-! of said road, shall be subject to settlement dent of the United States, and s!all be reportand preemption like other public lands, at a ed to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior price to be paid to such railroad company not

as soon as such determination is made. exceeding $2 50 per acre.

March 15—An amendment was offered by The whole being treated as one amend. Mr. ELDREDGE to strike out of section two the ment, was agreed to-yeas 101, nays 78:

words: YEAS-Messrs. Acker, Adams, Ambler, Archer, Arthur, Barnum, Beatty, Bell, Biggs, Bingham,

Or as granting to said State any lands in Bird, Bright, Buffinton, Burchard, Burdett, B. F lieu of which other lands might be selected by


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