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Clark, C. L. Cobb, Conger, Conner, Corker, Cowles, affirmed in the Declaration of Independence,
Darrall, J. Dixon, N. F. Dixon, Dockery: Doa, Duke, the great forerunner of the Federal Constitu-
wold, Hambleton, Hamill, Hamilton, Harris, Haw- tion; and whereas in the course of time, the
kins, Hays, Heflin, Hoar, Hoge, Holmes, Hooper, question of secession being still undecided by
Jones, T. L. Jones, Judd. Kelley, Kelsey, Ketcham: any tribunal of the Federal Government, cer-
Knapp, Lufin, Lash, Logan, Long, Lynch, Manning, tain States did secede and set up a govern-
Mayham, Maynard, McCarthy, McGrew, McKee, ment of their own in accordance with honest
McKenzie. J. H. Moore, Morey, Morphis,, Mori convictions of their reserved rights, and a great
rell, Morrissey, Mungen, L. Myers, Negley, O'Neill,
H. E. Paine, 'w. W. Paine. Paliner, Perce, Platt, civil war ensued in which said States and gov.
Poland, Pomeroy, Porter, W. P. Price, Prosser, Rai- ernment were subdued and overthrown, the
L. A. Sheldon, Sherrod, Shober, J. S. Smith, W.J: great experiment having been made and set-
Smith, W. c. Smith, Stokes, Stoughton, Strader, tled by arms; and whereas the leaders and
Strickland, Swann, Sypher, Tillman, W. Townsend, soldiers in said war for secession or revolution
Trimble, Twichell, Van Auken, Wallace, Wheeler, and the people of said States have for nearly
Whiteley, Whitmore, Williains, E. M. Wilson,

six years after peace conformed to all the re-
Nays-Messrs. Ambler, Asper, Beatty, Biggs, quirements of the Government of the United
S. Clarke, A. Cobb. Coburn, Cook, Crebs, Donley, Ela; Ştates, and have been fully reconstructed un-
Finkelnburg, Garfield, Haight, Haldeman, Hale, der the laws and regulations of its Congress :
Hawley, Hay, Hill, Holman, Julian, Lawrence, Be it therefore,
Lewis, Marshall, McCrary, McNeely, Mercur, E. H.

Resolved, That it is the bounden duty of the Moore, W. Moore, Morgan, Morrill, Niblack, Orth, Packer, Peck, Peters, Phelps, 'Potter, Randali, Government and Congress of the United States, Reeves, Rice, Scofield, J. A. Smith, Stark weather, if they would revere the common brotherbood, Van Trump, Van Wyck. 'Ward, W. B. Washburn; trials, sufferings, and glorious achievements of Welker, Willard, J. T. Wilson, Wolf, Wood-64. a noble ancestry, and act in the liberal, mag:

nanimous, and Christian spirit of an enlightened

age, to grant free, unqualified, and perfect In SENATE.

pardon and amnesty to all political offenders 1871, March 3-A motion to lay the bill on

in said war, that the Government of the fath, the table was disagreed to-yeas 22, nays 33: ers, with all its privileges and blessings, may

be restored for the benefit of the whole people, YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Buckingham, Casserly, Corbett, Cragin, Davis, Hamilton of Maryland, Har: and that the original, “ more perfect union ot lan, McDonald, Morrill of Vermont, Patterson, Pool, the Constitution may be reëstablished, exalted, Pratt, Ramsey, Rice, , Schurz, Sherman, Sprague, and secured forever. Stockton, Trumbull, Vickers, Willey-22. Nays-Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Blair, Boreman,

Which was disagreed to-yeas 14, nays 143, Brownlow, Cattell, Chandler, Conkling, Edmunds, not voting 78: Fenton, Flanagan, Hamlin, Harris, Hill, Howard, Howell, Kellogg, Lewis, McCreery, Nye, Osborn,

YEAS-Messrs. Beck, Bird, Duke, Gibson, GrisPomeroy, Robertson, Sawyer, Scott. Spencer, Stew: wold, Haldeman, Johnson, Jones, Knott, Reeves, art, Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Warner, Wilson, Rice, Sherrod, Winchester, Woodward-14. Yates-33.

Nays-Messrs, Allison, Ambler, Arnell, Asper,

Atwood, Ayer, Bailey, Banks, Barnum, Barry, BeaAfter further debate, another motion to lay man, Beatty, Benjamin, Bennett, Benton, Bingham, it on the table was lost-yeas 13, nays 40:

A. Blair, Boles, Booker, G. M. Brooks, Buckley,

Buffinton, Burchard, Burdett, B. F. Butler, Cessna, YEAS-Messrs. Cragin, Edmunds, Gilbert, Har- Churchill, S. Clarke, A. Cobb, c. L. Cobb, Coburn, lan, Howell, McDonald, Pool, Ramsey, Rice, Schurz, Cook, Conger, Cowles, Cox, Crebs, Cullom, Dawes, Scott, Sprague, Tipton-13.

Degener, Dickey, J. Dixon, N. F. Dixon, Dockery, NaYs — Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Bayard, Blair, Duval, Ela, Farnsworth, Ferriss, Ferry, Finkeln. Boreman, Buckingbam, Cameron, er, Conk burg, Fisher, Fitch, Gilfillan, Hale, Harris, Hawling, Corbett. Davis, Fenton, Flanagan, Fowler, kins, Hawley, Hay, Hill, Hogo, Holman, Holines, Hamilton of Maryland, Harris, Hill, Howard, John- Hooper, Hotchkiss, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Jones, Judd, ston, Kellogg, Lewis, McCreery, Miller, Nye, Osborn, Kelley, Kellogg, Kelsey, Ketcham, Knapp, Laflin, Pomeroy, Revels. Robertston, Ross, Sawyer, Sher- Lawrence, Loughridge, Maynard, McCrary, Mcman, Spencer, Stearns, Stewart, Stockton, Trumbull, Grew, McKee, McKenzie, Mercur, Milnes, E. H. Warner, Williams, Wilson, Yates--40.

Moore, J. H Moore, W. Moore, Morey, Morphis, The bill then passed without a division.

Morrell, Morrissey, Mungen, L. Myers, Negley,

Orth, Packard, Packer, Paine, Palmer, Peck,
Perce, Peters, Phelps, Poland, Pomeroy, Porter,

Prosser, Roots, Sargent, Sawyer, Schumaker, ScoRight of Secession, and Amnesty. field, Shanks. L. A. Sheldon, P. Sheldon, Slocum, Ix House.

J. A. Smith, W.J.Smith, W. Ç. Smith, Starkweather,

A. F. Stevens, Stevenson, Stokes, Stoughton, Strong, 1870, December 19—Mr. Thomas L. Jones Taffe, Taylor, Tillman, w. Townsend, Twicheli,

Tyner, Upson, Wallace, C. C. Washburn, W. B. moved a suspension of the rules that he might Washburn, Welker, Whitmore, Wilkinson, Willard, offer and the House adopt the following reso. Williams, J.T. Wilson, Winans, Witcher, Wolf–143. lution:

Nor Voting-Messrs. Adams, Ames, Archer, ArmWhereas the Government of the United Buck,' Burr, Ř

strong, Axtell, Biggs, Bowen, Boyd, J. Brooks,

R. Butler, Cake, Culkin, W. T. States was established as a confederacy of co- Clark. Cleveland, Conner, Covode, Darrali. Dickequal States, delegating certain powers to a Getz,' Haight, 'Hambleton, 'Hamill, Hamilton, Hays. Federal head or common agent, and reserving Heflin, Hoar. Julian, Kerr, Lash, Lewis, Logan, all others to the States respectively or to the Lynch, Manning, Marshall, Mayham; McCarthy, people ;” and whereas the question of seces- Niblack, Platt, Potter, Rainey, Randall, Rogers, sion was from the beginning a debatable one, Sanford, Schenck, Shober, J. S. Smith, Știles, Stone. held by some to be a sovereign right reserved, Strader, Strickland, Swann, Sweeney, Sypher, Tanner, and denied by others; and whereas the right Wyck. Voorhees, Ward, Wells, Wheeler, E. M. Wilof revolution is admitted by all and was lxon, Wood78.

Tariff and Taxation.

lican; the negative exclusively Democratic, In House.

except Mr. Deweese. 1870, December 12-Mr. KELLEY moved a suspension of the rules that he might offer,

The Arlington Estate. and the House adopt this resolution :

In SENATE. Resolved, That the true principle of revenue 1870, December 13–Mr. McCREERY, agreereform points to the abolition of the internal ably to notice, asked leave to bring in this revenue system which was created as a war

resolution : measure to provide for extraordinary expenses, Resolved, &c., That a joint committee of and a continuance of which involves the em- five, two from the Senate and three from the ployment, at the cost of millions of dollars House, be appointed, whose duty it shall be annually, of an army of assessors, collectors, to inquire and report what real estate, if any, supervisors, detectives, and other officers pre: belonged to the late General Robert E. Lee viously unknown; and requires the repeal, at at the time he entered the confederate serthe earliest day consistent with the mainte- vice; by what right or title he held the farm nance of the faith and credit of the Govern- and lands known as Arlington Heights, and ment, of all stamp and other internal taxes; whether he had any right, title, or claim and that properly adjusted rates shall be re thereto which rendered Arlington liable to tained on distilled spirits, tobacco, and malt confiscation or forfeiture by reason of his parliquors so long as the legitimate expenses of ticipation in the rebellion. That the committhe Government require the collection of any tee ascertain and report whether that estate som from internal taxes. Which was agreed to-geas 168, nays 6 :

was or was not the property of Mrs. Lee,

formerly Miss Custis, and inherited by her Yeas-Messrs. , Allison, Ambler, Armstrong, Ar- from her ancestors, and whether the title nell, Atwood, Axtell, Barry. Beainan, Beatty, Beck, Benton, Bingham, Bird, A. Blair. 'Boles, "Booker, was or was not vested by law in herself and Bowen, Boyd. G. M. Brooks, J. Brooks, Buckley, her children; and if so, had General Lee

If the Talkin, Churchill, w. 1. Clark, B. Ciarke, A. Cobh; any rights subject to forfeiture. C. L. Cobb, Coburn. Cook, Conger, Cowles, Crebs; property was sold for taxes the committee Cullom, parrall, Dickinson, N. F. Dixon, Donley, shall report the amount of taxes assessed Dox, Duke, Duval. Eldredge, Farnsworth. Ferris, upon it, the value of the property sold, who Gilltillan, Griswold, Hamli, Hawkins, Hawley, Hay, paid and who received the money ; whether Heflin, Holines, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Johnson, A. H. a less quantity than the whole was not uffi Jones, T. L. Jones, Julian, Kelley, Kellogg, Kel- cient to meet the demands of Government, sey, Ketcham,

Knapp, Knott, Laflin, Logan, Lynch, and whether the sale as made was legal and Manning, Mayham, Maynard, McCormick, McCrary, McGrew, McKee, McKenzie. McNeely, Mercur, E. constitutional. That the committee report H. Moore, J. H. Moore, W. Moore, Morey, Morgan, what expenditure it would require to put the Morphis, Morrell, Morrill, Morrissey, Mungen, L. house and farm in good repair, in order that it Packer, Paine, Palmer, Peck, Perce, Peters, Phelps, may be restored to the owner or owners in as Reeves, J. M. Rice, Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, States Government took possession; also, what Platt, Poland, Pomeroy, Porter, Prosser, Rainey, good condition as it was when the United don, P. Sheldon, Sherrod, Shober, Slocum, T. A. Smith, would be a reasonable and fair compensation W.C. Smith, Starkweather, A. F. Stevens, Steven- in the way of rent since the occupation by the son, Stiles, Stokes, Stone, Stoughtoa, Strader. Strick Government, as well as for the waste that has Tillman, W. Townsend, Trimble, Tyner, Upson, Van been committed on the premises by felling the Horn, Van Trump, Voorhees, Wallace, c. c. Wash- trees, destroying the orchards, or otherwise J. T.'Wilson, Witcher, Wolf, Wood, Woodward-168.' impairing the value of the property. And if

NAYS-Messrs. Asper, Ayer, 'Benjamin, Cox. grave-yards have been established on the land, Finkelnburg, W. J. Smith-6.

then the committee shall ascertain and report

the number of interments, ou what terms a First Session Forty-First Congress. suitable spot for a cemetery can be purThe following resolution was inadvertently chased in the neighborhood, and the proba. omitted from my Hand Book of Politics for ble cost of removing the bodies to the new 1870:

place of sepulture. And if improvements 1869, March 29-Mr. Morgan submitted the have been made upon the land since its following resolution, namely:

occupation by the Government or its agents, Resolved, That as a means of relief to the the committee shall report upon their charpeople and in some degree to equalize taxa acter and value, and whether they were necestion, the Committee of Ways and Means be, sary and proper, and if of no real value to and said committee is hereby, instructed to the owner and only an incumbrance upon her report a bill, first, to exempt salt, tea, coffee, estate, then they shall report the estimated sugar, matches, and tobacco from every spe or probable cost of their removal. If the Gov. cies of taxation for Federal purposes; second, ernment hold and occupy any real estate, the to impose a tax of two and a half per cent. in title whereof was vested by law in General gold on all bonds heretofore issued, or which Robert E. Lee at the time he entered the conmay hereafter be issued, by the Government federate service, the committee shall report of the United States.

the same. The committee shall also ascertain Mr. Hooper moved that it be laid on the and report the amount and value of the pertable; which was agreed to-yeas 104, nays sonal property taken by the Government or its 40. The affirmative was exclusively Repub• agents from General Lee, or from his family,

and whether or not the same can without detri- First Session Forty-Second Congress. meot be restored in kind, and if not, what

In House would be a just and reasonable compensation. If there are in any of the Departments any 1871, March 13—Mr. BRAXTON offered a bill relics or mementos left by George Washington to quiet the title of the Arlington estate. to the Custis family, and the same were taken from the house or the possession of Mrs. Lee, [The bill provides that upon a full release and the committee will report who is the present

conveyance of all right, title, and interest custodian of such articles, and whether any

at law and in equity by the devisees under of them have been lost or damaged while

the last will and testament of George W. P. going to or remaining in said Departments.

Custis, deceased, in the tract of land called The committee shall take the statements of

" Arlington,"containing eleven hundred Mrs. Lee in order to identify her property with

acres, and situate in the county of Alexgreater certainty, to discover the extent of her

andria and State of Virginia, the Secretary losses ; and they shall report all facts neces

of the Treasury shall pay, out of any money sary to a settlement upon the principles of

in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, substantial justice.

to the said devisees, the sum of $300,000, Objection being made by Mr. EDMUNDS, the which payment, when made, shall be in full

consideration for the said property. The question arose, sball the leave asked be granted?

second section provides that this bill shall Mr. Davis moved that the question lie on the

be in force from and after its passage.] table; which was disagreed to-yeas 9, pays 49: On motion of Mr. B. F. BUTLER, the bill Yeas-Messrs. Bayard, Casserly, Davis, Fowler, was laid on the table-yeas 115, nays 74 : Hamilton of Maryland, Johnston, Lewis, Saulsbury, Vicker 8-9.

YEAS-Messrs. Ambler, Averill, Barber, Beatty, Nays--Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Anthony, Boreman, Bigby, Bingham, A. Blair, G. M. Brooks, BuckBrownlow, Buckingham, Cameron, Carpenter, ley, Buffinton, Burchard, Burdett, B. F. ButChandler, Cole, Conkling, Corbett, Drake, Edo ler, R. R. Butler, F. Clarke, C. L. Cobb, Coburn, munds, Fenton, Flanagan, Gilbert. Hamilton of Conger, Cook, Cotton, Creely, Dawes, De Large, Texas, Hamlin, Harlan, Harris, Howard, Howe, Dickey, Donnan, Dunnell, Eames, Elliott, FarnsHowell, McCreery, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, worth,

Farwell, Finkelnburg, C. Foster, Frye, GarNye, Patterson, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Revels, field, Goodrich, Griffith, Hale, Harmer, G. E. HarRice, Robertson, Ross, Sawyer, Scott, 'Sherman, ris, Havens, Hawley, Hay, G.W. Hazelton, J. W. HaSpencer, Sprague, Stewart, Sumner, Thayer, Tip- zelton, Hoar, Holman, Hooper, Kelley, Ketcham, ton, Willes, Williams, Wilson, Windom-49. Lam port, Lansing, Lowe, Lynch, Manson, Maynard, Leave to bring in the resolution was then Moore, Morey, Morphis, L. Myers, Orr. Packard,

McCrary, MoGrew, McJunkin, Merriam, Monroe, refused-yeas 4, nays 54:

Packer, Palmer, Parker, Peck, Pendleton, Perce, YEAS-Messrs. Fowler, Hamilton of Maryland, Mc- H. Roberts, Rusk, Sawyer, Scofield,' Sessions,

Peters, Platt, Porter, Prindle, Rainey, Randall, E. Creery, Vickers-4. NAys-Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Anthony, Bayard, H. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, W. C. Smith, R. M Speer, T.

Shanks, Sheldon, Shellabarger, Shoemaker, Slocum, penter, Casserly, Chandler, Cole,

Conkling, Corbett, J. Speer, Sprague, Stevenson, Stoughton, St. John, Drake, Edmunds, Fenton, Flanagan, Gilbert, Hamil: Sypher, Thomas, W.Townsend, Twichell, Tyner, Up: ton of Texas,

Hamlin, Harlan. Úarris, Howard, son. Voorhees: Wakeman, Walden, Waldron, wala Howe, Howell, Kellogg, Lewis, Morrill of Vermont. of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, J. T. 'Wilson-115.

lace, Walls, Wheeler, Whiteley, Willard, Williams Morton, Nye, Patterson, Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey. Revels, Rice, Robertson, Ross, Sawyer. Beck, Bird, J. G. Blair, Braxton, Bright, J. Brooks,

NAYS--Messrs. Acker, Adams, Archer, Arthur, Schurz, Scott, Sherman, Spencer, Sprague, Stewart, Caldwell, Campbell, Carroll, Comingo, Cox, Crebs Sumner, Thayer, Tipton, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Critcher, Crossland,'Davis, Dox, Du Bose, Duke, El. Windom-54.

dredge, Ely, Forker, Garrett, Getz, Golladay, HaldeThe petition of Mrs. Mary Ann Lee, widow man, Handley, Hanks, Harper, T. T. Harris, Hereof General Robert E. Lee, is now pending in ford, Kendall, King Kinsella, Lamison. Leach, the Senate, reciting the circumstances attend. McKinney, Merrick, B. F. Meyers, Morgan, Niblack, ing the sale of the Arlington estate, and ask- Perry, Price, E. ¥. 'Rice, J. M. Rice, Ritchie; W.R. ing that Congress appropriate $300,000 to pur. Storm, Sutherland, Swann, Terry, Tuthill. Van Trump, chase the estate from her, and proposing in Vaughan, Waddell, Warren, Wells, Whitthorne, Wilthat event to give the Government a clear title. I liams of New York, Wood, Young-74.


THE UNITED STATES. The following constitutional amendments determining all questions which may arise as were proposed, during the Forty-First and to the validity of the electoral vote of any State Forty-Second Congresses.

for President and Vice President of the United IN SENATE-FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS.

States; which said tribunal shall exercise its

jurisdiction under such regulations as Congress 1869, March 18—Mr. ROBERTSON proposed a shall make. new article:

1870, January 21- Mr. POMEROY proposed The Congress shall have power to establish a new article: a tribunal for the purpose of considering and! The basis of suffrage in the United States shall be that of citizenship, and all native or late the times and continuance of its terms for naturalized citizens shall enjoy the same rights the transaction of business. and privileges of the elective franchise; but 1871, December 19-Mr. STEWART proposed each State shall determine by law the age of a new article: The citizen and the time of residence required SECTION 1. There shall be maintained in for the exercise of the right of suffrage, which each State and Territory a system of free shall apply equally to all citizens, and also common schools; but neither the United shall make all laws concerning the time, States, nor any State, Territory, county, or places, and manner of holding elections for municipal corporation shall aid in the support all State and municipal officers.

of any school wherein the peculiar tenets of 1870, April 18—Mr. DRAKE proposed a new any religious denomination are taught. article :

Sec. 2. Congress shall have power to enforce SECTION 1. The United States shall protect this article by appropriate legislation. each State against domestic violence when- 1871, December 21-Mr. SUMNER proposed ever it sball be shown to the President, in a new article, (preamble omitted :) such manner as the Congress may by law Section 1. No person who has once held prescribe, that such violence exists in such the office of President of the United States State.

sball be thereafter eligible to that office. Sec. 2. The Congress shall have power to

Sec. 2. This amendment shall not take enforce this article by appropriate legisla. effect unti af he 4th day of March, tion.

1873. 1871, January 17-Mr. Yates proposed a 1872, May 30—Mr. SUMNER submitted the new article :

following, (preamble omitted:) Every person, whether a native-born or a for: Resolved, &c., (two thirds of each House eign born citizen of the United States who con

oncurring therein.) That the following be shall have attained to the age of thirty-five years, proposed as an amendment to the Constitution, and been fourteen years a resident within the which, when ratified by the Legislatures of United States, shall be eligible to the office of three fourths of the several States, shall be President.

valid, to all intents and purposes, as part


The executive power shall be vested in a

President of the United States of America ; 1871, March 16—Mr. Davis, of Kentucky, be shall hold his office during the term of four proposed a new article :

years, and be elected as follows: There is hereby established the Constitutional The qualified voters shall meet at the usual Tribunal, with power to decide all questions of places of holding elections in their respective conflict of jurisdiction or power between the States and Territories on the first Monday in United States and the States, or any of them; April, in the year one thousand eight hundred all questions of the constitutionality of bills and seventy six, and on the first Monday in passed by Congress, or of acts of every kind April every four years thereafter, under sucn done and performed by any department or rules and regulations as the Congress may by officer, or other person, under the authority law prescribe, and vote by ballot for a citizen of the Government of the United States ; and qualified under the Constitution to be Presi. to open and count the votes of the electors of dent, and the result of such election in each President and Vice President of the United State and Territory shall be certified, sealed, States. Proceedings may be had before the Con- and forwarded to the seat of Government in stitutional Tribunal by original petition, or by such manner as the Congress may by law appeal or writ of error from the judgments or de direct. crees of all the courts of the United States and The Congress shall be in session on the third the States, by and in the name of any State or Monday in May after such election, and on the person, natural or artificial, directly interested Tuesday next succeeding the third Monday in in the questions involved in the proceedings. May, if a quorum of each House shall be The concurrence of a majority of the whole present, and if not, immediately on the prespumber of the Tribunal, counting one for every ence of such quorum the Senators and RepreState, shall be necessary to enable it to render sentatives shall meet in the Representative any judgment or decree; and they shall be Chamber in joint convention, and the Presiexecuted and enforced by the United States dent of the Senate, in esence of the Sena. according to law. Each State shall be entitled tors and Representatives thus assembled, shall to and shall choose one member of the Con- open all returns of the election and declare stitutional Tribunal, who at the time of being the result. The person having the greatest chosen shall be not less than thirty years of number of votes cast for President shall be age, and who sball have been for ten years a President, if such number be a majority; if citizen of the United States, and five years a no person have such a majority, or if the perresident of the State. The members of the son having such majority decline the office or Tribunal shall hold their offices during good die before the counting of the vote, then the behavior; shall receive compensation from President of the Senate shall so proclaim ; their respective States ; may be removed by whereupon the joint convention shall order them for treason, bribery, corruption in office, the proceedings to be officially published, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, or stating particularly the number of votes for mental imbecility. The Tribunal may regu: I each person as President.

Another election shall thereupon take place fied voters therein. A number of electors in on the second Tuesday of October next suc each State equal to the whole number of Repceeding, at which election the duly qualified resentatives to which such Stale may be voters shall again meet at the usual places of entitled in Congress shall be chosen in single holding elections in their respective States and districts of contiguous and compact territory, Territories, and vote for one of the three per- each containing, as nearly as practicable, au sons having the highest number of votes, at equal amount of population. The times, places, the preceding election in April, and the result and manner of choosing such electors shalí of such election in each siate and Territory be prescribed in each State by the Legislature shall be certified, sealed, and forwarded to the thereof, but the Congress may at any time by seat of Government as provided by law. law make or alter such regulations. Congress

On the third Tuesday in December after shall by law provide for the case of absence, such second election, or as soon thereafter as death, resignation, or inability of any elector, a quorum of each House shall be present, the prescribe the mode of determining the validity Senators and Representatives shall again meet of the choice of electors, and of contesting the in joint convention, and the President of the right to the office of President and Vice Presi. Senate, in presence of the Senators and Rep-dent. resentatives thus assembled, shall open all the 1870, February 14-Mr. INGERSOLL proposed returns of the election, and declare the per a new article: son having the highest number of votes duly SECTION 1. The Congress shall bave power elected President for the ensuing term. to issue United States notes and may make

No person elected to the office of President them a legal tender in payment of debts. shall thereafter be eligible for reëlection. 1870, April 4-Mr. Julian proposed a new

In case of the removal of the President article: from office by impeachment, or of his death, SECTION 1. The right of citizens of the resignation, or inability to discharge the pow- United States to vote shall not be denied or ers and duties of the office, the same shall abridged by the United States or by any State devolve temporarily on the head of an Execu. on account of sex. tive Department senior in years. If there be Sec. 2. The Congress shall have the

power to no head of an Executive Department, then the enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Senator senior in years shall act as President 1870, April 18–Mr. BURDETT proposed a until a successor is chosen and qualified. new article:

If Congress be in session at the time of the SECTION 1. No State or municipal corpora death, resignation, disability, or removal of tion within any State of the United States sball the President, the Senators and Representa- levy or collect any tax for the support or aid tives shall meet in joint convention, under of any sectarian, denominational, or religious such rules and regulations as the Congress school, or educational establishment; nor shall may by law prescribe, and proceed to elect by the Legislature of any State, or the corporate viva voce vote a President to fill such vacancy, authorities of any municipality within any each Senator and Representative having one State, appropriate any money or make any

A quorum for this purpose shall consist donation from the public funds or property of of a majority in each House of the Senators such State or municipality for the support or and Representatives duly elected and qualified, aid of any sectarian, religious, or denominaand a majority of all the votes given shall be tional school, or educational establishment. necessary to the choice of a President. he SEC. 2. The Congress shall bave power to person thus elected as President shall dis- enforce this article by appropriate legislation. charge all the powers and duties of the office 1871, January 4-Mr. COBURN proposed a until the inauguration of the President elected new article: at the next regular election.

Congress may by law vest the election of all If Congress be not in session at the time a officers of the United States whose duties revacancy occurs, then the acting President shall quire them to reside in the several States, forth with issue a proclamation convening Con- except judges and officers of the courts of the gress within thirty days after the occurrence United States, in the people of the several of such vacancy.

States, districts, and localities therein in which On the presence of a quorum in each House, they are by law required to perform their the Senators and Representatives shall meet duties, subject to the directions and regulain joint convention and elect a President, as tions of the President of the United States and before provided.

the heads of Departments, and to arrest, susThe office of Vice President is abolished. pension, or removal by the President of the

The Senate shall choose their own Presiding United States. Officer.

[This was re-presented by Mr. Coburn in

first session of Forty-Second Congress, ou 13th IN HOUSE-FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS. of March, 1871.] 1869, December 22—Mr. LAWRENCE pro.

IN HOUSE-FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. posed a new article:

The electors of President and Vice Presi- 1871, March 4-Mr. POTTER proposed a new dent shall be chosen as follows: two electors article: of President and Vice President shall be SECTION 1. That the Congress shall make chosen at large from each State by the quali- no law impairing the obligations of contracts,


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