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to insert the words "and all laws regulating | SEC. 2. That said commissioners shall rethe hours of labor are hereby repealed." ceive an annual salary of $5,000 each, shall

Mr. SPENCER moved tbat the amendment be be authorized to employ a clerk, and shall laid on the table; which was agreed to-yeas report the result of their investigation to the 24, nays 20:

President, to be by him transmitted to ConYEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Boreman, Carpenter. Cus- gress. serly, Cole, Cooper, Davis of West Virginia, Gold- Yeas 135, nays 36: thwaite, Kellogg, Kelly, Morton, Pomeroy, Pratt, Ramsey, Ransom, Rice, Schurz, Spencer, Stevenson, Banks. Barry, Beatty, Bell, Bingham, A. Blair, G.

YEAS-Messrs. Acker, Ambler, Archer, Arthur, Stewart, Stockton, Sumner, West, Wilson-24.

Nays-Messrs. Alcorn, Åmes, Anthony, Bucking- M. Brooks, Buckley, Buffinton, Burdett, Cobb. ham, Caldwell, Chandler, Corbett, Edmunds, Ferry Coghlan, Conger, Cox, Crebs, Creely, Dawes. Donof Connecticut, Ferry of Michigan, Hamilton of nán, Dox, Duell. Eames, Fink elnburg, Forker, C. Maryland, Hamilton of Texas, Hamlin, Morrill of Foster, Frye, Garfield, Getz, Golladay, Goodrich, Maine, Morrill of Vermont,

Nye, Robertson, Trum-Griffith, Haldeman, Hancock, Harmer, G. E. Harris, bull, Vickers, Wright-20.

Havens, Hawley, Hay, Hays, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. The Senate first refused (yeas 22, nays 24) to Holman, Houghton, Kelley, Ketcham, Killinger,

Hazelton, Hereford, Herndon, Hibbard, lill, Hoar, strike out the proviso to the House section, but King, Kinsella, Lamport, Lansing, Lowe, Lynch, afterward struck it out, without a division, after Manson, Marshall, Maynard, McClelland, McCrary.

McJunkin, McKee, McKinney, McNeely, Mercur, having been reconsidered-yeas 27, naye 23 : Merriam, Merrick, B. F. Meyers, Monroe, Moore,

YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Boreman, Casserly, Morphis, Negley, Niblack, Packard, Packer, H. W. Conkling, Cooper, Davis of West Virginia, Hamlin, Parker, I.. C. Parker, Pendleton. Perce. E. Perry. Hill, Johnston, Kelly, Logan, Morton, Nye, Pratt, Porter: Prindle, Rainey, E. H. Roberts, W. R. RobRamsey, Ransom, Rice, Sawyer, Schurz, Spencer, erts, Robinson, J. Rogers, Rusk, Scofield, Seeley, Stockton, Sumner, Tipton, Trumbull, West, Wil- Shanks. Sheldon, Sherwood, Shober, Shoemaker, son-27.

Slocum, H. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, Snyder, R. M. Nays-Messrs. Alcorn, Ames, Anthony, Bucking- Speer. T. J. Speer, Sprague, Stevens, Stevenson, ham, Caldwell, Chandler, Cole, Corbett,' Edmunds, Storm. Stoughton. Stowell, Swann. Sypher, Thomas, Ferry, of Connecticut, Ferry of Michigan, Gilbert, W. Townsend, Twichell, Tyner, Upson, Van Trump, Goldthroaite, Hamilton of Maryland, Hamilton of Voorhees, Waddell, Wakeman, Walden, Waldron, Texas, Harlan, Morrill of Maine, Pomeroy, Robert- Wallace, Walls, Washburn, Wells, Wheeler, Whiteson, Stevenson, Vickers, Windom, Wright-23.

Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, J. T. WilAnd then-yeas 24, nays

son, Wood-135.

25-non-concurred Nays-Messrs. Adams, Barber, Bird, Braxton, in the amendment reported by the Committee Bright, Burchard, Caldwell, Campbell, F. Clarke, on Appropriations, stated above, thus con- Eldredge. Handley, J. T. Harris, Kerr, Lewis, McCor

Comingo, Conner, Critcher, Crossland, Davis, Du Bose, curring in the House section less the proviso. mick, McIntyre, Palmer,, Peck, Price, Read, E. Y.

Rice, J. M. Rice, Ritchie, Sessions, Slater, Taffe,

Terry, Whitthorne, Winchester, Young—36.
May 6—The Senate amendment was con-

curred in on a division, yeas 78, nays 59, after
having voted down an amendment offered by Whole, the tax and tariff bill pending,

1872, May 29-As in Committee of the Mr. Farnsworth to add the following words: And shall also pay those who worked ten

Mr. SAWYER moved to amend by inserting hours as a day's work twenty per cent. in after section eleven the above sections, with an addition to the sum they have already re- addition so that the second section, after the ceived.

word “clerk” read : "at an annual salary of $1,400, and shall report the result of their

investigation to the President, to be by bim Proposed Labor Commission.

transmitted to Congress; and there is hereby In House.

appropriated, for the payment of said salaries, 1871, December 20—The following bill $16,400, and $1,000 in addition thereto for passed:

stationery and postage for the use of said That there shall be appointed by the Presi

commissioners. dent, by and with the advice and consent of

Mr. POMEROY moved to amend the amendthe Senate, a commission of three

ment by striking out the words from civil who shall be selected from civil life, solely life,” where they first occur in the first secwith reference to their character and capacity tion; which was disagreed to. for an honest and impartial investigation, and

Mr. POMEROY moved to amend the amend. of whom at least one shall be practically iden- ment by striking out the words : tified with the laboring interests of the coun:

Provided, That said commissioners shall be try, and who shall hold office for the period appointed irrespective of political or parof one year from the date of their appoint- tisan consideration, and from civil life, ment, unless their duties shall have been

Which was disagreed to-yeas 18, nays 35 : sooner accomplished, who shall investigate the

YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Boreman, Caldsubject of the wages and hours of labor, and Ferry of Michigan, Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Hitch

well, Carpenter, Chandler, Clayton, Cole, Corbett, of the division of the joint profits of labor and cock, Logan, Morrill of Maine, Nye, Pomeroy, capital between the laborer and the capitalist, Ramsey 18.

NAYS-Messrs. Alcorn, Bayard, Blair, Cameron, and the social, educational, and sanitary con: Chaserly, Conkling, Cooper, Cragin, Goldthwaite, dition of the laboring classes of the United Hamilton of Maryland, Hamilton of Texas, Hamlin, States, and how the same are affected by ex- Hill, Johnston, Kelly, Lewis, Morrill of Vermont. isting laws regulating commerce, finance, and yer, Scott, Sherman, Spencer, Sprague, Stevenson, currency: Provided, That said commissioners Stockton, Tipton, Trumbull, Vickers, West, Wilson, shall be appointed irrespective of political or

Wright-35. partisan considerations, and from vil life. Mr. Wilsox moved to strike the word

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"three" from the amendment and insert Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Hitchcock, Howe, Lewis, "live," so as to make the commission consist Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Osborn, Patterson,

Pool, Ramsey, Robertson, Sawyer, Scott, Sberman, of five persons; which was disagreed to. Spencer, Sprague, Sumner, Thurman, Tipton, Wild Mr. Wilson moved to strike out

one son-25. year and insert “two years” as the term of

Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Buckingham, Cald

well, Cameron, Chandler, Clayton, Cole, Conkling, office of the commissioners; which,

Corbett, Edmunds, Ferry of Connecticut, Ferry of May 30, was disagreed to-ayes 9, noes 32. Michigan, Gilbert, Goldihwaite, Homilton of MaryMr. Wilson moved to strike out the word land, Hamilton of Texas, Johnston, Kellogg. Logan.

Norwood.Pomeroy,Pratt, Ransom. Suulsbury.Schurz, “classes” and insert the word “population;'' Stevenson, Stewart, Trumbull, Vickers, Windom, which was agreed to.

Wright-32. Mr. Wilson moved to strike out “$1,400" Mr. CASSERLY moved to amend the amendand insert “$2,500;'' which was agreed to. ment by inserting after the word “.

persons Mr. Conkling moved to amend the amend- and before Mr. ConKLING's amendment the ment by striking out all of the first section words: thereof after the word “persons," and insert Who shall be selected from civil life, solely ing:

with reference to character and capacity for an To consider and examine the various intelligent, honest, and impartial investigaplans and methods of raising revenue, to re- tion, irrespective of partisan considerations, port the best tax and tariff system they can and of whom at least one shall be practically devise, having regard to the interests of labor identified with the laboring interests of the in its relations to capital and otherwise, and country, and shall have had sufficient personal having regard also to the interests of com- experience and information in respect to the merce and of all classes of the American peo same. ple; and said persons shall hold office for one Which was agreed to. year from the date of their appointment. The amendment, as amended, was then dis

Which was agreed to-yeas 30, nays 23 : agreed to-yeas 17, nays 37: YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Buckingham, Caldwell, YEAS-Messrs. Alcorn, Cameron, Clayton, ConkChandler. Clayton. Cole, Conkling. Corbett.. Ed-ling, Corbett, Edmunds, Frelinghuysen, Hitchcock, munds, Ferry of Connecticut, Ferry of Micbigan, Howe, Nye, Osborn, Pomeroy, Pool, Ramsey, StewGilbert, Goldthwaite, Hamilton of Maryland, Harn- art, Sumner. Wilson-17. ilton of Texas, Harlan, Hill, Johnston, Kellogg,

Nays-Messrs. Ames, Bayard, Boreman, BuckKelly, Nye, Pomeroy, Pratt, Robertson, Saulsbury, ingham. Caldwell, Casserly, Cole, Cooper, Cragin, Schurz, Stewart, Trumbull, Vickers, Windom-30. Ferry of Connecticut, Ferry of Michigan, Flunagan.

NAYS-Messrs. Alcorn, Casserly. Cooper, Cragin, Gilbert, Goldthwaite. Hamilton of Texas, Hill, JohnFlanagan, Frelinghuysen. Howe, Morrill of Ver- ston, Kelly, Logan, Morrill of Maine, Morrill of Vermont, Morton, Osborn, Ramsey, Ransom, Sawyer, mont, Morton, Norwood, Patterson, Pratt, RanScott, Shorman, Spencer, Sprague, Stevenson, Sum- som, Robertson, Schurz, Scott, Sherman, Sprague, ner, Thurman, Tipton, Wilson, Wright-23.

Stevenson, Thurman, Trumbull, Vickers. Windom, Mr. ROBERTSON moved to reconsider the Wright—37. vote by wbich Mr. Conkling's amendment A subsequent attempt to reintroduce the to the amendment was adopted; which was proposition was ruled out on a question of disagreed to-yeas 25, nays 32:

order—the vote being yeas 18 to nays 28 on YEAS — Messrs. Alcorn, Ames, Casserly, Cragin, I receiving it.




The Amnesty Act as Passed and approved.

In House.

1872, May 21—The final vote was-yeas 1872, May 13–Mr. Benjamin F. Butler, 38. nays 2: from the Judiciary Committee, reported the cameron, Carpenter, Casserly, Clayton. Cole, Conk

YEAS-Messrs. Anthony, Bayard, Blair, Caldwell, following bill, (H. R. No. 2760:)

ling, Cooper, Corbett. Davis of West Virginia, Ferry Be it enacted, &c., (two thirds of each of Michigan. Flanagan, Goldthwaite, Hamilton of House concurring therein,) That all legal and Morrill of Maine, Morrill of Vermont. Norwood, political disabilities imposed by the third sec- Patterson. Pool. Ransom, Robertson, Saulsbury tion of the fourteenth article of the amend- Sawyer, Scott, Sprague, Stepenson, Thurman, Tipton, ments of the Constitution of the United States Trumbull, Vickers-38.

NAYS-Messrs. Nye, Sumner-2. are hereby removed from all persons whomso

The bill was approved May 22, 1872. ever, except Senators and Representatives of the Thirty-Sixth and Thirty Seventh Cougress, officers in the judicial, military, and

Previous Proceedings. naval service of the United States, heads of This bill pending, Departments, and foreign ministers of the Mr. SPENCER moved to strike out all after United States.

the enacting clause and insert Senate bill No. Which was passed (two thirds voting in 5, removing political disabilities fromfavor thereof) on a division.

First, all perso wbo, being members of the Congress of the United States, withdrew ter; Casserlv, Cole, Cooper, Davis of West Virginia, from their seats and aided the rebellion ; Stone, Kelly, Logan, Morrillof Maino, Norwood, Pool, second, all persons who, being officers of the Ransom, Robertson, Saulsbury: Sawyer, Scott, Army or Navy of the United States, and being Sprague, Stevenson, Thurman, T'ipton, Vickers27. above the age of twenty-one years, left said The bill was reported to the Senate without Army or Navy, and aided the rebellion; third, amendment. all persons who, being members of State con

Mr. SUMNER moved to amend by adding the ventions which adopted pretended ordinances supplementary civil rights bill (S. No. 1102;) of secession, voted in favor of the adoption of which was disagreed to-yeas 13, nays 27: such ordinances. Which was disagreed to-yeas 14, nays 32:

YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Clayton, Flan

agan, Frelinghuysen, Morrill, of Vermont, Nye, YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Caldwell, Chan- Patterson. Poineroy, Spencer, Sprague, Sumner, dler, Clayton, Frelinghuysen, Morrill of Vermont,

Wilson-13. Nye, Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, Spencer, Wilson, Carpenter, Ciesserly. Cole, Cooper, Corbett, Davis of

NAYS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Caldwell, Cameron, Wright-14. NAYS Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Cameron, Car

West Virginia, Ferry of Michigan, Goldthwaite, penter, Casserly, Cole, Conkling, Cooper, Corbett, Hamilton of Maryland. Hamlin, Johnston, Kelly, Cragin, Davis of West Virginia, Herry of Michigan, Logan, Morrill of Maine,

Norwood, Pool, Ransom, Flanagan, Goldthwaite, Hamilton of Maryland, Ham: Robertson, Saulsbury, Sawyer, Scott, Stevenson, lin, Johnston, Kelly, Logan, Morrill

of Maine, Nor- Thurman, Tipton, Vickers27. wood, Pool, Ransom, Robertson, Saulsbury, Sawyer. Scott, Sprague, Stevenson, Thurman, Tipton, Vick

The bill was then passed as above-the erg-32.

Ku Klux bill, civil rights bill, and this amMr. Ames moved to amend the bill by add- gesty having been passed at one sitting of the

Senate. ing the two sections of the civil rights bill passed as a separate measure a few

minutes before, (for text of which see page 74 ;) which President Grant's Proclamation Enforcing was disagreed to-yeas 11, nays 31:

the Amnesty Act, June 1, 1872. YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Chandler, Clayton, Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Nye, Osborn, Pomeroy, Spen- 22, 1872, removes all political disabilities im

Whereas the act of Congress, approved May NAYS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Caldwell, Cameron, posed by the tbird section of the fourteenth Carpenter, Casserly, Cole. Cooper: Corbett, Cragin, article of amendments to the Constitution of thwaite, Hamilton of Maryland, Hamlin, Johnston, the United States from all persons whomsoKelly, Logan, Morrill of aine, Norwood, Pool, ever, except Senators and Representatives of Ransom, Robertson. Saulsbury, Sawyer, Scott, the Thirty-Sixth and Thirty Seventh Congresses Sprague, Stevenson, Thurman, Tipton, Vickers-31.

and officers in the judicial, military, and naval Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN moved to amend by service of the United States, heads of Departadding the following section :

ments, and foreign ministers of the United Sec.

That before any person shall be States; entitled to the benefit of the preceding section And whereas it is represented to me that of this act he shall, within the district where there are now pending in the several circuit he resides, before a clerk of some court of the and district courts of the United States proUnited States, or a United States commis- ceedings by quo warranto, under the fourteenth sioner, take and subscribe an oath or affirma- section of the act of Congress approved May tion to support the Constitution of the United 31, 1870, to remove from office certain perStates, and to bear true faith and allegiance sons who are alleged to hold said offices in to the same; which oath or affirmation shall violation of the provisions of said article of be forwarded by said officer to the Secretary amendment to the Constitution of the United of State of the United States, who shall cause States, and also penal prosecutions against a list of all persons complying with the pro- such persons under the fifteenth section of visions of this act to be laid before Congress the act of Congress aforesaid: at the opening of each session thereof; and Now, therefore, I, Ulysses S. Grant, Presithe officer before whom such oath or affirma. dent of the United States, do hereby direct tion is made shall give to the person taking it all district attorneys having charge of such a certificate of the fact, under such forms and proceedings and prosecutions to dismiss and regulations as the Secretary of State shall pre- discontinue the same, except as to persons scribe.

who may be embraced in the exceptions Which was disagreed to.

named in the act of Congress first above Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN moved to amend so as

cited. to make the bill read: “ Officers who were at

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set the commencement of the rebellion in the my hand and caused the seal of the United judicial, military, or naval service of the Uni. States to be affixed. ted States, or the heads of Departments, or Done at the city of Washington, this 1st foreign ministers of the United States;” which day of June, in the year of our Lord was disagreed to-yeas 18, nays 27:

(SEAL.] 1872, and of the Independence of the

United States of America the ninetyYEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Caldwell, Chandler, Clayton, Conkling, Corbett, Ferry of Michi

sixth. gan, Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Morrill of Vermont,

U. S. GRANT. Nye, Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, Spencer, Sumner, Wright-18.

By the President: Nays-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Cameron, Carpen

Hamilton Fish, Secretary of Sta:e.



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Supplementary Civil Rights Bill as Passed Mr. CASSERLY moved to amend by adding by the Senate.

to the bill the words “ with the right of

appeal, or to have a writ of error in any case IN SENATE.

to the Supreme Court of the United States ;' 1872, May 21—Mr. CARPENTER moved to which was agreed to. proceed to the consideration of Senate bill 99, The bill was then passed-yeas 28, nays 14: being the supplementary civil rights bill pro- YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Caldwell, Camposed by Mr. SUMNER, March 9, 1871; which eron, Carpenter, Chandler, Clayton, Cole, Conkling, was agreed to, and the Senate, as in Com- linghuysen, Hamlin, Logan, Morrill of Vermont, mittee of the Whole, resumed consideration Nye, Osborn, Patterson, Pool, Robertson, Sawyer, thereof.

Scott, Sprague, Wilson, Wright-28.

NAYS–Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Casserly, Cooper, Mr. CARPENTER moved to amend the bill by Davis of West Virginia, Hamilton of Maryland, striking out all after the enacting clause, and Johnston, Kelly, Norwood, Ransom, Saulsbury, Steinserting the following:

venson, Thurman, Vickers-14. Whoever, being a corporation or natural Mr. CARPENTER Inoved to amend the title person, and owner, or in charge of any public so as to read: “A bill to declare and enforce inn, or of any place of public amusement or the civil rights of citizens of the United entertainment for which a license from any States;'' which was agreed to. legal authority is required; or of any line of stage-coaches, railroad, or other means of

Votes in House. public carriage of passengers or freight, shall make any distinction as to admission or ac

May 28Mr. MAYNARD moved to suspend commodation therein, of any citizen of the the rules to take from the Speaker's table the United States, because of race, color, or pre.

above bill; which was disagreed to, two thirds vious condition of servitude, shall, on convic- not having voted in favor thereof-yeas 114, tion thereof, be fined not less than five hun. Days 83 : dred mor more than five thousand dollars for YEAS-Messrs. Ambler, Ames, Barber, Beatty, each offense; and the person or corporation Burchard, Burdett, B. F. Butler, R.' R. Butler,

Beveridge, Bigby, Bingham, Buckley, Buffinton, so offending shall be liable to the citizens Clarke, Cobb, Coburn, Cogblan, Conger, Cotton, thereby injured in damages to be recovered in Darrali, Dawes, Donnan, Duell, Dunnell, Eames,

Elliott, Farnsworth, Finkelnburg, C. Foster, W. D. an action of debt.

Foster, Frye, Garfield, Hale, Halsey, Harmer, HaSEC. —. That the offense under this act, vens, Hawley, Hay, Hays, G. W. Hazelton, J. W. and actions to recover damages, may be pros. | Killinger, Lamport. Lansing, Lowe, Lynch, Mayecuted before any territorial, district, or cir- nard, Mccrary, McGrew, McJunkin, McKee, Mercuit court of the United States having jurisdic cur, Merriam, Monroe, Morey, Morphis, L. Myers, tion of crimes at the place where the offense Negley: Orr, Packard, Packer, Palmer, I. C. Parker,

Pendleton, Perce, A. F. Perry, Peters, Poland, was charged to have been committed.

Rainey, E. H. Roberts, Rusk, Sargent, Sawyer, Mr. THURMAN moved to amend the amend- Scofield, Sessions, Sbanks, Sheldon, Shellabarger, ment by striking out the words “or of any Snyder, 1. J. Speer, Sprague, Starkweather, Stevenplace of public amusement or entertainment;'

son. Stoughton, Stowell, Strong, St. John, Sypber, which was disagreed to--yeas 14, nays 29: Taffe, Thomas, w. Townsned, Turner, Twichell, YEAS–Messrs. Bayard, Blair Casserly. Cooper. Whiteley, Willard, Williams of Indiana, J. M.

Tyner, Upson, Wakeman, Waldron, Wallace, Walls, Davis of West Virginia, Hamilton of Maryland, Wilson, J. T. Wilson-114, Johnston, Kelly, Noryoood, Ransom, Saulsbury, Ste

NAYS-Messrs. Acker, Adams, Archer, Arthur, venson, Thurman, Vickers-14. Nays-Messrs. Ames, Caldwell, Cameron, Car- Brooks, Caldwell, Campbell, Carroll, Comingo, Con

Beck, Biggs, Bird, J. G. Blair, Bracton, Bright, penter, Chandler. Clayton, Cole, Conkling. Corbett, ner, Crebs, Critcher, Crossland, Dox, Du Dose, Duke, Cragin. Ferry of Michigan, Flanagan, Freling- Eldredge, Forker, 'H. D. Foster, Garrett, Getz, Gulhuysen, Hamilton of Texas, Hamlin, Logan, Mor- dinge, Golladay, Griffith, Haldeman, Hancock, Handrili of Vermont, Nye. Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, ley, Hanks, Harper,

T. T. Harris, Hereford, Herndon, Pool, Robertson, Sawyer, Scott, Spencer, Sprague, Hibbard, Holman, Kendall, Kerr', King, Lewis, Man. Wilson, Wright-29.

son, Marshall, McClelland, McCormick, McHenry, Mr. Tuurman moved to amend the amend. McIntyre, McNeely, Merrick, Mitchell, Morgan, Nibment by striking out the word "hundred," lack, 1. W. Parker, Price, Randali, Read. E. Y. so as to make the minimum fine five instead S. H. Rogers, Roosevelt, Slater, Slocum, $lo88, R. M. of five hundred dollars; which was disagreed Speer, Stevens, Swann, Terry, Tuthill, Van Trump, to.

Waddell, Warren, Wella, Whitthorne, Williams of The amendment was then agreed to-yeas

New York, Winchester, Wood, Young-83. 22, nays 20:

June 7-Mr. Poland moved to suspend the YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Caldwell, Carpen

rules and pass the bill with an amendment ter, Casserly, Cole, Corbett, Davis of West Virginia. changing the penalty so that it shall not ex: Hamilton of Maryland, Johnston, Kelly, Logan, Mor- ceed $1,000, and leaving the minimum amount rill of Maine, Norwood, Pool, Ransom Saulsbury, to the discretion of the court. The motion Nays-Messrs. Ames, Anthony, Cameron, Chan- was lost--yeas 86, nays 73, (two thirds being dler, Clayton, Conkling, Cragin, Ferry of Michigan, required :) Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, Hamlin. Morrill of Vermont, Nye, Osborn. Pomeroy, Robertson, Sawyer, eridge, A. Blair, Buckley, Buffinton, Burchard, B.

YEAS-Messrs. Ames, Banks, Barber, Beatty, BevSpencer, Sprague, Wilson-20.

F. Butler, R. R. Butler, Coburn, Conger. Cotton, Mr. THURMAN moved to lay the bill on the Crocker, Darrall, Dawes, Donnan, Duell, Dunnell, table; which was disagreed to.

Eames. Farnsworth, Finkelnburg. C. Foster, GarIn the Senate the amendment made as in field, Harmer. G. E. Harris, Havens, Hawley, J. W.

Hazelton, Hill, Hoar. Hooper, Houghton. Kellogg, Committee of the whole was concurred in.

Ketcham, Lamport, Lowe, McCrary, McGrew, Mc

Junkin, Mercur, Merriam, Monroe, Morphis, L. voards, Eldredge, Ely, Farwell, Finkelnburg, Myers, Orr, Packard, Packer, Palmer, Pendleton, Forker, C. Foster, W.D. Foster. Frye, Garfield, Gar. Perce, A. F. Perry. Peters, Poland, Prindle, Rainey, rett, Getz, Golladay, Griffith. Haldeman, Hale. HalE. H. Roberts, Rusk Sawyer, Sessions. Shanks, Shel- sey, Hambleton, Hancock, Handley, Hanks, Harper, don, Shellabarger. H. B. Smith, J. A. Smith, T. J. G. E. Harris, J. T. Harris, Hawley, Hay, G. W. Speer, Sprague, Starkweather, Stevenson, Strong, Hazelton, J. W. Hazelton, Hereford, Herndon, HibSypher, Thomas, W. Townsend, Turner, Twichell, bard, Hill, Holman, Hooper, Houghton, Kelley, Tyner. Wakeman, Walden. Waldron, Walls, White- Kellogg, Kerr, Ketcham, King, Kinsella, Lomison, ley, Willard, Williams of Indiana, J. M. Wilson, J. Lamport, Leach, Lewis, Lynch, Manson, Marshall, T. Wilson-86.

McClelland. McCormick, McGrew, McHenry, McNAYS-Messrs. Acker, Adams, Archer, Arthur, Intyre, McKee, McNeely, Merriam, Merrick, B. Beck, Biggs, Bird, J. G. Blair, Braxton, Brooks, F. Meyers, Mitchell, Monroe, Morey, Morgan, L. Caldwell, Campbell, Carroll, Comingo, Conner, Critcher, Mes ers. Niblack, H. W. Parker, I. C. Parker, Peck, Crossland, Doe, Du Bose, Duke, Eldredge. Forker. H. Pendleton, A. F. Perry, Poland, Potter, Price, PrinD. Foster, Garrett, Getz, Giddings, Golladay, Hal- dle, Randall, Read, E. Y. Rice, J. M. Rice, Ritchie, deman, Hambleton, Hancock, Handley, Hanks, Har- E. H. Roberts, W. R. Roberts, Roosevelt. Sawyer, per, J. T. Harris, Hereford, Hibbard, Holman, Ken- Scofield, Sessions, Sheldon, Shellaharger. Sherwood, dall, Kerr, King, Lamison, Manson, Marshall, Mc- Shoemaker, Slater, Slocum, Slo88, H. B. Smith, J. A. Clelland. McCormick, McHenry, McIntyre, Merrick, Smith, W. C. Smith, Snapp, Snyder, R. M. Speer, Morgan, Niblack, Price, Randall, Read, E. Y. Rice, T. J. Speer, Starkweather, Stevens, Stevenson. Storm, Ritchie, W. R. Roberts, S. H. Rogers, Sherwood, Sho- Strong, Sutherland, Swann, Sypher, Terry, Thomas, ber, Slater, Slocum, Stevens, Storm, Swann, Terry, Tut- Turner, Tuthill, Twichell, Upson, Van Trump, hill, Van Trump. Vaughan, Waddell, Warren, Wells, Vaughan, Voorhees, Waddell, Wakeman. Wallace, Williams of New York, Winchester73.

Warren, Wells, Wheeler, Whiteley, Whilthorne, Mr. POLAND then modified his amendment Willard, Williams of New York, J.T. 'Wilson, Win

chester, Wood-171. so that the penalty shall not exceed $100, with

Nays-Messrs. Ambler, Beatty, Buflinton, Coburn, no minimuin; wbich was disagreed to-yeas Conger, Dunnell, Goodrica, Hoar, Killinger, Lan83, nays 73, (two thirds being required :)

sing, Lowe, Maynard, McCrary, McJunkin, Mercur,

Orr, Packard. Packer, Palmer, Porter, Rainey, Rusk, YEAS — Messrs. Ames, Banks, Barber, Beatty, Seeley, Shanks, Sprague, Taffs, W. Townsend, Beveridge, A. Blair, Buckley, Buffinton, Burchard, Tyner, Waldron, Walls, J. M. Wilson-31. R. R. Butler, Coburn, Conger, Cotton, Crocker, Darrall, Dawes, Donnan, Duell, Dunnell, Eames, Farnsworth, Finkelnburg, C. Foster, Garfield, Har

IN SENATE. mer, G. E. Harris, Havens, Hawley, Hay, J. W. Hazelton, Hill, Hoar, Hooper, Houghton, Kellogg, 1872, May 9-In Committee of the whole Ketcham, Lamport, Lowe, McCrary, McGrew, Mc- Mr. Sumner moved to strike out all after the Packard, Packer, Palmer, Pendleton,' Perce, X. F. enacting clause, and insert the following civil Perry, Peters, Poland, Potter, Prindle, Rainey, E. rights bill: H. Roberts, Sawyer, Sessions, Shanks, Sheldon, Sec. 1. That no citizen of the United States Shellabarger, H B. Smith, T.

. Starkweather, Stevenson, 'Strong, Sypher, Taffe, shall, by reason of race, color, or previous Thomas, w. Townsend, Turner, Twichell, Tyner condition of servitude, be excepted or exWalden, Waldron, Walls: Whiteley, Willard, Wil- cluded from the full and equal enjoyment of

NAYS--Messrs. Acker. Adams, Archer, Arthur, any accommodation, advanlage, facility, or Beck, Biggs, Bird, J. G. Blair, Braxton, Brooks, privilege furnished by innkeepers; by comCaldwell, Campbell, Carroll, Comingo, Conner, Critcher mon carriers, whether on land or water; by #. D. Foster, Garrett, Getz, Giddings, Golladay, Hal- licensed owners, managers, or lessees of the deman, Hambleton, Hancock, Handley, Hanks, Har- aters or other places of public amusement; per, J. T. Harris, Hereford, Hibbard, Holman, Ken- by trustees, commissioners, superintendents, Clelland, McCormick, McHenry, McIntyre, Merrick, teachers, and other officers of common schools Morgan, Niblack, Price, Randall, Read, E. Y. Rice, and other public institutions of learning, the Ritchie, W. R. Roberts, S. H. Rogers, Sherwood, same being supported by moneyş derived from Tuthill

, Van Trump. Vaughan. Waddell, Warren, general taxation, or authorized by law; by Wells, Williams of New York, Winchester-73. trustees and officers of cemetery associations

and benevolent institutions incorporated hy na. Amnesty and Civil Rights Jointly Con- tional or State authority. But private schools, sidered.

cemeteries, and institutions of learning estabIn House.

lished exclusively for white or colored per

sons, and maintained respectively by voluntary 1872, January 15—Mr. HalE moved to sus: contributions, sball remain according to ibe pend the rules and pass a bill removing all terins of the original establishment. political disabilities imposed by third article Sec. 2. That any person violating any of of fourteenth amendment, except from the the provisions of the foregoing section, or aidfollowing classes :

ing in their violation, or inciting thereto, First. Members of the Congress of the shall, for every such offense, forfeit and pay Union who withdrew therefrom to aid the the sum of $500 to the person aggrieved rebellion.

thereby, to be recovered in an action on the Second. Officers of the Army or the Navy case with full costs, and shall also, for every of the United States who, being above the such offense, be deemed guilty of a misde: age of twenty one years, left said Army or meanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall Navy and aided the rebellion.

be fined not less than $500 nor more than Which was agreed to-yeas 171, nays 31 : $1,000, or shall be imprisoned not less than YEAS — Messrs. Acker, Aines, Archer, Arthur, thirty days por more than one year: Proeridge, Biggs, Bingham. Bird, X. Blair, J.G. Blair, vided, That the party aggrieved shall not Braxton, Bright. G. M. Brooks. J. Brooks. Buck- recover more than one penalty; and when ley, Burchard, Burdett, Caldwell, Carroll, w. T. the offense is a refusal of burial, the penalty Critcher, Crossland, Darrall, Davis, Dawes, Dickey, may be recovered by the heirs-at-law of the Donnan, Dox, Du Bose, Duell, Duke, Eames, Eu-l person whose body has been refused burial.

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