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or shall refuse or neglect to aid and assist any cial circuits, one of such officers, who shall supervisor of election, or the marshal or his be known for the duties required of him under general or special deputies, or either of them, this act as the chief supervisor of elections of in the performance of his or their duties when the judicial district in and for which he shall required by him or them, or either of them, to be a commissioner, and shall, so long as faithgive such aid and assistance, he shall be guilty ful and capable, discharge the duties in this of a misdemeanor, and liable to instant arrest act imposed, and whose duty it shall be to prewithout process, and on conviction thereof pare and furnish all necessary books, forms, shall be punished by imprisonment not more blanks, and instructions for the use and directhan two years, or by fine not more than three tion of the supervisors of election in the sevthousand dollars, or by both such fine and eral cities and towns in their respective disimprisonment, and shall pay the costs of the tricts; to receive the applications of all parties prosecution. Whoever shall, during the pro- for appointment to such positions; and upon gress of any verification of any list of the per the opening, as contemplated in this act, of sons who may have registered or voted, and the circuit court for the judicial circuit in which shall be had or made under any of the which the commissioner so designated shall provisions of this act, refuse to answer, or act, to present such applications to the judge refrain from answering, or answering shall thereof, and furnish information to said judge knowingly give false information in respect in respect to the appointment by the said court to any inquiry lawfully made, such person of such supervisors of election; to require of shall be liable to arrest and imprisonment as the supervisors of election, where necessary, for a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof lists of the persons who may register and vote, shall be punished by imprisonment not to ex- or either, in their respective election districts ceed thirty days, or by fine not to exceed one or voting precincts, and to cause the names of hundred dollars, or by both such fine and im- those upon any such list whose right to regisprisonment, and shall pay the costs of the ter or vote shall be honestly doubted to be prosecution.

verified by proper inquiry and examination at Sec. 11. That whoever shall be appointed a the respective places by them assigned as their supervisor of election or a special deputy mar: residences; and to receive, preserve, and file shal under the provisions of this act and shall all oaths of office of said supervisors of electake the oath of office as such supervisor of tion, and of all special deputy marshals apelection or such special deputy marshal, who pointed under the provisions of this act, and shall thereafter neglect or refuse, without good all certificates, returns, reports, and records and lawful excuse, to perform and discharge of every kind and nature contemplated or fully the duties, obligations, and requirements made requisite under and by the provisions of of such office until the expiration of the terin this act, save where otherwise berein specially for which he was appointed, shall not only be directed. And it is hereby made the duty of subject to removal from office with loss of all all United States marshals and commissioners pay or emoluments, but shall be guilty of a who sball in any judicial district perform any misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be pun- duties under the provisions of this act, or the ished by imprisonment for not less than six act hereby amended, relating to, concerning, months nor more than one year, or by fine not or affecting the election of Representatives or less than two hundred dollars and not exceeding Delegates in the Congress of the United States, five hundred dollars, or by both fine and impris- to, from time to time, and with all due dili. onment, and sball pay the costs of prosecution, gence, forward to the chief supervisor in and

Sec. 12. That the marshal, or bis general for their judicial district all complaints, exam, deputies, or such special deputies as shall be inations, and records pertaining thereto, and thereto specially empowered by him in writing all oaths of office by them administered to any and under his band and seal, whenever he or supervisor of election or special deputy marhis said general deputies or his special depu- shal, in order that the same may be properly ties, or either or any of them, shall be forcibly preserved and filed. resisted in executing their duties under this Sec. 14. That there shall be allowed and act or the act hereby amended, or shall, by paid to each chief supervisor, for his services violence, threats, or menaces, be prevented as such officer, the following compensation, from executing such duties, or from arresting apart from and in excess of all fees allowed by any person or persons who shall commit any law for the performance of any duty as circuit offense for which said marshal or his general court commissioner: for filing and caring for or bis special deputies are authorized to make every return, report, record, document, or such arrest, are, and each of them is hereby, em: other paper required to be filed by him under powered to summon and call to his or their aid any of the provisions of this act, ten cents; the bystanders or posse comitatus of his district. for affixing a seal to any paper, record, report,

Sec. 13. That it shall be the duty of each or instrument, twenty cents; for entering and of the circuit courts of the United States in indexing the records of his office, fifteen cents and for each judicial circuit, upon the recom. per folio ; and for arranging and transmitting mendation in writing of the judge thereof, to to Congress, as provided for in section seven name and appoint, on or before the 1st day of this act, any report, statement, record, of May, in the year 1871, and thereafter as return, or examination, for each folio, fif. vacancies may from any cause arise, from teen cents; and for any copy thereof, or of among the circuit court commissioners in and any paper on file, a like sum. And there for each judicial district in each of said judi. Ishall be allowed and paid to each and every supervisor of election, and each and every court to stay all further proceedings in such special deputy marshal who shall be appointed cause, and the said suit or prosecution, upon and shall perform bis duty under the pro- delivery of such process, or leaving the same visions of this act, compensation at the rate as áforesaid, shall be deemed and iaken to be of five dollars per day for each and every day moved to the said circuit court, and any further be shall have actually been on duty, not ex: proceedings, trial, or judgment therein in the ceeding ten days. And the fees of the said State court shall be wholly null and void; and chief supervisors shall be paid at the Treas- any person, whether an attorney or officer of ury of the United States, such accounts to any State court, or otherwise, who shall there. be made out, verified, examined, and certified after take any steps, or in any manner proceed as in the case of accounts of commissioners,save in the State court in any action so removed, that the examination or certificate required may shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and liable to be made by either the circuit or district judge. trial and punishment in the court to which the

the re

SEC. 15. That the jurisdiction of the circuit action shall have been removed, and upon concourt of the United States shall extend to all viction thereof shall be punished by imprisoncases in law or equity arising under the pro- ment for not less than six months nor more visions of this act or the act hereby amended; than one year, or by fine not less than five hun. and if any person shall receive any injury to dred nor more than one thousand dollars, or by his person or property for or on account of both such fine and imprisonment, and shall, in any act by him done under any of the pro- addition thereto, be amenable to the said court visions of this act or the act hereby amended, to which said action shall have been removed be shall be entitled to maintain suit for dam as for a contempt; and if the defendant in any ages therefor in the circuit court of the United such suit be in actual custody on mesne process States in the district wherein the party doing therein, it shall be the duty of the marshal, by the injury may reside or shall be found. virtue of the writ of habeas corpus cum causa,

SEC. 16. That in any case where suit or to take the body of the defendant into his cus. prosecution, civil or criminal, shall be com- tody, to be dealt with in the said cause accordmenced in a court of any State against any ing to the rules of law and the order of the officer of the United States, or other person, circuit court, or of any judge thereof in vacafor or on account of any act done under the tion. And all attachments made and all bail provisions of this act, or under color thereof, or other security given upon such suit or prosor for or on account of any right, authority, or ecution shall be and continue in like force title set up or claimed by such officer or other and effect as if the same suit or prosecution person under any of said provisions, it shall had proceeded to final judgment and execube lawful for the defendant in such suit or tion in the State court. And if upon prosecution, at any time before trial, upon a moval of any such suit or prosecution it shall petition to the circuit court of the United be made to appear to the said circuit court States in and for the district in which the that no copy of the record and proceedings defendant shall have been served with process, therein in the State court can be obtained, it setting forth the nature of said suit or prose shall be lawful for said circuit court to allow cution, and verifying the said petition by affi- and require the plaintiff to proceed de novo, davit, together with a certificate signed by an and to file a declaration of his cause of action, attorney or counselor at law of some court and the parties may thereupon proceed as in of record of the State in which such suit actions originally brought in said circuit court; shall have been commenced, or of the United and on failure of so proceeding judgment of States, setting forth that as counsel for the non prosequitur may be rendered against the petition he has examined the proceedings plaintiff, with costs for the defendant. against him, and has carefully inquired into Sec. 17. That in any case in which any al the matters set forth in the petition, and party is or may be by law entitled to copies of that he believes the same to be true, which the record and proceedings in any suit or petition, affidavit, and certificate shall be pre- prosecution in any State court, to be used in sented to the said circuit court, if in session, any court of the United States, if the clerk of and, if not, to the clerk thereof at his office, said State court shall, upon demand and the and shall be filed in said office, and the cause payment or tender of the legal fees, refuse or stall thereupon be entered on the docket of neglect to deliver to such party certified said court, and shall be thereafter proceeded copies of such record and proceedings, the ip as a cause originally commenced in that court of the United States in which such court; and it shall be the duty of the clerk of record and proceedings may be needed, on said court, if the suit was commenced in the proof by affidavit that the clerk of such State court below by summons, to issue a writ of court has refused or neglected to deliver copies certiorari to the State court, requiring said thereof on demand as aforesaid, may direct court to send to the said circuit court the and allow such record to be supplied by affirecord and proceedings in said cause; or if it davit or otherwise, as the circumstances of the was commenced by capias, he shall issue a case may require and allow; and thereupon writ of habeas corpus cum causa, a duplicate such proceeding, trial, and judgment may be of which said writ shall be delivered to the had in the said court of the United States, and clerk of the State court, or left at his office by all such processes awarded, as if certified the marshal of the district, or bis deputy, or copies of such records and proceedings had some person duly authorized thereto; and been regularly before the said court; and herethereupon it shall be the duty of the said State after in all civil actions in the courts of the

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United States either party thereto may notice Van Auken, Van, Trump, Voorhees, Wells, Eugene the same for trial.

M. Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Young-64. Sec. 18. That sections five and six of the act of the Congress of the United States,

IN SENATE. approved July 14,1870, and entitled “An act 1871, February 25—The bill passed finally, to amend the naturalization laws, and to pun- yeas 39, nays 10, as follow: ish crimes against the same,

be, and the

YEAS-Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Anthony, Boreman, -same are hereby, repealed; but this repeal Buckingham, Carpenter, Chandler, Cole, Conkling, shall not affect any proceeding or prosecution Texas, 'Hamlin, Harlan, Howard, Howe, Howell, now pending for any offense under the said McDonald, Morrill of Vermont, Nye. Osborn, sections or either of them, or any question Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Revels, Robertson, which may arise therein respecting the appoint- Ross, Sawyer, Scott; Sherman, Spencer, Stearns,

Stewart, Warner, Williams, Wilson-39. ment of the persons in said sections, or either NAYS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Carrerly, Fowler, of them, provided for, or the powers, duties, Hamilton of Maryland, Johnston, McCreery, Miller, or obligations of such persons.

Thurman, Vickers-10. Sec. 19. That all votes for Representatives

While the bill was pending, several motions in Congress shall hereafter be by written or

were made to amend, but all were defeated.

Mr. JohnsTON moved to strike out the printed ballot, any law of any State to the contrary notwithstanding; and all votes re- tenth section, which was lost-yeas 13, nays ceived or recorded contrary to the provisions, 39; as follow: of this section shall be of none effect.

YEAS-Messrs. Bayard, Blair, Casserly, Hamilton

of Maryland, Johnston, McCreery, Miller, Ross, Approved February 28, 1871.

Saulsbury, Thurman, Tipton, Trumbull, Vickers-13.

NAYS-Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Anthony, Boreman, In House.

Buckingham, Carpenter, Chandler, Cole, Conkling. 1871, February 15—The bill, as above, Texas. Harlan, Harris, Howard, Howe, Howell, Mc

Corbett, Cragin, Edmunds, Gilbert, Hamilton of passed-yeas 144, nays 64, (not voting 32,) as Donald, Morrill of Vermont, Nye, Osborn, Pomeroy. follow :

Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Revels, Rice, Robertson, Saw

yer, Yeas-Messrs. Ambler, Ames, Armstrong. Asper, Warner, Wilson, Yates—39.

Sherman, Spencer, Stearns, Stewart, Thayer, Atwood, Ayer, Bailey, Barry, Beaman, Beatty, Benjamin, Bennett, Bethune, Bingham, Blair, Boles, Mr. JOHNSTON moved to amend by strikGeorge M. Brooks, Buck, Buckley, Buffinton, Bur- ing from that section the words dett, Benjamin F. Butler, Roderick Roy Butler, marshal, or his general, or special deputies, Amasa Cobb, Clinton L. Cobb, Coburn, Conger, or either of them, in the performance of his Cook, Cowles, Cullom, Darrall, Degener, Dixon, or their duties when required by him or them, Finkelnburg, Fisher, Garfield, Gilfillan, Hale, Ham- or either of them ;" which was disagreed to ilton, Harris, Hawley. Hays, Hill, Hoar, Holmes, yeas 11, nays 34, as follow : Hooper, Hotchkiss, Jenckes, Judd, Julian, Kelley, YEAS--Messrs. Bayard, Casserly, Fowler, Hamilton Kellogg, Kelsey, Laflin, Lash, Lawrence, Logan, of Maryland, Johnston, McCreery, Miller, Saulsbury, Long, Lougbridge, Lynch, Maynard, McCarty, Mc- Thurman, Trumbull, Vickers-11. Crary, McGrew, McKee, McKenzie, Mercur, Elia

NAYS-Messrs. Abbott, Ames, Boreman, Buckingkim H. Moore, Jesse H. Moore, William Moore, ham, Carpenter, Chandler, Cole, Conkling, Corbett, Morey, Morphis, Daniel J. Morrell, Samuel P. Mor- Cragin, Edmunds, Gilbert. Hamilton of Texas, Harrill, Myers, Negley, Newsham, O'Neill, Orth, Pack-lan, Harris, Howard, Lewis, McDonald, Morrill of ard, Halbert E. Paine, Palmer, Peck, Perce, Peters, Vermont, Osborn, Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsay, Phelps, Platt, Poland, Pomeroy, Porter, Prosser, Revels, Robertson, Sawyer, Sherman, Spencer, Rainey, Roots, Sanford, Sargent, Sawyer, Scofield, Stearns, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Yates—34. Shanks, Porter Sheldon, John A. Smith, William J. Smith, Worthington C. Smith, Starkweather, Ste

Mr. CASSERLY moved to insert the word vens, 'Stevenson, Stokes, Stoughton, Strickland, lawful” before the word " performance” in Strong, Sypher, Tanner, Taylor. Tillman, Town the clause above recited, which was disagreed Wallace, Ward, c. C. Washburn, Williain B. Washto-geas 12, nays 33, as follow: burn, Welker, Wheeler, Whiteley, Whitmore, Wil- YEAS-Messrs. Casserly, Fowler, Hamilton of Marykinson, Willard, Williams, John T. Wilson, Witcher, land, Hill, Johnston, McCreery, Miller, Ross, ThurWolf-144.

man, Tipton, Trumbull, Vicker 8-12. NAYS-Messrs. Archer, Axtell, Beck, Biggs, Bird, NAYS-Messrs. Ames, Boreman, Buckingham, CarBooker, James Brooks, Burr, Calkin, Conner, Cox, penter, Chandler, Cole, Conkling, Corbett, Gilbert, Crebs, Dickey, Dickinson, Duke, Eldredge, Fox, Getz, Hamilton of Texas, Hamlin, Harlan, Harris, HovGibson, Griswold, Haight, Haldeman, Hambleton, ard. Howe, Howell, Kellogg, McDonald, Morrill of Hamill, Hawkins, Hay, Holman, Johnson, Jones, Vermont, Pomeroy, Pool, Pratt, Ramsey, Revds, Kerr, Lewis, Manning, Marshall, Mayham, McCor- Robertson. Sawyer, Sherman, Stearns, Stewart, mick, McNeely, Morgan, Morrissey, Niblack, Wil- Warner, Williams, Wilson, Yates-33. liam W. Paine, Potter, Price, Randall, Reeves, Rice,

Other motions to strike out, or modify, were Rogers, Schumaker, Sherrod, Shober, Slocum, Josephi S. Smith, Stiles, Stone, Strader, Swann, Trimble, made, and lost by substantially the same voe.

or the

III. PROCLAMATIONS OF PRESIDENT GRANT. Enjoining neutrality in the present war , German Confederation and its allies on the

between France and the North German other side; Confederation and its Allies, August 22, And whereas the United States are on terms 1870.

of friendship and amity with all the contending Whereas a state of war unhappily exists Powers, and with the persons inhabiting their between France on the one side, and the North several dominions ;

And whereas great numbers of the citizens States shall then be at peace with such bel. of the United States reside within the territo- ligerent.) ries or dominions of each of the said belliger- 8. Fitting out and arming, or attempting to ents and carry on commerce, trade, or other fit out and arm, or procuring to be fitted out business or pursuits therein, protected by the and armed, or knowingly being concerned in faith of treaties;

the furnishing, fitting, out, or arming of any And whereas great numbers of the subjects ship or vessel with intent that such ship, or or citizens of each of the said belligerents vessel shall be employed in the service of either reside within the territory or jurisdiction of of the said belligerents. the United States, and carry on commerce, 9. Issuing or delivering a commission within trade, or other business or pursuits therein; the territory or jurisdiction of the United States

And whereas the laws of the United States, for any ship or vessel to the intent that she without interfering with the free expression of may be employed as aforesaid. opinion and sympathy, or with the open man- 10. Increasing or augmenting, or procuring ufacture or sale of arms or munitions of war, to be increased or augmented, or knowingly nevertheless impose upon all persons who may being concerned in increasing or augmenting be within their territory and jurisdiction the the force of any ship of war, cruiser, or other duty of an impartial neutrality during the ex- armed vessel, which at the time of her arrival istence of the contest:

within the United States was a ship of war, Now, therefore, I, ULYSSES S. Grant, Pres- cruiser, or armed vessel in the service of either ident of the United States, in order to preserve of the said belligerents, or belonging to the the neutrality of the United States and of their subjects or citizens of either, by adding to the citizens and of persons within their territory number of guns of such vessels, or by chang: and jurisdiction, and to enforce their laws, ing those on board of her for guns of a larger and in order that all persons being warned of caliber, or by the addition thereto of any equipthe general tenor of the laws and treaties of ment solely applicable to war. the United States in this bebalf, and of the 11. Beginning or setting on foot or providing law of nations, may thus be prevented from or preparing the means for any military expean unintentional violation of the same, do dition or enterprise to be carried on from the hereby declare and proclaim that by the act territory or jurisdiction of the United States passed on the 20th day of April, A. D. 1818, against the territories or dominions of either commonly known as the “neutrality law,” of the said belligerents. the following acts are forbidden to be ne, un- And I do further declare and proclaim that der severe penalties, within the territory and by the nineteenth article of the treaty of amity jurisdiction of the United States, to wit: and commerce, which was concluded between

1. Accepting and exercising a commission his Majesty the King of Prussia and the Unito serve either of the said belligerents by land ted States of America, on the 11th day of July, or by sea against the other belligerent. A. D. 1799, which article was revived by the

2. Enlisting or entering into the service of treaty of May 1, A. D. 1828," between the either of the said belligerents as a soldier, or same parties, and is still in force, it was agreed as a marine, or seaman on board of any vessel that “the vessels of


public and private, of war, letter of marque, or privateer. of both parties, shall carry freely, wheresoever

3. Hiring or retaining another person to they please, the vessels and effects taken from enlist or enter himself in the service of either their enemies without being obliged to pay any of the said belligerents as a soldier, or as a duties, charges, or fees, to officers of admiralty, marine, or seaman on board of any vessel of of the customs, or any others; nor shall such war, letter of marque, or privateer.

prizes be arrested, searched, or put under any 4. Hiring another person to go beyond the legal process when they come to and enter the limits or jurisdiction of the United States with ports of the other party, but may freely be intent to be enlisted as aforesaid.

carried out again at any time by their captors 5. Hiring another person to go beyond the to the places expressed in their commissions, limits of the United States with the intent to which the commanding officer of such vessel be entered into service as aforesaid.

shall be obliged to show." 6. Retaining another person to go beyond And I do further declare and proclaim that the limits of the United States with intent to it bas been officially communicated to the Govbe enlisted as aforesaid.

ernment of the United States by the envoy 7. Retaining another person to go beyond extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the limits of the United States with intent to the North German Confederation at Washing. be entered into service as aforesaid. (But the ton, that private property on the high seas will said act is not to be construed to extend to a be exempted from seizure by the ships of his citizen or subject of either belligerent who, Majesty the King of Prussia, without regard being transiently within the United States, to reciprocity. shall, on board of any vessel of war, which, at And I do further declare and proclaim that the time of its arrival within the United States, it has been officially communicated to the was fitted and equipped as such vessel of war, Government of the United States by the envoy enlist or enter himself or bire or retain another extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary subject or citizen of the same belligerent, who of his Majesty the Emperor of the French, at is transiently within the United States, to Washington, that orders have been given that enlist or enter himself to serve such belligerent in the conduct of the war the commanders of on board such vessel of war, if the United the French forces on land and on the seas shall

scrupulously observe toward neutral Powers | hand, and caused the seal of the United States the rules of international law, and that they to be affixed. shall strictly adhere to the principles set forth Done at the city of Washington, this 22d in the declaration of the Congress of Paris of the 16th of April, 1856, that is to say: first: (seal.] United States of America the ninety

day of August, in the year of our Lord

1870, and of the Independence of the that privateering is and remains abolished second, that the neutral flag covers enemy's

fifth. goods with the exception of contraband of

U. S. GRANT. war; third, that neutral goods, with the ex- By the President: ception of contraband of war, are not liable

HAMILTON Fish, to capture under the cnemy's flag; fourth,

Secretary of State. that blockades in order to be binding, must be effective, that is to say, maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast Declaring the Neutrality of American

Waters and the Rules to govern belli. of the enemy; and that, although the United States have not adhered to the declaration of

gerent Vessels, October 8, 1870. 1856, the vessels of his Majesty will not seize Whereas on the 22d day of August, 1870, enemy's property found on board of a vessel my proclamation was issued, enjoining neuof the United States, provided that property is trality in the present war between France and not contraband of war.

the North German Confederation and its allies, And I do further declare and proclaim that and declaring, so far as then seemed to be the statutes of the United States and the law necessary, the respective rights and obligaof nations alike require that no person within tions of the belligerent parties and of the citithe territory and jurisdiction of the United zens of the United States; States shall take part, directly or indirectly, And whereas subsequent information gives in the said war, but shall remain at peace with reason to apprehend that armed cruisers of each of the said belligerents, and shall main- the belligerents may be tempted to abuse the tain a strict and impartial neutrality, and that hospitality accorded to them in the ports, hur. whatever privileges shall be accorded to one bors, roadsteads, and other waters of the Unibelligerent within the ports of the United ted States, by making such waters subservient States shall be in like manner accorded to the to the purposes of war: other.

Now, therefore, I, ULYSSES S. Grant, Presi. And I do hereby enjoin all the good citizens dent of the United States of America, do of the United States, and all persons residing hereby proclaim and declare that any freor being within the territory or jurisdiction quenting and use of the waters within the terof the United States, to observe the laws ritorial jurisdiction of the United States by the thereof, and to commit no act contrary to the armed vessels of either belligerent, whether provisions of the said statutes, or in violation public ships or privateers, for the purpose of of the law of nations in that behalf.

preparing for hostile operations, or as posts of And I do hereby warn all citizens of the observation upon the ships of war or privaUnited States, and all persons residing or teers or merchant vessels of the other belligerbeing within their territory or jurisdiction, ent lying within or being about to enter the that, while the free and full expression of jurisdiction of the United States, must be sympathies in public and private is not re regarded as unfriendly and offensive, and in stricted by the ws of the U States, mili- violation of that neutrality which it is the tary forces in aid of either belligerent cannot determination of this Government to observe; lawfully be originated or organized within and to the end that the hazard and inconventheir jurisdiction; and that while all persons ience of such apprehended practices may be may lawfully, and without restriction by reason avoided, I further proclaim and declare that of the aforesaid state of war, manufacture and from and after the 12th day of October instant, sell within the United States arms and mu- and during the continuance of the present hospitions of war, and other articles, ordinarily tilities between France and the North German known as

contraband of war, yet they Confederation and its allies, no ship of war or cannot carry such articles upon the high seas privateer of either belligerent shall be perfor the use or service of either belligerent, nor mitted to make use of any port, harbor, roadcan they transport soldiers and officers of stead, or other waters within the jurisdiction either, or attempt to break any blockade which of the United States as a station or place of may be lawfully established and maintained resort for any warlike purpose, or for the purduring the war, without incurring the risk of pose of obtaining any facilities of warlike hostile capture, and the penalties denounced equipment; and no ship of war or privateer of by the law of nations in that behalf.

either belligerent shall be permitted to sail And I do hereby give notice that all citizens out of or leave any port, barbor, roadstead, of the United States, and others who may or waters subject to the jurisdiction of the claim the protection of this Government, who United States from which a vessel of the other may misconduct themselves in the premises, belligerent (whether the same shall be a ship will do so at their peril, and that they can in of war, a privateer, or a merchant ship) shall no wise obtain any protection from the Gov- have previously departed, until after the exernment of the United States against the con- piration of at least twenty-four hours from the sequences of their misconduct.

departure of such last-mentioned

vessel beyond In witness whereof I have hereunto set mythe jurisdiction of the United States. If any

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