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WASHINGTON, D. C., January 15, 1913. We hereby certify that we have examined the securities and papers contained in the box of the National Academy of Sciences at the American Security & Trust Co.'s building, and have found them to correspond with the list furnished by the treasurer, and to differ from the list certified to under date of January 12, 1912, because of the sale and purchase of bonds and mortgage notes as shown by the books of the treasurer. We find that the coupons due in 1912 have been cut and are accounted for; also, that the coupons due January 1, 1913, have been detached and are accounted for by an appropriate entry in the pass book. We have accepted the certified statement of William L. Yaeger, public accountant, as to the correspondence between the vouchers, pass book, and accounts of the treasurer, and as to the balance shown by the books of the treasurer on December 31, 1912, and certify to its agreement with the balance shown by the report of the treasurer, by his check book, and by the American Security & Trust Co.








As amended and adopted April 17, 1872, and further amended April 20, 1875; April 21, 1881; April 19, 1882; April 18, 1883; April 19, 1888; April 18, 1895; April 20, 1899; April 17, 1902; April 18, 1906; November 20, 1906; April 17, 1907, November 20, 1907; April 20, 1911; April 16, 1912.


Empowered by the act of incorporation enacted by Congress, and approved by the President of the United States on the 3d day of March, A. D. 1863, and in conformity with the amendment to said. act approved July 14, 1870, the National Academy of Sciences adopts the following amended constitution and rules:


SECTION 1. The academy shall consist of members, honorary members, and foreign associates. Members must be citizens of the United States.

SEC. 2. Members who, from age or inability to attend the meetings of the academy, wish to resign the duties of active membership, may, at their own request, be transferred to the roll of honorary members by a vote of the academy.

SEC. 3. The academy may elect 50 foreign associates.

SEC. 4. Honorary members and foreign associates shall have the privilege of attending the meetings and of reading and communicating papers to the academy, but shall take no part in its business,. shall not be subject to its assessments, and shall be entitled to a copy of the publications of the academy.


SECTION 1. The officers of the academy shall be a president, a vice president, a foreign secretary, a home secretary, and a treasurer, all of whom shall be elected for a term of six years, by a majority of votes present, at the first stated meeting after the expiration of the current terms, provided that existing officers retain their places until their successors are elected. In case of a vacancy, the election for six years shall be held in the same manner at the meeting when such vacancy occurs, or at the next stated meeting thereafter, as the academy may direct. A vacancy in the office of treasurer or home secretary may,

however, be filled by appointment of the president of the academy until the next stated meeting of the academy.

SEC. 2. The officers of the academy, together with six members to be elected by the academy, shall constitute a council for the transaction of such business as may be assigned to them by the constitution or the academy.

SEC. 3. The president of the academy, or, in case of his absence or inability to act, the vice president, shall preside at the meetings of the academy and of the council; shall name all committees except such as are otherwise especially provided for; shall refer investigations required by the Government of the United States to members especially conversant with the subjects and report thereon to the academy at its meeting next ensuing; and, with the council, shall direct the general business of the academy.

It shall be competent for the president, in special cases, to call in the aid, upon committees, of experts or men of special attainments not members of the academy.

SEC. 4. The foreign and home secretaries shall conduct the correspondence proper to their respective departments, advising with the president and council in cases of doubt, and reporting their action to the academy at one of the stated meetings in each year.

It shall be the duty of the home secretary to give notice to the members of the place and time of all meetings, of all nominations for membership, and of all proposed amendments to the constitution.

The minutes of each meeting shall be duly engrossed before the next stated meeting under the direction of the home secretary.

SEC. 5. The treasurer shall attend to all receipts and disbursements of the academy, giving such bond and furnishing such vouchers as the council may require. He shall collect all dues from members and keep a set of books showing a full account of receipts and disbursements. He shall present a general report at the annual meeting. He shall be the custodian of the corporate seal of the academy.


SECTION 1. The academy shall hold one stated meeting in each year, called the annual meeting, in the city of Washington, beginning on the third Tuesday in April, and another, called the autumn meeting, may be held at such place and time as the council shall determine.

Special business meetings of the academy may be called, by order of eight members of the council, at such place and time as may be designated in the call.

Special scientific meetings of the academy may be held at times and places to be designated by a majority of the council.

SEC. 2. The names of the members present at each session of a meeting shall be recorded in the minutes, and the members present

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