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Awens to All:
I got this Book in 2009 and I found it to be a Great Guide to Druidism. It covers all the Ins & Outs of Druidism going over the various Druidistic Organizations that you could become
a Member of.
Isaac Bonewits goes into the Histories and Traditions of Celtic Druidism as well as the Origins of Ancient Celtic Neo-Paganism.
It also goes into the Sacred Sabbaths and their Ceremonies, the types of Magic Tools you might need to know of and also goes into Warnings about the Pitfalls within Druidism as well as other Paganistic Organizations.
I really recommend this Book to anyone who is interested in finding out about the Basics in Celtic Druidism.
Dave TheDruid-3X3

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Dear Isaac Bonewits,
I think I understand but need someone to help giude the gifts. I am new to the net and do not trust to much info. on it. are you real?

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