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their labours shall be completed at latest in 3 months, dating from the exchange of the ratifications of this Treaty.

Mediation of Austria in Territorial Arrangements between Prussia

and Saxony. ART. XV. His Majesty the Emperor of Austria having offered his Mediation in every arrangement, between the Courts of Prussia and Saxony, rendered necessary in consequence of the territorial cessions stipulated in Article II ; His Majesty the King of Saxony and His Majesty the King of Prussia accept this Mediation, both in regard to the general and particular arrangements entrusted to the Commissions mentioned in Articles III and XIV.

His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty engages, in consequence, to appoint without delay a Commissioner, invested with Full Powers, to assist in the labours of the said Commissions.

Property of Religious Establishments. ART. XVI. (Embodied in Vienna Congress Treaty (No. 27) as Art. XXI.)

Regulation of Navigation of Rivers ; Elbe,* fc. ART. XVII. The general principles which have been adopted at the Congress of Vienna for the Free Navigation of Rivers (No. 11), shall serve as a guide to the Commission appointed in virtue of Article XIV, to regulate without delay, whatever relates to navigation; and shall be particularly applied to that of the Elbe, and floats of wood, and rafts of timber, as also to the waters known by the names of Elster-Werdaer-Floss-Graben, the Schwarze-Elster, and the Weisse-Elster; as well as to th of the Floss-Graben, which flows from this latter River.

Fulfilment of Saxon Contracts for Farming Revenues, d'c.

ART. XVIII. His Majesty the King of Prussia engages to fulfil the Contracts made between the Government and the farmers of Crown Lands or Land Revenues, in the provinces and territories ceded in virtue of Article II, the leases of which are not yet expired.

Annual Supply of Salt by Prussia to Saxony free from Export Duty.

Art. XIX. His Majesty the King of Prussia promises to fur

See Treaty between Prussia, Saxony, &c., of 23rd June, 1821 ; and between Austria, &c., and Hanover of 13th April, 1844; and Great Britain and Hanover of 22nd July, 1844.


nish annually to the Saxon Government, and the latter engages to receive, 150,000 quintals of Salt (the quintal calculated at 110 pounds market weight of Berlin), for a sum which, without augmenting the present price paid by Saxon subjects, shall secure to His Majesty the King of Saxony a duty as nearly equal as possible to that which he received on the sale of each quintal of Salt, immediately previous to the last war.

The Commission which shall assemble in virtue of Article XIV, shall regulate, according to this principle, the price of the quintal, as also the number of years during which it shall continue at that price; and at the expiration of such period, a new regulation shall be made by common consent, both with regard to the quantity and the price of the Salt.

The quantity of 150,000 quintals, sold yearly, may be increased, upon the demand of the Saxon Government (of which demand, if the increase is to be 50,000 quintals, six months' notice, at least, shall be given ; if it shall exceed that quantity, a year's notice) to 250,000 quintals; which the Prussian Government engages to furnish on the same conditions, as the minimum above-mentioned. It is understood that, at the expiration of the period agreed upon, the minimum of 150,000 quintals shall not, under any circumstances, be reduced at the pleasure of either party, and that the principle established respecting the price, by the present Article, shall again form the basis of the new regulation.

The Salt which the Saxon Government shall receive, in virtue of the present Article, shall be supplied from the salt-works of Durrenberg and Koesen ; and in case the quantity above-mentioned should not be procured from these salt-works, it shall be furnished from the Prussian salt-works nearest to the frontiers of Saxony.

No export duty shall be paid on the Salt which the Prussian Government shall furnish to Saxony in virtue of this Article, on its conveyance from the works to the frontiers, nor shall any other duties whatever be paid thereon, except those levied at the barriers, bridges, canals, or locks, than are paid by Prussian subjects on the same route, and for the same modes of conveyance.

Exemption of Farm and other Articles from Import and Export

Duties respectively. ART. XX. The exemption from export duties, referred to at


the conclusion of the preceding Article, in respect to Salt, shall be extended with the same modification, by the Prussian and Saxon Governments respectively, to the exportation and importation from one territory to the other, of grain, of fuel of every description, of timber, lime, slates, mill-stones, bricks, and stone of all kinds, whether these articles are purchased by subjects of the two Governments, or by the Governments themselves.

His Majesty the King of Prussia, and His Majesty the King of Saxony, at the same time, mutually engage never to prohibit or interrupt the exportation of the said articles.

General Amnesty in Saxony. Art. XXI. (Embodied in General Treaty (No. 27) as Art. XXII.)

Renunciation by Saxony of all Claims upon the Duchy of Warsaw.

ART. XXII. His Majesty the King of Saxony renounces for himself, his heirs and successors, as well as for the Princes of his House, their heirs and successors, for ever, every claim arising from Crown or other property, which might be derived from the possession of the Duchy of Warsaw.

Recognition of Sovereign Rights of Austria, Prussia, and Russia

over certain Portions of the Duchy. His Majesty recognizes the rights of Sovereignty over that country, such as they are stipulated by the Treaty of Vienna, of the 21st April (3rd May) of the present year (Nos. 12, 13), for the Provinces which pass under the sceptre of His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, with the title of King of Poland; for those Parts which revert to His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, on the right bank of the Vistula ; as well as for the Provinces to be possessed by His Majesty the King of Prussia, under the title of Grand Duchy of Posen.

Restoration by Saxony of Archives, &'c., of Duchy of Warsaw.

Art. XXIII. His Majesty the King of Saxony engages, that the Records, Maps, Plans, and all Documents whatever belonging to the Duchy of Warsaw, shall be faithfully restored. This restitution shall take place within 6 months from the day of the exchange of the Ratifications of the present Treaty.

Debts of Duchy of Warsaw.
Art. XXIV. His Majesty the King of Saxony is released from


all responsibility and charge whatever, with regard to the payment of debts contracted on account of the Duchy of Warsaw, by consent of the Ministry of Finance, or other public officers of that country; particularly from all obligations imposed upon him by the Convention of Bayonne,* which is annulled, and from the loan obtained on the Salt mines of Wieliczka.

With regard to the 2,550,193 florins, claimed as having been transferred from the treasury of Saxony into that of the Duchy of Warsaw; as it is stipulated by the Treaty signed the 21st April (3rd May), between Prussia, Austria, and Russia, that a Commission of liquidation, composed of Russian, Austrian, and Prussian Commissioners, should immediately assemble at Warsaw, and that the 3 Courts have invested this Commission with the necessary authority to inquire into the exterior and interior debt, and also their claims and charges against each other; the above claim shall be disposed of in the same manner.

The claims on the part of Saxony, to that sum, shall undergo the same examination, and shall be submitted to the said Commission, to which His Majesty the King of Saxony shall be at liberty to send an accredited Commissioner on his part, who shall assist in their deliberations.

Ratifications. ART. XXV. The present Treaty shall be ratified, and the acts of Ratification exchanged in three days, or sooner, if possible.

In faith of which the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have affixed thereunto the Seal of their Arms.

Done at Vienna, the 18th May, in the year of Our Lord, 1815.


* 10th May, 1808.


TREATY of Accession of Great Britain, to the Territorial

Treaty between Saxony and Prussia (Austria and Russia),

of 18th May, 1815. Signed at Paris, 18th September, 1815. ART.

TABLE. Preamble. Reference to Vienna Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815. 1. Accession of Great Britain to Territorial Treaty between Prussia and

2. Acceptance of Accession by. King of Saxony.
3, Ratifications.

(English Version.*)
In the Name of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.
Reference to Vienna Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815.

His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, having agreed to the arrangements made respecting Saxony and the Duchy of Warsaw, by the Great Act of Congress, signed on the 9th day of June last (No. 27), and also by the Treaty of the 18th of May thereto annexed, and hereinafter particularly set forth ; and His Majesty the King of Saxony, desirous of procuring the immediate Accession of His Britannic Majesty to the said Treaty of the 18th of May, having invited His said Majesty and His said Majesty having agreed, to accede thereto by a direct Treaty with His Saxon Majesty, their said Majesties have named:

His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Right Honourable Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, one of His Majesty's Privy Council, a Member of Parliament, Colonel of the Regiment of Londonderry Militia, and Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs;

And His Majesty the King of Saxony, Count de Schulenburg, a Privy Counsellor, Chamberlain of His said Majesty, &c.;

Who, having exchanged their respective Full Powers, have agreed upon the following Articles :-

Accession of Great Britain to Territorial Treaty between Prussia

and Saxony. ART. I. His Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, accedes to all the Stipulations of the Treaty * For French version, see “State Papers,” vol. ii, p. 871.

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