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will, diligently and faithfully, execute the duties of the said office of

and will use the best of my endeavors to prevent and delect fraud in relation to the duties imposed by the laws of the United Stales ; I furlher (swear, or affirm) that I will support the constilu

tion of the United States. (Sworn, or affirmned) and subscribed, Oath to be ta- this day of - before me. And the oath or affirmation ken before a

aforesaid, if taken by a collector, may be taken before any ma. magistrate, or the collector, gistrale authorized to administer oaibs within the district to &c. certified, which he belongs; but if taken by another officer, shall be raken and transmite before the collector of his district; and, being certified under the ted to the

hand and seal of the person by whom the same shall have been comptroller of the treasury, administered, shall, within three months thereafter, be transmit.

ied to the comptroller of the treasury : in default of taking of

which oath, or transinilling a certificate thereof, the party failing 200 dolls. for. shall forfeit and pay two hundred dollars, to be recovered, with feit for default. cost of suit, in any court of competent jurisdiction, to the use of

the United States. Duties of the officers of the

§ 21. That the several officers of the customs shall, respeccustoms, &c. tively, perform the duties following, to wit: Al such of the ports Collectors. lo which there shall be appointed a collector, naval officer, and

surveyor, the collector shall receive all reporis, manisesis, and documents, to be made or exhibited on the entry of any ship or vessel, according to the regulations of this act; shall record, in books to be kept for that purpose, all manifests; shall receive the entries of all ships or vessels, and of the goods, wares, and merchandise, imported in thein; shall, together with the naval officer, where there is one, or alone, where there is none, esti. mate the amount of the duties payable thereupon, endorsing the said amount upon the respective entries; shall receive all mo. neys paid for duties, and shall take bonds for securing the pay. ment thereof; shall grant all peripits for the unlading and deli. very of goods; shallz with the approbation of the principal officer of the treasury department, employ proper persons as weighers, gaugers, measurers and inspectors, at the several poris within his district; and, also, with the like approbation, provide, at the public expense, storehouses for the safe keeping

of goods, and such scales, weights and measures, as may be Naval officers, necessary ; the naval officer shall receive copies of all inanifests

and entries, and shall, together with the collector, estimate the

duties on all goods, wares, and merchandise, subject to duty, No duties (and no duties shall be received without such estimate,) and without esti- shall keep a separate record thereof, and shall countersiga all

permits, clearances, certificates, debentures, and other docu. ments, to be granted by the collector ; he shall also examine the collector's abstracts of duties and other accounts of receipts,

bonds, and expenditures, and, if found right, he shall certify the Surveyors. same. The surveyor shall superintend and direct all inspectors,

weighers, measurers, and gaugers, within his port, and shall, once every week, report to the collector the naine or names of such inspectors, weighers, gaugers, or measurers, as may be absent from, or neglect to do, their duty, shall visit or inspect the ships or vessels which arrive therein, and sball make a return in writing every morning to the collector, if any, at the port


where he resides, of all vessels which shall have arrived from foreign poris or places the preceding day, specifying the names and denominations of the vessels, the masters' naines, from whence arrived, wheilier laden or in ballasi, whelber belonging to the United States, or 10 what other nation belonging, and, if American vessels, whether the masters thereof have, or have noi, complied with the law, in having the required number of mani. sests of the cargo on board, agreeing in substance with the provisions made necessary by ibis act, and shall have power, and is hereby required, 10 put on board each of such vessel, one or more inspectors, iminediately after their arrival in his port; the surveyor shall also ascertain the proof, quantities, and kinds, of distilled spiriis imported, rating such spiriis according to their respective degrees of proof, as defined by the laws imposing duties on spirits : be shall likewise examine and ascertain the quali. ty, kind, and quantity, of all wines imported ; also the quantity and kind of all teas and sugars imported ; and shall grant certificates for the said spirits, wines, and leas, and make returns thereof, in manner hereafter provided. He shall also examine whether the goods imported in any ship or vessel, and the de. liveries thereof, agreeably to the inspector's returns thereof, correspond with the permits for landing the same; and if any error or disagreeinent appear, he shall report the same to the col. lecior, and to the naval officer, if any there be. The surveyor shall also superintend the lading, for exportation, of all goods entered for the benefit of any drawback, bouniy, or allowance, and shall examine and report whether the kind, quantiry, and qualiły, of the goods so laden on board any vessels for exporiation, correspond with the entries and permiis granted therefor : he shall also, from time to time, and particularly on the first Mondays in January and July, in each year, examine and try the weighis, measures, and other instruments, used in ascertaining the duties on imports, with standards to be provided by each collector, at the public expense, for that purpose ; and where disagreements or errors are discovered, he shall report the same to the collector, and obey and execute such directions as he may receive for correcting ihereof, agreeably to the standards aforesaid; and the said surveyor shall, in all cases, be The surveyor subject to the direction of the collector.

And at ports to which subject to the

direction of a collector and surveyor only are assigned, the said collector the collector. shall, solely, execute all ihe duties in which the co-operation of Further duties !he naval officer is requisire, at the poris where a naval officer of collectors,

surveyors, &c. is appointed; which he shall also do in case of the disability or death of the naval officer, until a successor is appointed, unless there is a deputy, duly authorized under the band and seal of the naval officer, who, in that case, shall continue to act until an appointment shall take place. And at the ports to which a collector only is assigned, such collector shall solely execute all the duties in which the co-operation of the naval officer is requisite as aforesaid, and shall also, as far as may be, perform all the duties prescribed to the surveyors at the ports where such officers are established. And at the ports to which surveyors only are assigned, every such surveyor shall perform all the du.

person, &c.

to attend in

ties herein before enjoined upon surveyors; and shall also receive and record the copies of all manifests wbich shall be transmilted to him by the collector ; shall record all permits granted by such collector, distinguishing the gauge, weight, measure, and quality, of the goods specified therein, and shall take care

that no goods be unladen or delivered from any ship or vessel, The collector, without a proper permit for that purpose. And at such ports of

is no surveyor,

delivery only to which no surveyor is assigned, it shall be lawful may occasion. for the collector of the district, occasionally, and from time to ally employ a tinie, 10 employ a proper person or persons to do the duties of a

surveyor, wlio shall be entiiled to the like compensation with

inspectors during the time they shall be employed. And, the Collectors, &c. said collectors, naval officers, and surveyors, shall, respectively,

attend in person at the ports to which they are respectively as. person, keep signed; and shall keep fair and true accounts and records of all fair accounts, their transactions, as officers of the customs, in such manner and

form as may, from time to time, be directed by the proper department, or officer having the superintendence of the collection of the revenue of the United States; and shall, at all times, submit their books, papers, and accounts, to the inspection of such

persons as may be appointed for that purpose ; and the said col. The collectors lector shall, at all times, pay to the order of the officer, who shall to paymoneys be authorized to direct ihe payment thereof, the whole of the order, as may moneys which they may, respectively, receive by virtue of this be directed,

act, (such moneys as they are otherwise by this act directed to &c. Accounts to

pay, only excepied,) and shall, once in every three months, or be transmitted oliener if they shall be required, transmit their accounts for set. quarterly, or ilement, to the officer or officers whose duty it shall be to make foreseersement. such seltlement; and if any collector, naval officer, or surveyor, 1,000 dolls. shall onil to keep fair and true accounts as aforesaid, or shall forfeit for refuse to submit, forth with, their books, papers, and accounts, lo omilling to

inspection as aforesaid ; or if any collector shall omil or refuse keep fair ac counts, to ren- to render his accounts for settlement, for a term exceeding three

months after the same shall have been required by the proper for settlement, officer, in each and every such case the delinquent officer shall

forfeit and pay, for the use of the United States, one thousand

dollars, to be recovered with costs of suit. Collectors, &c. $22. That every collector, naval officer, and surveyor, in in case of ne:

cases of occasional and necessary absence, or of sickness, and

not otherwise, may, respectively, esercise and perform their semay exercise veral functions, powers, and duries, by deputy, duly constituted their functions under their bands and seals, respectively, for whom, in the exeIn case of dis- cution of their trust, they shall, respectively, be answerable: ability or that in case of the disability or death of a collector, the duties death of the

and authorities vested in him shall devolve on his deputy, if any collector, the duries, &c. to

There be at the time of such disability or death, for whose condevolve on the duct the estate of such disabled or deceased collector shall be deputy, &c. liable; and in defect of a deputy, the said authorities and duties In defect of

shall devolve upon the naval officer of the same district, if any deputy, on the naval officer. there be; and if there be no naval officer, upon the surveyor of If no naval of the port appointed for the residence of such disabled or deceasficer, upon

ed collector, if any there be, and if none, upon the surveyor of surveyor,

the port nearest thereto and within the said district. And in

der accounts


cessary absence, &c.



gers, &c.

every case of the disability or death of a surveyor, it shall be in case of the lawful for the collector of ihe district to nominate some fit per- veyor, the colson 10 perform his duties and exercise his authorities; and the lector may apauthorities of the persons who may be empowered to act in the point a person stead of those who may be disabled or dead, shall continue until to act in his

stead, until, successors shall be duly appointed, and ready to enter upon the &c. execution of their respective offices.

$23. That no goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be brought No goods, inlo the United Siates, from any foreign port or place, in any be admitted to ship or vessel belonging, in the whole or in part, lo a citizen or entry, in any cilizens, inhabitant or inhabitants, of the United States, unless ship or vessel the master, or person having the charge or command of such belonging, in ship or vessel, shall have on board a manifest or manifests, in part, to a citi. writing, signed by such master or other person, containing the zen, &c. with. name or names of the port or ports, place or places, where the out a manifest, goods, in such manifest or manifests mentioned, shall have been the goods were respectively taken on board, and the port or ports, place or taken on places, within the United States, for which the same are respec- board, to lively consigned or destined, particularly noting the goods, signed, and a wares, and merchandise, destined for each port or place, respec- particular detively, and the name, description, and built, of such ship or ves- scription of the sel; and the true adineasurenient or tonnage thereof, the port or cargo, passen. place to which such vessel belongs, with the name or names of each owner, according to the register of the same, together with the name of the inaster, or other person having the charge or command of such ship or vessel, and a just and particular account of all the goods, wares, and merchandise, so laden or taken on board, whether in packages or slowed loose, of any kind or nature whatsoever, together with the marks and numbers, as marked on each package, and the number or quantity and description of the packages, in words at length, whether leaguer, pipe, buli, puncheon, hogshead, barrel, keg, case, bale, pack, truss, chest, box, bandbox, bundle, parcel, cask, or package, of any kind or sort, describing the same by its usual name or deno. mination ; together with ihe name or names of the person or persons to whom the same are, respectively, consigned, agreea. bly to the bills of loading signed for the same, unless when the said goods are consigned to order, when it shall be so expressed in tbe said manifest or manifests ; together with the name or names of the several passengers on board the said ship or vessel, distinguishing whether cabin. or steerage passengers, or both, with iheir baggage, specifying the number and description of Baggage of packages belonging to each, respectively, together with an ac- passengers

, count of the remaining sea stores, if any. And the form of a &c.

Remaining sea manifest for goods and merchandise, imported in a vessel of the stem

stores, &c. United States, shall be as follows, to wit: Report and manifest Form of maniof the cargo laden on board of the [here insert the denomination fest for goods and name of the vessel] whereof (insert the master's name) is and merchan, master, wbich cargo was taken on board at [here insert the port in a vessel of or ports, place or places, at which the cargo was laden] burden the U. States. toos, bulit at

in the state of -, and owned by merchants at , [inserting the tonnage, where built, by whom owned, and place or places of residence, as particularly detailed

Vol. 1.

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in the certificate of registry] as per register granted at [here in. sert the port or place] ihe (here insert the day of the monin, and year, when granted) and bound for [here insert the name of the port or place where bound 10]

[blocks in formation]

to be deliver

chandise im.

Returned cargo. [If any articles of the outward cargo are brought back, they are to be detailed, specifying by whom shipped outward, and io whom consigned inward.] Return of passengers, and of packages belonging to them respectively. [Here insert the names of the passengers, and whether cabin or sleerage passengers, with the description and number of packa. ges containing their baggage, or the tools or implements of a mechanical trade.] Vessel and cabin stores. [Here detail what

are remaining.) Merchandise

And if merchandise shall be imported, destined to be delivered in different ed in different districts or poris, the quantities and packages, so districts, to be destined to be delivered, shall be inserted in successive order in inserted in

the manifest as aforesaid; and all spirits, wines, and teas, consuccessive order in the

stiluting the whole or any part of the cargo of any vessel, shall manifest; also also be inserted in successive order, distinguishing the ports to spirits, wines, which the same may be destined, and the kinds, qualities, and In case of mer- quantities, thereof; and if merchandise shall be imported by

citizens or inhabitants of the United States, in veseels other than ported by citi- the United States, the manifests shall be of ihe forns, and shall foreign ves

contain the particulars, aforesaid, except that said vessels shall sels, &c.

be described in manner following, viz: Report and inanifest of Foreign ves- the cargo laden on board the [here insert the denomination and sels to be thus described in

name of the vessel, and the port 10 which she belonge) whereof the manifest. [here insert the master's name, and whether or not master dur.

ing the voyage] burthen [here insert the nation - where built bound (here insert the port or poris of destination) which cargo

was taken on board at [bere insert the port or ports where la. In case goods

den.] are brought § 24. That if any goods, wares, and merchandise, shall be imto the United ported or broughi into the United States, in any ship or vessel States in ves, whatever, belonging, in the whole or in part, to a citizen or citito citizens, &c. zens, inhabitant or inhabitants of the United States, from any without a ma- foreign port or place, without having a manifest or manifeels on nifest, or are not mentioned

board, agreeably to the directions in the foregoing section, or &c.

which shall not be included or described therein or shall not agree therewith ; in every such case the master, or other person having the charge or command of such ship or vessel, shall forfeit and pay a sum of money equal to the value of such goods

zens, &c. in

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