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proceedings for the appointment of An act for charging certain duties commissions to examine witnesses in on sweets or made wines in Ireland in Ireland.

lieu of former duties. An act to make further provisions .An act for the better collecting and for collecting and securing the du- securing the duties on 'spirits distilled ties of Excise on malt made in Ire.' in Ireland. land.

An act for the better regulating An act to provide for the collection and securing the collection of the duand management of stamp-duties pay- ties on paper made in Ireland, and to able on bills of exchange, promissory prevent frauds therein. notes, receipts, and game certificates An act for altering certain drawin Ireland.

backs and countervailing duties on An act to regulate the collection of glass, for exempting Irish glass botstamp duties on matters in respect of tles from the duty imposed by an act which licences may be granted by the of the last session of Parliament, and commissioners of stamps in Ireland. for exempting the leather and glass of

An act to repeal certain duties on carriages belonging to certain persons leather dressed in oil in Great Britain, imported from Ireland for private use or imported from Ireland.

from duty. An act to regulate the postage of An act to augment the salary of ship letters to and from Ireland. the Master of the Rolls in Ireland, and

An act to make further provisions to enable his Majesty to grant an for the issuing of licences to persons additional annuity to such Master of to deal in, retail, make, or manufac- the Rolls on the resignation of his of ture spirits and other exciseable com- ' fice; and to regulate the disposal of modities in Ireland, and for securing the offices of the six clerks in the the duties of excise payable by the Court of Chancery in Ireland. persons so licenced.

An act to carry into effect a conAn act to make further provisions vention made between his Majesty and for collecting and securing the duties the King of the Netherlands and the of excise on hides and skins tanned in Emperor of all the Russias. Ireland.

An act to make further regulations An act to make further provisions for the registry of ships built in India. for collecting and securing the du. An act to permit, until six weeks ties of excise on paper printed, painte after the commencement of the next ed, or stained in Ireland, to serve for session of Parliament, the importation hangings and other uses.

into Great Britain and Ireland, in An act to regulate the appoint. neutral vessels, from states in amity ment of governors of the Richmond. with his Majesty, of certain goods, Lunatic Asylum in Dublin.

wares, aad merchandize, and to proAn act for punishing mutiny and hibit the exportation of copper ; and desertion ; and for the better pay. to permit the importation, in neutral ment of the army and their quarters. vessels, from states not in amity with

An act to enable the sheriff-depute his Majesty, of certain goods, wares, or substitute and justices of the peace and merchandize. of the county of Clackmannan, to in- An act to regulate the clearance of .carcerate persons in the gaol of the vessels, and delivery of coast bonds, royal burgh of Stirling, or the com- at creeks and harbours in Great Bri. mon gaol of the county of Stirling. tain ; for exempting certain ships and

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vessels from being licensed by the lent in amount to the half-pay given commissioners of customs ; for autho. to British officers under the like cir. rizing officers of the customs to seize cumstances. spirits removing without excise per An act to repeal an act of the 53d mits; and for preventing frauds in year of his present Majesty, for preoverloading keels and other carriages venting the embezzlement of stores; used in conveying coals for exporta. and to extend the provisions of the setion, or to be carried coastwise. veral acts relating to his Majesty's na

An act to enable the trustees of val, ordnance, and victualling stores, turnpike-roads to abate the tolls on to all other public stores. carriages,

and to allow of their carry- An act to enable his Majesty to ac. ing extra weights in certain cases. quire ground necessary for signal and

An act to provide for the taking telegraph stations. an account of the population of Ire- An act to increase the draw-backs land, and for the ascertaining the in- and countervailing duties on tobacco, crease or diminution thereof.

and to limit the tonnage of ships in An act to amend and explain an which wine may be exported when du. act passed in the 54th year of his pre- ties are drawn back. sent Majesty, for maintaining and keep- An act for further regulating the ing in repair certain roads and bridges issue and payment of money to his made in Scotland for the purpose of Majesty's forces serving abroad. military communication ; and for ma- An act for discontinuing certain king more effectual provision for maio- deductions from half-pay, and for furtaining and repairing roads made and ther regulating the accounts of the bridges built in Scotland, under the paymaster-general. authority of the parliamentary com- An act to continue, until the end missioners for highland roads and of the next session of Parliament, for bridges.

regulating the trade in spirits between An act to amend an act of the Great Britain and Ireland respective53d year of his present Majesty, for ly. vesting in his Majesty certain parts of An act to grant further powers to Windsor forest, in the county of the commissioners of Chelsea and Berks ; and for enclosing the open Greenwich Hospitals with respect to commonable lands within the said fo. pensions on those establishments.

An act for altering the rate at An act for making compensation which the crown may exercise its for lands and hereditaments taken for right of pre-emption of ore in which erecting works at and near Ports. there is lead. mouth and Hilsea, in the county of An act to alter the conditions and Southampton, in pursuance of an act regulations under which blubber and made in the last session of Parlia- train-oil of Newfoundland are admit

ted to entry. An act for raising the sum of 36 An act for the relief of the out-pen. millions by way of annuities. sioners of the royal hospital of Kil

An act to amend an act of his late mainham. Majesty King George the 2d, for the An act to prevent poor persons in relief of the out-pensioners of the roy- workhouses from embezzling certain al hospital at Chelsea.

property provided for their use ; to An act to authorize the allowing alter and amend so much of an act of to foreign officers, allowances equiva. the 36th year of his present Majesty,


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the poor.

as restrains justices of the peace from greater value, or more conveniently ordering relief to poor persons in cer- situated for their residence and occutain cases for a longer period than one pation : and for annexing such houses month at a time ; and for other pur- and lands, so taken in exchange, to poses therein mentioned, relating to such benefices as parsonage or glebe

houses and glebe lands, and for purAn act for vesting in his Majesty chasing and annexing lands to become certain parts of the forests of Exmoor, glebe in certain cases, and for other otherwise Exmore, in the counties of purposes. Somerset and Devon ; and for inclo- An act for raising the sum of sing the said forest.

4,500,0001. by Exchequer bills, for An act to grant an additional duty the service of Great Britain for the of excise in Ireland, upon spirits made year 1815. or distilled from corn or grain.

An act for raising the sum of An act to make further provisions 1,500,0001. by Exchequer bills, for for the collection of certain duties on the service of Great Britain for the male servants, carriages, and horses; year 1815. and in respect of houses in Ireland. An act for rectifying mistakes in

An act to amend an act made in the names of land-tax commissioners, this session of Parliament to repeal and for appointing additional commisformer acts granting exclusive privi- sioners, and indemnifying such perlege of trade to the South Sea Com- sons as have acted without due authopany, and to indemnify the said Com- rity in execution of the acts therein pany for the loss of such privileges. recited.

An act to reduce the duties on all An act to amend the laws for im. sheep-wool, the growth of the united posing and levying of fines, in respect kingdom, which shall be sold by auc- of unlawful distillation of spirits in tion for the growers or first purcha- Ireland.

An act for granting to his Majesty An act to amend the acts relating the sum of 20,0001. to be issued and to the building and repairing of coun- applied towards repairing roads bety bridges.

tween London and Holyhead, by An act to enable the commissioners Chester, and between London and of customs and port-duties in Ireland, Bangor, by Shrewsbury. to purchase premises for the erecting An act for granting certain rates on additional docks, warehouses, and offi. postage and letters to and from Great ces, in Dublin.

Britain, the Cape of Good Hope, the An act to increase the allowance Mauritius, and the East Indies ; and to the Post-office in Ireland, in re- for making certain regulations respectspect of packet-boats to Great Bri- ing the postage of ship letters, and of tain.

letters in Great Britain. An act to authorize his Majesty to An act for fixing the rates of subregulate, until the first day of July sistence to be paid to innkeepers and 1816, the trade with any French co- others on quartering soldiers. lony which may come into his Majes- An act to continue, until the 5th 'ty's possession, or remain neutral. day of July 1816, the temporary

An act for enabling spiritual per- fourth part of the duties payable in sons to exchange the parsonage or Scotland upon distillers' wash, spirits, glebe houses or glebe lande, belong- and licences imposed by an act of the ing to their benefices, for others of 54th year of his present Majesty ; and


for enabling his Majesty, by order in of the disembodied militia in Great Bricouncil, to modify the operations of tain,

and of the miners of Cornwall the said act, or reduce the duties there- and Devon ; and for granting allowanby imposed.

ces, in certain cases, to subaltern offiAn act to amend the laws relative cers, adjutants, surgeons, mates, and to the transportation of offenders ; to serjeant-majors of militia, until the continue in force until the first day of 25th day of March 1816. May 1816.

An act for defraying the charge of An act for the better examination the pay and clothing of the local mili. of witnesses in the Courts of Equi- tia in Great Britain, to the 25th day ty in Ireland, and for empowering of March 1816. the Courts of Law and Equity in An act for defraying, until the 25th Ireland to grant commissioners for day of June 1816, the charge of the taking affidavits in all parts of Great pay and clothing of the militia of IreBritain.

land ; and for making allowances in An act to enable grand juries to certain cases to subaltern officers of present additional sums for consta. the said militia during peace. bles in Ireland, and for the secure con- An act to explain and amend the veyance of prisoners.

laws relating to the militias of Great An act to amend several acts rela- Britain and Ireland. ting to hackney coaches ; for authori. An act to provide for the charge of zing the licensing of an additional num. the addition to the public funded debt ber of hackney chariots ; and for li. of Great Britain, for the service of the censing carriages drawn by one horse. year 1815.

An act for the encouragement of An act to amend an act passed in seamen, and the more effectual man. the last session of Parliament, for betning of his Majesty's navy during the ter regulating the office of agent-gepresent war.

neral for volunteers and local militia, An act to amend and render more and for the more effectually regulating effectual an act of the 52d year of the same. his present Majesty, to amend and re- An act to continue for one year gulate the assessment and collection of certain acts for the better prevention the assessed taxes, and of the rates and and punishment of attempts to seduce duties on profits arising on property, persons serving in his Majesty's forces professions, trades, and offices, in that by sea and land, from their duty and part of Great Britain called Seot- allegiance to his Majesty, or to incite land.

them to mutiny or disobedience. An act to repeal the Excise duties An act to provide for the support and drawbacks on Epsom salt. of captured slaves during the period

An act to regulate the issuing of li- of adjudication. cences to allow open boats to proceed An act for the better protection of to foreign parts, and for revoking the the trade of the united kingdom dusame when necessary.

ring the present hostilities with France, An act to exonerate, in certain cases, An act to extend the exemption foreign spirits imported during the granted by law on coals and culm, for suspension of the spirit intercourse be. which the coast duties have been duly tween Great Britain and Ireland, from paid, on being again exported and carthe additional duty imposed thereon. ried to any place in this kingdom, to

An act to defray the charge of the cinders or coked coals burnt from pitpay, clothing, and contingent expenses coal, which has paid the coast duties,

An act to continue, until the 1st for granting other duties in lieu there. day of August, 1816, two acts of the of. 50th and 45th years of his present An act for repealing the stamp-of. Majesty, allowing the bringing office duties on advertisements, almacoals, culm, and cinders to London nacks, newspapers, gold and silver and Westminster, by inland naviga. plate, stage coaches, and licences for tion.

keeping stage coaches, now payable in An act for allowing certain tiles to Great Britain ; and for granting new be made, duty free, to serve for drain. duties in lieu thereof. ing

An act for granting an additional An act for the further prevention sum of money for providing a suitable of frauds in the manufacture of sweets. residence and estate for the Duke of

An act to revive and continue, until Wellington and his heirs, in considera. the 25th day of March 1820, an act tion of the eminent and signal services of the 28th year of his present Majes performed by the said duke to his ty, for the more effectual encourage. Majesty and the publie. ment of the manufacture of flax and An act for granting to his Majesty cotton in Great Britain.

certain sums out of the respective conAn act to revive, amend, and con- solidated funds of Great Britain and tinue, until the 25th day of March Ireland, and for applying certain mo. 1821, so much of an act of the 41st nies therein mentioned for the service year of his present Majesty as allows of the year 1815; and for further apthe use of salt, duty free, for curing propriating the supplies granted in fish in bulk or in barrels ; and to re- this session of Parliament. peal certain laws relating to the allow- An act for enabling his Majesty to ance of salt, duty free, for the North grant to John Francis

Erskine of Mar

, Seas and Iceland fisheries.

Esq. and his heirs and assigns, the feu An act to revive and continue, un. duties and quit rents arising in the til the 5th day of July 1816, an act of lordship of Stirling, in discharge of a the 46th year of his present Majesty's debt of greater value created upon the reign, for granting an additional boun. said feu duties by a grant from his ty on the exportation of the silk ma. Majesty King George the 1st. nufactures of Great Britain.

An act for allowing Henry

Meus, An act for charging an additional Thomas Starling Benson, Florance duty on certain seeds imported. Thomas Young, Richard Latham,

An act to authorize the directors and John Newberry, to brew, duty general of inland navigation in Ireland free, a quantity of strong beer, the to proceed in carrying on and com- duty on which shall be equivalent to pleting the canal from Dublin to Tar- the duty on the beer lost ; and to the monbury on the river Shannon. duties on the malt and hops expended

An act to repeal the bounties pay, in the production of the beer so lost. able in Ireland on the exportation of An act to amend an act made in the certain calicoes and cottons.

48th year of his present Majesty, to An act for repealing the stamp- improve the land revenue of the crowa, duties on deeds, law proceedings, so far as relates to the Great Forest and other written or printed instru- of Brecknock, in the county of Breck. ments, and the duties on fire insur- nock; and for vesting in his Majesty ances, and on legacies and successions certain parts of the said forest, and for to personal estate, upon intestacies, enclosing the said forest. now payable in Great Britain ; and An act to authorize the appoint

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