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For the fiscal year 1973 the estimated amount of grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies is $4,914,000. It is anticipated that this amount will be distributed as follows: Judiciary

$40,000 Education

1, 352, 000 Medical Services_

342, 000 Public Safety-

63, 000 Legal Affairs-

32, 000 Marine Resources

171, 000 Economic Development and Planning

100,000 Construction

2, 814, 000 With but one exception ($243,500) which was authorized, all funds which are used for matching, as required for grants-in-aid from other Federal agencies, are derived from local revenue. This is in accordance with instructions from the Congressional Subcommittees on Appropriations.

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Department of


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Health, Education, and
Office of Education... Elementary and Secondary

Education Act:

Title I..
Title II.
Title III
Title IV.

Title V.
Education of Handicapped Act:

Part B.

Part D.
Library Services and Construc-
tion Act:

Title 1.

Title III.
Manpower and Development

Training Act
Adult Basic Education Act.
Education Professions Develop-

ment Act, pt. B.
Vocational Education Act of

National Defense Education

Act, title III.
Higher Education Act, title IV,

pt. C.
Agriculture Food Natural School Lunch Act:
and Nutrition

Child Nutrition Act.

44,850 10,070 194, 000

50, 370 10, 070 378, 955


35, 900
14, 269

76, 807 39, 269

86, 323

40,907 25,000 143, 146 54,000 40,000


229, 469 108,000 40,000



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National Foundation on the Arts

and Humanities Act.

Arts Council...... National Foundation of

Arts and Humanities
National Endowment

for the Arts. See footnote at end of table.

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Chief Justice and

High Court.

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Planning Office

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Department of

Legal Affairs.

Department of Justice Ominibus Crime Control and

Law Enforcement Safe Streets Act.

Assistance Agency.
Department of Commerce Public Works and Economic De-

Economic Development velopment Act.

Housing and Urban De- Housing Act. sec. 701..

velopment Committee

Total grants to develop-

ment Planning Office.
Department of Justice Omnibus Crime Control and Safe
Law Enforcement

Streets Act.
Assistance Agency.
Department of Labor Manpower Development Train-

Manpower Administra- ing Act.

Economic Opportunity Act, title

Economic Opprotunity Act, title

1B, sec. 123a

Emergency Employment Act.
Workplace Standards Occupational Safety & Health

Civil Service Commission. Intergovernmental Personnel


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Department of


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Note: The amounts given represent grant funds available for obligation during fiscal year 1972. More than 75 percent of the fiscal year 1972 grant funds will not be unencumbered byJune 30, 1972, and thus will either carryover into fiscal year 1973 or lapse (revert to grantor or U.S. Treasury). Local cash match in the amount of $1,552,734 is excluded from the exhibit amounts.



GAS Department or Office (grant recipient)

U.S. Department and
Agency (grantor)

Authorizing legislation
(grant name)

Amount of grant

funds Comments

$29, 900 Renovate Autoloma Girls

School, rewire Govern

ment House. 10,000 Planning grants; other

highway grant is for

construction. 16, 000 Statistical survey; supple

ment to OSHA planning grant.

Construction.----- Department of the

National Historic Pre-
Interior-National Park servation Act.
Department of Transporta. Federal Aid Highway Act...

tion, Federal Highway

Development Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and

Planning Office Occupational Safety and Health Act.
and Department Health Administration.
of Manpower

Marine Resources. Office of Economic

Economic Opportunity Act..

Marine Resources Department of Commerce, National Sea Grant College

and Department National Oceanic and and Program Act. of Education. Atmospheric Administra


35,000 Supplement to ongoing

fisheries development

(dory building project.) 15,000 Pilot taro farming project. 91, 631 Develop commercial fish

eries curriculua and
training methods;
train and utilize Samoan

fisheries instructors. 20,000 Comprehensive planning

for higher education facilities.

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Transmittal Sheet: Release No. 19, October 9, 1964


This release contains Chapter 1.05 of Part I of the Administration Manual entitled Audit Office Organization and Function

H. REX LEE, Governor of American Samoa.

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Chapter 1.05-Audit Office Sec. 1.0501-Sec. 1.0503 (2) Sec. 1.0501-Organization and Authority: (A) The Audit Office has been established under and is responsible to the Governor of American Samoa. As a staff officer the Auditor receives supervision and direction from the Governor and the Secretary. (B) Since internal auditing is a staff or advisory function rather than a line or operating function, the internal auditor does not have authority to make, or give orders to make, changes in procedures or operation of a administration of the operations of the various departments and offices of the Executive and operating officials. The internal auditor will perform his duties by independent analysis and review of existing activities and procedures.

Sec. 1.0502—Objectives: The primary objective of the internal audit office is to assist the Executive Office in achieving an effective, efficient, and economical administration of the operataions of the various departments and offices of the Government of American Samoa. The objective requires that the internal auditor carry on activities which will assure protection of the Government's interest and aid in the improvement of the various phases of the operations. The accomplishment of these objectives includes the review of the Government's financial affairs; the testing of the adequacy of controls established to prevent the dissipation of the resources and asset of the Government; the appraisal of existing governmental controls, procedures and instructions; the determination that each department or office is carrying out the plans, policies, and procedures for which it is responsible; and the making of recommendations to strengthen effectiveness and increase efficiency of operations.

Sec. 1.0503—Activities: The Scope of work assigned to the internal audit staff will include:

1. Reviewing and Appraising the Policies, Plans, Procedures, and Records of the Government of American Samoa.—The internal auditor shall review the Departments' and Offices' operating policies, plans, and procedures to determine their adequacy and effectiveness. This includes an appraisal and determination as to the extent to which information on policies, plans, and procedures is effectively distributed, understook, and accepted by all officials and employees concerned; whether the records are necessary and adequate in meeting the needs of the department or office; whether proper internal control is provided ; and identifying and reporting to the Executive Office and Department and Office heads those areas in which it appears that improvement is needed.

2. Ascertaining the Extent of Compliance with Established Policies, Plans, and Procedures, including Departmental and Office Regulations and other applicable memoranda.The Executive Office requires some independent means by which it can be informed of the extent of compliance with policies, plans, procedures, and regulatory and other requirements, established for the purpose of guiding and controlling operations. The internal auditor should determine through a review of transactions and operations whether the office or department under audit is complying with instructions, procedures, laws, etc. The determination of compliance with acocunting and fiscal procedures involves the review of operating practices. Other activities of an operating nature which have no direct accounting or fiscal relationship should be observed as to compliance.

3. Ascertaining whether the Government's Assets are Property Accounted for and Safeguarded from Losses.—This will include a determination whether all assets are properly accounted for and whether adequate controls are established to protect such assets from theft, deterioration, and misuse; the detection of fraud or dishonesty; and the identification of actual or potential losses or any practices which could result in loss to the Government.

4. Ascertaining the Degree of Reliability of Accounting and Supporting Statistical Data Developed within the Department or Office.This will include a verification of the correctness of the accounts and a determination as to whether they are following acceptable accounting principles and confirming the validity of the data produced by the regular accounting processes; and reviewing accounting and supporting statistical reports for accuracy and usefulness to the Executive Office.

5. Observation of Inefficiency and Waste.—This activity will include an appraisal of performance under the Government's policies, plans, and procedures, and any observation that the internal audit may make of inefficiency and waste in the operations and management of the office or department. It will also include a review of the effectiveness of new methods which have been established to determine if improvements have been attained and whether the objectives desired have been accomplished. Sec. 1.0504-General:

1. Each internal audit will include those elements required to accomplish the objectives of internal auditing taking into consideration the type of or organiza

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