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[Dardanelles and Bosphorus).

And their Majesties the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, the King of the French, the King of Prussia, and the Emperor of All the Russias, on the other part, engage to respect this determination of the Sultan, and to conform themselves to the principle above declared.

Firmans to be issued for Vessels under Flag of War used by Foreign

Missions. ART. II. It is understood that in recording the inviolability of the ancient rule of the Ottoman Empire mentioned in the preceding Article, the Sultan reserves to himself, as in past times, to deliver Firmans of passage for light Vessels under Flag of War, which shall be employed as is usual in the service of the Missions of Foreign Powers.

Invitation to Foreign Powers to accede to Convention. ART. III. His Highness the Sultan reserves to himself to communicate the present Convention to all the Powers with whom the Sublime Porte is in relations of friendship, inviting them to accede thereto.

X х

Ratifications. Art. IV. The present Convention shall be ratified, and the Ratifications thereof shall be exchanged at London at the expiration of two months, or sooner if possible.

In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto the Seals of their Arms.

Done at London, the 13th day of July, in the year of Our Lord, 1841.




[Navigation of the Neckar.]

No. 194.- CONVENTION between Baden, Hesse-Darm

stadt, and Wurtemberg, for the regulation of the Nariga

tion on the Neckar. Signed at Carlsruhe, 1st July, 1842. ARTS.

Preamble. Reference to Vienna Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815.

Navigation on the Neckar in general, and concessions for it agreed to

amongst the Neckar bank States. Navigation on the Neckar to and from the Rhine to be quite free to all;

towing-path to be kept in good order ; the River to be kept free from Abstwuctions ; Wurtemberg constitutes Heilbron and Canstatt, Baden, Mannheim, and Heidelberg as free ports, Hesse reserves its appointment of free ports ; dues to be levied ; freedom to be extended to water ways in connection with the Neckar.

SECOND TITLE. 8 to Navigation Dues, and the means of ascertaining their proper payment. 35.


Application of the Fiscal Laws in force in the respective Neckar bank to States, to the Neckar Navigation.

FOURTI TITLE. 42 to }Right to practice the Navigation.



FIFTH TITLE. 46 to Freights and periodical Voyages. 50.

SIXTH TITLE. 51 to Police Regulations for the security of the Navigation and Commerce. 61.

SEVENTH TITLE. 62 ) Settlement of Criminal Cases and Disputes respecting Neckar Naviga

tion affairs, and Supervision of the Neckar Navigation in general. 68.

EIGHTH TITLE. 69. Execution of the Navigation Ordinance.


Reference to Vienna Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815.

Wrth reference to the provisions of the Vienna Congress Act (No. 27), respecting River Navigation and for the complete appli

[Navigation of the Neckar.]

cation of those provisions to the Neckar, the Neckar Bank States have resolved to agree upon a Neckar Navigation Ordinance on the basis of the Convention existing between them of 30th July, 5th and 15th August, 1835, respecting the Neckar Navigation and the Neckar Toll, according to Article I of which, the provisions of the Rhine Navigation Ordinance of 31st March, 1831 (No. 151), are also to be applied in general to the Neckar, so far as it is navigable.

For this purpose,

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Baden has appointed his Ministerial Director Francis Anthony Regenauer, and his Chamberlain, also Plenipotentiary at the Central Commission for the Rhine Navigation, Lewis v. Kettner;

His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, his Privy Councillor and Plenipotentiary at the Rhine Navigation Central Commission, Charles Augustus Verdier de la Blaquière ;

His Majesty the King of Wurtemberg, his Financial Council. lor William Vayhinger, as Plenipotentiaries, and these have agreed upon the following Neckar Navigation Ordinance which, as a Treaty, must not be altered without the consent of all parties.

Arts. I to LXIX. (See Table)
Carlsruhe, 1st July, 1842.


ANNEXES A, B, C.-Tariffs and Forme.

ANNEX A.–Tariff of Ship-certificate dues.

B.–Tariff for the Neckar-toll.
C.-Forms of Manifest.


No. 195.-BOUNDARY TREATY between Belgium and

the Netherlands. Signed at the Ilague, 5th November,

1842.* ART.

Preamble. Reference to Treaty of 19th April, 1839.

CHAPTER I. 1. Boundary between Belgium and Luxemburg on the road from Bastogne

to Arlon. 2. Bergeroth, Stamproy, Breversroth, Heyroth, II aubroeckroth, and Veer

Itteren, in the North of Limburg to belong to the Netherlands, as
well as the nearest point of the Mannestraat, towards Neer Itteren.
Belgium to keep the Beersel. From Lakenhoff to the Meuse the
Boundary to remain as already determined upon, reserving Ittercoort

and Thorn to the Netherlands. 3. Belgian Government may entrust construction of a Canal or Road to a

Company. 4. Limit from Wachtebeke to the Terneuzen Canal. 5. Axis of Terneuzen Canal to remain as the Limit between Fort St. Antoine

and the Stuyver Hamlet. 6. Boundary from the Terneuzen Canal to the Sluice Noire. 7. Boundary from the Sluice Noire to the Krakeel low lands, known as

Vryendyk. 8. Boundaries on the low lands of Krakeel and Brandkreek. 9. Boundaries between the Provinces of Antwerp and Zeland. 10. Demarcation of Limit at Smeermaas. 11. Boundary between Belgian Communes of Neerpelt, Overpelt, Loppel

(Limburg), and Moll (Antwerp), and Dutch Communes of Bergeyk,

Lincksgestel, Hoogloon and Bladel (North Brabant). 12. Boundary between Belgian Commune of Mouland (Liege), and Dutch

Commune of Eysden (Limburg). 13. Boundary between Dutch Commune of Baar-le-Nassau (North Brabant)

and Belgian Commune of Wortel (Antwerp). 14. Roads crossing Baar-le-Nassau (Netherlands) and Baar-le-Duc

(Belgium). 15. Plans to be annexed to Articles IV to XIII.

CHAPTER II. Section I. 16 to Navigation of the Scheldt. 19.

Section II. 20 to Navigation of Terneuzen Canal. 37

Section III. 38 to Navigation of intermediate Waters between the Scheldt and the Rhine. 49.

* See also Treaty of 8th August, 1843, and of 11th May, 1867, respecting Luxemburg



Section IT. 50 to Navigation of the Meuse. 55.

CHAPTER III. 56 to Finances. 69. 70. Mixed Commissions to assemble 15 days after Ratification of Treaty. 71. Stipulations of the Treaty not to be separated. 72. Ratifications.

(Translation.*) Reference to Treaty of 19th April, 1839. His Majesty the King of the Belgians and His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, having recognised that the point at which the labours of the Commissions appointed under the Treaty of 19th April, 1839 (No. 184), had reached, it has become necessary, in order to smooth all difficulties, to settle, through the intervention of the two Governments, certain points which are not sufficiently determined in the said. Treaty, have appointed their Plenipotentiaries, namely:

His Majesty the King of the Belgians, the Sieurs Albert Florent Joseph Prisse, his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, &c., and Aldephonse Alexander Felix du Jardin, his Chargé d'Affaires at the Royal Court of Hanover and the Hanse Towns, on an Extraordinary Mission to the Court of the Netherlands, &c.;

His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, the Sieurs Jean Guillaume Baron Huyssen de Kattendyke, his Minister for Foreign Affairs, &c.; Jean Jacques Rochussen, his Minister of Finances, &c.; and Florent Adrien van Hall, his Minister of Justice, &c.;

Who, after having exchanged their Full Powers, found to be in good and due form, have agreed upon the following explanatory Articles :

Arts. I to LXXII. (See Table.)

Done at the Hague, the 5th day of November, 1842. (L.S.) PRISSE. (L.S.) HUYSSEN VAN KATTENDYKE. (L.S.) DU JARDIN. (L.S.) ROCHUSSEN.

(L.S.) F. A. VAN HALL.
* For French version, see “State Papers," vol. xxxi, p. 815.

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