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No. 196.-BOUNDARY CONVENTION between Bel

gium and the Netherlands. Signed at Maestricht, 8th August, 1843.


Preamble. Reference to Treaties of 19th April, 1839, and 5th Novem-

ber, 1842. 1. Limit between Belgium and Netherlands extends from Prussia to the

North Sea. Maps and Plans drawn by Commissioners. 2 and 3. Maps and Plans drawn in Sections. 4. Limit from Prussia to the Meuse beginning at the point of Contact of the

Communes of Vaals (Netherlands), Gemmenich (Belgium), Laurensberg (Prussia), and Moresnet (Neutral Territory). Limit formed by

the Course of the Meuse as well as by the Radius of Maestricht. 5. Mutual exchanges and Cessions of Territory; by the Netherlands, in

the Communes of Vaals, Wittem, Mesch, and Eysden; by Belgium,

in the Communes of Gemmenich, Sippenaeken, and Fouron-le-Comte. 6 to Boundary Roads belonging to the Netherlands and to Belgium.

9. 10. Regulations relative to the Limits formed by the Meuse. 11. Limit in case of the bed of the Meuse being changed. 12. Fisheries on the Meuse. 13. Ferry Boats, &c., free to Navigate the Meuse, where it forms the Limit. 14. Description of Frontier between the Meuse and the Scheldt. Limit

formed by that part of the Scheldt which separates the Province of

Antwerp from the Province of Zeland. 15. Cession by Belgium of part of Koelegrient and Stevensweert on the left

bank of the Meuse, of part of the Communes of Lommel, Moll, and

Wortel. 16. Cession by Netherlands of parts of the Communes of Thorn, Ittervoort,

Bergeyk, and Luyksgestel. 17 to General Arrangements relative to Boundary Roads.



22. Limit on the Scheldt changeable according to the Thalweg of the River. 23. Description of Frontier from the Scheldt to the Black Sea. 24. Cessions by the Netherlands of parts of the Communes of La Clinge,

St. Jean Steen, Ste. Croix, St. Laurent, Middleburg, and Sas de Gand. 25. Cessions by Belgium of parts of the Communes of La Clinge,

St. Gilles, Middleburg, and Assenede. 26 to Boundary Roads. . 30. 31. Freedom of Navigation of River Zwin, wherever it forms the Limit. 32 to General Arrangements relative to Boundary Roads. 34. 35 and 36. Regulations relative to Rivers common to both States.

} }


37 and 38. Mixed Proprietors. 39. Property belonging to Communes, &c. 40. Territories exchanged or ceded to change hands within 6 Weeks from the

exchange of Ratifications. 41. Archives, Maps, and Documents to be given up within 6 Weeks after the

exchange of Ratifications. 42. Militiamon belonging to ceded Territories to be given up. 43. Demarcation of Frontier to begin one month after Ratification of Treaty. 44. Ratifications.

(Translation.*) Reference to Treaties of 19th April, 1839, and 5th November, 1812.

His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, and His Majesty the King of the Belgians, taking into consideration the Treaty of 19th April, 1839 (No. 184), and wishing to regulate and settle everything relating to the delimitation between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Belgium, have appointed to that effect, in conformity to Article VI of the said Treaty, Commissioners, namely:

His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, the Sieurs Paul Eustace René van Hooff, his Aidede-Camp on Extraordinary Service, &c., Guillaume Dominique Alois Kerens de Wolfrath, District Commissioner at Maestricht, &c.; Michel Tock, his Commissioner for the regulation of the Navigation and of the Right of Navigation on the Danube, &c.; François Joseph Charles Marie Wirz, Superior Councillor of Public Works in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, &c.; and Etienne de Kruyff, Engineer-in-Chief of the Waterstaat, &c.;

His Majesty the King of the Belgians, the Sieurs André Edouard Jolly, Major-General, Commander of the Province of Antwerp, &c.; Nicolas Berger, President of the Tribunal of First Instance at Arlon, &c.; Jean Baptiste Vifquain, Inspector of Roads and Bridges, &c.; Charles Emmanuel François Joseph Grandgagnage, Director of Direct Taxes, Customs and Excise, and Surveyor in the Province of Liége, &c.; and Viscount Charles Ghislain Guillaume Vilain XIIII, Member of the Chamber of Representatives, &c. ;

Who, after having exchanged their Full Powers, found to be in good and due form, and in conformity with the Supplementary Treaty of 5th November, 1842, have agreed upon the following Articles : * For French version, see State Papers," vol. XXIV, p. 1202.


Arts. I to XLIV. (See Table.)
Done at Maestricht, 8th August, 1843.



ADDITIONAL ARTICLES. Explanation of Article XX of Treaty of 3rd May, 1815, between Austria and Prussia, relative to Privileges of Proprietors of Estates divided by the Frontier.

(ANNEX).-REGULATION relative to the planting of Boundary Posts.

[Tyrol and Vorarlberg.]

No. 197.-TREATY between Austria and Bavaria respect

ing the Boundary of Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Signed at Munich, 30th January, 1844.



TABLE. Preamble. 1. The Boundary to be divided into 3 sections, viz., 1, from Scheibelberg to

the River Inn ; 2, from the left Bank of the Inn to the River Loch ;

3, from the Lech to the Lake of Constance. 2

Description of Boundary Line (Section I), from Scheibelberg to the to

River Inn. 4 5

Description of Boundary Line (Section 2), from the left Bank of the to 7

Inn to the River Lech. 8

Description of Boundary Line (Section 3), from the Lech to the Lake 12.

Constance. 13. Austria renounces all rights over the Hamlets of Spielmannsau with

Tranchberg and Biesling or Biesings; Bavaria relinquishes her rights

over Pfronten. 14. Boundary in the River Laiblach. 15 and 16. Austria to retain the Sovereignty of part of the District of

Jungholz. 17. All exchanges of Land herein agreed to take place on the Ratification of

the Treaty. 18

Previous Rights over ceded Lands reciprocally relinquished; private to 25 Rights reserved ; levy of taxes, &c. 26 and 27. Certain Roads to remain common to both parties. 28 and 29. Fishing in the Laiblach to belong to Bavaria ; maintenance of

Bridges over that River. 30 to Marking the new Line; periodical inspection of Boundary, &c. 40 41. Settlement of disputes. 42. Ratifications.



(Translation.) His Majesty the Emperor of Austria and His Majesty the King of Bavaria, animated by the same desire of putting an end to the controversies respecting the Boundary between the Principality of Tyrol with Vorarlberg and the Kingdom of Bavaria, and of preventing such Boundary disputes in future, have resolved to have the whole Boundary line, from Scheibelberg, where the

[Tyrol and Vorarlberg.]

Boundaries of Salzburg, Tyrol, and Bavaria meet, to the Lake of Constance (Bodensee), examined by Commissioners, and to have it defined and permanently marked.

His Majesty the Emperor of Austria has therefore appointed his Councillor Daniel Mensi, Ritter von Klarbach, and

His Majesty the King of Bavaria, his Councillor Francis de Paula Auer, as their Commissioners, and these have agreed to the following Treaty:

ARTS. I to XLII. (See Table.)
Munich, 30th January, 1814.


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