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[Boundary of Greece.)

In no case can that Chief be chosen among the Princes of the families reigning in the three States of the Powers who signed the Treaty of 6th July, 1827 (No. 136); and the first choice shall be effected in concert between the three Courts and the Ottoman Porte.

In order to mark the relations of Vassalage on the part of Greece towards the Ottoman Empire, it shall be agreed that besides the payment of the annual Tribute, every Chief of Greece, when the hereditary authority shall have devolved upon him, shall receive his investiture from the Porte, and shall pay to it a supplementary year's Tribute upon his accession to power.

In case of the extinction of the reigning branch, the Porte shall participate in the choice of the new Chief, in the same manner as it took part in the choice of the first.

Amnesty. The Ottoman Porte shall proclaim a full and entire Amnesty, in order that no Greek, throughout the whole of its dominions, may thereafter be molested in consequence of the part which he may have taken in the Insurrection of Greece.

The Greek Government, on its side, shall allow all who have been opposed to them, whether Christians or Mussulmans, to enjoy the same sort of security within the limits of Greece.

Right of Emigration. The Sublime Porte shall grant to those of its Greek subjects who may desire to quit the Turkish territory, the delay of a year in order to sell their properties, and to depart freely from the country. The Greek Government shall allow the same liberty to those of the inhabitants of Greece who may prefer to return to the Ottoman territory.

Commercial Relations to be Defined. The Commercial relations between the Porte and the Greeks shall be defined at a future opportunity, so soon as the points specified in the present Protocol shall have been settled.

Maintenance of Armistice. The Ambassadors of Great Britain and of France shall be charged to require of the Ottoman Porte the maintenance of the Armistice which the Reis Effendi, by a letter addressed on the 10th of last September to the Representatives of the Alliance in

[Boundary of Greece.]

the Archipelago, declared to exist de facto on the part of the Turks towards the Greeks.

The three Courts shall equally require, grounding their demand upon the existence of the same Armistice, upon the steps which they are taking to assure its maintenance, and upon the negotiations which are about to be opened at Constantinople for the purpose of fixing the fate of Greece; that the Greeks shall immediately cease hostilities on all points, and that the Provisional Government of Greece shall withdraw within the limits of the territory guaranteed by the Alliance the Greek troops which may have passed that frontier; it being understood, however, that this last-mentioned step shall not in any way prejudge the question of the Boundary of the future Greek State.

The arrangements above pointed out, when concluded with the Porte, shall be placed, in conformity with the VIth Article of the Treaty of the 6th July [1827](No. 136), under the Guarantee of such of the signing Powers as shall think it advantageous or possible to contract that obligation, the effects and operation of which shall become the object of further stipulations between the High Powers, agreeably to the purport of the said Article of the Treaty of the 6th of July. It is nevertheless understood, from henceforth, that the guarantee in question shall assure the Ottoman Porte against every hostile enterprise or act on the part of the Greeks, and the Greeks against every hostile enterprise or act on the part of the Porte.

Great Britain and France not to conclude any Arrangement not

conformable to above Bases. The Ambassadors of Great Britain and France shall not conclude any Arrangement which shall not be conformable to the bases above established.

Representation of Russia. Although in this negotiation Russia consents not to be represented by a Russian Plenipotentiary, it is understood that this same negotiation shall be conducted by the Representatives of the Courts of London and Paris, in the name of Russia, equally as in the names of England. and France; that all the proposals shallbe put forward on behalf of the three Contracting Powers of the Treaty of 6th July, 1827 (No. 136); and that no demand tending to exclude Russia, directly or indirectly, from the negotiation in question, or from its results, shall ever be admitted.

[Boundary of Greece.]

The Representatives of Great Britain and of France shall exert themselves by all the means in their power to obtain, with the shortest possible delay, the adhesion of the Porte to the propositions which they shall be charged to make to it. Under any circumstances, they will require of the Ottoman Government prompt answers to these propositions.*

The official reports to which these negotiations shall give rise, shall be drawn up in common, and signed by the two Plenipotentiaries in triplicate, one copy of which shall be addressed to each of the Contracting Powers.

The present Protocol, so far as it concerns the bases of the negotiation which the Ambassadors have to open with the Otto- . man Porte, and the method which they are to pursue in the progress of these negotiations, shall serve for their instructions.

The Plenipotentiary of His Majesty the Emperor of Russia formerly declared himself to be authorised by his Sovereign to consent that the Ambassadors of Great Britain and of France shall negotiate with the Ottoman Government in the name of His Imperial Majesty, and to consider the said Ambassadors from this moment as furnished with the necessary Full Powers to treat on the part of Russia, upon the bases and according to the conditions settled above.

The Plenipotentiaries of Great Britain and of France stated, that in consequence of that Declaration, and with the view of accomplishing the object of the present Protocol, the Representatives of their Courts at the Ottoman Porte should consider themselves, without requiring any other formalities, as duly authorised to treat as well in the name of the Emperor of Russia as in that of their respective Sovereigns, and that they should receive orders to proceed without delay to Constantinople, to open negotiations in the joint name of the 3 Allied Courts, and in conformity with the bases and conditions above settled by common agreement.


* See Declaration of the Porte of 9th September, 1829.


No. 143.BOUVDARY TREATY between Austria and Russia. Signed at Radziwilow, 28th June, 1829.

10th July,


TABLE. Preamble. Reference to Treaty of Vienna of 3rd May, 1815. 1 and 2. Detailed Demarcation of the Line of Frontier between the

Russo-Polish Provinces and Bessarabia on the side of Russia, and

between Gallicia and the Bucovine on the Austrian side. 3. Limits of the Rivers Boug, Styr, Zürucz or Podhorce, and Dniester. 4 and 5. Planting of Stakes fixing the Limits. 6. Map of the Frontier. 7. Ratifications.

Reference to Treaty of Vienna of 3rd May, 1815.
In the Name of the Most Holy and Indivisible Trinity.

Be it known to all whom it may concern, His Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland, and His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of IIungary, Bohemia and Gallicia, having resolved to carry out Article XXXVIII of the Treaty of Friendship concluded at Vienna on the 21st April, 1815 (No. 12), for the re-establishment, by a Mixed Commission, of the Frontier, commencing at the Boug to the Dniester between the RussoPolish Provinces and Gallicia, in accordance with the terms of Article III of the same Treaty, and their said Majesties having besides agreed to regulate and renew the Line of Demarcation between Bessarabia and the Bucovine, from the Dniester to the Pruth, have furnished with their Full Powers to that effect, namely :

Ilis Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland, the Sieur Frederic Auguste d'Auvray, General of Infantry, &c., and the Sieur Adam Bojanowicz, Colonel of the Staff, &c. ;

Ilis Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Bohemia, and Gallicia, the Sieur Bozuslas Baron de Dyké, Government Councillor, &c., and the Sieur Emeric Baron de Blagoewich, Lieutenant-General of the Staff, &c.

The said Plenipotentiaries, having executed and caused to be executed the different labours which the nature of their Commission required, discussed in 18 meetings (the Procès-verbaux of


which have been drawn up and signed) the different questions which had arisen, and fixed in a visible, precise, and unalterable manner the Line of Frontier between the Russo-Polish Provinces and Bessarabia of the Russian Empire on the one part, and the Kingdom of Gallicia and the Bucovine of the Austrian Empire on the other, in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship above mentioned, and to subsequent arrangements between the Two Governments on the subject, as well as to the Instructions with which they have been furnished during the progress of their labours, after having exchanged their Full Powers, found to be in good and due form, have concluded, signed and settled the following Articles :

Arts. I and II. Detailed Demarcation of the Line of Frontier between the Russo-Polish Provinces and Bessarabia on the side of Russia, and between Gallicia and the Bucovine on the Austrian side.

ART. III. Limits of the Rivers Boug, Styr, Zbrucz or Podhorce, and Dniester.

Art. IV and V. Planting of Stakes Fixing the Limits.
ART. VI. Map of the Frontier.
ART. VII. Ratifications.

In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have affixed thereto the Seal of their Arms. Done, in duplicate, at Radziwilow, the



28th June

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