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country, Printing offices, Hospitals for their sick, and Schools for the education of their children.

Prohibition to Mussulmans to remain in Servia. Administration of

Justice. The Mussellims and the Voivodes shall no longer inhabit those places of Servia where there are no Fortresses; and the administration of Justice and the Jurisdiction of those places shall be entrusted, for the future, to the aforesaid Prince.

Sale of Landed Property of Turks in Servia. Turks not to

Inhabit Servia. The Turks who possess Landed Estates or Property in Servia, and who would be desirous to sell them and to quit that country, shall be allowed a period of 12 months to do so to the Servians, at a reasonable price, which will be determined by Commissioners appointed for that purpose. But the revenues of the vineyards, gardens, estates, and lands, belonging to the Turks unwilling to sell them, and to break off their connections with the country, shall be valued at a reasonable price, and paid into the treasury of Belgrade with the annual Tribute, and the said treasury will forward the money to the proper owners. No Turks, except those who garrison the Fortresses, shall be allowed to inhabit Servia.

Maintenance of the Prince. The Servian nation shall pay to the said Prince the sum requisite for his maintenance and expenses, but this sum must not be an intolerable burden upon



Payment on Investiture of a New Prince. In case the dignity of Prince should be vacant, the new Prince appointed to this dignity shall be obliged to pay out of his own revenue the sum of 100,000 piastres when he receives from my Sublime Porte the noble Berat of Investiture.

Confirmation of Metropolitan and Bishops by Patriarch of

Constantinople. The Metropolitan and the Bishops appointed to these dignities by the nation shall be confirmed by the Patriarch of Constantinople, without being obliged to come to Constantinople for that confirmation.



Members of the Councils. As long as the chiefs and elders, members of the Council, of which mention has been made before, shall not render themselves guilty of any grave offence towards my Sublime Porte, and towards the laws and the constitution of the country, they shall not be dismissed, nor shall they be deprived of their offices, without cause, or without having committed some fault.

Establishment of a Post Office. Should the Servian nation think proper, for their own interests, to establish a Post Office, they will meet with no obstacles from the authorities of my Sublime Porte.

Servian not to be compelled to Serve a Turk. If a Servian should not wish willingly to enter the service of a Turk he shall not be compelled to do so.

Demolition of Fortresses. With the exception of the Imperial Fortresses which anciently existed in Servia, all those that have been erected lately shall be demolished.

Purchase of Cattle by the Porte. Servian Deputation at

Constantinople. As Servia constitutes a part of my Empire (may it please God to maintain me in the whole possession of it!) there shall be no obstacle or impediment to the purchase of Cattle or other objects of consumption which my Sublime Porte may want to purchase in the said country for ready money, and there shall always be at Constantinople a Servian deputation for the management of the affairs of the Servian nation.

These are the points finally determined upon; and as my august Hatti-Sheriff has been issued for that purpose, this is my Imperial mandate, written and proclaimed.

Now you, Vizier, and you, Mollah of Belgrade, when you have read the noble contents of this Act, you will make it known to the said nation; and as long as they will duly appreciate the expressions of benevolence which are the result of my solicitude and Imperial mercy, and as long as they will remain in the bounds of fidelity and submission, they will not cease to be the object of my care and of my interest, and they will always be


under the shade of my Imperial protection in peace and safety ; but they must do all in their power to fulfil their duties as faithful subjects, and to take great care not to do anything contrary to those duties.

Thus you may, after having promulgated the contents of this noble Firman, in the presence of the said nation, and after having registered it in the registers of the Mekkemé of Belgrade, give it to the said Prince, that he may keep it as he is in duty bound.

Issued from our Imperial Divan, the latter end of Rebi-ulAkhir, 1246. (About the end of October, 1830.)

[Navigation of the Rhine, &c.]

No. 151.-CONVENTION between the Riverain States of

the Rhine; and Regulations for the Navigation of that River. * Signed at Mayence, 31st March, 1831.


Preamble. Navigation of the Rhine and the Leck. Reference to Vienna

Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815.


Title I. 1 On the Navigation of the Rhine in general, and the Reciprocal Arrange. to ments and Concessions agreed upon between the High Contracting 8

Parties. 9. Reciprocity in favour of Netherland Vesseis. Merchandise changing

transport by Water for transport by Land to be subject to ordinary

Legislation. 10. Free Ports on the Rhine. Power to increase number of Free Ports.

Duties on vessels and Merchandise passing through Rirerain States

by other Roads than the Rhine and its Tributary Rivers. 11. Privileges of Riverain States of the Main, the Neckar, &c. Declaration

of French Commissioner. 12 13 } General arrangements, &c.

Title II. 14 to Duties of Navigation and the Means of ensuring their Collection.


} }



Title III. Application of Customs Laws of Riverain States to the Navigation of the to

Rhine. 41

Title IV. 42 to Right of Navigation on the Rhine. 47

Title V. 48 to Freightage and Registration. 52

Title VI. 53 to Police Regulations for the Safety of Navigation and Commerce 70

Title VII. 71 to Fraud on Duties of Navigation. 80

Title VIII. 811 to Trial of Causes relating to the Navigation of the Rhine. 88

* Acceded to by Baden on the 26th November, 1835. See also Note,

page 855.

(Navigation of the Rhine, &c.]

Title IX. 89

Powers and Duties of the Central Commission, of the Chief Inspector, and to 108 of the other Officers of the Customs Navigation, and their Salaries.

Title y. 109. Execution of the preceding Regulations.

A. Table of Articles of Commerce which shall pay, on their Passage through

the Territory of the Netherlands, from Krimpen or Gorcum to the open sea, a Higher or Lower Fixed Duty than that established by Article IV

of the Convention. B. Tariff of Duties of Verification payable at each Collecting Office, in Pro

portion to the Burthen of the Vessels navigating on the Rhine. C. Tariff of Navigation Dues on the Rhine. D. Manifests. (Annex.) PROTOCOL relative to the Second Paragraph of Article XI of the

Treaty. Declaration of French Commissioner.

(Translation.*) (Extract.) Preamble. Navigation of the Rhine and the Leck. Reference to

Vienna Congress Treaty of 9th June, 1815. The completion of the Definitive Regulation for the Navigation of the Rhine, in accordance with the Stipulations of the Act of the Congress of Vienna (No. 27), having experienced difficulties arising out of the manner in which the Riverain Governments interpreted the general principles of that Act, to the vessels coming from Germany, and crossing the Netherlands in a direct line to the Open Sea, and vice versâ ; considering that His Majesty the King of the Netherlands has maintained that his rights of Sovereignty extended without any restriction whatever over the Sea bathing his States, even where it mixes with the waters of the Rhine, and that, in accordance with the Conferences previous to the Act of the Congress of Vienna (No. 30), the Leck only was to be considered as the continuation of that River in the Netherlands; whilst His Majesty the King of Prussia, His Majesty the King of Bavaria, and His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Hesse, have maintained that the Act of the Congress of Vienna (No. 27) had placed certain restrictions on the exercise of those rights, in so far as they might apply to vessels passing from the Rhine into the Sea, and vice versâ; and that under the denomination of the Rhine the said Act included the whole course, also the branches, and all the mouths of that River in the Netherlands, For French Version, see “State Papers," vol. xvii, p. 1076.

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