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[Holland and Belgium. Fortress of Antwerp.]

In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and have affixed thereto the Seal of their Arms.

Done at Brussels, 10th November, 1832.


[The Citadel of Antwerp capitulated on the 23rd December, 1832.]


(Greek Boundaries.)


No. 165.—ACT of the Regency of Greece, declaring the

Incorporation within the Kingdom of the Territories assigned to Greece by the Treaty of 21st July, 1832 (Attica, Eubæa, Zeitoun, 8c.). Nauplia, 21st February, 1833.

(Translation.*) Orho, by the Grace of God, King of Greece, make known to all whom it may concern, the Treaty concluded at Constantinople on the

21st July, 1832 (No. 161), between the Plenipotentiaries of the 3 Allied Powers, France, Great Britain, and Russia, on the one part, and the Ottoman Porte on the other part, which Treaty was approved by the Conference of London, in its 52nd Protocol of the 30th August of the same year, and the demarcation of the Frontiers made by the Commissioners of the 3 Allied Powers in the months of September, October, and November of last year, in conformity with that Treaty, having definitively fixed the Frontiers of the Kingdom of Greece, and the Evacuation of the Provinces situated on this side of those Frontiers, and which, until now, have still been administered by the Ottoman Authorities, and occupied by Ottoman Troops, and ought to have been effected at the latest on the 31st December last, We have resolved, in conformity with the rights which we have acquired by Articles IV and V of the Treaty of London, of 7th May, 1832 (No. 159), to take possession of the said Territories, namely: Attica, Euboea, the District of Zeitoun, and all the other Districts situated between the Gulfs of Arta and Volo, as well as all their Appurtenances and Dependencies, such as they have been incorporated with the Rights of full Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Greece, by the Treaty of Constantinople of the July, 1832 (No. 161), and the Act of Demarcation of the Limits above mentioned.

We therefore take possession thereof, and expect from all the Inhabitants and Subjects of those countries that they will recognise Us as their King and Legitimate Sovereign, and that they will behave towards Us, in all respects, as Loyal and Faithful * For French version, see " State Papers," vol. xxii, p. 963.

9th 21st

[Greek Boundaries.]


Subjects, and we will take the Oath of fidelity whenever we may be called upon to do so.

We, on our part, promise to protect and maintain their Liberties and their legitimate Rights, and to devote all our care in forwarding and securing their prosperity.

We promise at the same time faithfully to fulfil the obligations imposed upon us by the Treaty of Constantinople of the Oh July,

, 1832 (No. 161), and the 52nd Protocol of the Conference of London of the 30th August last; and not only not to put any impediment in the cases foreseen in the said Treaty to the emigration and to the sale of the goods of those Inhabitants and Proprietors of lands of the Provinces and Districts herein named, who might wish to leave the Country and sell their goods legitimately obtained, but to facilitate their doing so; and We ensure also to the Inhabítants professing the Mahometan Faith, and who might wish to continue to reside in Our Kingdom, the same Protection and Liberty of Conscience as are enjoyed by all Our other Subjects, of whatever Religion they may be.

We have deputed the Sieur Rigo, Our Secretary of State in the Department of Religion and Public Instruction, to take possession of the Provinces and Districts above mentioned, and We expect from all the Inhabitants, that they will submit, as good Subjects, to the Ordinances which he will issue in Our Name.

In testimony whereof We have signed the Present and have affixed Our Royal Seal.

Done in Our Residence of Nauplia, the 9th February, 1833, in the Name of the King. The Regency : LE COMTE D'ARMANSPERG, President.


[Greek Succession.]


ARTICLE to the Convention between Great Britain,
Bavaria, France, and Russia, relative to the Sovereignty of
Greece. Signed at London, 30th April, 1833.

TABLE. 1. Succession to Throne. 2. Females excluded from Succession, except under certain Circumstances. 3. Male descendants of a Female Sovereign to succeed to Throne. 4. Ratifications.

(Translation as laid before Parliament.*) $ 1. THE Courts of Great Britain, Bavaria, France, and Russia, acknowledging the advantage of more exactly defining the sense, and of completing the arrangements of Article VIII of the Convention signed between the said Courts at London, on the 7th May, 1832 (No. 159), have agreed as follows:

Succession to Throne. § 2. Single Article. The Succession to the Royal Crown and Dignity in Greece, in the line of the Prince Otho of Bavaria, King of Greece, as also in the lines of his younger Brothers the Princes Luitpold and Adalbert of Bavaria, which lines were contingently substituted for that of the said Prince Otho of Bavaria, by Article VIII of the Convention of London of the 7th May, 1832 (No. 159), shall take place from male to male, in the order of primogeniture.

Females Excluded from Succession except under certain Circum

stances. Females shall not be capable of Succeeding to the Crown of Greece, except in the event of the entire failure of Legitimate Male Heirs in all the 3 above-mentioned Branches of the House of Bavaria ; and it is understood that, in such case, the Royal Crown and Dignity in Greece shall pass to that Princess, or to the Legitimate Descendants of that Princess, who, in the order of Succession, shall be the nearest to the last King of Greece.

* For French version, see “State Papers," vol. xx, p. 281.

[Greek Succession.]

Male Descendants of a Female Sovereign to Succeed to Throne.

If the Crown of Greece shall devolve upon a Female, her Legitimate Male Descendants shall, in their turn, be preferred to Females, and shall ascend the Throne of Greece in the order of primogeniture. In no case shall the Crown of Greece be united on the same head with the Crown of any foreign country.

Ratifications. The present Explanatory and Supplementary Article shall have the same force and validity as if it were inserted word for word in the Convention of the 7th May, 1832. It shall be ratified, and the Ratifications thereof shall be exchanged as soon as possible.

In witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto the Seals of their Arms.

Done at London, the 30th day of April, in the year of Our Lord, 1833.


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