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[Indemnity, &c.]

No. 178.- CONVENTION between Russia and Turkey,

respecting the Payment of Turkish Indemnity, fc. Signed

at Constantinople, 27th March, 1836.

Preamble. Reference to Treaty of 29th January, 1834.
1. Payment of Indemnity to Russia.
2. Date of Instalments.
3. Evacuation of Fortress of Silistria by Russia.

(Translation as laid before Parliament.*)

Reference to Treaty of 29th January, 1834.
The present Act serves to make known what follows:

His Highness the Sultan having, as is required by the friendship and alliance which happily subsist between him and His Majesty the Emperor of Russia, and between their respective Governments, of his own and free action evinced the desire to pay at once the money which the Sublime Porte, by the Treaty concluded at St. Petersburgh on the th January, 1834 (No. 170), of the Christian era, engaged to pay to the Russian Government, His Majesty the Emperor of Russia, in acceding to the desire of His Highness, has been pleased on this occasion to deduct 180,000 purses (90,000,000 Turkish piastres) of the debt due from the Sublime Porte, a debt which, after the reductions previously made and the sums already paid on account, still amounted to 340,000 purses ; and, in consideration of the payment of 160,000 purses in specie, to regard the debt of the Sublime Porte as being quite extinct: thus giving a new proof of the esteem which he bears, and of the sentiments which he professes, for His Highness the Sultan, his friend and ally.

The Envoy of Russia residing near the Sublime Porte, having received the instructions and Full Powers necessary for treating, has brought the dispositions of the contemplated arrangement to the knowledge of the Sublime Porte, which has accepted them. Conferences have in consequence been held between the two Parties, who have agreed upon the following points :

Payment of Indemnity to Russiu. Art. I. The above-named sum of 160,000 purses, that is to say, 80,000,000 Turkish piastres, shall be paid by the Sublime * For French version, see “State Papers," vol. xxiv, p. 1078.

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[Indemnity, &c.]

Porte to the Imperial Court of Russia, in specie, within a delay which shall not exceed 5 months, reckoning from this day to the 19th August of the current year 1836, corresponding to the 9 Djemaziul-evvel of the year of the Hegira, 1252.

Date of Instalments. Art. II. In the space of 15 days, reckoning from the date of the signature of this Instrument, one instalment of 50,000 purses shall be paid ; 15 days later another instalment of 17,000 purses shall be paid ; and at the end of two months, reckoning from this day of signature, the further sum of 33,000 purses shall be paid. The balance, which will consist of 60,000 purses, shall be paid by degrees in the course of the 3 following months. The money shall be consigned, as hitherto, into the hands of the Russian Mission at Constantinople.

Evacuation of Fortress of Silistria by Russia. ART. III. When, by the grace of God, the above-mentioned sum of 160,000 purses shall have been entirely paid, the Fortress of Silistria, which is temporarily occupied by the Imperial Russian troops, shall be entirely evacuated, and delivered over to the officer who shall have been charged by the Sublime Porte to take possession and have command of it on her part; and in the meantime preparations shall be made for its evacuation.

If the money in question can be paid within a shorter delay than that of the 5 months which has been fixed for effecting the payment, the evacuation of Silistria shall in that case take place, as has been agreed upon in the Conferences.

In virtue of the Full Powers received by His Excellency the Russian Envoy, on the part of Ilis Imperial Majesty and by me, on the part of the Sublime Porte, we have agreed upon the 3 points above recited, and have signed the present Instrument, which establishes the happy result of the negotiations that have been entrusted to our care and to our zeal, and which is done in two originals, of which one is writteu in the Turkish language, and the other in the French language, the 9 Zilhidgé, 1252 (27th March, 1836).


[House of Schonburg.]

No. 179.-CIRCULAR of the Government of Saxony to

the Courts of Great Britain, Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia, relative to the Rights of the House of Schönburg. London, 3rd September, 1836.

[Résumé.--RECOGNITION of Privileges and Rights secured to the House of Schönburg by the Treaty of 4th May, 1740,* and the Declaration of the 18th May, 1815 (No. 17), and confirmed by Art. IX, § 5, of the Additional Convention between Saxony and Schönburg of the 9th October, 1835.]

Translation.t ART. IX, $ 5. “Inasmuch as, by the provisions of the present Article, the House of Schönburg is completely secured in the possession of its Conventional Rights, and that in consequence thereof the object of the Declaration made at Vienna, with regard to the Treaties of the year 1740, by the late King Frederick Augustus, on the 18th of May, 1815 (No.17), and which was communicated to the Courts of Russia, Austria, France, England, and Prussia, is attained; so, on their side, the Lords and Counts of Schönburg renounce entirely, and in the most formal manner, all recourse to the said 5 Courts, which might ensue from the beforementioned Declaration, that is to say, from the period that the German Diet consented to take upon itself the protection stipulated in the preceding paragraph.

“ The Royal Government of Saxony reserves to itself the making of the present Convention known to the 5 Courts.”

• See Appendix.
† For French version, see “ State Papers,” vol. xxv, p. 1102.


No. 180.-BOUNDARY ACT between Prussia and Russia.

Signed at Tarnowitz, iştı December, 1836.



20th February, Preamble. Reference to Treaty of


4th March Act of Delimitation.

2012 February,

(Translation.) Reference to Treaty of


4th March, Ilis Majesty the King of Prussia, and His Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland, having, by the Treaty of 20th February. 1835 (No. 175), definitively fixed the Limits between the Sovereign Duchy of Silesia and the Kingdom of Poland, and wishing definitively to define that Frontier by Posts, in conformity with Art. LIV of the said Treaty, have appointed as Demarcation Commissioners, namely:

On the part of His Majesty the King of Prussia, the Sieur Jean Ferdinand Neigebaur, Intimate Councillor of Justice, &c.; and

On the part of IIis Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, King of Poland, the Sieur Ernest Theophile Faltz, Actual Member of the Council of State of the Kingdom of Poland, &c.;

Who having gone to the spot, have proceeded to the planting of the Posts, and to the drafting by sworn Geometrical Experts, of the Plans describing that Frontier, by drawing up the present

Act of Delimitation. The Limits fixed by the present Act determine the Frontier between the two States, starting from the point where the Limits between the Grand Duchy of Posen and the Kingdom of Poland reach on the Prosna, the Ancient Frontier of Silesia and Poland, as far as the point where it reaches the Territory of the Republic of Cracow.

That Line of Demarcation commences on the Prosna at the point of contact of the Villages Siemianice in the Grand Duchy of Posen, Kostau in Silesia, and Chroscin in Poland.


(Flere follows a detailed description of the places at which 215 Posts have been erected).

In testimony whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Act of Demarcation and have affixed thereto the Seal of their Arms. Done at Tarnowitz, December, 1836.



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