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In 2d line from bottom, page 158, for married, read named.
In 17th line from top, p. 161, after the word that, read the estate.

For the correction of error in 1st head-note, p. 209, see Index, Title, DiscosTINUANCE 1.

In first line of 3d head-note, p. 280, strike out the word can.
In 25th line from the top, p. 551, for court, read count.

In 8th and 9th lines of 1st head-note, p. 700, for surety, where it occurs in each, read security

For correction of error in 3d head-note, p. 771, see Index, Title, CHANCEEX PLEADING AND PRACTICE 17.

Note. After the delivery of the opinion in the case of Hopper, adm'r, v. Steele, p. 828, a re-hearing was granted, and the writ of error subsequently dismissed, but the opinion, not having been withdrawn, was placed in the hands of the Reporter, and has thus gotten into this volume. It is consequently not to be regarded an an authoritative decision.-REPORTER.






4. This court will not undertake to say that the chancellor has erred in

refusing to suppress a deposition, when it does not appear by the record that the facts on which the motion was predicated were es

tablished before him. 2. A motion to suppress a deposition for an irregularity in taking it

comes too late, when made for the first time at the hearing of the

cause. 3. Where a party, without objection, permits secondary evidence to be

given against him in the primary court, his assent will be presumed,

and he cannot be heard to complain of it in an appellate tribunal. 4. The executor or administrator, as respects the personal estate of the

deceased, is the only representative that the law will regard, and his

rights as to such are exclusive. 5. The acts of an executor or administrator may be questioned in equity by a legatee, distributee, or other person having an interest,

but it must be done upon appropriate allegations in the pleadings. 6. If a bar, prima facie good, be set up by the defendant to the relief

sought by a bill, it cannot, in the absence of appropriate allegations,

be impeached by proof of fraud or mistake, however strong. 7. Where, therefore, the allegation of a bill is that a deed of release

executed by the distributees of an estate to one of its debtors is inoperative by reason of fraud or mistake, and the defendant sets up a release from the administrator, the latter, if proved, is a complete

bar, unless the bill is so amended as to impeach its validity. 8. Where joint debtors of an estate reside in different jurisdictions, an

administrator in either may effectually settle and release the demand as against all of them.,

Beattie, adm't, v. Abercrombie et als.

Error to the Chancery Court of Barbour. Tried before the Hon. J. W. Lesesne.

The facts of the case may be found in the opinion.

BUFORD and Rice, for the plaintiff:

I. Complainant's removal from the administration operated as an abatement of the suit.—2 Ala. 415-418; 3 ib. 570.

2. Depositions taken whilst a suit stands abated will be suppressed. -Gresley Ev. 152; 1 Smith's Ch. Pr. 341, 525; 1 Story's Eq. Pl. S328, 356-7, 361.

II. The pretended settlement in Georgia is wholly invalid as a defence in this suit-for many reasons. For instance, that settlement is pot a valid defence here, because there is no legal proof(that is, record proof,) that administfation had then been granted to Holt or any other person, upon the estate of the intestate. This court cannot allow the grant of administration by the court of another State to be proved by a witness, without any record evidence. Even if the present complainant was executor de son tort in Georgia, a seulement there as such would not bind him in this suit, since he has subscquently and in 1840, duly obtained letters of administration in this State.Doe ex dem. Hornby v. Glenn, 3 Nev. & Man. 837; Dickinson v. Naul, 1 ib. 729; 1 Ad. & E. 49; 3 B. & Ad. 638.

III. The pretended settlement or transfer made on the 25th December 1839, cannot bar the relief sought by plaintiff. That transaction cannot be regarded as more authoritative than a stated or settled account between partners: And it is well settled that by showing mere errors or mistakes in such an account, the party injured is entitled at least to surcharge and fulsify it. If fraud is shown, the whole account is thereby opened, and the account is not in any respect entitled to the force of evidence against the party defrauded.-Collyer on Partn. § 373, et seq.; Vernon v. Vawdry, 2 Atkyns, 119; Robinson v. Alexander, 8 Bligh, N. S. 352; 3 Clark & Finnelly, 717; Oldaker v. Lavender, 6 Siin. 239; Maddeford v. Austwick, 1 Sim. 89.

CAMPBELL and HEYDENFELDT, for the defendants :

1. That the release executed by Hines Holt, the administrator of William J. Beattie, in 1838, is a bur to the relief

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