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is published by subscription, on the following Conditions :

1. The Work shall be issued in Quarterly Parts, in Royal Octavo, price 5s. to be paid on delivery.

2. Subscribers to engage to purchase at least one volume of four Parts; but to be at liberty to decline at the close of any volume.

3. Each volume shall be completed with Indexes of places


and persons.

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SUBSCRIBERS TO THE FOURTH VOLUME. The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, Sir Henry Ellis, K.H. F.R.S. Sec. S.A. K.T. Pres. S.A.

Edward Evans, esq. Eyton, co. Heref. Rev. James Adcock, Lincoln.

The late Thomas Fisher, esq. F.S.A. Rev. Francis B. Astley, Manningford G. Savile Foljambe, esq. Osberton, Notts. Abbots rectory, Wilts.

Henry Savile Foljambe, esq. The Rt. Hon. Lord Bagot, F.S.A. Sir Wm. J. B. Folkes, Bart. F.S.A. George Baker, esq. Northampton. Robert Fox, esq. F.S.A. Godmanchester. Rev. Bulkeley Bandinel, D.D. F.S.A. Lady Harriet Frampton, Moreton Mr. Batchelor, Dover.

House, Dorset. William Bateman, esq. F.S.A.

Charles Frost, esq. F.S.A. Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Bath and Wells, John Gage, esq. F.R.S. Director S.A. F.R.S. & S.A.

Thomas Garrard, esq. Mr. J. Batten, jun. Yeovil.

Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Gloucester. James Hinton Baverstock, esq. F.S.A. Ambrose Glover, esq. F.S.A. His Grace the Duke of Bedford, F.S.A. Ormsby Gore, esq. Porkington, Salop. Geo. Fred. Beltz, esq. F.S.A. Lancas- William Grant, esq. ter Herald.

William Greenwood, esq. Burnley. Robert Benson, esq. Lincoln's Inn, Rt. Hon. Thomas Grenville, F.S.A. William Bentham, esq. F.S.A.

Stacey Grimaldi, esq. F.S.A. (Marquess Hon. Mrs. Grantley F. Berkeley.

Grimaldi of Genoa.) Sir William Betham, For. Sec. R.I.A., Hudson Gurney, esq. F.R.S. V.P.S.A. F.S.A. Ulster King at Arms.

Daniel Gurney, esq. Runcton, Norfolk. William Henry Black, esq.

Mr. Henry Gwyn, Lower Southampton Christopher Blackett, esq. Wylam.

street. Rev. Philip Bliss, D.C.L., F.S.A. Ox. J. Wilson Hall, esq. ford.

Joseph Thomas Hand, esq. Ven. H. Kaye Bonney, D.D. Archdea- J. Stockdale Hardy, esq. F.S.A. con of Bedford.

Edward Harman, esq. F.S.A. Edward Boswell, esq. Dorchester.

Joseph Hawker, esq. F.S.A. Richmond
Rev. Joseph Bosworth, LL.D. F.R.S. Herald.

Henry Montonnier Hawkins, esq.
Henry Bower, esq. F.S.A. Doncaster. John Benjamin Heath, esq. F.S. A
Rev. Wm. Lisle Bowles, M.R.S.L. Mr. Heath, Yardley.
G. W. Braikenridge, esq. F.S.A. & John Hewlett, esq.

Mr. John Hicklin, Journal Office, Not. Reginald Bray, esq. F.S.A.

tingham. John Trotter Brockett, esq. F.S.A. Sir Richard C. Hoare, Bt. F.R.S. & S.A. Mrs. Brougham, Burslem.

Frederick Holbrooke, esq. F.S.A. Samuel Cowper Brown, esq. F.S.A. Wm. Howarth, esq. Manchester. John Bruce, esq. F.S.A.

Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. Rev. Guy Bryan, F.S.A

Rev. R. W. Huntley, Alberbury, Salop. Samuel Walter Burgess, esq. Northfleet. J. Hutton, esq. Marske-hall. John Caldecott, esq. Holbrook Grange. Rev. James Ingram, D.D F.S.A. Presi. Rev. H. Card, D.D. F.R.S. F.S.A. dent of Trinity coll. Oxford. M.R.S.L. Malvern.

Rev. Stephen Isaacson, M.A. G. H. Cherry, esq.

R. C. Jenkins, esq. William Nelson Clarke, esq. Ardington,

Michael Jones, esq. F.S.A. Berks.

John Knowles, esq. T. Close, esq. Nottingham.

Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Landaff, F.S.A. Rev. A. B. Clough, Jesus coll. Oxford. Henry Langley, esq. Pitt Cobbett, esq.

Rev. L. B. Larkin, Ryarsh, Kent. George R. Corner, esq. F.S.A.

George Lawton, esq. York. Bolton Corney, esq.

Philip Hammersley Leathes, esq. F.S.A. S. P. Cox, esg.

Peckham. Miss Currer, Eshton Hall.

W. A. Leighton, esq. B A. Shrewsbury. John Dallinger, esq. Hertford.

Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Lichfield, F S. A. Jas. Davidson, esq. Secktor, Axminster. Samuel Isaac Lilley, esq. Arthur Davis, esq. Deptford.

Rev. Dr. Lisle, St. Fazan's, Cardiff. Matthew Dawes, esq. Bolton le Moors. William Horton Lloyd, esq. F.S.A. & S. Deacon, esq. Towcester.

L.S. The Rt. Hon. Lady Dover.

The Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. the Bishop John Edmund Dowdeswell, esq. Pull of London. Court, Worcestershire.

Charles Edward Long, esq. Rev. Sir Henry Dryden, Bart.

C. W. Loscombe, esq. Pickwick-house, Thos. Farmer Dukes, esq. Shrewsbury.


Harry Lupton, esq. Thame.
John Whitefoord Mackenzie, esq. W.S.

Sir Frederic Madden, K.H.F.R.S. F.S.A.
William W. Mansell, esq. F.S.A. Two

copies. George Matcham, esq. LL.D. John Matravers, esq. F.S.A. Samuel Merriman, M.D. William Mopson, esq. Mr. Murgan, bookseller, Abergavenny. John Morice, esq. F.S.A. Thomas Moule, esq. John Mullins, esq. Chelsea. Rev. J. Neville. Rev. John Newling, B. D. Canon Resi

dentiary of Lichfield. John Bowyer Nichols, esq. F.S.A. John Gough Nichols, esq. F.S.A. Alexander Nicholson, esq. F.S.A. Lond.

and Edinb. Thomas Westley Oldham, esq. Leicester,

Frith House. Rev. George Oliver, Exeter. George Ormerod, esq. LL.D. F.R.S. &

S.A. Sedbury Park. Rt. Hon. Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart. F.R.S.

& S.A. Rev. C. Owen. Messrs. Payne and Foss, 81, Pall Mall. Henry Peckitt, esq. Carlton Hustwaite,

near Thirsk. H. Percy, esq. Nottingham. Louis Hayes Petit, esq F.RS. & S.A. Henry Petrie, esq F.S.A. Rev. William Phelps, F.S.A. Meare,

near Glastonburv. Robert Biddulph Phillipps, esq. Long

worth, Herefordshire. Mr. Pickering, Chancery-lane. Charles lowes Pocock, esq. Bristo). Rev. T. B. Pooley, M.A. Vicar of Thorn

ton, Yorkshire. Peter Prattinton, esq. Bewdley. James Pulman, esq. F.S.A. Rev. T. Rackett, M.A. F.R.S. & S.A. Rev. James Raine, M.A. Durham. The Hon. the Coinmissioners of Public

Records. Rev. J. Revel. Rev. Henry Richards. John Richards, esq. F S.A., Reading. J. Rimington, esq. Newstead Hall, Yksh. Rev. W.G. Rowland, M.A. Shrewsbury. Rev. James Rodge, D.D. E.S.A. Michael Russell, esq. Broadway, Worc. John Stevensou Salt, esq. Russell sq.

W. L. W. Samwell, esq. Upton Hall,

Northampton. Thomas Saunders, esq. F.S.A. Sir Cuthbert Sharpe, Sunderland. Evelyn Philip Shirley, esq. Eatington

Park, Warwickshire. Alexander Sinclair, esq. Edinburgh. Rev. William Boultbee Sleath, D.D. Mr. Charles Somerscales, Hull. Thomas Stapleton, esq. F.S.A. William Staunton, esq. Longbridge

Hall, near Warwick. Geo. Steinman Steinman, esq. F.S.A.

F.L.S. Priory cottage, Peckham. Right Hon. Lord Viscouat Strangford,

G.C.B. F.R.S. and S.A. Rev. Thomas Screatfeild, F.S.A. Chart's

Edge, Westerham. Two copies. Eustatius Strickland, esq. Joseph Francis Tempest, esq. F.S.A. Benj. Coffin Thomas, esq. Malmesbury. Mr. Thorpe, 38, Bedford-street. Rev. Mark A. Tierney, F.S.A. Arundel. Mr. Todd, York. Rev. John Moutgomery Traherne, M.A. Walter Calverley Trevelyan, esq. Wal

lington. Joho Twemlow, esq. Hatherton, near

Namptwich. Thomas Urch, esq. jun. Bristol. William Vines, esq. Leathersellers' Hall. Alexander Walker,


Gloucester, Charles Baring Wall, esq. M.P. F.R.S.

& S.A. William Wallen, esq. F.S.A. Spital-sq. Sir Wathen Waller, Bart. G.C.H, and

Groom of the Bedchamber to his

Majesty: Henry Walter, esq. the Willows,

near Windsor. Rev. John Ward, Vicarage, Great

Bedwin. Rev. Charles Wellbeloved, Manchester

College, York. James Wheble, esq. Woodley Lodge. W. L. White, esq. Yeovil. Rev. Robert Meadows White, M.A.

Magdalen College, Oxford. Thomas Willement, esq. F.S.A. Henry Christopher Wise, esq. Wond

cute House, near Warwick. Sir William Woods, KH. F.S.A.

Clarenceux King of Arms.
Wm. Wright, esq. Richmond, co. York.
Thomas Eyre Wyche, esq.
Charles George Young, esq. F.S.A. York

The York Subscription Library.





(The Figures indicate the volume; and the very full Indexes in each volume

will furnish immediate reference.)


GENERAL.-A Catalogue of all known

Monastic Cartularies, Vol. I. and ad

ditions in each volume. Valuation of the estates of the Bishops 1647.

iii Catalogue of the sales of the Lands of

Bishops, and Deans and Chapters,

between 1647 and 1651 BEDFORDSHIRE. — Campton, epitaphs and extracts from the parish registers

iii Hawnes, epitaphs and registries iii BERKSHIRE.-Windsor, repairs in St.

George's Chapel, temp. Hen. VII. i Wittenham (Long), descent of the estate of Clifton Ferry

i BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.-Burnham, Cole's collections for

iv Iver, extracts from parish registers iii CAMBRIDGESHIRE.--Babraham deeds iv

Horseheath, church notes of iv

Thorney abbey, Saxon charters iv CHESHIRE.-Backford registers

iv Farndon parish registers

iv CORNWALL.-Tywardreth, list of priors,

and extracts from the calendar iii CUMBERLAND.-Deeds relating to iii DERBYSHIRE.- Catalogue of Pegge's

MSS. and other collections for the county

iii Ashover church notes

üi Crich and Staveley church notes

i Dethick manor house

ji Devon.-Charter of John Duke of

Lancaster 1386, appointing Earl of Devon his Lieut in that county ii Exeter, St. Nicholas priory, contents of the Cartulary

i Isle of Lundy, history of

iv DORSET.-Inquisitions post mortem, temp. Hen. III.

ii DURRAM.-Finchale priory, charters iii Jarrow, collections respecting

i. ii Essex.-Stanway, church notes iv

Upminster, particular of Gains manor i


- Bristol kalenda. ries, charter of

iv Lanthony abbey, burials at

i Lechland bridge, history of

i Winchcombe abbey, index of cartu. lary

ii HAMPSHIRE.-Taxation of the Tenth and Fifteenth in 1334

i Portsmouth, burning of Storehouses 1557

ii Tichfield, catalogue of Abbats i Winchester, St. Cross Hospital, ciro.

graph respecting patronage, 1185 iii HEREFORD.–Balingford and Hereford priory charter

iv Hereford, charter to

St. Ethelbert's almshouses

ii Home Lacy, sepulchral memorials iv

Mawen, charter of Bp. Giffard iv HUNTINGDON.-Stilton and Heming

ton, deeds LANCASHIRE.-New Hail

near Pendle. ton, and Salford, boundaries i LEICESTERSHIRE. Diseworth, Cheslyn epitaph at

iii Gumley manor, &c. documents រ LINCOLNSHIRE.—Bullington nunnery,

Gokewell nunnery, charters iv
Tallington, grant of the church to




Mipplese prie Hammersmith, extracts

from registers

iii Syon monastery, rule of

i LONDON.-Charter-house, burials at

i. iv

arms at ii Gaol of London, charter 1180 iij St. Dunstan's in the West registers

iv St. Michael Bassishaw, charter iv St. Olave's, Hart-st. registers of ii Paternoster-row conduit, deed respecting


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