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Bastard, right of putative father to custody, DAMAGES, meaning of, put to expenses,

Begin, right to, 151

Bethlehem Hospital, rating of, 432
Biddings reserved, agreement amounting
to, 389


Promissory notes payable to maker's or-
der are negotiable, 266; acceptance by
one of several drawees, 151; notice of
dishonour, 130; excuse for want of no-
tice, 128; excuse for non-presentment,
197; identity of drawer and indorsee,
80; production when unnecessary, 147;
what is not promissory note, 79; proof
of, in creditor's suit, 392;1
; plea of delivery
and receipt of negotiable instrument on
account of debt, 474; of general issue by
statute still admissible, 129
Bond, proceedings upon, cannot be stayed in
respect of some breaches only, 295; in re-
straint of trade, 296; pleading, and evi-
dence upon indemnity bond, 433; Statute
of Limitations, application of, 246; under
lands clauses, 452, 510, 539
Bottomry bond improperly taken, 3, 490
Brick-fields, rating of, 21

Bridewell, rating of, 432

CANAL SHARES, bequest of, 531
Certiorari, refusal of, 50; entituling affida-
vits, where several writs, 265; practice
where only one writ served, ib.
Charity-gift for the nation, 99; right to
remove schoolmaster, 333; bequest void
for uncertainty, 351

Church-rate, jurisdiction of justices under
53 Geo. 3, c. 127, s. 100; indictment for
disobedience to order of justices, 532
Coal Acts, 39, 173

Collision, duty of pilot, 131; loss consequent
upon, recoverable, 474

Common rights in the nature of Lammas
lands, 452

Contract for specific chattel, 410; at auction
by purchase of successive lots, 246
Contribution between specific legatees and
devisees, 450

Copyhold, heriot by custom, 100; evidence
of land being, 169; severance of joint te-
nancy, 529

Coroner's fees and expenses, right of the
justices to disallow, 267; appointment of,


Costs of interlocutory proceedings cannot
be ordered, 394; of indictment for non-
repair of highway, 59; costs of former
trial, where motion in arrest of judg
ment postponed, 74; of country attor-
ney's attendance in London, 248; fact
of notice must be suggested under 3 &
4 Vict. c. 24, 76; time for serving notice
of taxation, 177; of two ejectments disal-
lowed, 124; of summons cannot be granted
by the Court, 77; security for, refused, 78;
set-off where plaintiff admitted after
action to sue as pauper, 177 (see Prac-
tice, Equity.)

County Courts, privilege from arrest, 314
County gaol, expenses, 37

Covenant to perform covenants in another
indenture is personal only, 100; to further
and better secure goods, construction,
105; measure of damages is liability, not
actual damages, 102; to pay on

of is good, 218; to repair, right of
lessee against under-lessee, 224; to keep
insurance on foot, 449

Criminal information refused if corruption
not clearly sworn to, 246; commission to
examine witnesses will not issue, 246

Abduction, 391; arming at night, 536;

assault with intent, 179; false pretences,
394; forgery of cheque, 24; indorsement
by procuration, 475; taking game in
concert, 180; larceny of cowskins, 514;
manslaughter, accessory before the fact,
202; upon indictinent for manslaughter
prisoner cannot be convicted of an as-
sault, 359; receiving gifts in India, 354;
obtaining stock on false pretences, 375.
Indictment-for perjury before the Secon-
dary of London, materiality of state-
ments, 170, 435; sufficiency of statement,
202; description of house in indictment
for arson, 83; for receiving gifts in In-
dia, 354; for conspiracy, statemen
overt acts, "to obtain the me
ans and

power to affect," 36, 355; or false pre-

tences, 394; statement
venue of Cen-
tral Criminal Court.
495; for disobeying
order of justices
.or payment of church-
rate, 553; against township for non re-
pair, 180.

of dying declarations, 203;
on inadmissible, 25; previous at-
ts, when admissible, 271; to con-
radict prisoner's statement, 24; all
witnesses on the back of the indictment
should be called, ib.; of right to kill
game under 1 & 2 Wm. 4, c. 32, s. 35,
496; of woman cohabiting with a prisoner
is admissible, 497; of identity of pri-
soner, 514.

Practice-Where prisoner has been re-
moved to lunatic asylum before trial,
454; where witness cannot attend before
grand Jury, 497; a copy of indictment
should be furnished, 50; reswearing
jury to try misdemeanour, 202.
Custom of tin-bounding, 353; of markment,

221; liquidated, or penalty, 296; for breach
of covenant to repair, 103
Debtors and creditors, time to assent to deed,

Deed in favour of religious community not
enforced, 296; liability of sovereign prince,
532; rectification of annuity refused, 390
Devise, construction as to description of land,
73 (see Legacy, Will.)
Distress, horses standing at livery are liable,
222; protected animals under 56 Geo. 3,
c. 50, 179

Distringas, sufficiency of service, 172; of
affidavit, 102

Domicil, law of, 167, 412.

EJECTMENT, service of declaration, 76;
supersedeas of judgment, 199; execution
may issue upon consent-rule, 198
Election of returning officer not liable for re-
fusing vote of non-elector, 411
Estate tail, 20, 75, 104, 218
Estoppel, 72

To explain account stated, 53; to contra-
dict statement of witness as to bribes,
270; as to statement which he will not
deny, 453; of forged document, 105; of
entails by deceased steward, 36; when
sufficient to go to the jury, 128; to shew a
time of consideration of guarantee, 248;
of trial before secondary, 170; present-
ments from court rolls as to heriot cus-
tom, 100; stamped copy of lost docu-
ment admissible, 431; the sufficiency of
the stamp, not of the penalty, is to be
considered, 535
Execution, sheriffs' fees, 36; stayed after
discharge of one defendant, 69; invalid
return to fi. fa. 125; upon consent-rule in
ejectment, 124; date of judgment only

necessary where interest is claimed, 130
Executors and administrators, liability to
costs, 106; of executor de son tort, 17;
costs of defending action disallowed, 33;
devise of real estate to, 449.

[blocks in formation]

At what special sessions surveyor must be
appointed, 178; order for costs of high-
way, requisites of, 59; rate under local
Act, 102; indictment for non-repair, 180
Hospitals, rating of, 434

Liability of wife to arrest, 127; when they
cannot sue wife's trustee, 37; law as to
cruelty, 358; pleading, 496; wife no
power to dispose of furniture, 435; wife's
reversionary interest cannot be bound by
order of Court, 332

INDIA, gifts to officers in East-India service
illegal, 354

Infant liable to action for calls, 313; right
of father to custody, 241, 329
Injunction against prospective nuisance, 193;
amendment of suit, practice as to, 18, 264;
pending disputes in Ecclesiastical Court,
319; shewing cause on merits, 350; to re-
strain from using name as trustee, 491

Effect of death before adjudication, 71;
validity of deed of assignment, 103,
meaning of residence under 5 & 6 Vict.
c. 116, 150; sale by official assignee be-
fore final order is invalid, 453; plea
under 1 & 2 Vict. c. 110, 74
Insurance, what is total loss, 295; covenant
to keep on foot, construction, 419

Relief refused to sheriff after delay, 127;
after withdrawal, 248; jurisdiction of
judge at chambers, 228; application as
to costs should be to the judge, not the
Court, 176

JOINT TENANCY, severance by surrender
to use of will, 529
Joint-stock company is not at liberty to
change its name after complete registra.
tion, 373; evidence of registration, 178
Judgment; to charge lands under 1 & 2 Vict.
c. 110; practice as to foreclosure, 372;
judgment as in case of nonsuit, one de-
fendant may move for, after judgment by
default against co-defendant, 172; after
countermand at defendant's request, 103;
effect of order for security for costs, 229;
peremptory undertaking not postponed
because of writ of error in similar cause,



Tenancy at will, 203; construction of co-

venants to repair, 224; notice to quit at
the end of first year, 50; liability of, for

nuisance upon premises, 356; custom of
the country, application of, 535
Lands Clauses Consolidation, compensation
money, practice as to, 436; preliminary
expenses within, ib.; taking possession of
land, 242; form of bond under, s. 85, 452,
510, 531; appointment of surveyor, 531
(see RAILWAY.)
Legacy, distribution per capita, 215, 392;
per stirpes, 311; restricted or absolute
gift, 215, 331; limitation to executors of
tenant for life, 69; enjoyment in specie,
263; "of business, stock, and outstanding
debts," 291; time of vesting, 310; resi-
duary clause, with exception as to time,
332; description of legatee, 233, 409; “to
one of my farming men,' 392; gift for life,


Limitations, Statute of, returning writs to
avoid statute, 73, 435; acknowledgment to
bar, 79; payments for estate barred, 129;
possession for twenty years, 72; pleading
under 3 & 4 Wm. 4, c. 27, 150
Lunatic, expenses of maintenance, 241, 242 ;
issue as to sanity of testator, 511
What is not, 453

To compel overseers to appoint returning
officer, 197; to restore to the office of
parish clerk, 124; to compel admission
of town councillor, 245; to assemble
jury for compensation, 197; to railway
company to purchase land to complete
the line refused, 375
Markment, custom of, 203
Marriage settlement, construction of, 509
Marshalling between devisees and specific
legatees, 450

Meat, no implied warranty as to wholesome-
Mining company, authority of co-adven-
ness, 176; construction of statutes, ib.

turers, 267

Money had and received to recover deposit,


Money paid, lies on failure of consideration,
200; where not maintainable, 105

Priority of equitable mortgagee to judg
ment creditor, 213; stamp upon trans-
fer with different covenants, 55; recog
nition of title by, 72; possession of
deeds, 410, 510; expenses of reconvey-
ance, 429; in case of mortgagee's mis-
conduct, 469; sale set aside, 529
Mortmain, dock shares not real estate, 72

Election of town council, 245; requisites
as to meetings of town council, 221; ap-
pointment of coroner, ib.; making bo-
rough-rate and watch-rate, construction
of 4 & 5 Wm. 4, c. 76, 55 Geo. 3, c. 51,
7 Wm. 4 & 1 Vict. c. 81, 244; expenses
of borough prisoners in county gaol, 37;
retainer of attorney by, 123; compensa-
tion of officer, ib.

NELSON'S (Earl) will and estates in Sicily,

New trial granted for improper observations
of the judge, 270; refused where damages
assessed contingently, 50; surprise, 79;
not granted where mistake corrected during
summing up, 513

Notice of action, 123

Notice to produce, sufficiency of description,

[blocks in formation]

OFFICE, sale of, when illegal, 223

by railway surveyor, 129
Parties to bill by member of joint-stock
company, 261, 292; agent of trustee car-
rying on business, 120; where bill is to re-
cover trust-fund, 332
Partition, bill for, 332
Liability for attorney's bill, 147; dissolu-
tion by execution against one, 4; in the
purchase and resale of land, 309; after
agreement to purchase goodwill, 329;
examination of defendant in partnership
suit, 449

Intention to infringe immaterial, 19 (see
434); particulars of infringement, 125;
proof of issues as to infringement and
publication, 434

Pauper, liability for costs, 177
Payment into Court, plea of, 56
Personal representatives, held to mean con-
sanguinity, 145
Petition of right, 117

Duplicity, 77, 228; argumentativeness,
198; negative pregnant, 150; general
issue to promissory note, 129; issuable
pleas, 229, 126; de injuria to plea under
the Tippling Act is good, 228; traverse of
grant admits seisin, 357; admissions by
pleading over, 357, 433; insufficient plea
that defendant was sovereign prince, 332
Examinations, materiality of time in, 74;
statement of residence, 75; of relief so
as to constitute an acknowledgment, 196,
Appeal entered by wrong name, 249;
against order for maintenance of lunatic
poor, 311; time runs from first person

removed, 250; evidence admissible to
shew ground of quashing order, 75
Practice as to objections where order
brought up, 185

Lunatic poor, effect of statutes as to re-
movals, 250; as to time of appeal, 311.
Bastardy, form of order, 101; commit-
ment for disobedience to order, 245

Rating of brick-fields, 21; of water-works,
312; of Bethlehem and Bridewell Hos
pitals, 432


Court of error cannot order payment of
money into court, 250; notice of trial
before issue joined, 108; countermand-
ing notice is no breach of order for stay
of proceedings, ib.; abatement of suit
by death of defendant, after postpone-
ment of trial, 39: Term's notice where
necessary, 248; judgment may be signed
upon judge's order, 57; setting aside
demurrers by judge, 218; points of de-
murrer essential, 221; first irregular
step should be objected to, 134; adding
pleas after issue joined, 125; running of
time for declaration after order for par-
ticulars, 259; writ of pone, application
of, 355; document called for and pro-
duced must be read, 400

Orders to amend, construction and prac
tice of, 70, 215, 290, 530; not allowed
after demurrer, 69; entering appearance
for defendant out of jurisdiction, 20;
overruling demurrer without prejudice,
168; evidence in separate suits, ib.;
next friend of married woman, 1, 4, 18,
390; irregularity in taking answer, 410;
second rehearing after fifteen years, 34;
bill of review, nature of, 493; traversing
note, 4; plea to the whole bill, 19; pub-
lication, withdrawing replication after,
262; effect of irregular order, 50; sub-
stituted service, 70, 72; omission of in-
dorsement, 19; supplemental bill should
not be against defendant on marriage,
332; necessary upon appointment of
creditor's assignee, 372; demurrer and
answer to whole bill irregular, 371; tak-
ing bill pro confesso where defendant
was in contempt, 19; practice under
Orders in May, 1815, 214; issue not
taken pro confesso for want of notice of
trial, 370, 429; bill will not be restored
after time elapsed to set demurrer down
for argument, 69; exceptions not ordered
to be taken off the file, 71; form of ex-
ceptions and variance, 72; dismissing
bill for want of prosecution, 215, 262,
491; by one defendant, 310; motion for
costs, 409; costs, security for, when plain-
tiff resides abroad, 1; entry of notice of
appearance, 350; notice of filing repli-
cation, 494; inquiries as to death of
children, 120; reference as to infant's
suits, 293

Costs of demurrer not allowed out of fund,
215; of obtaining evidence of bankrupt,
352; of counsel, and short-hand writer's
notes, 491; appearance by different
counsel, disapproved of, 331

Orders, April, 1828, 73rd, 451; Dec. 1833,
3rd, 19; Aug. 26, 1841, 12th, 70; 37th,
99; Oct. 1842, 23rd, 494; May 1845,
23rd, 262; 29th, 20; 58th, 4: 60th, 18;
66th, 2, 70, 215; 77th and 78th, 35; 81st,
Prerogative to change venue, 171; to reply,



Principal and agent, effect of mistake by
agent, 371

Principal and surety, liability of, 82
Prisoners, detention under 5 Geo. 4, c. 84,


Privileged communication, what is not, 129

Probate, stamp on, 350
Production of documents, 166, 216, 214; ad-
missibility of affidavits, 166; for inspection
notwithstanding lien, 290


Effect of death of public officer, 214; no-
tice to take lands, 197 (see 167, 242)

Liability of directors to restore deposits,
148; liability of allottees, 195; of com-
pany for engineer's expenses, 436; power
of directors in obtaining Act of Parlia-
ment, 57; liability of shareholders for
calls, ib.; liability of solicitor, 81; rights
of shareholders against committee, 117,
261; title of directors, 97; power of
directors, 195, 263; taking possession of
land, 167, 197, 242 (see 371); compul-
sory powers lost by delay, 351 (see 470);
liabilities of provisional committee, 75,
103, 133, 222, 293; action for calls under
8 Vict. c. 16, 58; evidence of prospectus,
179; sale of scrip is legal, 265; letter of
allotment as to stamp, 177, 513; forgery
of scrip, 199; bankruptcy of company,
314; when completion of line not com.
pulsory, 375; payment of dividends to
vendor of land before conveyance, 410
Rate, construction of exemption from, 102
(see Poor-rate)
Real estate, undisposed of produce goes to
heir, 121; liability to payment of annui-
ties, 243; charged with debts by devise to
executors, 449; right of succession in fo-
reign country, 471
Receiver, enforcing recognizances, 70; costs
of action defended without leave allowed,

69; prosecution of action after appoint-
ment of receiver, 310; not appointed
merely because right to property disputed,


Rent, limitation of actions for, 175
Restraint of trade, 296

SCIRE FACIAS against member of joint-
stock company, 247

Schoolmaster, right of trustees to remove,


Seduction, when not maintainable, 200, 220

Can respite judgment until subsequent
sessions, 313; alone judges of facts,



Particulars of, 129, 177, 259
Sewers rate, 271

Sheriff, relief refused against adverse seizure,
225; liability for return of nulla bona,
453; right to break outer doors, 513
Shipowner, liability on bill of lading for
confiscation by foreign power, 101; mort-
gagee acting as broker not entitled to
commission, 289


Debtor must be summoned upon non-pay.
ment of instalments, 219, 227; jurisdic-
tion of Court of Review, 411
Specific performance of marriage articles,
decreed for benefit of collateral relations,
53; abandonment of contract, what is not,
3; effect of delay in filing bill, 293; re-
fused notwithstanding vendee entered into
possession, 393; after possession by ven-
dee, 349; decree equivalent to judgment,
352; not decreed where reserved bidding
contrary to conditions of sale, 389

Contract for sale of goods, by way of gua.
rantee, 79; on transfer of mortgage, 55;
upon acknowledgment of debt unneces-
sary, 435; where two instruments on the
same paper, 494; on probate, 350; Court
cannot look at amount of penalty for
stamping, 535


32 Hen. 8, c. 34, Costs, 169

5 & 6 Edw. 6, c. 16, Sale of Office, 223

29 Eliz. c. 4, Sheriffs' Fees, 36
43 Eliz. c. 4, Charitable Bequest, 79

3 & 4 Anne, c. 9, Promissory Notes, 266
4 Geo. 2, c. 28, Fee-farm rent, 36
25 Geo. 2, c. 27, Coroner, 267
33 Geo. 3, c. 52, India, 354

39 & 40 Geo. 3, c. 98, Thellusson Act, 98
c. 127, Churchrate, 100

55 Geo. 3, c. 51, Rates, 244
56 Geo. 3, c. 50, Distress, 170

5 Geo. 4, c. 84, Detention of Prisoners, 147
6 Geo. 4, c. 16, Bankruptcy, 149, 411
7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 30, Malicious Trespass,


9 Geo. 4, c. 31, Abduction, 394

c. 40, Lunatic Poor, 311
c. 55, Embezzlement, 374
c. 69, Game, 180

10 Geo. 4, c. 56, Friendly Societies, 54
1 Wm. 4, c. 47, Tenant for Life, 71
1 & 2 Win. 4, c. 32, Game, 496
c. 56, Bankruptcy, 44

2 Wm. 4, c. 39, s. 10, Returning Writs, 73
3 & 4 Wm. 4, c. 27, Limitations, 150, 175
c. 42, s. 8, Abatement, 76

126, 225

s. 31, Executors, 106
c. 74, Fines and Recoveries,

5 & 6 Wm. 4, c. 50, Highways, 178
c. 76, Municipal Corpora-
tion, 37, 221, 227, 244, 294

6 & 7 Wm. 4, c. 71, Tithes, 245
c. 96, Rating, 21

7 Wm. 4 & 1 Vict. c. 55, Sheriffs' Fees, 36
1 Vict. c. 85, Criminal Law, 359
c. 101, Coal, 173

1 & 2 Vict. c. 45, Interpleader, 176
c. 110, Insolvent, 71, 75
s. 18, Judgments, 124,

[blocks in formation]

7 & 8 Vict. c. 18, Lands Clauses, 436, 452 VENDOR AND PURCHASER:-

c. 92, Coroners, 267

c. 96, Insolvent, 453

c. 110, Registration of Com-

panies, 373
panies, 393
8 & 9 Viet. c. 10, Bastardy, 101
c. 112, Satisfied Term, 129
c. 127, Small Debts, 219, 411
9 & 10 Vict. c. 28, Dissolution of Com-
panies, 314

c. 111, Joint-Stock Com-

Stoppage in transitu, 434
Summons, writ of, description of defendant's
residence, 201; service on defendant being
an attorney, 223; personal service dispensed
with, 227

Surgeon, appointment to borough gaol, 227

TENANT FOR LIFE, Apportionment of
old debt and interest, 213; cannot be or-
dered to mortgage for repairs, 71
Tin-bounding, law as to custom of, and right
to tin mines, 353

Certificate of commissioners for payment
of expenses, 146; form of issue, 245;
letters of rector evidence as to modus,
84; (see 148.)

Title-deeds, right to possession, 410
Trade marks, law of America as to piracy of,


Trespass, notice of action under 7 & 8 Geo.
4, c. 30, 123; assessment of damages, 199;
plea of leave and license, 313; costs after
notice, 76


Satisfaction of breach of trust by legacy,

217; declaration of trust, nature of, 309;
liability of third party for breach of
trust, 350; appointment of trustees to
Scotch estates, 368; exercise of discre-
tionary power, 368

Assignee of reversion may sue in assump-
sit, 169

VARIANCE in statement of slander, 24; of
perjury, 170

Income-tax not deducted on payment into
court, 4; no lien on title-deeds by vendor
after execution of conveyance, 357;
practice as to order for confirmation of
report, 2; construction of contract to
pay when abstract of conveyance is
drawn out, 246; rescision of contract
after entry, 293; lien for purchase-
money unpaid, 450; discharge of pur
chaser, practice as to petition, 530
Venue, undertaking to give material evidence,
101; Crown cannot change venue in local
action, 171

judgment for too much is an irregularity
only, 130

Warrant of commitment of bankrupt for not
answering satisfactorily, 107, 230
Warranty of meat, breach of, for specific
chattel, no answer to action for price, 410
Waste, by cutting ornamental timber, stop.
ped by injunction, 34
Waterworks, rating of, 312

Description of property, 73; title of issue
of legatees, 217; trust for personal re-
presentatives, 145; residuary clause not
passing real estates, 132; construction
of as to" estate," 269; mistake in com-
putation, 290; meaning of residuary
legatee, 291; meaning of "their," 331;
interest devolving in succession, ib.;
meaning of "relations," 371; descrip
tion of heir-at-law, 409; insufficient dis-
posal of residue, 410; vesting of shares
after death of tenant for life, 469; as to
"surviving female children," 489; vest-
ing or contingent gift, 490; period of
distribution, 531; canal shares, ib.; re-
vocation by will insufficiently executed,
314; misdescription of executrix, 496;
signature at the foot or end, 132

Cross-examining viva voce under com-
mission, 104; examination of co-defend-
ant in equity, 36, 168; contradicting,
270, 453; insolvent plaintiff cannot be
witness, 122, 330; examination of part-
ner, being defendant, 449.

[blocks in formation]

Appeal, new cases on, 275

Arbitration, new cases on, 418
Arrest, new cases on, 418

Articled Clerks, Examination of, 64
Attorney and Solicitor, new cases on, 418
Attorney, Advertising, 66, 92, 283
Attorneys-Candidates who passed Exami-
nation in Easter Term, 280

Attorneys, Notices of the Admission of,
Michaelmas Term, 421

Attorneys to be Admitted Michaelmas
Term 1847, 363

BANKRUPTCY, new cases on, 339, 439
Bankruptcy Courts, Review of Cases in, dur-
ing half-year from January to June, 339,
380, 401

Bastardy, new cases on, 275

Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes,

new cases on, 440


Continuance Bills, 187, 231

County Elections, 187

Encouragement of Insurance on Life, 64

Improving the Health of Towns, 64

Lunatic Asylums, 186

Removal Amendment, 236

Taxation of Costs in Parliament, 180
BIRTHS, &c.:-

Ap. 2, 31, 46, 66, 93, 115, 141, 161, 188,
209, 239, 257, 284, 306, 325, 344, ap. 66,
385, ap. 74, 423, ap. 82, ap. 86, 487,
ap. 94, ap. 99, ap. 102


Addison on the Law of Contracts, 13
Bisset on the Law of Partnership, 445
Burton's Manual of the Law of Scotland,

Crabb's Digest of the Statutes, 92

Coote's Ecclesiastical Court, 30

Cox's Practice of Elections and Registra-
tion, 257

Ecclesiastical and Maritime Reports (Ben-
ning), 325

Egan's Law of Benefit Building Societies,


Evans's Digest of the Laws relating to
Bribery, 367, 425

Fellows's Law of Costs as affected by Small
Debts Act, &c. 141
Field's Prison Discipline, 344
Foster's Law relating to Marriage, 46
Gale's Letter to the Electors of Malmes-
bury, 306

Hobler's Exercises between an Attorney
and his Articled Clerk, 209

Jagoe's Practice of the County Courts,

[blocks in formation]

Rogerson's Practice of Chancery, 161
Toulmin's Statutes and Orders relating to
Practice and Pleading in Chancery, 209
Woolrych's Law of Highways, 66

CERTIORARI, new cases on, 274
Church Rates, new cases on, 440
Clergy, new cases on, 340, 440
Collision, new cases on, 340
Common Law Courts, Review of Cases in,
during Hilary, Easter, and Trinity Terms,
1847, 417, 439, 481

Contract, new cases on, 340


Selections from, 45, 114, 255, 323, 365, 405
Arrest on Mesne Process, 139
Attorneys' Gowns, 113
Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 29

Construction of Section 122 of Small Debts
Act, ap. 82

Conveyancing, 505

Conveyancing Costs, 365, ap. 98
Copyholds, 10

Country Agency, 484, 505

Election of Mr. Cowan, 422

Examination of Articled Clerks, 543

Fees to Counsel, 384, 404
Greenwich County Court, 422

Members of Parliament and the Attorneys,
ap. 87

Metropolitan and Provincial Law Asso-

ciation, 187, ap. 98

Mortgage by Demise, ap. 98
Mortgage Stamps, 10, 160, 187, 422

Smythies, 520
Taylor, Thomas, 484

Thompson, W. E. 138
Whitmarsh, W. D. 234

Mortgage Transfer Stamp, 91, 113, 139, Costs (Common Law), new cases on, 440

160, 187

New County Courts, 91

Point of Professional Etiquette, ap. 87
Proof of Judgments under Small Debts
Act in Courts of Bankruptcy, 91
Practice of Threatening Letters, 422
Practice-Term's Notice, 305
Repeal of Certificate Duty, 29
Right to Prepare a Lease, 484, 505
Right to Retain Attorney, ap. 98

Special Paper, The, 45

Small Debts Act-Costs, 91

Stamping Executed Deeds and Agree-
ments, 29

To a Perpetual Commissioner, 139
Unlicensed Lawyers, 187
Unprofessional Practices, 282
Vexatious and Frivolous Defences, 365

Bays, J. H. 465

Berry, Wm. 11, 91, 113, 139, 155, 187, ap.

Brown, Thomas, 91

Burn, Thomas, 365
Cowdery, Charles, 238
Dod, Charles, 383

Dudley, John Crews, 323
Fear, E. E. 155

Filliter, Freeland, 185
Garratt, J. ap. 98
Gotobed, H. 112
Grave, Josh. ap. 82
Gummer, S. H. 501

Jefferson, W. T. 29
Lamb, S. B. 91
Marsh, J. F. 465
Marshall, J. E. 138
Marsland, George, 139
Moss, H. W. 29
Pain, Thomas, 505
Ruddock, John, 422
Seymour, G. H. ap. 82
Shapland, J. T. 29, 114
Sherwood, John, 323, 505
Smith, James, ap. 98

Costs (Equity), new cases on, 340

Leading articles, 9, 26, 41, 61, 86, 111,
136, 152, 153, 183, 205, 232, 253, 278,
300, 321, 341, 351, 381, 402, 419, 441,
463, 483, 501, 519, 541
Advertising Agency in, 351

Appointment of County Clerks, 205, 233
Attorneys' Gowns, 207

Article on Courts from the Law Magazine,


A Trick Exposed, 253

Circuits under Small Debts Act, 9

Circular Letter from Insolvent Debtors'
Court, 442

City of London Small Debts Act, 484
Clerkenwell New Court, 26

Colourable Ownership, 26


Comments on the County Courts, 110, 136,
205, 233, 278
Correspondence. Witnesses, 10; Costs,
26; New County Courts, 112; Wren v.
Crouch (case), ib.; Practising of Assist-
ant Clerks, 138; Landlord and Tenant,
and Set-off, ib.; Meeting of Clerks in
Cheshire, ib.; A Query, ib.; Actions for
Debt under 201. Issues in, may be tried
before County Courts Judge, though
pending in Superior Courts, 154; Clerks'
Associations, ib.; County Clerks' Asso-
ciation, 184; Signing Judgment, ib.;
Time for serving subpoena, 184; Signing
Judgment, &c. 207; Making Copies of
Summonses, ib.; Stamps on Clerks' and
Bailiffs' Bonds, ib.; Fee Book, ib.;
Charge for Affidavit of Service, ib.;
Warrant of Commitment, 234; Inconve-
nience of Practice in some Cases, ib.;
Appointments, ib.; Order in Golding v.
Rowland, 322; Construction of Inter-
pretation Clause, ib.; High Bailiffs, 362;
Meeting of County Clerks, 363; The Re
presentation of the Profession, ib.; Ad-
vertising Agency in the County Courts,
382; Greenwich County Court, ib.; Con-

[blocks in formation]

Notes in the County Courts, 252

Notes on County Courts Practice, 86, 183

Notes on Points of Practice, 152

Notices of the County Courts, 403

Number, Variety, and Importance of the

Cases in the New Courts, 464

Officers, 29, 43, 63

Opening of the Court at Hull, 41

Order in Golding v. Rowland, 322-

Paterson's County Courts Act, 111

Privilege of Attorneys to be sued in Supe-
rior Court, 519

Professional Costume, 279
Resolutions passed at Meeting of Clerks
for No. 56 District, 501

Scenes in the Greenwich County Court,

Sheffield Court, The, 153

Sittings of the City of London Small Debts

Court, 542

Splitting Demands, 233

Treatment of Fraudulent Debtors, 420


10, 27, 43, 113, 138, 154, 155, 156, 185, 207,

235, 254, 255, 279, 280, 382, 421, 442,


Attorneys to be admitted Michaelmas

Term 1847, 421

Attorneys who passed Examination Easter

Term, 280; Trinity Term, 236

Common Law Sittings and Cause Lists,

and Equity Sittings and Cause Lists, 10,

27, 43, 138, 154, 155, 156, 185, 235, 254,

255, 279, 280, 382, 421, 442, 521

Examination Easter Term, 43; Questions

at, 135; Result of, 157: Trinity Term,

Questions at, 235; Result of, 236

Outlawry, Proclamations of, 29, 89, 281,

323, 383

Criminal Law, Report of Commissioners for

Revising and Consolidating, 299, 300, 317,

414, 456, 478, 536

DISTRESS, new cases on, 410


Cases in, during half-year extending to

30th June, 339, 380, 401

Ejectment, new cases on, 461

Equity Courts, Review of Cases in, during
half-year extending to 30th June, 339,
380, 401

Evidence, new cases on, 275
Examinations, new cases on, 275
Execution, new cases on, 462


GAZETTES, The :-March 26, 16; April, 2,
81; April 9, 47; April 16, 67; April 23, 94;
April 30, 115; May 7, 143; May 14, 162;
May 21, 190; May 28, 209; June 4, 239;
June 11, 258; June 18, 286; June 25,
307; July 2, 326; July 9, 345; July 16,
367; July 23, 387; July 30, 407; Aug. 6,
427; Aug. 13, 447: Aug. 20, 467; Aug.
27, 487; Sept. 3, 507; Sept. 10, 526;
Sept. 17, 557.

Guarantee, new cases on, 462
Guardian, new cases on, 340

are indexed separately, see post)
INFANT, new cases on, 341
Injunction, new cases on, 341
JUDGMENT as in Case of Nonsuit, new
cases on, 462

LANDLORD and TENANT, new cases on,


Incorporated Law Society, 44, 304

Law Association for the Benefit of Widows

and Families of Professional Men, 383

Leeds Law Society, 282

Manchester Law Association, 282

Metropolitan and Provincial Law Associa-

tion, 158, 159, 160

Society for Promoting Amendment of the

Law, 90, 236, 237, 302, 322, 384; Report

of, 521

[blocks in formation]

Prosecuting Judges, 256

Prosecutions, 283

Publications for the Verulam Society, 239

Readers, To, 13, 160

Reform of the Criminal Law, 45

Repeal of the Certificate Duty, 239

Shall we be represented? 114

Sham Lawyers-R. G. Ibbett, 30; T. C.
Barker, ib.; G. G. F. C. 367; J. K.
Blount, 385; G. Chambers, 423; John
Wood, 486; Mr. Perkins, 507
Sham Lawyers at the Police Offices, 466
Solicitors engaged in the Elections, 115
Solicitors' Life Assurance Office, 13, 30
Stamps on Transfer of Mortgages, 92
Who shall represent us? 140
Verulam Reports, 30, 46
Yorkshire Law Society, The, 385
Legacy, new cases in, 380
Legal Education, Report of Committee on,
272, 318, 338, 377, 416, 457, 479, 537


A Good Samaritan, 138

Arrear of Business in the Court of Chan-

Articled Clerks, Examination of, 64

Attorneys, Application for Admittance,

Easter Term, 43, 156, 157

Attorneys in America, 113
Austrian Statistics, 422
Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 383, 505
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, The New,


Bankruptcy, Sittings of the Court of, else-
where than in London, 521
Banquet at Gray's-inn, 323
Baron de Bode, The late, 89
Case before French Tribunals as to Valid-
ity of Bequest by an English Subject in
France to Relatives in England, 208

Case of Forgery by an Attorney, 281

Channel Islands, 421

Church-rates, Law of, 443

Circuits, Ireland, 281

Circumstantial Evidence, Extraordinary

Case of, ap. 91

Commissioners of Bankrupts, 383

Committal for Criminal Offences, ap. 91

Convict, 301

Conviction of Traitors in Austria, 323

Criminal Law Reform, 64

Curious Cases in the Old Reports, 139

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Argyll, The Duke of, 93

Cowley, Lord, ib.

Curwood, John, 46

Dickson, Thomas, Q. C. ap. 42

Fulford, Colonel, 66

Leahy, David, 284

Lynch, Andrew Henry, 365
Rawlinson, Mr. 306

Say and Sele, Lord, 46
Warneford, The Hon. Mrs. ib.
Wilmot, Sir John Eardley, 209

New Subscribers, List of, 527, 528

Notice of Action, new cases on, 481
Nuisance, new cases on, 481

OUTLAWRY, Proclamations of, 29, 89, 281,
323, 383


Business transacted, Public and Private, 5,
40, 60, 84, 108, 133, 152, 204, 230, 251,
271, 272, 298, 314, 335, 336, 359.

Administration of Criminal Law in the
Channel Islands, 299

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Laws, 180, 336

Charitable Trusts, 5

Clerks of Small Debts Courts, 5

County Courts, 85

Custody of Offenders, 204, 231, 298
Ecclesiastical Courts, 252

Eligibility of Judges of County Courts to
Seats in the House of Commons, 337

Fees in the Courts of Law, 109

Fees to Counsel in Criminal Cases, 272

Insolvent Debtors, 359

Juvenile Offenders, 85, 204, 216

Law of Marriage, 134

Lunatics Bill, 298

Masters in Chancery, 5

Masters Office in Chancery, 40

Pauper Lunatic Asylums, 5

Poor and Highway Rates, 204

Poor Law Commissioners, 5

Poor Removal, 5, 252, 316, 337
Rating of Tenements, 85
Recorder of Winchester, 109
Registration of Electors, 40
Representation, The, 299
Scotch Judges, 85

Secondary Punishments, 231
Taxation of Costs on Private Bills, 40


Actions against Magistrates, 60

Arrest of Debtors leaving the Country, 60

Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 5

[blocks in formation]

TRANSPORTATION of Juvenile Offenders,

Report of Committee of House of Lords

on, 359

Treatment of Fraudulent Debtors, 420
Tithe Commissioners, Report of, for Eng-
land and Wales, 300

Tithes, new cases on, 402

USE and Occupation, new cases on, 483

VENDOR and Purchaser, new cases on, 402

WARRANT of Attorney, new cases on, 483

Waste, new cases on, 402


Baron de Bode, 89

Bradshaw, Mr., M.P. 90

May, Charles, 421

Mount Sandford, Lord, 11
Price, Sir Charles, 281
Walter, John, 507
Worthing, Samuel, 421
Wills, new cases on, 402


the Personal Representative of Debtor and

Creditor is the Same Person, ib.; Joint
and Several Obligation, lib.; Debt barred
by the Statute of Limitations, ib.

CHAP. XI. ON ASSETS:-Real Assets, 10;
Mixed Fund, ib.; Legal Personal Assets,
ib.; Equitable Assets, 460; Proceeds of
Sale of Realty, ib.; Power of Appoint-
ment, ib.

In Favour of Creditors, 460; In Favour of
Legatees, ib.


Legacies, 461

GACIES:-Contingent Debts, 540; Debts
of which the Executor has no Notice,
541; Abatement of Legacies, ib.

Conveyance only. Mortgages, 285;
Crown Debts, ib.; Judgments, ib.;
Judgment by Tenant in Tail, how far
binding, ib.; Statutes and Recog-
nizances, ib.; Decrees, ib.; Lis Pen-
dens, ib.; Debts, ib.; Distinction be-
tween Charges for payment of Debts,
and Charges for Legacies only, 286;
Purchaser from Heir, whether bound by
Debts of Ancestor, 344; Legacies, ib. ;
Portions, ib.; Lien, ib.; Outstanding
Legal Estate, ib.; Representatives of
Vendors to be Trustees,; Costs of Peti-
tion by whom to be paid, 345; Act not
Applicable to Mortgagees and their
Heirs, ib.; Equitable Tenant for Life,
not within this Statute, ib.

ASSIGNEES of Insolvents, 14; Customary
Form should be adhered to, ib.; Fine, ib.;
Of the Declaration of Uses, ib.; As to Per-
son, ib.; As to Property Surrendered, ib.;
Whether an Estate in Copyholds can be
limited to commence in futuro, ib.; Feeupon
a Fee, ib.; Where no Use is expressed, ib.;
Resulting Trusts, ib.; Tenant Right of Re-
newal, 93; Of Conditional Fees in Copy-
holds, ib.; Estate Tail in Copyholds, ib.;
As to Equitable Estates, 141; Fine levied
in Common Pleas has no Operation on
Copyholds, ib.; Estates Tail in Copyholds,
how barrable, ib.; Estates tail of Bank-
rupt Copyholders, how barred, 142; Of
Devises of Copyholds, ib.; Operation and
Effect of the Surrender to Will, ib.; When
Equity would have supplied a Surrender,
189; Operation of stat. 55 Geo. 3, c. 192, 3. OF THE PROTECTION AGAINST PRIOR
on Wills of Copyholds, ib.; Alterations
effected by this recent Will Act, ib.; Dis-
tinction between Copyhold and Customary
Freeholds, ib.; Ancient Demesne, ib.;
Customary Lands of the Duchy of Corn-
wall, 190; Claims of the Duchy, how to
be barred by the Statute of Limitations,


1. Of the Various Kinds of Incumbrances.
-Of Executory Devises, Conditional
Limitations, and Conditions at Common
Law, 284; Leases, ib.; Bankruptcy, In-
solvency, Forfeiture, &c. 275; Powers,
ib. All Estates which the Power cannot
overreach are Incumbrances.

2. Incumbrances which are Matter of

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

AFFIDAVIT Office in Chancery. See Chancery.
Aliens, for the Naturalization of, c. 83, relating to U. K.
Annuities, raising 8,000,000l. by way of, c. 9, relating to
U.K. 316

Annuities, allowing the Subscriptions to, to be paid up under
Discount, c. 36, relating to U. K. 338
Application of Sums to the Service of 1847, c. 8, relating to
U. K. 316

Appropriation of Supplies, c. 107, relating to U. K. 498 Army: annual Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters, c. 12, relating to U. K. 316

Army, limiting the Time of Service in, c. 37, relating to U. K. 338

BANKRUPTCY, to abolish the Court of Review in, and to make Alterations in the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Bankruptcy, c. 102, relating to E. 413 Barley (Pod or Hulled), to suspend until 1st March, 1848, the Duties on the Importation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438 Barley, to allow until 1st March, 1848, the Importation of, from any Country in any Ships, c. 86, relating to U. K. Baths (Public), to amend 9 & 10 Vict. c. 74, for the Establishment of, c. 61, relating to E. 437


Beer, to allow the Use of Sugar in brewing, c. 5, relating to U. K. 316

Bills (Private) in the House of Commons, for the more effectual Taxation of Costs on, c. 69, relating to G. B. and I.


Biscuit, to suspend until 1st March, 1848, the Duties on the Importation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438

Biscuit, to allow until 1st March, 1848, the Importation of,

for the Inclosure and Improvement of Commons, c. 111, relating to E. 500 Commons, House of, for the more Effectual Taxation of Costs on Private Bills in, c. 69, relating to G. B. & I. 455 Commutation of Tithes, to explain the Acts for, and to continue the Officers appointed under the said Acts until 1st October, 1850, c. 104, relating to E. 498 Companies. See Joint-stock Companies. Compensation for Damages, to amend 9 & 10 Vict. c. 107, so far as relates to, c. 80, relating to I. 477 Consolidated Fund, to apply the Sum of 8,000,0001. out of, to the Service of 1847, c. 8, relating to U. K. 316 Consolidated Fund, to authorise the Advance of Money out of, for Loans towards defraying the Expense of making certain Railways, c. 73, relating to I. 455

Consolidated Fund, to apply a Sum out of, and certain other Sums, to the Service of 1817, c. 107, relating to U. K. 498

Constabulary Force, to regulate the Superannuation Allow ances of, and of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, c. 100, relating to I. 497

Copyhold Commission, to continue to the 1st October, 1850,
c. 101, relating to E. 497

Copyright Works, to amend the Law relating to the Protec.
Corn, to suspend until 1st September, 1817, the Duties on
tion of, in the Colonies, c. 95, relating to U. K. 477
the Importation of, c. 1, relating to U. K. 316
Corn, to suspend until 1st March, 1848, the Duties on the Im-
portation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438

Corn, to allow until 1st September, 1847, the Importation of,
from any Country in Foreign Ships, c. 2, relating to U. K.

Corn, to allow until 1st March, 1848, the Importation of, from any Country in any Ships, c. 86, relating to U. K. 477. See Indian Corn.

from any Country in any Ships, c. 86, relating to U. K. Costs on Private Bills in the House of Commons, for the

477. See Ship Biscuit.

Bishoprick of Manchester, for establishing, c. 108, relating to E. 498

Boys in her Majesty's Navy, for extending the period of service of, c. 30, relating to U.K 337 Brewing from Sugar, to allow, c. 5, relating to U. K. 316 Buck Wheat and Buck Wheat Meal, to suspend until 1st September, 1847, the Duties on the Importation of, c. 3, relating to U. K. 316

Buck Wheat, to suspend until 1st March, 1848, the Duties on the Importation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438 Buck Wheat, to allow until 1st March, 1848, the Importation of, from any Country in any Ships, c. 86, relating to U. K. 477

Burgage Tenure, to facilitate the Transference of Lands and other Heritages not held in, c. 48, relating to S. 376 Burgage Tenure, to facilitate the Transference of Lands and other Heritages held in, c. 49, relating to S. 376 Burgh Police; amending 3 & 4 Wm. 4, c. 46, to enable Burghs to establish a general System of Police; and amending 3 & 4 Wm. 4, c. 77, for providing for the Appointment and Election of Magistrates and Councillors for certain Burghs and Towns, c. 39, relating to S. 375 CANADA, to authorise her Majesty to assent to a certain Bill of the Legislative Council and Assembly of the Province of, for granting a Civil List to her Majesty; and to repeal certain Parts of 3 & 4 Vict. c. 35, for re-uniting the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, and for the Government of Canada, c. 71, relating to U. K. 455 Canal Companies; to amend 8 & 9 Vict. c. 42, to enable them to become Carriers upon their Canals, c. 91, relating to G. B. and I. 477

Cemeteries, for consolidating into One Act certain Provisions usually contained in Acts authorising the making of, c. 65, relating to E. and I. 438

Chancery, to amend the Practice with regard to Precepts from, c. 51, relating to S. 376 Chancery, to abolish One of the Offices of Master in Ordinary of the High Court of, c. 60, relating to E. 437 Chancery, for the Discontinuance of the Attendance of the Masters in Ordinary of the High Court of, in the Public Office, and for transferring the Business of such Public Office to the Affidavit Office in Chancery, c. 97, relating to E. 477 Chelsea Pensions, for Abolishing Poundage on, c. 4, relating to U. K. 316

Chelsea, Out- Pensioners, amending the Acts for rendering effective the Service of, c. 54, relating to U. K. 377 Children employed in Print Works, to amend the Law as to the School Attendance of, c. 70, relating to G. B. and I.


Commissioners for carrying on Undertakings of a public Na ture, for consolidating in One Act certain Provisions usually contained in Acts with respect to the Constitution and Regulation of, c. 16, relating to G. B. & I. 316. See Excise, Public Works, Stamps and Taxes, Woods, &c. Commissioners of.

Commons Inclosure, to authorise the Inclosure of certain Lands, in pursuance of the Second Report of the Inclosure Commissioners, c. 25, relating to E. 317

Commons, to extend the Provisions of 8 & 9 Vict, c. 118,

more Effectual Taxation of, c. 69, relating to G. B. and I.


Councillors for certain Burghs and Towns, amending 3 & 4 Wm. 4, c. 77, for providing for the Election of, c. 39, relating to S. 375

County Buildings, amending the Acts relating to, c. 28, relating to E. 377 Crown Charters, to amend the Practice with regard to, c. 51, relating to S. 376

Custody of Offenders, amending 5 Geo. 4. c. 84, as to, c. 67, relating to G. B. and I. 438 Customs, to alter certain Duties of, c. 23, relating to U. K.


DEBTS, to facilitate the Constitution and Transmission of

Heritable Securities for Debt, and to render the same more effectual for the Recovery of, c. 50, relating to S. 376 Desertion. See Army. Navy. Destitute Persons, for the Temporary Relief of, c. 7, relating to I. 316

Destitute Poor. See Poor.

Director in Chancery, to authorise the Application of certain Sums received on account of the Fees payable to the Office of, towards the Payment of the Debts incurred in completing the General Register House at Edinburgh, c. 20, relating to S. 316

Diseases (Epidemic), to authorise for One Year the Removal of Prisoners from the several Gaols in Cases of, c. 45, relating to I. 376

Distilling from Sugar, further to encourage, c. 6, relating to U.K. 316

Distress, to render valid certain Proceedings for the Relief of, by Employment of the labouring Poor, and to indemnify those who have acted in such Proceedings, c. 10, relating to I. 316

Distress, to amend 9 & 10 Vict. c. 107, for facilitating the Employment of the labouring Poor in distressed Districts, so far as relates to Compensation for Damages, c. 80, relating to I. 477

Distress, to facilitate the Recovery of Public Moneys advanced for the Relief of, by the Employment of the labouring Poor, c. 87, relating to I. 477.

Distress. See Poor.

Docks, for consolidating in one Act certain Provisions usually contained in Acts authorising the Making and Improving of, c. 27, relating to G. B. and I. 337 Drainage of Land, to explain and amend 9 & 10 Vict. c. 101, authorising the Advance of Money for the Improvement of Land by Drainage, c. 11, relating to G. B. 316 Drainage of Land, to facilitate, c. 38, relating to E. 338, and c. 113, relating to S. 500

Drainage of Land, to continue for a limited Time the Provisions for summary Proceedings contained in 9 & 10 Vict. c. 4, to amend the Acts for promoting, c. 79, relating to I. 477 Drainage of Land, to provide additional Funds for Loans for, and other Works of Public Utility, and to repeal 9 & 10 Vict. c. 85, c. 106, relating to I. 493 Duties, to make legal the Collection of certain, at Port-Natal, c. 56, relating to U. K. 377

Duti-s. See Biscuit, Buck Wheat, Corn, Excise, Flour, Meal, Post-office.

ECCLESIASTICAL Commissioners, amending certain Acts relating to, c. 108, relating to E. 498 Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, to amend the Law as to, c. 98, relating to E. 477

Elections (Parliamentary), to regulate the Stations of Soldiers during, c. 21, relating to G. B. 316 Elections of Members to serve in Parliament for Counties of Cities, Counties of Towns, and Boroughs, limiting the Time for taking the Poll at, c. 81, relating to I. 477 Elections of Representative Peers, for the Correction of certain Abuses which have frequently prevailed at, c. 52, relating to S. 376

Epidemic Diseases, to authorise for One Year the Removal of Prisoners from the several Gaols in Cases of, c. 45, relating to I. 376

Exchequer Bills, raising 18,310,7001. by, for the service of 1847, c. 19, relating to U. K. 316

Excise, to continue until 31st July, 1848, certain Allowances of the Duty of, on Soap used in Manufactures, c. 41, relating to G. B. 376

Excise (Commissioners of), transferring to them from the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes the Collection and Management of the Duties in respect of Stage-carriages, Hackney-carriages, and Railway Passengers, c. 42, relating to G. B. 376

FACTORIES, limiting the Hours of Labour of Young Persons and Females in, c. 29, relating to U. K. 337 Fairs, for consolidating in One Act certain Provisions usually contained in Acts for constructing or regulating, c. 14, relating to G. B. and I. 316

Fees payable to the Office of the Director in Chancery towards Payment of Debts incurred in completing the General Register House at Edinburgh, to authorise the Application of certain Sums received on account of, c. 20, relating to S. 316

Females, limiting the Hours of Labour of, in Factories,

c. 29, relating to U. K. 337 Fever, to amend, and continue until 1st November, 1847, 9 & 10 Vict. c. 6, for making Provision for the Treatment of Poor Persons afflicted with, c. 22, relating to I. 316 Fisheries (Mussel), for the Protection of, c. 92, relating to S. 477

Fishery Piers and Harbours, for the Further Improvement of, c. 75, relating to I. 455

Flour, to suspend until 1st September, 1847, the Duties on
the Importation of, c. 1, relating to U. K. 316
Flour, to suspend until 1st March, 1848, the Duties on the
Importation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438

Flour, to allow until 1st September, 1817, the Importation of, from any Country in Foreign Ships, c. 2, relating to U. K. 316

Flour, to allow until 1st March, 1848, the Importation of, from any Country in any Ships, c. 85, relating to U. K. 477 See Mandioca Flour.

[blocks in formation]

to S. 316

Waterworks Clauses, c. 34, relating to G. B. and I. 316 General Register House, Edinburgh, to authorise the Application of certain Sums received on account of the Fees payable to the Office of Director in Chancery towards the Payment of Debts incurred in completing, c. 20, relating Grain, to suspend until 1st September 1847 the Duties on the Importation of, c. 1, relating to U. K. 316 Grain, to suspend until 1st March 1848 the Duties on the Importation of, c. 64, relating to U. K. 438 Grain, to allow until 1st September 1847 the Importation of, from any Country in Foreign Ships, c. 2, relating to U.K. 316 Grain, to allow until 1st March 1818 the Importation of, from any Country in any Ships, c. 86, relating to U. K. 477 Greenwich Out-Pensioners, amending the Acts for rendering effective the Service of, c. 54, relating to U. K. 377

HACKNEY CARRIAGES, to transfer the Collection and Management of the Duties in respect of, from the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to the Commissioners of Excise, c. 42, relating to G. B. 376

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