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Nor mourn, whatever winds may blow,
Youth's first wild dreams-ten years ago!

Have we not knelt beside his bed,

And watch'd our first-born blossom die?
Hoped, till the shape of hope had fled,
Then wept till feeling's fount was dry?
Was it not sweet in that dark hour,

To think, 'mid mutual tears and sighs,
Our bud had left its earthly bower,
And burst to bloom in Paradise?
What to the thought that soothed that woe
Were heartless joys-ten years ago!

Yes, it is sweet, when heaven is bright,
To share its sunny beams with thee;
But sweeter far, 'mid clouds and blight,
To have thee near to weep with me.
Then dry those tears,-though something changed
From what we were in earlier youth,
Time, that hath hopes and friends estranged,
Hath left us love in all its truth;

Sweet feelings we would not forego

For life's best joys-ten years ago.



A SOUND comes on the rising breeze,
A sweet and lovely sound!
Piercing the tumult of the seas
That wildly dash around.

From land, from sunny land it comes,
From hills with murmuring trees,
From paths by still and happy homes-
That sweet sound on the breeze.

Why should its faint and passing sigh
Thus bid my quick pulse leap?
No part in earth's glad melody
Is mine upon the deep.

Yet blessing, blessing on the spot,
Whence those rich breathings flow!
Kind hearts, although they know me not,
Like mine there beat and glow.

And blessing from the bark that roams

O'er solitary seas,

To those that far in happy homes

Give sweet sounds to the breeze!



THERE is an hour of peaceful rest,
To mourning wanderers given;
There is a tear for souls distress'd,
A balm for every wounded breast-
"T is found above-in heaven!

There is a soft, a downy bed,
Fair as the breath of even;
A couch for weary mortals spread,
Where they may rest the aching head,
And find repose in heaven!

There is a home for weary souls,
By sin and sorrow driven;

When toss'd on life's tempestuous shoals,
Where storms arise, and ocean rolls,

And all is drear but heaven!

There faith lifts up the tearful eye,
The heart with anguish riven;
And views the tempest passing by,
The evening shadows quickly fly,
And all serene in heaven!

There fragrant flowers immortal bloom,
And joys supreme are given:
There rays divine disperse the gloom:
Beyond the confines of the tomb,
Appears the dawn of heaven!



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