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TIROCINIUM GALLICUM: A short French Grammar for

Classical Schools, with frequent Comparison of the Latin. Second Edition, much enlarged

..12mo. 38. 6d. The object of this work is to present in The work consists of -- 1. Rules for Proa brief compass a full Synoptical View of nunciation; 2 Accidence; 3. Vocabulary of French Accidenre. It is intended to occupy a common words ; 4. A short Syntax of common place between elementary grammars, intended rules; 5. An Appendix on the Derivation of for very young children, which do not contain French from Latin. The whole concludes with enough for boys in the middle and lower forms a systematic and progressive praxis on French classic

chools, and complete grammars grammar (on the plan of the author's Praris for advanced pupils, which present such a Latina and Praxis Græca), intended as a help labyrinth of details on all points of French to both teacher and pupil, economising the grammar, as completely to puzzle the pupil to time of the former and directing the efforis of discover which are the most prominent and the latter. important, and which the less frequent, rules. PRAXIS IAMBICA; A Series of Elementary and Progressive

Exercises in Greek Tragic Senarii : With Rules and an English-Greek Index

....... 12mo. 4s. 6d. This Introduction to the writing of some slight change of number, tense, case, Greek Iambics differs from similar works in and person, or of proper name, is made, in several points. 1. The materials are drawn order to enforce upon the pupil the necessity exclusively from ancient sources, so that none of translating the English into Greek for him but purely classical Greek is employed in any self, even if he should accidentally light upon part of the work. 2. Instead of begirining with the line from which the example is taken. entire verses, the exercises commence at first 4. An English-Greek INDEX of all the words with single feet; then are given commence- in the Exercises from XII. to lxxxv. is added; ments of lines, then endings of various length and in it are given most of the irregular forms and structure, thus leading the pupil on to needed for composing the verses; so that the complete lines, and longer passages. 3. The only book required to work this Praxis Iammaterials are anticleptically arranged, so that bica is a good Greek Grammar. A few Exer. verses or sets of verses cannot be pilfered with cises in Trochaic Tetrameters, and Dimeter out trouble from the Poet Scenici, or the Anapæstics, are given at the end of the Greek Gradus. No two consecutive passages lambics. are taken from the same play; and occasionally PRAXIS LATINA: A Series of Elementary, Progressive, and

Miscellaneous Questions and Examination Papers on Latin Grammar; adapted especially to the Eton and Dr. Kennedy's Latin Grammars. In 2 Parts ....

12mo. price 5s.6d. Part I. for Beginners, price 2s.6d. Separately {!

II. for Advanced Students, price 3s. The two parts of this work form together In PART II, the first division consists of a progressive introduction to Latin prose com- questions on etymology; the second and third position. In Part I. the first division consists divisions of questions on the Eton Syntax, of questions on etymology, and may be used and the longer syntax and construction of along with the Latin Grammar from the sentences in Dr. Kennedy's Elementary Latin very commencement. The second and third Grammar. The questions are first to be andivisions consist of papers on syntax, adapted swered, and then the English of the examples to Dr. Kennedy's and the Eton Grammars, re-translated into Latin, so that the book will with questions to be answered, and examples form an easy introduction to the formation of for re-translation into Latin. It is hoped a Latin pure style. The fourth division is a that any boy who has mastered this part will praxis upon prosody. be able to attempt the second with success. PRAXIS GRÆCA: A Series of Elementare Miscellaneous Exercises on Greek Grammar

PART I. Etymology, price 2s. 60 PART III. Accentuation : with Exer

* Mr. Collis's short exercises on tenses are remarkably good, and those syntax also. His Greek Praris analytical talent in the expl Greek Grammar, and is rately printed." JOT

“The practica taught him ers wit! ardu ani

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