Science, Volume 1

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John Michels
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1880 - Science

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Page 60 - PROCESSES, AND COLLATERAL INFORMATION IN THE ARTS, MANUFACTURES, PROFESSIONS, AND TRADES, INCLUDING MEDICINE, PHARMACY, AND DOMESTIC ECONOMY ; designed as a General Book of Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families.
Page 91 - The camp of the tribe is in an open circle, or horseshoe, and the gentes camp in the following order, beginning on the left and going around to the right: Deer, Bear, Highland Turtle, (striped,) Highland Turtle, (black,) Mud Turtle, Smooth Large Turtle, Hawk, Beaver, Wolf, Sea Snake, Porcupine.
Page 90 - These four women councillors select a chief of the gens from its male members — that is, from their brothers and sons. This gentile chief is the head of the gentile council. The council of the tribe is composed of the aggregated gentile councils. The tribal council, therefore, is composed one-fifth of men and four-fifths of women.
Page 3 - Neither do two or three wives in one hut make an altogether harmonious household; but all little difficulties are generally settled by the husband, in a manner better calculated to insure reverence to masculine strength than respect for superior intelligence. The scarcity of •women at present in proportion to the men makes polygamy a luxury only to be indulged in by the wealthy. Divorce, if it can be called by that name, is very frequent among them. All that is needed is that the husband tires...
Page 92 - Wyandots in a peculiar form. An outlaw is one who by his crimes has placed himself without the protection of his clan. A man can be declared an outlaw by his own clan, who thus publish to the tribe that they will not defend him in case he is injured by another.
Page 66 - ... implied in the Mechanism of the Heavens is indeed a unity which is all-embracing and complete. The structure of our own Bodies, with all that depends upon it, is a structure governed by, and therefore adapted to, the same force of gravitation which has determined the form and the movements of myriads of worlds. Every part of the human Organism is fitted to conditions which would all be destroyed in a moment if the forces of gravitation were to change or fail.
Page 90 - He superintends the erection of the council house and has the care of it. He calls the council together in a formal manner when directed by the sachem. He announces to the tribe all the decisions of the council and executes the directions of the council and of the sachem. Gentile councils are held frequently from day to day and from week to week and are called by the chief whenever deemed necessary. When matters before the council are considered of great importance a grand council of the gens may...
Page 68 - The molecules must obey ; but no mere wayward or capricious order can be given to them. The formative energies seem to be as much under command as the materials upon which they work. For, invisible, intangible, and imponderable as these forces are — unknown and even inconceivable as they must be in their ultimate nature — enough can be traced of their working to assure us that they are all closely related to each other, and belong to a system which is one. Out of the chemical elements of Nature,...
Page 32 - We may well pause to reflect that in the two modes of development we find the same periods of rapid modifications occurring at certain stages of growth or of historic development, repeating in a different direction the same phases. Does it then pass the limits of analogy to assume that the changes we see taking place under our own eyes in a comparatively short space of time, — changes which extend from stages representing perhaps the original type of the group to their most complicated...
Page 81 - This has proved most true, and even at this date, three years and a half since he called public attention to the dangers from colorblindness, but one state, Connecticut, has passed laws controlling color-blindness and visual defects among railroad employes. And yet in that state most violent attempts have been made to prevent the action of the law in protecting the community, even...

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