Correspondence Respecting the Proposed Annexation of Savoy and Nice to France

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Harrison and Sons, 1860 - Nice (France) - 41 pages
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Page 5 - En conséquence, toutes les fois que les puissances voisines de la Suisse se trouveront en état d'hostilité ouverte ou imminente , les troupes de SM le roi de Sardaigne qui pourraient se trouver dans ces provinces , se retireront , et pourront à cet effet passer par le Valais, si cela devient nécessaire; aucunes autres troupes armées d'aucune autre puissance ne pourront traverser ni stationner dans les provinces et territoires susdits, sauf celles que la Confédération suisse jugerait à propos...
Page 5 - Puissances voisines de la Suisse, se trouveront en état d'hostilités ouvertes ou imminentes, les Troupes de Sa Majesté le Roi de Sardaigne, qui pourraient se trouver dans ces Provinces se retireront et pourront à cet effet passer par le Valais si cela devient nécessaire, qu'aucunes autres Troupes armées d'aucune Puissance ne pourront y. stationner ni les traverser, sauf celles que la Confédération Suisse jugerait à propos d'y placer.
Page 19 - Rhine — the repetition of the history of long and bloody wars — the commencement of a new struggle between France and Europe ; such are the ideas which would pass through men's minds at the announcement of such an acquisition. " Let the Emperor recall the noble words in which he gave forth at Milan a sentiment not less just than becoming the sovereign of so great an empire. In addressing the Italians, his Imperial Majesty said, ' Your enemies, who are mine, have endeavoured to diminish the universal...
Page 19 - Thouvenel at once the view which we take of this question in connection with the general interests of Europe, and the position of the Emperor of the French. The Emperor cannot fail to have present to his mind the alarm and anxiety which prevailed in Europe during the past summer ; the arming of Prussia and the German Powers; the hopes of revolution excited ; the rumours of alliances, offensive and defensive, which agitated the public mind. The Emperor can well recall that period ; for he stated how...
Page 41 - Castlereagh, detailing the assault and capture of the old pump in Trinity College, Dublin, on the night of the second of December, eighteen hundred and eleven, with returns of killed, wounded, and missing; with other information from the seat of war.
Page 2 - Excellency, with reference to the report contained in your despatch of the 4th instant, of a conversation which you had had with Count Walewski, that Her Majesty's Government have learned with extreme concern that the question of annexing Savoy to France has been in agitation. The Emperor's declaration at Milan that the " enemies " of the Emperor represented him as making war to aggrandize the territory of France, gave great satisfaction in this country.
Page 2 - If Savoy should be annexed to France, it will generally be supposed that the left bank of the Rhine, and the " natural limits," will be the next object ; and thus the Emperor will become an object of suspicion to Europe, and kindle the hostility of which his uncle was the victim.
Page 3 - ... to Count Walewski that Her Majesty's Government highly appreciate the spirit which has prompted His Imperial Majesty thus distinctly to disclaim a project which, while it would have contributed no real benefit to France, would have very materially affected the Emperor's reputation in Europe. For the Powers of Europe not only attach considerable importance to the maintenance of Savoy in its present relation towards Sardinia, but they would also have looked upon any attempt to sever that connection...
Page 19 - ... of glory he was content to forego, how much of noble aspirations to disappoint, in order to give satisfaction and peace to Europe. It is to be hoped and desired that the present tendency should be to soothe the troubled waves and restore calm to the agitated atmosphere. But the question of the annexation of Savoy would be regarded not so much as composing past troubles as raising the elements for new storms. Natural frontiers — the Alps and the...
Page 28 - Government could not consent to the formation of a kingdom of above ten millions of souls in the South of Europe without taking precautions for the future security of France. This would be done not in a spirit of conquest or aggrandisement, but simply as a measure of necessary precaution. But while the French Government ask for guarantees for the safety of France, they have no intention of violating or infringing upon those which Europe has thought, necessary to take for her own safety. The annexation,...

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