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PATRON. THOMPSON, MRS. ELIZABETU, Stamford, Conn. (22). (Entitled to annual volume.)

Abbot, Miss Elizabeth 0., 16 Clark St., Cincinnati, Ohio (20).
Abbot, S. L., M. D., 90 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Abbott, Dr. Chas. C., Trenton, N. J. (29).
Abbott, E. K., M. D., Salinas, Monterey Co., Cal. (29).
Acker, E. O'C., U. S. N., U. S. S. Alaska, Care U. S. Navy, Pay Agent,

San Francisco, Cal. (28).
Adams, Frank, 41 McGill College Avenue, Montreal, Can. (29).
Adams, John S., M. D., Oakland, Cal. (29).
Adams, Julius W., 155 Congress St., Brooklyn, N. Y. (29).
Agard, Dr. A. H., Oakland, Alameda Co., Cal. (28).
Alkin, Prof. W. E. A., Baltimore, Md. (12).
Allen, Edmund T., 419 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. (27).
Allen, Dr. Harrison, 117 South 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. (29).
Allen, Horatio. South Orange, N. J. (29).
Allen, J. M., Hartford, Conn. (22).
Allen, Hon. Thomas, St. Louis, Mo. (27).

1 The numbers in parentheses indicate the meeting at which the member was elected. The Constitution requires that the names of all members two or more years in arrears shall be omitted from the list, but their names will be restored on payment of arrearages. Members not in arrears are entitled to the annual volume of Proceedings.

* Persons contributing one thousand dollars or more to the Association are classed as Patrons, and are entitled to the privileges of members and to the publications.

sAny Member or Fellow may become a Life Member by the payment of ifty dollars. The money derived from Life Memberships is invested as a fund, the income of which is to be used only to aid in original research. Life Members are exempt from the annual assessment, and are entitled to the annual volume. The names of Life Mem. bers are printed in small capitals in the regular list of Members and Fellows.

Alling, Miss Mary R., State Normal School, Providence, R. I. (29).
Allis, Solon M., Tucson, Arizona (29).
Ammen, Rear Admiral Daniel, U. S. Navy, Beltsville, Md. (26).
Anderson, Rev. Joseph, Waterbury, Conn. (29).
Andrews, James M., jr., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. (28).
Appleton, Rev. Edw. W., D.D., Ashbourne P. O., Montgomery Co.,

Pa. (28)
Armsby, Henry P., Box 495, New Haven, Conn. (23).
Arthur, J. C., Charles City, Iowa (21).
Ashburner, Wm., 1014 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. (29).
Ashmead, Wm. H., Jacksonville, Fla. (29).
Atchison, Prof. Thos. A., University of Nashville, Nashville, Tenn. (26).
Atkinson, Edward, 131 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Atkinson, Jno. B., Earlington, Hopkins Co., Ky. (26).
Atwater, Richard W., Millville, N. J. (29).
Atwater, Prof. W.O., Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn. (29).
Atwell, W. H., Care Atwell and Sneed, Nashville, Tenn. (26).
Alwood, E. S., East Orange, N. J. (29).
Atwood, John W., Jersey City, N. J. (29).
Auchincloss, Wm. S , 209 Church St., Philadelphia, Pa. (29).
Aughey, Prof. Samuel, Univ, of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. (29).

Babbit, John, Fredericton, N. B. (29).
Bailey, E. H. S., Bethlehem, Pa. (25).
Baird, Alexander J., D.D., Nashville, Tenn. (26).

Baker, Prof. T. R., Millersville, Lancaster Co., Pa. (22). , Baker, Wm. E., 158 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. (29).

Ballou, Geo. F., Waltham, Mass. (29).
Ballou, Nahum E., M. D., Sandwich, Ill. (29).
Ballou, Wm. H., Evanston, Ill. (29).
Baptic, George, Normal School, Ottawa, Ontario, Can. (29).
Barnard, Edward E., care R. Poole, Cherry and Union Sts., Nashville,

Tenn. (26).
Barnard, Jas. M., 7 Rowes Wharf, Boston, Mass. (18).
Barnes, Charles J., Chicago, Ill. (27).
Barnett, Prof. Samuel, jr., Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga. (26).
Barrows, Nathan, M. D., Hartford, Conn. (29).
Barstow, Charles W., St. Louis, Mo. (27).
Bartholomew, Geo. W., 39 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. (28).
Bartlett, Arthur K., Battle Creek, Mich. (29).
Bartlett, Prof. Edwin J., Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N. H. (28).
Bartlett, Dr. Homer L., Flatbush, L. I. (28).
Bassett. Daniel A., Crawfordsville, Ind. (29).
Bassett, George W., M.D., Vandalia, Ill. (20).
BASSNETT, THOMAS, P. O. Box 936, Jacksonville, Fla. (8).
Bassnett, Mrs. Thomas, P. O. Box 936, Jacksonville, Fla. (24).
Bastian, Dr. David I., Clinton, Worcester Co., Mass. (23).

Bastin, Prof. E. S., Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. (29).
Batchelor, Charles, Electrician, Menlo Park, N. J. (28).
Bate, Gen. Wm. Brimage, Nashville, Tenn. (26).
Batterson, J. G., Hartford, Conn.(23).
Bausch, Edward, Rochester, N. Y. (26).
Bayne, Prof. Herbert A., Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont. (29).
Beach, Charles M., Merchant, Hartford, Conn. (23),
Beach, J. Watson, Merchant, Hartford, Conn. (23).
Beach, William H., Beloit, Wis. (21).
Beal, F. E. L., Agricultural College, Ames, Iowa (29).
Bean, Thos. E., Box 441, Galena, Ill. (28).
Beckwith, Henry C., Passed Ass't Eng'r U. S. N., Chesterfield, Conn.

Beebe, William, B. A., New Haven, Conn. (28).
Belfrage, G. W., Clifton, Basque Co., Texas (29).
Belknap, Chas., Lieut. U. S. N., Annapolis, Md. (29).
Belknap, George E, Capt. U. S. N., Malden, Mass. (29).
Belknap, Morris B., Louisville, Ky. (29).
Belknap, Wm. B , Louisville, Ky. (29).
Bell, John J., Exeter, N. H. (22).
Bemis, Hon. A. S., President of the Common Council, Buffalo, N. Y. (25).
Benjamin, E. B., 6 Barclay St., New York, N. Y. (19).
Benjamin, Marcus, 6 Barclay St., New York, N. Y. (27).
Berliner, Emile, 95 Milk St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Bessels, Dr. Emil, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C. (26).
Best, W. F., St. John, N. B. (29).
Bickwell, Hon. Thos. W., Boston, Mass. (29).
Bierstadt, Albert, Brevoort House, New York, N. Y. (28).
Bigelow, Wm. Sturgis, M. D., 61 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Bill, Charles, Springfield, Mass. (17).
Birge, Charles P., Keokuk. Iowa (29).
Bissell, Wm. S., Pres. Penn. State Agric. Soc’y, Pittsburgh, Pa. (28).
Blacksord, Eugene G., 809 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. (29).
Blackham, Dr. George E., Dunkirk, N. Y. (25).
Blair, Henry W., Coast and Geodetic Survey Office, Washington, D. C.

Blaisdell, F. E., Poway, San Diego Co., Cal. (29).
Blake, Mrs. Clarence J., 19 St. James Avenue, Boston, Mass. (29).
Blake, Francis C., Penna. Lead Works, Mansfield Valley, Alleghany Co.,

Pa. (29).
Blake. Prof. John R., Davidson College, N. C. (29).
Blanchard, Frederick, P. O. Box cc. Lowell, Mass. (29).
Blatchford Eliphalet W., 375 North La Salle St., Chicago, Ill. (17).
Blatchford, John S., 13 Exchange St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Blodgett, A. N., M.D., Boylston St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Bo'irdman, Miss E. D., 120 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. (29).
Boardınan, Mrs. Wm. D., 38 Kenilworth St., Roxbury, Mass. (28).

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