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Bury. (Lane.) Crompton.
Cambridge, Stevenson..
Canterbury, Barnes.

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Aberdeen, Brown & Co. 'Cardiff, Bird.
Alnwick, Smith.
Carlisle, Thurnam.
Ashford, Jennings: Elliott. | Carmarthen, White.
Ashton-under-Line & Staley
Bridge, Cunningham
Banbury, J. G. Rusher.
Bangor, Shone.
Barnet, Cowing.
Barnstaple, Brightwell.
Bath, Binns & Goodwin.
Birmingham, Langbridge.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons.
Buston. Noble.
Bourn, Daniells.
Bradford. Taylor.
Braintree, Joscelyne.
Bridport, Tucker.
Bristol, Vickery.
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Bury, Lankester; Thomp-

Carnarvon, Potter & Co.
Chatham, Burrill.
Chelmsford, Guy.
Cheltenham. Lovesy.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Chester, Seacome: Pritch-
ard; Boult & Catherall.
Chichester. Glover.
Clitheroe, Whalley.
Cockermouth, Baily.
Colchester, Knibb.
Colne, Earnshaw.
Derby, Wilkins & Son.
Devonport, Byers.
Doncaster, Brooke & Co.
Dover, Batchellor.
Dublin, Curry & Co.
Dundee, Shaw.
Durham, Andrews.

Huntingdon, Edis.
Ipswich, Deck.
Jersey, P. Falle.
Kendal, Hudson & Co.
Kettering, Dash.
Kidderminster, Pennell.
Kimbolton, Ibbs.
Kirby Lonsdale, Foster.
Lancaster, Milner.
Launceston, Cater.

Edinburgh, Blackwood & Leamington, Merridew.


Leeds, Baines & Newsome.





Leicester. Combe and
Lewes, Baxter.
Lincoln, Brooke & Sons.
Liverpool, P. Burns.
Llandovery, Rees.
London, Berger.
Long Sutton. Swain.
Lyme Regis, Dunster.
Lynn, Smith.
Manchester, Bancks and

Co.: Simms.
March, Sarjeant.
Maryport, Adair.
Merthyr Tydvil, White,
Middlewich, Lindop.
Monmouth, Heath.
Neath, Hayward.
Newark, Ridge.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay
and Co.; Currie and

Northampton, Birdsall.

Exeter, Hannaford.
Faversham, Thiselton.
Glasgow, Murray.
Gloucester, Jew.
Guernsey, Moss.
Guildford, Russells.
Hertford, Simson.
Hinckley, Short.
Horncastle, Babington.
Huddersfield, Lancashire.
Hull, Cussons; Goddard
& Brown.



Norwich, Muskett; Smith.
Nottingham, Wright.
Orford, Slatter.
Penrith, Allison. Brown.
Peterborough. Bell
Plymouth, Nettleton.
Portsmouth, Comerford.
Preston, Clarke.
Retford, Turvey.
Richmond, Bowman & Co.
Royston, Warren.
Rugby, Combe & Co.
Salisbury, Brodie & Co.
Sandbach, Lindop.
Scarborough, Theakston.
Sherborne, Penny.
Shrewsbury. Eddowes.
Sidmouth, Harvey.
Sittingbourn, Coulter.
Skipton. Tasker.
Southampton, Skelton.
Staffordshire Potteries,
Watts, Lane End.

Stamford, Mortlock; Rooe.
Stockport, Claye.
Stratford-on-Avon, Boltons
Swaffham, Gowing.
Taristock, Heims.
Totness, Hannaford.
Ulverstone, Tyson.
Wakepeld, Stanfield.
Warwick, Merridew; So

Weymouth, Commins.
Whitby. Rodgers.
Whitehaven, Gibson.
Wigton, Ismay.
Winchester, Jacob & Co.
Wisbench, Leach.
Worcester. Deighton,
Workington, Kirkecael.
Worthing, Carter.
Yarmouth. Alexander,
Yeovil, Porter.
York, Bellerby.

Berlin, A. Asher.-Hamburg, Perthes & Besser.Leipsic, Black & Armstrong, (of London.)-St. Petersburgh, A. Asher,
United States of America, Adlard & Co., New York.-Upper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto


P338.17 (16),


ABBEY Church, Tewkesbury, 73
Abbey, Kirkstall, Yorkshire, 47
Abercrombie, Dr., selections from, 53,
91, 131


Accountability of Man, 219 Acquaintance with God, consequences of, 136

Adare, Limerick, town of, 225 Addison, selections from, 27, 72 Advertisements of Sir T. Smith, 175 Age, information derived from, 91 Agent, responsibility of an, 227 Algiers, some account of, and its conquest by the French, I., 33Description of the country, 33Sketch of its history, 33-Occupation by the French, 35-Description of the cities and towns, 37-11, 81-Inhabitants; their manners, customs, dress, &c., 83Miscellaneous observations, 87 Almighty, protecting care of the, 135 America, sketches in, I., 117-11., 158 Ancients, ivory statues of the, 51 fiction of, 75 -importance omens by the, 95 and moderns, 139 Answers to Botanical Questions, 120 Apologues, two ancient, 67 April, month of, 132


ceremonies of former days, 139
Arabs, Algerine, description of, 85
Architecture, history of, 121, 209, 249
Artificial flowers in wax, 204
Arum, the common, 175
Assyrian architecture, 122
Atheism, remarks on, 175:
Athenian story, 61
Aubin, St., town of, Jersey, 137
Axmouth, Devon, account of the ex-
traordinary land-slip near, 50


Bacon, Lord, selection from, 183 Banks of the Tamar, 153, 177 Bazaars, Oriental, 145 Beards, fashion of wearing, 110 Behaviour, propriety of, 24 Bible, lines on the, 131 Bishop, selection from, 119 1 Blair, selection from, 219 Blomfield, Bishop, selection from, 206 Bona, town of, 82 Botanical garden at Kew, 240 questions, answers to, 120 Bowles, lines by, 19, 181 Brown, selections from, 14, 93, 173 Browne, M.A., Poems by, 174, 183 Burning glasses, on, 236, 245 Bycknacre Priory, Essex, 115

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Crabbe, lines by, 14, 69, 100, 236 selection from, 248 Creation, its perfections and beauties,


beauty in, 104 Credulity and superstition, 181 Cretan and the Snake, a fable, 243 Cuckoo-pint, flower so called, 175 Cunningham, selection from, 135 Custom of making April fools, 139

Daguerreotype, discovery of, 71 description of, 79 Dartmouth, Devonshire, town of, 188 Davy, Sir H., selections from, 181, 248 Death, lines on, 14

Calendar, the, 3

Caraccas, cow-tree of the, 229 Carthaginians, Gelon's treaty with, 159 Carthusian monks, account of the, 201 Caterpillar, the goat-moth, 184 Celandine, small, lines to the, 46 Charity, lines on, 19

Charles the First, visit of Mary de Medicis to, 76

Debts, on the payment of, 148
Deity, omnipresence of the, 45
evidences of the, 159
remarks on the, 173
Delany, selection from, 148
Demosthenes. account of, 155
Devonshire, Torquay, in, 193
Oakhampton, in, 241
Dickens, selection from, 228
Discourse on Geology, 11, 42, 53
Dodsley, lines by, 227
Doric architecture, 209
Dowling, Rev. John, extract from, 207
Drilling, on military, I., 18-11., 55
Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, 4
Duels illustrious murders, 62
Dugald Stewart, extract from, 46
Duncan, selection from, 172
Duration of the soul, 203
Duty of a good man, 234
Dyer, selection from, 104

Chartreuse, visit to the great, 202
Chelmsford, Essex, town of, 149
Child, Mrs., selection from, 24
Children, value of devotion in, 27
Chili, South America, mines of, 133
China, XI., 141

Chivalry, anecdote of the age of, 135
Christian, the true, 119

Christian era, the first, architecture
of, 214
Churchyard thought, 171
Cinque-cento style of Architecture, 225
City of Washington, visit to, 158
Commerce, effects of, 120
Common yew, 239
Compasses, cn proportional, 196
Conquest of Algiers by the French, 35
Java by the Chinese, 143

Conscience, power of, 53

testimony of, the best foundation of peace of mind, 192 Constant na, town of, 182 Content and Discontent contrasted, 110 Contentment, blessings of, 135 Contradictious, land of, 6 Controversy, dangers of, 181 Cosmetics, on, 27 Cossack House of Lords, 148 Counsels of Sir T. Smith, 175 Maid and the Pimpernel Country Flower, 203 Courage, anecdote illustrative of, 184

Early gray hairs, lines on, 63
impressions, on, 46
Edmeston, lines by, 77
Edwards, selection from, 28
Egypt. sketches in, 130
Egyptian architecture, 122
Elgin marbies, description of, 217, 233
Enemies, on forgiveness to, 206
England, lines on, 91
Engravings copied by means of gal.
vanism, I., 219-II., 227
Envy, effects of, illustrated, 175
Epigram from Martial, 146
Epitaph on the poet Thomson, 43
Example, 112

Expedients to transmit knowledge
used by the ancients, 219
Exploit, gallant, 63
Extraordinary land-slip, near Ax-
mouth, Devon, account of the, 50


Genoa, lazaretto at, 180
Genuine praise, how known, 248
Geology, discourse on, I., Nature of
Geology, 11-II., Heat of the
Globe, 43-III., Utility of Geo-
logy, 53

Germany, timber-floats of, 9
Gifts, new year's, 15

Gipsies of the South of France, 244
Gisborne, lines by, 157
Glances at Railroad Travelling, II.,
161-Railroad locomotive engines,
161-London and Birmingham
Railway, 162-Grand Junction
164-London and Southampton,
165 Great Western, 66-London
and Greenwich Railway, 168
Glasses, on burning, 236, 245
Globe, heat of the, 43
Goat-moth caterpillar, 184
God, importance of acquaintance with,

poem to, 238

proofs of the being of a, 159 God's mercies to man, 227 Golden rules of life, 119 Gospel, influence of the, 77 Government of China, 141 Grand Junction Railway, 164 Gray hairs, early, lines on, 63 Great pyramid, night on the, 130 Great Western Railway, 166, Grecian architecture, 125 Green, lines by, 135 Guernsey and Serk, islands of, 105

Fable-Jackall and his friends, 55
Cretan and the snake, 243
Faith, Hope, and Charity, 110
Fashion of wearing beards, 110
Father Inquisitor, anecdote of a, 219
February, month of, 45
Fiction, ingenious, of the ancients, 75
Field flowers, lines on, 208
Fig-tree, the, 135

First Christian era, architecture of
the, 214

Hall, Bishop, selection from, 203
Hamilton, Miss, selection from, 53
Handkerchiefs, Bandana, manufac-
ture of, 91
Hankinson, lines by, 159, 206
Happiness, the result of various kinds
of feelings, 14
Hawkins, Dr., extract from, 4
Heat of the globe, 43
Heaven, the possession of, the great
hold of a Christian, 222
Helvetius, selection from, 21
Herbs, on Garden, I., 92-II., 103-
III., 187-IV., 195-V., 243
Hermit, story of the, 29

-poem by Parnell, 30
Herrick, poem on the daffodil, by, 132
Herrings, migration of, 8
Hill, lines by, 119

Hogg, selection from, 203
Holland, Rev. T. A., poem by, 78
Holland, history of, 182
Home, Lines on, 45
Hopes of Youth, 103
Hour-glass, inscription under an, 43
House of Lords, Cossack, 148
Human curiosity, illimitableness of, 63
Hurd, Bishop, lines by 45, 192
Hydrostatic press, description of, 68

First impressions, 75

Flowers, artificial, in wax, 204
decay of, 139
Flower-garden, beauties of a, not at
tainable by art, 192
Foibles, wise man's and fool's, dif-
ference between, 206
Forgiveness, on, 6, 206
Formation of character, on ine, 223
French, their conquest of Algiers, 35
lady, anecdote of a, 139
Revolution, anecdote of 228,
Friend, value of a, 75
Fuller, selection from, 175

Gad-fly, the, 22
Galileo, anecdote of, 103
Gallant exploit, 63

Galvanism, engravings and medals
copied by means of, 219, 227
Garden herbs, I., 22-II., 103-III.,
187-IV., 195-V., 243

botanical, at Kew, 240 Genius and delicacy of taste, different objects of, 233 Genca, city of, 113

Impressions, early, on, 46
Improvement, progress of, 16
Indignation and Pity, 111
Infancy, lines on, 181
Inquisition, anecdute of the, 219
Inscription under an hour-glass, 43
on a tombstone, 80
Interrupted meditation, 228
Italy, timber-floats of, 9
Ivory statues of the ancients, 51

[blocks in formation]

Mace and nutmegs, on, 147 Mackenzie, selections from, 62, 120, 135

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Man, presumption of, 227

accountability of, 219
varied powers of, 14

effect of external objects on, 21
Mansions, old English, 89
Mant, Bishop, selection from, 223
Manufacture of shot, 199
Marbles, Elgin, description of, 217, 23
March, month of, 93
March of time, 135
Marseilles, lazaretto at, 179
Martial, epigram from, 146
Mary de Medicis, her visit to Charle
I., 76
Mason, selections from, 45, 111, 119,

Materials for the toilette, VIII., 27IX., 61

May, month of, 171
Medals copied by means of Galvanism
1., 219—11., 227
Medeya, Algiers, town of, 81
Meditation, interrupted, 228
Migration, remarks on, 205, 230
of herrings. 8
of birds, 230
Military drilling, I., 18-II., 55
Mills, selection from, 135
Milton, selection from, 119
vindication of, 148
anecdote of, 159

Miud, a devout and undevout, 117
Mines of Chili, South America, 133
Mint, culture of, 243
Modern Rome, 156
Monitors, natural, 175

Monks, Carthusian, account of, 201
Montesquieu, selections from, 139, 150
Months, natural history of the, I.,
January, 7-II., February, 45-
111., March, 93-IV., April, 132-
V., May, 171-VI., June, 223
Moral improvement, value of, 131
Moor, anecdote of a, 84
More, selection from, 75
Mothers, duty of, 53
synipathies of, 206
Murray, extract from, 230

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the proper result of Christian
temper, 227

edantry, meaning of the word, 120
eurose, lines
Perfumes, ou, 61


Skilled labour, importance of, 112, 119,
191. 235

Religion, influence of, 77
Remorse. lines on. 77
Responsibility of an agent, 227
Resurrection, lines on the, 248
Retirement, advantages of, 192
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, and his works,
1., 2-11, 25

Richardson, selection from, 139
Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, 20
Robertson, selection from, 120
Roman architecture. 211
Rome, moderu, remaiks on, 156
Rook, the, 150

Rosemary, lines on the, 103
Royal Visits, 76

Persia. recollections of, 99
Persian wheel, 141

Philadelphia, account o. the city of, 58
Photogenic drawing, 11., the Daguer-
reotype. 71-11, 79

Piety, remarks on, 72
Pimpernel flower, country maid and
the, 203

Pollok, lines by, 3, 131
Prayer, lines on, 69
Preponderance of good over evil, 228
President of the United States, visit
to, 158

Prior, lines by, 110

anecdote of, 155
Progress of improvement, 16
Proportional compasses. on, 196
Psalms, beauty and variety of the, 176
Pyramid, great, night on the, 130

Quarantine and lazarettos, I., 173-
11., 179

Questions, botanical, answers to, 120

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Sage, garden, culture of, 195
St. Aubin, Jersey, account of, 137
St. Omers, France, account of, 17, 31
Sandford, Mrs., selection from, 183
Saracenic Architecture, 249
Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Duchy of, 4
Science, advantages in, 181
strength of, 183

Scott, Sir W., lines by, 77
selection from, 222
Second Christian era, architecture of
the, 250

Sedgwick, selection from, 176
Self-knowledge, 45
Serk, island of, 106
Sharpe, selection from, 248
Shot, on the manufacture of, 199
Shuttleworth, selection from, 67
Sickness, thoughts on, 143
Sidney, Sir Philip, character of, 176
Sight and hearing, channels through
which truth is arrived at, 206
Simpson, the mathematician, 160
Skating, on, 70

Sketch of the history of Algiers, 33
Sketches in America, 117, 158
in Egypt, 130

of national history-Holland,

Railroad locomotive engines, 161
Rainbow, the, 78

Raleigh, Sir Walter, selection from, 53
Rapids of Niagara, vessel sent over, 118
Regal state, 53
Relaxation, pleasures of, 91

[blocks in formation]

Smith, Sir T, counsels of, 175
Smoke-jack, the, 247
Smoliet, lines by, 143
Soame Jeuyns, selection from, 43
Smyth's lectures, extract from. 223
Socialism, remarks on, 77
Socrates, last hours of, 131
Solitude, lines on, 4

City hall, New York, 57
Coffee-house and school of Byrma.
drais, near Algiers, 81

Common arum, or cuckoo-pint, 176
Compasses, proportional, 196
Coriut, remains of the temple of Nep-

Sorrow the guide of man, 100
effects of, on the miud, 236
Soul. lines on the. 75, 203
South of France, gipsies of the, 244
America, miues of Chili in, 133
Western Railway, 165
Spitalfields in 1780 and 1840, 160
Stag-beetle, the, 144
Stanhope, selection from, 31
Statues, ivory, of the ancients, 51
Sterue, selection from, 6
Strata, general arrangement of, 44
Study of the creation, on the, 28
Sunday thought, 222

Supreme Being, proofs of a, 103
Switzerland, town of Zurich in, 65

Gad-fly, 221

Galvanic battery, section of a, 220
illustration of, 223
Gate and fountain of Bab-el-Ouad, 40
Genoa, from the ramparts, 113
Geological strata, diagram illustrative
of, 55
Goat-moth caterpillar, 184
Golden age, by West, 185
Gotha, town of, 5

Grand Chartreuse, monastery of. 201
entrance to the, 208

Grecian huts, 125
Greenwich railway, view of, 168
Guernsey, St. Peter's port at, 105


Hall at Ockwells, Berkshire, 89
Hotel de Ville, St Omer, 32
Huts, Grecian, 125
Hydrostatic press, 69

Dartmouth, view of, 189
Devoushire, town of Torquay in, 193

Elgin marbles. blocks from, 217, 219,

Exterior of the palace at Mede ya, 81

Tamar, banks of the, 153, 177
Tamed panther, anecdotes of a, 198
Tamers of wild beasts, 63
Taylor, Jeremy, selection from, 75
Tear, liues on a, 21
Teheran, Persia, town of, 99
Tewkesbury, abbey church at, 73
Thomson, the poet, epitaph on, 43
lines by, 121
Thought, a churchyard, 171
a Sunday, 222

Thyme, qualities ar d culture of, 187
Tillotson, selection from, 6
Timber floats of Germany and Italy, 9
Time past, present, and future, 131
Toiletie, materials for the, VIII., 27-
IX., 61
Tombstone, inscription on a, 80

Infant academy, after Sir J. Reynolds, 1
Interior grand court of the palace at
Medeya, 85

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Vanity, effects of, 111

Vendome. Fraser, account of, 109
Venice. lazaretto at, 180

New York, city hall at, 57
Nineveh, supposed site of, 13

Jersey, town of St. Aubin, 137
Jupiter, statue of, by Phidias, 52

Kirkstall abbey, ruins of, 48


Laburnum, the, 232
Laud-slip near Axmouth, Devon,
Lazaretto at Marse lles, 180
Leipsic, town of, 97
Locomotive engine, railroad, 164
Lombardy, floating timber in. 9
London and Birmingham railway,
entrance to, Euston square, 161
Lutterworth church, monument to
Wielif in, 41

Visit of Mary de Medicis to Charles I.,

Voyage, comparison of life to a, 81

Waller, lines by, 76
Ward, selection from. 228
Washington, visit to the city of, 158
Water, remarks on, 78
Wax figures. on, 23

arificial flowers in, 204

Miner's hut at San Pedro Nolasco,
Chili, 133

West, Sir B. and his works, 170, 186
Wheel. the Persian, 141

Marabont house of Abdekadet, 88
Marseilles, lazaret'o at, 130
Medleya, mosque at, 81

exterior of the palace at, 81
town of, 84
interior grand court of the
palace at, 85
Military drilling, positions of the feet
in, 56

Whitehall palace, notice of, 101

W elif, account of, 42
Wild beast tamers, 63
Will o'the Wisp, 67
Wise man, the, 3

Monastery of Grand Chartreuse, 201
entrance tó, 208
Monk walking the streets of Rome, 157
Monument to Wielif, Lutterworth
church, 41
Moors, costume of the, 84
Mosque at Medeya, 81
Muscipula, after Sir J. Reynolds, 25

Wither, lines by, 248

Wolsey, cardinal, establishment of,


Woman's love, faithfulness of. 159
"Woman's Mission," lines on, 117
Works of Sir J. Reynolds, 1., 2—11.,25
Sir Benjamin West, 1., 170-
II., 186

Neptune, temple of, Corinth, (remains
of, 121

Yew, the common, 239
Young, selections from, 63
Youth, illusious in, 43
hopes of, 103


Hotel de Ville, at, 32
Oriental bazaar, 145

Zeal, misapplication of, 119
Zorulin, extracts from, 11, 43, 53
Zurich, Switzerland, account of, 65

Oakhampton castle, 241
Ockwells, Berkshire, hall at, 89
Omer, St, ruins of the abbey of St.
Bertin a', 17

Road-side well, Algiers, 82

Rome, monk walking the streets of,
Roman peasant and family, 156
Ruins of the Aboey of St. Bertin, at
St. Omer, 17

Kirkstall Abbey, 48"
Byeknacre Priory, 116
the Black Abbey, 225

Palace at Medeya, exterior of, 81
interior grand court of, 85
at Whitehall, in the time of
Charles I., 101
Panathenaic frieze, Elgin marbles,
217, 233
Pandrosus, temple of, Athens, remains
of, 209
Parker s burning-glass, 245
Patent shot-tower, section of, 200
Peasant, Roman, and family, 156
Persian wheel, 141
Peter's, St., port, Guernsey, 105
Phidias, statue of Jup ter by, 52
Philadelphia, United States, bank at,

Portico of Caryatides, 216
Pottery, Algerine, 88
Press, the hydrostatic, 69

-- Bandana haudkerchief, 92
Proportional compasses, 169
Pyramid of Cheops, top of, 129
Railroad locomotive engine, 164
Railway, London and Birmingham,
entrance to, 161

— Greenwich, view of the, 168
Ramparts of Genoa, 113
Remains of the temple of Neptune at
Corinth, 121


St. Aubin, Jersey, 137

St. Bertin, ruins of the abbey of, 17
St Peter's port, Guernsey, 103
San Pedro Nolasco, Chili, miner's hut
at, 133
Smoke-jacks, illustrations of, 248
Stag-beetle, 144
Statue of Jupiter, by the great sculp

at Athens, 209
Richmond castle, Yorkshire, 21

tor Phidias, 52
Strata, diagram illustrative of, 55
Street in Algiers, 37

Tamar, banks of the, 153
Weir-head, 177

Temple of Neptune at Corinth, re
mains of, 121

Theseus, 128

Paudrosus, at Athens, res
mains of, 209
Tewkesbury, abbey church at, 73
Theseus, temple of, 128
Timber, floating, in Lombardy, 9
Top of the pyramid of Cheops, 129
Torquay, town of, 193
Tree, the cow, of the Caraccas, 229
United States bank, Philadelphia, 64

Vendome, entrance into, 109
Voltaic battery, section of a, 220
illustration of, 229

Weir-head, river Tamar, 177
Weli, road-sule, Algiers, 81
West's picture," Suffer little Children
to come unto me, and forbid them
not," 169

Golden age, 1853
Whitehall palace in the time of Charles
I, 101
Wielif, monument to, in Lutterworth
church 41

Yew, the common, 240
Zurich, Switzerland, 65

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